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    • @ Garga In a nutshell, may mga gumamit DAW ng ipinagbabawal na sangkap sa MWP at some are arguing that our Tito probably knew something (an ‘enabler’)… Kasi nga, he was physically involved in some capacity for the duration of the pageant. Ta’s, not everyone is buying the argument that the organization is not at fault kasi rumor lang naman. In any case, mag-ste-statement daw si Boss ALV. In the meantime, we anticipate Dindi’s departure for Poland. Yown!

  1. I certainly agree with Norman that he is constrained from explaining himself out of this issue, banking on his statement that he is not privy to firsthand information. However, I also have to disagree with him on specific points in view of the following:

    1. The matter is technically no longer a “tsismis” (i.e., loose tongue third-parties spreading it). The concerned girl (alleged “victim”) has come forth openly to talk about the issue in public. When somebody posts a video of the interview with her given her full consent (it’s all over social media anyway so we cannot dismiss it as something menial), that’s already a material source. Therefore, it should now be considered an allegation (short of a formal written complaint). Being such necessitates action from the MWP before it possibly becomes jurisdictional.

    2. The second point is, the incident happened within the auspices of the contest (all billeted in the same hotel), the parties involved are still official candidates of the contest, and, the lingering ramifications against the girl’s psyche involved the organization’s structure (contestants who shunned her, and it looks like also the staff and partners/sponsors). That having said, the MWP organization is therefore obliged to address it and should institute the proper conflict resolution measures. If not, the former clearly becomes an enabler of bullying, the very root of which is often false “tsismis.” Now, that’s hypocrisy for an organization that’s supposed to advocate for women empowerment. Norman, an esteemed blogger/vlogger, therefore cannot just say: “it’s between two girls and the MWP organization is not involved.” For all intents and purposes, it definitely is.

    3. The third issue (which should be treated separately from the bullying and shunning) is on the supposed drug use of some candidates. Regardless of who the actual source of that information is and whether the same is later proven true or fabricated, that’s not a matter to be taken lightly. After all, drug use, if proven so with due process, is a criminal offense punishable by law in this country (Republic Act 9165, as amended). This alone should be a matter of grave concern to the MWP organization and it has to act promptly to save its brand.

    4. Does the concerned “bullied” girl have some bullets in her pocket if she pursues this beyond the contest proper? Of course, she can. She’s a congressional staff and if warranted, her supporters may initiate a legal inquiry.

    So there. Just sharing my opinion.

    • @ Ben SUPPOSED drug use of SOME (not just one?!) candidates… DURING THE PAGEANT??!!

      • @Flor, I recall the phrase “some candidates” was uttered. I wouldn’t be surprised because in the beauty and fashion industry, “drug” use seems to still be prevalent. We’re not just talking about recreational drugs (like shabu, heroin, “acids”) but also prescriptive medicines (classified as “drugs” as well by FDA regulations) taken wantonly to maintain some perceived ideal weight.

        This plot will thicken if some quarters within the MWP circle will start “leaking” out names (unless this is managed properly). At the end of the day, the one who spread the rumors around did not think this through (what a bitch – pardon my French). She wasn’t just hurting one co-candidate, she has put the entire competition in a bad light. That girl needs to step up and own up to what she did, if indeed true. Or at least issue an apology or a statement of denial, whichever is the case (a poor retort but still an act of concern). The interesting thing is, the alleged rumor-mongerer has kept quiet or may have been prevailed upon by the MWP to stay quiet (I’m merely speculating here).

        In the meantime, the “bullied” girl, through her tears, knew exactly what she said. And with the working environment that she’s in, I can surmise that she’s definitely surrounded by lawyers. In the end, this will work both ways because the alleged “bullied” girl can also be civilly charged if her statements were unsubstantiated. I guess the MWP organization needs to act and act fast while the finals of competition is stalled.

    • @Ben, your lucid analysis is commendable. However, I’d like to view the issue as a business policy matter of this blog. Just like any media organization, I observed it steers away from some issues inimical to its brand. Commenters may be throwing dirt against another but the blog has always kept its official silence and neutrality. True or not, discussed openly in other blogs/vlogs or not, I can see in this debacle the official policy stance of this blog as non-interference on personal squabbles between individuals. The matter on Magandang Filipinas is not covered by this because it is a conflict between two departments in a corporate structure over organizational policy and procedures and contractual obligations– not personal. In other words, I perceive the editorial stance of this blog on controversial topics as dealing only on policy issues, not persons. I’m sure if and when the matter is officially addressed by MWP organization via an Official Statement, and a formal answer is released by the conflicting parties, this blog will provide space for all parties involved.

