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  1. Bakit walang post tungkol sa kaguluhan sa MWP? I think the issue hounding MWP is FAR more serious than that of the Magandang Filipinas?

    Baki nananahimik including ang blog site na ito?

      • It is being resolved by the organization. Until everything is cleared, I don’t want to write about it first.

      • Thanks Norman.

        But how different is that from this blog featuring immediately Eva’s official statement WITHOUT it “being cleared yet “ by the MF organization ?

        Are we saying the MW Candidate official stamens / interview less important than the official statement ip of Eva ?

        Just asking 🙂

        World Peace.

      • The Magandang Filipinas issue did not start with gossip talk. What’s more, Eva Patalinjug released an official statement that served as a basis for blogging about it.

  2. MANILA — Magandang Filipinas has responded to Eva Patalinjug’s allegations following the former beauty queen’s resignation as the national director of the newly formed pageant.

    In a statement, Magandang Filipinas founder Shadrach Lopez Crisostomo said Patalinjug is “just creating her misery by carrying the weight of something she was not obliged to carry.”

    Contrary to Patalinjug’s statements about the organization’s supposed “failure to be transparent,” Crisostomo pointed out that her tasks as national director were only limited to the program flow, qualifications of candidates, and criteria for judging.

    “To cancel the event due to the COVID-19 surge in Bohol was painful to us, it was not her authority or task to decide the cancellation. In our defense, we are not obliged to secure her permission for that was a company decision for the safety of our staff, candidates, and fans. Even the decision to choose the new venue for the coronation was a company decision and not hers, nor she was given the task or authority to do so,” he explained.

    “To her allegations that she was not aware of any events organized by us, the reason is obvious; she was hired for the first pageant of Magandang Filipinas but as to the other events of Magandang Filipinas, she was not privy to it,” he added.

    Ex-beauty queen Eva Patalinjug resigns as national director of Magandang Filipinas
    Crisostomo also reacted to Patalinjug’s remark that she was unable to obtain legal documents for sponsorship events, saying that the beauty queen has no authority to solicit on behalf of Magandang Filipinas.

    Quoting a memorandum agreement between the organization and Patalinjug, he said: “The national director cannot engage in contracts and business deals on behalf of the company without written consent from the representative of the company.”

    “These referrals are not her main task for the company, nor she was forced or asked to fervently look for sponsorships,” Crisostomo said. “Again, she was just creating her misery and it would be unfair for us if she will drag the company on her dramas.”


    Sorry. I had to paste it here since apparently my succeeding comments in the previous post by the blogger are having “a hard time getting the light of the day”. Lol.

    I still think this Magandang Filipinas pageant is dime a dozen. And I still maintain that Ms. Grand International 2018 is just digging deeper her grave with her contentious press release)

    (And yes, I still maintain that it is very tacky of her to still attach her “Miss Grand International 2018” title in her press releases / official statements given that it was : four years ago, her dismal performance, and most of all by joining a direct competitor of Bb. Pilipinas that bestowed her that title. Konting delicadeza.).

    World Peace.

    • @ THOMAS So, sa madali’ng salita, the ND is effectively figurehead. Nothing less but also nothing more.

      ‘Eh, ba’t si Mdme. Lupita (Jones)? Parang makapangyarihan…!… 😦

      So, confirms na ang talaga’ng nagpapatakbo ng MUP ay ‘hindi si Mdme. Shamcey’. For pretty(2x) lang siya?… Kaya pala maya’t-maya nakikipagtalbugan kay Rabiya.

      ‘Oy, ‘ah. ‘Dili ko sinabi’ng ‘whatever’ si Mdme. S. Maalindog pa naman, aminin… 🙂

      (Admin, huwag mo i-quarantine ‘to, ha? Ayaw mo niyan. I am diverting this wayward topic back to MUP…)

      • Well, I am sure there are varying position descriptions of a National Director for different organizations – so we can not say for sure. But for Magandang Filipinas, it appear na figure head lang nga. Reading the reply of MF, it seems Eva wanted to dip her fingers in matters she was not supposed to. When called out, she’s now crying wolf. One of the last sentences of that article above that I was not able to paste even said “ We hope Eva will stop her antic once and for all”. Lol.

        This reminds of another loser (Sandra the Lemon) about spilling tea soon. Bakit ganun, kung sino pa ang mga talunan, sila pa ma-ingay (or gusto maging vlogger?). Lol.

        World Peace.

      • Tumpak. Shamcey is a dummy of Jonas. Jusko lahat alan yan. And why Shamcey? Because they have very good relationship with madam stella. Hopefully ngayon di na. Charot

  3. push lang sa pangarap mo besh

    kaso dapat padala sa Israel eh may dugong Aleman
    para magulat mga hudyo

    or kahit pinay na pinay kasi mahal nila ang mga Pinay duon
    maalaga, maasahan kasama sa bahay

    may chance manalo

  4. She may look too Indian with an Indian name but so are American, European and Australian halfies with American, European and Australian names. Why single her out? Every home grown Filipina, halfie or full-blooded, dusky or fair-skinned, has the right to join pageantry for a chance to represent the country she grew up in.

