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  1. Row 7 – middle photo. Ganun ba talaga dapat exposure ng boovs?
    Row 1: I prefer kung totoong old ice cream cart na lang na makulay ang design. Then yung costume ng mamang sorbetero na may hawak na bells. Next time sana may makaisip nun.

    • @Miss Tisa

      I agree… she should have a worn a feminized high fashion version of the sorbetero costume instead of what she’s currently wearing which looks a cheap cabaret stripper prostitute in the guise of selling fake and literaly dirty ice cream…

  2. I live for the idea of wearing pants to partner with the “baro” instead of a “saya”… But #33’s high waist pants need to be longer… A bootleg cut would have been more slimming and modern to accomodate a minimum 5inch intricately hand-carved platform bakya…. Those closed shoes lowhealed yellow pumps with feathers are just so darn 90’s tackyyyyyyy!!!!

    • @ Closer2Fame Kahit flared… You saw the pants at the Chanel RTW? ‘Yun’g parang may ‘flap’?

      Low-riders would be even more modern and ‘youthening’… This ensemble does scream ‘guro’ (nothing against teachers, simply alluding to the uniform look).

      I think a low-heel is best served by a MINISKIRT, a’ la cheerleader… 🙂

      (l’m reminded of those Giorgio di Sant’Angelo photos of models in the 1960’s, in bright-psychedelic stockings, flats, flouncy blouses, and frilly short skirts.)

  3. I find the Sorbetero costume highy innovative but how come it looks so plain & cheap?… I’ve seen better looking way more colorfuly painted icecream carts at Payatas than this gradeschool arts & crafts project… She should have at least stoned those tights and painted everything with glitter…. So underwhelming… 🤨

    • Parang pang Johnny Depp movies lahat mga costumes. Yong #19 parang may kabaong na dala. Sa issue na chismis at droga, nabasa/narining ko na Rabiya Version 2.0 daw si Joy. Mga patola naman ang iba like Mr. Fu para sa vlog nya dumami kita nya.

      • @ Jay-r Oh, yeah. We are referring to the same thing… It’s a canoe, of course.

        But speaking of ‘coffin’, I would not totally rule out future creations inspired by the Manunggul burial jar or the ‘hanging coffins’ in the Mt. Province… Or for that matter, fanciful depictions of local ghouls like the manananggal, kapre, or aswang. THEY DON’T NEED TO BE IN BLACK OR UN-SMILING.


        It doesn’t need to be morbid or Halloween. They are still part of our national identity and culture.

        I mean, I doubt if ‘Ms. Egypt wherever’ would come onstage wrapped in bandages from head to toe. But, made to look like elaborate sarcophagus, may have been done by John Galliano for Dior.

  4. Am I looking at a catalogue of Halloween costumes? There ought to be a law against bastardisation of Philippine native wear!

    • @ scorg P’re, OK ka lang…?… Maayos ‘ata tanghalian natin diyan. Enjoy lang. 🙂

  5. I agree with your choice Norman. The La Paz Batchoy costume for the win. If only for being original, fresh and creative. I can count with one hand costumes that are above average.

    The rest are Garish. Creepy. School Art Project-ish. The one with cherubs – creepy. The one with shells – school project. Most are gaudy, OA, uninspired, and tired.

    Special dishonorable mention to the girl 2-levels above the La Paz batchoy girl. I don’t know if you or your handlers are disrespecting the pageant or you are just aiming for a ru Paul Eleganza look. But those offensive boobs are offensive. Lol.

    World Peace.

  6. Not surprising at all for Joy Barcoma.
    Isn’t she related to a gossip columnist ???
    I feel for whoever is the subject of Barcoma’s desperate attempt to drum her already lost candidacy

    • @ Fabian Reyes Notwithstanding the ‘publicity good or bad is still’ adage, how does a deliberately-staged drama (that is what you are implying, right?) work in her favor? 🙂

      Well, according to @ paul, that’s only either Janelle Lewis or Pauline Robles… Don’t tell us they are in on this…??!

      What did she do, po? Maybe you know something you can share with us? Kasi, wala na ‘atang iba’ng pinag-uusapan… Pati Send-Off ni Dindi, wala’ng balita… Or, is she en route to Poland?

    • Glad I’m not the only one to think this is all staged. Not to victim blame, but I smell an Amber Heard.

      I mean, a press con? So many people would not have known about the “scandal” if it wasn’t deliberately snitched to the press. Sad for the girls whose pageantry careers will always be hounded by this smear campaign/underdog propaganda.

  7. Si Sherenade Gonzales ba ‘yun’g second to the last (or is it Esel Ponce)? I like that ensemble, which seems to be something like a golden opera coat over an old-gold-and-white sleeveless dress. The ‘wing feather’ effect brings to mind a similar pink jacket at the Chanel 2021 SS HC (paired with white trousers).

    Riana Pangindian’s fringe-y all-white ‘terno’ is tres Slim’s! 🙂

    Who’s that with what appears to be an oar? A ‘Lake Sebu’ look?

    Dindi is just UTTER CUTENESS.

    And that other all-white dress with ‘balay kubo’ shoulders and parasol headpiece. Very creative.

      • @ Norman I wanted to add earlier that #4 (Janelle Lewis?), with cherub festooned reminded me again of that NatCos from Puteri Indonesia – Kalimantan, with stuffed orangutan toys naman… 🙂

        (You deliberately delayed the Fb upload of the S5 Finale to evade…?… Very clever.)

      • (Cont.)

        Orangutan stuffed toys… Baliktad! K’loka. I just gave taxidermists income opportunity and made wildlife heroes upset. Sorry to affected parties. 😦

  8. I like the one selling dirty ice cream. Her natcos is contemporary and very relatable. I also like the one in the 8th row, 3rd column. Her natcos is intricate and seems designed with attention to detail.

  9. Congrats Tracey Maureen Perez!
    Goodjob promoting White Supremacy, Colonial Mentality and Imperialism in one costume!
    I hope you read a book on history real soon!

  10. Tracey Maureen Perez is giving Hispanista ala Doña Victorina vibes.. 🤢🤢🤢 I didn’t know she’s dumb as a rock… Based on that costume alone, she should quit pageantry from here on… It’s like she realy wants to be bashed by her own people. 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  11. Interesting…i like BATAAn for being different and the girl that sells ramen. OH WAIT…i meant MAMI. LOL 🙂

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