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  1. I have a good feeling Maureen would at least be in the Top3 if not win.

  2. The bashing these 3 women are getting from insecure, old-school pageant fans influenced me to root for them.
    If you’re confident in your candidate, you wouldn’t bother trolling these 3 women right? 🤷🏻‍♂️
    May these 3 end up in the final 5.

    • @ H Kahit isa lang, OK na. 🙂

      What’s quite likely to happen, as crunch time tightens, is fans/followers of two will ally to buoy the remaining one to the end. Just like ‘Survivor’…

  3. There are so many candidates far more deserving than Delavin. Swerte nya lang talaga dahil artista sya, if not, ni hinde sya mapapansin.

  4. These 3 ladies have huge following
    Bernos is an unconventional pageant girl
    Delavin is sweet. She could reach semifinal stage
    Wroblewitz is relaxed, confident, and pleasant. Has a strong chance to penetrate the circle of five.

  5. These non-traditional kinds of participants are normal in these times, and itheir tremendous following serves the ends of the pageant organization. I think what should be given focus lately is the rise of so many influencers who brand themselves as pageant analysts, and the quality of their input & commentary. Many of them are responsible for the hyped chances and unbelievable expectations assigned to many a candidate joining pageants abroad. Their social media spaces have also become fertile ground for squabbles and intrigue, the opposite of gaining support for candidates. This results in international pageant orgs getting turned off by all the noise coming from countries who originally may have had better chances.

    • @ jmgonzalesme What can we do? Free market economy… 🙂

      Parang palengke. Dozens selling the exact same thing, in the same section of the market, at more or less the same price, if agreed upon by themselves para everyone happy. ‘Pag ‘di ka nakisama, yari ka.

      It may be a systemic thing. Like the difficulty of regional/provincial pageant licensing taking hold.

      But I recall something a high school class mate of mine once shared with the class. I shared it here before and I think it might help to do so again and now.

      We were debating as to what could be done to make Filipino music more known internationally. We all gave our respective marketing pitch. But not this particular fellow.

      In essence, leave it alone to do what it wants to do. Eventually, it will achieve some kind of critical mass that will either make or break it. When it gets to that point, is and will be turning point.

      So, hayaan lang natin ang mga influencers na ‘yan. Leave them to evolve. Mauumay rin kalaunan ang madla, and will begin to DEMAND (original and quality) CONTENT, not the same merchandise regurgitated indefinitely. Besides, if and when advertisers pull out, malalanta rin ‘yan’g mga ‘yan.

      What will they do? Move on to the next socmed format-app-of-the-moment. It’s EVOLUTION. 😦

      • BRAYT JUD KA FLOR! Unlike your two good friends who are WHO ARE SO PRETENTIOUS by always OVERREADING the TEXT (e.g. situation, case, candidate, etc.) and/or MISREADING the TEXT. He, he, he…

        Maayong buntag gikan sa Mindanao.

    • Thanks @FlorTula. I understand what you’re saying. Just that my greater concern was their effect on the perception created around the image of the candidates we are sending. Everything they do is too much. The effect is consistently immediate and quite destructive. The way I perceive their actions, they have very little concern for the candidate and instead have more desire to uplift their social media status. 🕊💐🙋🏼

  6. Wishing they do well in the pageant.
    They are young, fresh, and definitely not the typical cookie-cutter pageant girl.
    Hindi din sila paiba-iba ng bansa para lang makasali sa international pageant.

    • Are you throwing shade at someone who lives in the US but is now competing at MUP? She has dual citizenship so what’s wrong with her competing in MUP? There’s nothing illegal about it. What’s wrong with trying to reach her dream to wear the Philippine sash in an international pageant? She’s more fluent in Tagalog than some of the MUP candidates who are competing this year and grew up being raised in the Filipino culture in the US.

      It wasn’t her idea to compete in pageants but because of her beauty, height and speaking skills, a lot of people encouraged her to compete. She won the tourism title in 2012 at the age of 18 (her first pageant) but for some reason her international pageant was cancelled that year so she wasn’t able to wear the Philippine sash on the international stage. She wasn’t able to compete at BBP again because she already won a BBP top 3 title.

      She knows she’s not the MW type so what can she do to finally reach her dream of wearing a Philippine sash and advocating to help the homeless since she was homeless with her mom and siblings at one time when she was a young girl?

      Her mom happens to live in the US and she’s quite close to her so she decided to stay where she was raised. She was appointed to represent the US at Supranational in 2018. Her mom begged her to compete at MUP this year. This is her last chance due to her age.

  7. Here’s what i observed:

    Bernos’s fans is rooting for her just to be /there/. She has been advocating for PH pageantry to accept short morena beauties like her who can speak their hearts out. She is a fantastic role model for all Filipino women out there. Her fans are aware that has slim to no chances of winning the pageant, but they’re rooting for her to be present in the MUP stage.