      • Hi @scorg. I appreciate your reaction to my views. First of all, I respect Norman as a pageant blogger despite not knowing him personally because he is one of few people who are looked up to by pageant organizations and enthusiasts. He certainly earned his clout through years of consistent blogging. Otherwise, I would not be paying much attention to his posts (at least those that catch my eye) and/or bother sharing my opinions. This is a “seasoned” blog (it has international readers) and definitely opinionated which makes it interesting. Whether those posts and ensuing opinions are viewed as fair or not, forthright or subtle (yes, including the rather amusing mudslinging comments), who’s to say?

        I haven’t made any comparative notes on the Magandang Filipinas issue as I vaguely knew about it beforehand, unless there’s another “Ben” here. For one, that pageant hasn’t made much traction yet. Also, after reading that particular post few minutes earlier, I noted that Norman simply reposted or screen-capped (in tutu) the statements of the estranged former National Director (definitely personal, not corporate). In that regard, he did not make any inferential statement whatsoever. By the way, other sites have posted the supposed response of the organizers to Eva’s statements which Norman may or may not repost here (his blog, his business).

        This post tagged as “Once and for all…” is different. As we all can read through it, he shared the reason for not making any protracted post on the matter (no argument there). However, wittingly or unwittingly, Norman made an inference, particularly the statement that says: “It simply started with gossip talk (about another candidate) that got out of hand.” This was what I was reacting to. There are many layers to that short statement and I dissected those layers. I hope I made my intentions clear.

  2. I have observed that many (born-again) Christians are also VERY RIGHTIOUS and HYPOCRITES at the same time. Bakit kaya ganyan sila?

    • Erratum: RIGHTEOUS

      Happy Sunday to all (including the RIGHTEOUS & HYPROCRITE FOLLOWERS of Norman)! He, he, he…

    • @ paul Good Sunday, friend.

      Don’t say things like that… Don’t make more enemies than you already have, I like to think. 🙂

      Live and let live. ‘Di ka naman in-a-ano… Ang abalahin, ang atin’g mga ‘greenkids’.

      Hop over to Uncle Norman’s FB and take a gander at the MWP NatCos. Something for us to while away the idle hours, if any…

      I guess it means we won’t have the S5 Finale with a few of the candidates as originally scheduled. 😦

      Kung sa bagay, it’s a Sunday. Makapahinga naman siya for a change.

      I haven’t seen the entire Album yet; in-a-upload pa lang ‘ata. But there’s one made by Deejay Abustan that looks quite similar to the one worn by Patricia Babista… I recall one PN’s episode where NatCos designers were featured, which included Edwin Uy, and my first time to behold the HANDSOME Manny Halasan! If I’m not mistaken, Deejay was included in that episode, as a noob.


    Ug naay follower diri si Norman nga NUMBER ONE sa pagka-SIPSIP, ug numero uno pod ang pagka-HYPOCRITE. He, he, he…

    Good morning to you.

  4. We cannot just be dismissive about the chismis issue. Imagine ikaw yung girl and all the other girls will turn against you and give you the cold shoulder treatment. Justice for her and expel the chismosa from the contest.

    So much for world peace and sorority of the true, the good and the beautiful


      Pasensya na Cool Brew. Good Sunday to you.

  5. Can Dindi still get her Visa renewed?

    Makakaalis pa ba si Mr. Supranational Philippines?

    Paano mag Finals sa ECQ?


    • @ Sunny She’s slated to leave tomorrow. Dapat mayru’n na. Kung Lunes release, then from the Consul/Embassy, diretso airport; nagawa na namin ‘yan! 🙂

      8 August alis ni Adajar. Last I checked, his mug isn’t on the Mister Supranational page yet; does this mean ‘di pa na-remit ‘yun’g franchise, or ‘di pa na-receive on Boss Gerhard’s end?

      Dili puwede mag Finale kung ECQ. Kahit payagan sila ng IATF, in the first place ano’ng results ng swab taste nila upon parting ways last 23? 😦

  6. Ha, ha, ha… Huwag magalit/mainis, huwag mainggit… DAHIL FINALLY NAG-POST (nagsalita) na si Norman tungkol sa MWP current issue (gossip?). Mga pikon at inggetero, pasensya na at sumagot si Norman.

  7. Well done Norman.

    You need not even explain yourself to a few hecklers here who get your goat (ehem..Paul…ehem…lol). But it goes to show that you read every comment and you respond to your readers.

    World Peace.

  8. No news is bad news. Bad news is good news.
    Bad and good news for extra mileage.
    It’s all that is.

    • News are supposed to be based on facts and not gossip. I don’t really have the energy to dwell on it.

      • Only insecure people deal with gossips. Speaking badly about others is an underhanded way to praise themselves.

