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  1. Some of the unheralded and unhyped gems of MWP 2021! All four do not have to sashay their way to the crown. They already got it! They are simply seeking for a wider platform to resonate their ideals and ideas, and to project a kind of beauty that empowers. In this difficult period in human history, the world does not need yet another face and body to gawk at and a pasarela to drop jaws by. The world today needs not so much a flashy smile that brightens as a floodlight of insights that enlightens. It does not need so much a cover girl look that enthralls as a work-ready commanding personality that inspires people to action.

    • I hope they all get a platform. I hope one of them gets the MWP platform so that she can show the world what “beauty with a purpose” is really all about. If they don’t make it this time, I hope they validate their real worth in some other pageants that provide platforms for humanitarian causes

      • @ scorg As indication, Top 4 in BWAP Fast Track were, kung tama ako, Vera, Krishnan, Pajares, and Palmares (here).

        Ann can be move into the semifinal round on this! Anyway, given crowns na practically sina Ganiel at Emmanuelle. 🙂

  2. They are well-spoken. They are all potential semi finalists. Dr. Reboot era is a potential titleholder.

  3. Mga Vekla! off topic!

    Juiceko! Magdire-derecho na sana ang triple gold para sa Felepens sa Olympics!

    Parang 2013, hakot tayo ng corona sa pageantry! This time sa sports naman! Hindi na tayo pagtatawanan ng mga shupit na hanggang beauty pageant lang daw tayo!

    • I try to be positive pero ngayon lang yan day. Three of the (or two except Hidilyn) are already in their 30s. Expect another lackluster performance from team ph in the next olympics. Indonesia, MALAYSIA on the other hand are badminton powerhouse since forever. Thailand has a very good taekwondo program. Ayusin muna grassroots sa sports dto dahil kung hindi hanggang pageants nalang talaga tayo 😂

      • @ Lymaraina When it comes to badminton, the name I think is synonymous is Taufik Hidayat.

        I recall noon, LA Summer Olympics in the 1980’s, ang hina-hype was Akiko Thompson versus Elsa Nasution.

        Elsa is Indonesian or Malaysian? And how is she?

      • .. let’s not forget carlos yulo, world champion in artistic gymnastics..that gymnast is cute.. mejo na pressure lang siguro kaya hindi pumasok sa finals ng floor exercise but he’s still a finalist in vault.. next olympics, mid 20’s pa lang sya.. so may chance pa rin tayo for medals in 2024.. but ye’s.. ayusin ang sports from the grassroots.. at sana focus na rin sa ibang sports NOT ONLY basketball.. kc talagang pandak ang lahi natin, we lack one basic requirement in basketball which is non negotiable, and that is height.. ang basketball giants natin, maliit pa rin compared with the giants from the powerhouses..

  4. @Flor, Mara is one of the most admired girls here in Bohol. Even with her impressive credentials and DBF background, she remains grounded and genuine.

    Her grandma oversees The Philippine Gift of Life which sends Pinoy patients with congenital heart problems to the US for surgery.

    A pageant newbie, I advised her to make friends, enjoy the journey and be on the lookout as the pageant world can be treacherous.

    All the best Mara

  5. Mr. Tinio, Franceska Palabrica the physicist is also Atenean. She and Atty. Ruiz are acquainted?

    Masungi? Tanay? The limestone geo-reservation area? 🙂

    Aahhh… I thought Dr. Rebortera’s clinic was in Cebu… From Adam Genato’s (earlier) interview, I got the impression she was Cebuana. At, may ‘OK’ din ni @ Cool Brew.

    Kim Babao, siya po ba ‘yun’g may nag-comment dati na kamag-anak daw ni Julius Babao (ABS-CBN)? Parang si Kian Sumague din siya – born and grew up in Milan, came back/home to Philippines for secondary~high school. She’s one of the taller ones in the batch, right?

    The owl NatCos, in macrame. Tinuro sa ‘min noon ‘yan sa ‘Work Education’. Nakalimutan ko na. 😦

    Definitely, ‘di na 8 ang MWP kasi 6 start ng ECQ sa NCR… MPE na lang ‘yun. So, we are looking at S6 beginning 15 at the earliest… Oh, well. I guess it will be FOCUS ON MUP.

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO PAGEANTRY NORMS! More success to come. And love, too.

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