10 comments on “Of unique names and mixtures in Miss Universe Philippines 2021

  1. Dito sa Miss Universe Philippines (MUP) ang DAMING PANGIT. Sa Miss World Philippines (MWP) naman ang PANGIT ng ISYU. So saan ka rito? He, he, he…

  2. Sina Janelle Lewis at Pauline Robles ang roommates ni Joy Barcoma? Sino ang nagpakalat ng tsismis? Bakit ang tahimik ng MWP?

  3. Jedidah means NEW in Arabic

    Herfervez is a Pakistan last name aside from the most common Khan. Mga jumbo rin tarugs nila! Hihihi!

  4. Mindanao just got through at BBP by the skin of their teeth! They pulled off a Cinderella story, Chalita Suansane-style. 🙂

    (I would like to think the Ticaro, Tan, and Parrenas fans eventually came together to buoy MisOr to the Poll position. That’s the spirit! Unity, ambiguity, and refinement.)

    I want Mindanao to make a BIG impression this year.

    Over at MPE, the Luzon bloc is again frustrating… I’ll be impressed if the Visayan bets nab even one Element. 😦

    At MWP, the island’s best bet is up against formidably-promoted co-teens… Fighting pa rin!

    Angelin Summer… That could be the name for one of @ paul’s Philodendron, Alocasia, or Caladium cultivars… But brought to mind last year’s Carol Quiza… What has become of her, Tito?

    The Solomon Islands are geographically linked to Australia and PNG, no? IN GENERAL, HOW HAVE THE SOUTH PACIFIC ISLAND NATIONS FARED AT MU? (North Pacific is Hawaii, so USA.)

    Now, back to Luzon…

    Princess Laureano was MUP-Aurora 2020, no? She was a (motorbike) rider, no? How’s she, Tito? Did she proceed to the BCC pageant bubble? Parang hindi… Can’t recall.

    Charissa Claire is enrolled at UC (University of the Cordilleras) Baguio City campus? Is that the one adjacent to Burnham Park? Or is it the one near St. Louis U?

    • Princess Laureano backed out of the competition even before the ladies assembled in Manila before going to Baguio. There were some personal issues with the AP, I was told.

      • @ Norman Eventually, perhaps by 2022~3, I hope you could consider putting the spotlight on a young lady who some are thinking can be a MUP hopeful by then…

        She is currently fulfilling remaining duties for her (both) National and International organization.

        Before that, she was 1st Runner-up at her tourism- and culture- themed pageant at an ASEAN neighbor.

        She has bagged endorsement deals with Great Taste coffee, McDonald’s, and C2 (Green) iced tea.

        Like Amelinckx, she is Belgian-Filipina extraction.

        @ paul will like her because she’s pretty; he might not like her because she isn’t incredibly tall.

        IF she becomes an ‘artista’ before long, which I doubt but hey why not give anything a try before you decline/refuse, in the process accumulate a following comparable to that of Kirsten Delavin and that Bereos vlogger combined, would pageant fans hate her because she’s ‘popular’?

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