      • @ Norman ‘Ay, pagoda na ang Tio. 😦

        (Dami kasi’ng awra. Daig pa si Alexandra Faith; refer to recent post on Turkey assignment.)

        Mag-cheat day ka muna. LUMAMON NG MASASARAP. At kailangan bukas, fresh ang batteries for the S5 Finale. 🙂

      • My God.. The most angelic of em all is the source of the chismis?

        And to all those girls who didnt even give the poor girl the chance to listen to her or reach out to her.. Boo

  9. ‘Next month’ is TOMORROW. 😦

    Sa madali’ng salita, things are just going to get worse. Real talk lang…

    MAMAYA’NG GABI, ANO’NG PUWEDE (PA’NG) GAWIN? Habang medyo maluwag-luwag pa? Kasi baka may mga kandidata’ng gusto na umuwi bago maabutan ng ‘indefinite uncertainty’…

    At talaga’ng pinaabot pa ng Agosto, ‘eh ‘ghost month’ nga… ‘Yun nga’ng ADFQ, 31 August lang nila ilalabas Roster nila…


    Good Saturday, Uncle. Feature mo sa S6 sina Alyssa Mae Nichols, Jasmine Omay, at Jannare (I am very sorry if I misspelled) Zarzoso, please. Tia! You’re too kind and nice, po. 🙂

  10. Tsismis lang yan… it doesn’t help. Let them fix it by themselves, wag ng sumawsaw.
    What is more important now is the staging of the coronation! Will they move the finals again?

    • I agree! Unless of course you are the Titas who want to make sawsaw to make money and get freebies. Haha!

    • Tsismis involving drug use. That’s a very meaty chismis ha. Nakakaloka 🙄🙄. The bullied girl happened to be working sa kongreso. Dapat imbestigahan na yan

  11. Great response, Sir Norman! I know you will not besmirch your reputation as a blogger and vlogger by pandering on people’s propensity for gossips. So long as an item remains a gossip, writing about it in this blog will certainly fan the flames of intrigues and innuendos even more. I knew you will behave this way. I knew that anything that negates the development of pageantry will not dignify a space in this blog.

      • @ Norman Ka Norman, tell Boss ALV to go live (online) and announce the semifinalists by 1200H TODAY! By PST, just a little more than two hours left.

        Para ‘yun’g mga gusto na’ng mag-move on… 😦

        Para ‘di lahat damay sa paghihintay ng wala’ng katiyakan, kailanpaman maitatawid ‘yan’g Finals nila.

        Kahit ‘yun lang muna.

    • I agree Flor. This way, only few girls will compete for the titles Iive on stage in conformity with IATF guidelines. Those girls that fail to advance can go back to their respective homes.

      • @ serge Puwede naman mag-announce during the Finale ng subsidiary titles like ‘MWP-Region’ and sponsor citations (ie, Miss Artopian, kasi may na-mention during the Press Conference announcing Artopian Internationale as partner na baka kumuha sila ng ambassadors!) in addition to the de rigeur ‘Friendship’, ‘Photogenic’, ‘Beach Queen’, etc… Ta’s, i-patch na lang ‘yun’g recipient kung wala siya. THIS DOES NOT NEED TO BE DIFFICULT. 🙂

    • @Scorg – While the issue among the girls can be considered “gossip” that should ideally be resolved by the girls among themselves, would we believe otherwise if we were in the shoes of the one supposedly being ostracized or if she were someone we personally know?

      Where do we draw the line between “chismis” and being an enabler?

      • @Caroline: Biblically, gossip is sharing information that ought not be shared. It may or may not be true. Too many people think it’s OK to share information that shouldn’t be shared, because they believe it is true. So they justify sharing personal, private information that is nobody’s business to share. In their minds it’s fine to destroy things like relationships and reputations because “if true, they deserve it.” If the information is false, it is slander: do they deserve it?. Some information is nobody’s business to share. So what if one has the dirt on somebody else? Is it OK to spread other people’s personal and/or private information? Jesus warned in Matthew 12:36, “… on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak”.

      • The Christian guidepost is therefore, true or not, we should not share others’ personal and/or private things. Silence on a gossip is NOT ENABLING. It is being a true bearer of the gospel— for in the mouth and the ear of a gossip is a morsel of bad news, not the good news.

  12. Ganito kasi yan Norman, if you are silent on the issue as a pageant blogger, you can ALSO be considered as an ENABLER.

    It is good that you finally posted a STATEMENT on the matter after DAYS of PANANAHIMIK. Para fair naman to Magandang Filipinas (na ngayon ay hindi na masyadong maganda).

    Magandang umaga sa lahat mula sa Mindanao.

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