12 comments on “Trouble at Magandang Filipinas: Eva Patalinjug resigns as its National Director


  2. Eva just did the right thing IMO. In any organization, transparency is paramount specially amongst its officers. Betrayal is one of the valid grounds of resignation and Eva felt betrayed with all the secrecy that had happened.
    I don’t find any issue on how she expound the reasons of her resignation. It was meant to protect her reputation and to dislodge any possible assumptions by the media once and for all.
    As to signing her letter as Bb Pilipinas Grand International, I don’t find anything wrong with that all either since she indeed was.

  3. My heart goes out to all the ladies who are now in a quandary whether to proceed to Baguio (the rumored venue) or let go of the dream for a shot at a national title (not familiar with the legalities involved)

    One thing I’m sure of is how to recoup all the investment, expenses from application requirements to wardrobe etc

    Abangan ang updates

  4. There goes comments from Proud to be Pinoys who don’t have anything to do with the organization and involved individuals critical of everything and anything just to say something.

    So what if her letter of resignation is repetitive/redundant, so what if she didn’t place at MGI. At least she was a former Bb. Pilipinas titlist. Let her be her own person.

    Universe Peace. 😎

  5. She should have just put out a simple statement saying she has resigned as national director, period. Her over explaining her position in print leaves her vulnerable to being sued for libel should any detail of her assertions turn out to be false. Just saying…

  6. My Thoughts:

    1) This is precisely the reason why I question the mushrooming and existence of dime-a-dozen pageants left and right. Pageantry has become a cottage industry in the Philippines that any Tom’s Dick is Hairy can create one. Lol. This is not only putting sponsors at risk but most especially the girls.

    2) On Eva:

    > I think that tthe lady doth protest too much. Didn’t you do due diligence before accepting this role?

    > you are over explaining dear, You just say you are severing your ties with them, period.

    > Do you really want your name / brand be associated from one failure to another. (Not placing in MGI and now this fiasco).

    > the gall to still use the label “Ms. Grand International 2018” when you are/were part of this new organization that competes with Bb. Pilipinas who bestowed you that title.

    World Peace.

    • @ THOMAS Ja. I have to agree with your points.

      1) With the exception of duly-registered pageant BIG’s (we all know who they are), parang naging informal sector ang pageantry sa ‘Pinas. Should DTI have a ‘Pageantry and Entertainment Bureau’?
      2) We know Eva was busy coming into this Directorship; on PN’s, we found out she was juggling motherhood, marriage, and online Law classes… Baka, just mentally she was so tired. But we know she is in the company of people who care for her. We wish her all the best!

      I just wonder, too, if she met this ‘Mr. Shadrach Lopez Crisostomo’ personally… 🙂

      I ask, kasi BIG names in local pageantry were involved in the Screening. Ano ‘to? 😦

      As for the ladies-in-literal-waiting,… Kasi, lumalabas ngayon, everything’s very hazy…

      I suggest maybe mag-usap-usap kayo. And have a lawyer to advise you, lalo na kung napapirma kayo ng kontrata of some sort. You must agree on a common action. Always, do the right things.

      • (Cont.)

        As Sen. Manuel Pacquiao said in his pain reliever ad, ”Ay, ‘Sus!”.

        Again, I really doubt Ms. Eva met this Mr. Lopez-Crisostomo in person. I’ll share again what I shared here before, a Russian proverb-saying.

        ‘Never enter into business with a man whom you haven’t gotten drunk with’. 🙂

        There’s also that saying, that goes ‘… share a foxhole with…”. Doesn’t seem to be the case here.

        In any case, it’s good the excision is mutual and clean. Had this dragged on to messy depths*, the candidates would be all the poorer for it.

        I really hope this organization doesn’t pull off a ‘BBP’ and let this pageant drag semi-indefinitely. In BPCI’s case, umabot ng isa’ng taon. My gosh! Kung ‘yun’g mga Bb nga, nalagasan, mga well-supported beauty queens na ‘yun’g mga bata’ng ‘yun, ‘eto pa kaya’ng mga ‘to. 😦

        The minute pandemic restrictions are eased, tira agad! Execute swiftly. Do away with Prelims. Iilan lang naman sila. Finale agad. Apparently, they were not entertaining sponsorship offers, which suggests may datung sila, which is good pero sana rin ‘di kuripot sa mga ladies nila.

        * – ‘Messy’ is what that three(3)-way legal tussle involving Mr. Grand International became.

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