22 comments on “Francesca Palabrica: An Achiever for Miss Universe Philippines 2021

  1. she’s a no for me for MUP..maybe she’s more of a fit at MGI..or any other pageant where physical beauty is no longer the prime consideration.

  2. Magba-battle of the Brains na sila ni Karen Ibasco na Physicist din!

    Well, ako din naman may training diyan sa PNRI! Speaking of which, it is known as one of the “white elephant” project of Ferdinand Marcos aside from the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant! They commission White Westinghouse for the project then nung tin-testing, palpak! Walang nuclear energy na-produce! Kaya siya ginawang “research” institute! Marami rin silang na-produce na patented product (aside from DOST) diyan for licensing for commercial release kaya may economic value rin yung pagkakatayo nung institute!

    Although may pagka-babalina si Ate, mas bet ko siya for Miss Supranational rather than MUP!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Is PNRI the only site in the country holding/possessing radioactive stuff?

      Doesn’t irradiation enhance shelf life by inactivating degradation enzymes? Tama ba?

      • Madam Flora, all facilities with Cyclotron Unit can produce radioactive stuff. I only know St.Luke’s to have one. Ang mga gumagamit niyang irradiation method yung mga involve sa food technology and yes to prolong the shelf life. I am more on the medical side (like irradiated blood component) for those who receive transplant.

    • Kaya pumalpak is dahil nakielam CIA…
      Takot sila na magkaroon tayo ng nuclear capabilities..
      Sila nagpaligpit kay FEM because of his plans for the Asian dollar.

  3. She has a degree in PHYSICS from a prestigious PHL university. Physics was my least favorite course back in university days. I just don’t understand them…lol.

    • @ mik I liked Physics. Pero, ‘yun nga. Ang hirap… Nakailan’g take ako. 😦

      But, I LOVED MATH. Lahat ng Math subjects ko, one-take lang. 🙂

      Plus, I had a CUTEY classmate in one class. Juice me! Pageant material si koya.

      • Flor Tulo,

        Si Rogelio dela Rosa ba yung classmate mo? Lol.

        World Peace.

  4. This post validates why we need to see these girls talk and move.

    I was prepared to say “NO” based on the two photos above (which I may say were ALREADY “beautified” compared to her actual face). But hearing her speak made me change my mind. Seeing how intelligent, relaxed, articulate and natural she was expressing herself is a pleasant surprise. She will represent us well in any international pageant.

    I have already my Top 13 girls based on beauty of face alone. I doubt if Francesca would have even made my Top 30. Beautiful , but not stunningly so. (At least, while she may seem to be “all-teeth”, her teeth are natural and not because of those horrible veneers. Lol.).

    It would be interesting how our choices will change the more we get to see or hear the girls. I hope more hidden gems will be featured. And I wish we know the criteria (and corresponding weights) of MUP so we (as readers) can align and have at least a standard rating system as well.

    World Peace.

  5. It’s exhilarating to know the vast reservoir of young Filipino women whose sterling achievement in school and in the community eclipse their superiority in physical looks department. Francesca is one of them. I suspect there are many other multi-dimensional beauties in this MUP edition who can join the ranks of Shamcey Supsup, Karen Ibasco, Venus Raj, and many other queens who graduated with latin honours and made their mark in community service. I applaud all of them for showing the world what true beauty is– inner and outer. I applaud all of them for showing the world what true beauty means in today’s troubled society– a virtue that empowers.

    • @ scorg Their “… sterling achievement in school and in the community eclipse their… looks”.


      Kung sa bagay, si @ paui na nagsabi (below). COMPENSATE.

      Kaya ako, itutuloy ko ang paggamit ng papaya soap kahit kulay-lupa pa rin ako. My pores are now infinitesimal… One day, I shall be as smooth as high-grade marble, the brown variety.

      (In above statement, I am not alluding to myself. Sinabi ko na dati, ang Transcript ko daig pa ang bahaghari sa dami ng kulay.)

      • @Flor: I said “… eclipse their superiority in physical looks…” This means that they already have outstanding physical assets, yet their intellectual edge and advocacy ascendancy make their beauty shine more. That is different from the notion of “compensate”.

  6. This is how you overcompensate a lack in physical qualities (mapabody, facial beauty man yan or height). Compensate with substance and actual achievements, NOT social media popularity, dramatic antics, or controversy. This is how you do it.

    Pageantry is all about BBB – Beauty, Brains, Breeding. If you lack one B, overcompensate with the other Bs. Nowadays, it’s all CCC – Connections, Clout, and Controversy.

  7. Wow… I love her credentials… She’s really someone to look up to.. I hope she gains millions of followers.

    • @ Closer2Fame Dili ba BIG-TIME ang mga Palabrica? 🙂

      She looks like Ms. Aura Philippines 2021 Alexandra Faith Garcia, no?

      Who will prevail is a credentials showdown between Franceska (here) and Julia Saubier?

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