  5. Is that a wig? Her makeup in these photos is severe. If her MUA and styling teams continue doing this to her, it’s a NO.

    She has very strong features. No need to add much makeup, just need to soften her look.
    She’s got potential.

    She looks great here, wearing a white dress with a green scarf: https://www.instagram.com/p/B7069Yll9BX/?utm_medium=copy_link

    What is her height?

  6. If there are half-White Filipinas who look too “White,” then there are girls like Kheshapornam who look too “Indian.” I’m not a big fan of both categories, to be perfectly honest. Kheshapornam just looks way too foreign for my taste. She sure looks unique and is a stand out because of her features.

    • @ REGINA Go look for and download an application that will allow you to align faces.

      Superimpose Sheika M. Calapatia’s over Kesha’s. WOW. 🙂

      ‘Too Indian’ is South Indian (of the Subcontinent), maybe? I guess even Venus and Rabiya trace DNA there, yet enough of the Philippines phenotype is retained so that they still look Pinay-ish.

      VVV would be ‘too White’ for me. Like Rachel, Catriona, and Hannah, she probably would fare quite well at BBP… I’m not saying she’ll tank here; we will just have to see.

      • Venus’ father is south indian I think, because of her features. Rabiyas dad is a bengali indian from East India ( muslim), context lang si Sushmita is Bengali. Utong si kesha since malaysian indian 80 percent I think she’s Tamil Indian. It’s south.
        Miss india In the past and where they came from
        agul panag – sikh , north india
        Manpreet brar- sikh, north india
        Nafisa Joseph, lymaraina d’souza and Sandiya chib- all from south india. Basically if mukhang pakistani din ang indian he/she is from the north.

      • @ Diana Hayden Speaking of ‘North Indian’, the ‘Indo-Aryan’… A college professor of mine referred to them as ‘white Indians’… The ‘alta Indians’, kasi daw poor ang south.

        ‘Di bala ay medyo political ‘yan at there are schools of thought calling for Indians to be considered European. I think they found Indian gene sequences in ancient European DNA… Or, was it the other way around?

        Now look at @ kembular2020’s comment above. 🙂

      • I don’t think pobre ang mga taga South. Darker lang talaga ang skin tone nila. Actually nga if you’re from the Philippines tas you want to live/work in India you will love South india (bangalore, etc.) Because tropical. In north india polluted at dry as fuck. 😂

      • @ Diana Hayden ‘Ay, ganu’n? 😦

        Well, then… I guess it’s ‘South India’ for most of us vicariously. 🙂

      • Yes flor. And bangalore is a beauty queen city. I know that Nafisa Joseph Diana Hayden Sandiya Chib Noyonita lodh etc come from that city. It’s a miss india city.

  7. She is pretty with queenly posture. She could reach the semifinal round.

      • Okay lang sana kahit Indian beauty pa rin ang mag win sa MUPh. Kaso, ang tigas ng feslak niya. Kontrabida ang dating. Just a personal opinion.

  8. She has potential esp if she continues to tone down. She should pursue Bb if MUP does not pan out well.

  9. I would love to see her on the Bb Pilipinas stage.
    Bb Globe for now! ❤

  10. She won the best in swimsuit in miss Iloilo outperforming the 16 years old body of Rabiya. ANG DI KO TALAGA GETS NUNG MUP BAT NAG BEST IN SWIMSUIT SI RABIYA. EWAN. Dapat si Tajaran or Malinao nanalo dun.

  11. This year’s varsity baller (basket) to last year’s volley~ (Smith), no?

    I will assume ‘Beyond The Coastlines’ vids are off the agenda this time. So,…

    Ka Norman, will Iloilo City host MUP 2021? Kasi, they want to see Rabiya crown her successor…

    Will Kesha be M(Ilo)2x 2019’s ‘LastToCompete’? Will their 2nd RU be sent anywhere?

    To review.

    Rabiya Mateo – crown
    Karen Laurrie Mendoza – semifinalista

    Ann Palmares – still in competition*
    Keshapornam Ramachadran – same as Ann

    * – Looking forward to PN’s S5 finale!… I’m REALLY mulling my last spot for MWP 2021 – Palmares, Jung, or I’m thinking now the better of the two dentists, Martinez and Rebortera (dili both!). I’m set on my two princesses – Campbell and Lewis. Fourniol, sweetie is like Alana Rhedey, serving a deer-in-the-headlights aura of bewilderment. Is she OK?

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