    Wroblewitz is that minor personality people rooted for in AsNTM because of her humble beginnings and unassuming type of beauty. Her fans are the ones who clamor for another pageant newbie to blow everyone away and eventually win the top crown, much like Shamcey Supsup did in her batch.

    Delavin’s fans are really kinda delusional, almost rabid. I’m reminded of the Mariel de Leon hype but the Delavin’s fans are teeny boppers. Unlike Bernos’ fans, Delavin’s fans are actually positioning her to win and will likely be sore losers when she fails to win the crown. Simply annoying.

    • Her fans ( Delavin) are indeed delusional. Rumor has it that the father did every earthly possible thing to make kisses a successful actress. Pero waley. 😂

    • Same thoughts.

      I feel though that Bernos is going to get a token top 5 placement, similar to Hackenson, especially if she delivers a good pasarela.

      Delavin might also get a top 5 placement for sponsor brands’ endorsement purposes. MUP needs money, and they can make some out of of Delavin’s fans. If not for direct sales to them, their social media noise count as *free* marketing.

      Wroblewitz – same. International fans = wider set of audience for sponsor brands.

      Also, didn’t MUPh create a teaser ad for Delavin and Wroblewitz? They even announced that they were able to convince a famous beauty, something to the effect, to join this year’s competition. If MUPh indeed went out of their way to get these two girls to join, then they must have promised special spots at the top for them.

      Business is business. Now wiith these 3 girls securing 3 of the top 5 spots, we only have 1 spot left for a non-A&Q girl. (KF’s Steffi? The Camp’s VVV?) With the top spot being reserved for Ms. A&Q.

      Remember how non-A&Q Malinao was elbowed out of the top 5 because she was too much of a threat? Remember how non-A&Q Ysmael did everything right, except flubbing Q&A? Remember how suspiciously confident Rabiya was in Q&A?

      • @paui

        Suspiciously confident? Ang basic kaya ng questions sa Top 5. If you trained well, masasagot mo yung mga yun easily.

      • I have doubts with VVV’s overall qualities…
        I have a feeling Ingrid Santamaria could get a higher placement.

      • Even Michelle Gumabao, who’s known for her comm skills, flubbed. Everyone flubbed except one girl. Maybe it was a Cindy Obenita win, or maybe there’s some truth to the Lemonade Tea.

  8. I’m getting worried about Mirjan Hipolito. Her walk is so nakakaloka ( at least what I saw sa instagram). Maganda payat at matangkad sya. Kung ako sa kanya saki sya ng camp.

  9. In the first place, KIRSTEN. Kisses ka diyan… 😦

    The popular poll only goes far as 50, doesn’t it? The 30-Cut is entirely Judges’ and organization’s prerogative, isn’t it? ‘En, ‘di du’n iligwak.

    Kung fin-ast track na ba ‘yan’g tatlo’ng ‘yan kaagad, tapos ang problema. 🙂

    IMPORTANT QUESTION : Kumusta ang sales ng pay-to-view (~600Php)? Dapat ito muna ginawa’ng batayan for the 100~75. After all, if I buy to watch, I want to see my chicken walk.

    Nagi’ng rhetorical battle tuloy about standards of beauty.

    Influence? You know what influences? ‘Yun’g solo post-feature ng isa’ng kampo… That can be a kind of subliminal messaging, too WHY HAVE THE MORE OBSCURE LADIES NOT BEEN GIVEN SPACE? This obviously isn’t public servant mantra, “who has less in life is to have more of service”… Or is that St. Teresa of Calcutta… Was it, “who does not live to serve does not (know how to) live”… Edymar said something to that effect in her speech en route to the MI crown.

    Pinayag-payagan sumali, ta’s sasabihin’g may undue advanatage dahil celebrity. So, why Mr. T*?

    Dili nga ba ay about greater inclusion? Na kahit ‘artista’ ka, dapat ‘plakado pa rin pasarela mo’?

    Yes, they influence me.

    That being said, MUP we should thank for discovering GEMS like Perlyn Cayona, Cole Silvernale, Jan Elcano, Caroline Veronilla, and Sasha Tajaran. WE ARE ANXIOUS TO KNOW/SEE MORE!

    Idamay na rin sina Noreen Mangawit, Nina Soriano (who reminds me of the very nice Simone Nadine Bornilla, only perhaps taller), and Jennifer Linda (who said in a video interview in connection with Ms. Palawan that she’s be back in a few years, which I’m looking forward to as much as I looked forward to the return of Nicole Minano na natupad na finally).

    * – Dear commentators/readers, which ‘T’ would you like to address that question to?

    • Good day @Flor, yes Sir, LOL, hirap gayahin pero aliw ako minsan pagbabasa sa comments mo parang Clerk of Court Stenographer, akala ko dati gay linggo ang mga kinukuda mo wiz pala. jeje style lang na level up kay scorg at thomas, ganern!

    • @Flor, on your question WHY ARE THE MORE OBSCURE LADIES NOT GIVEN SPACE: Very relevant issue. Idk about the other bloggers and vloggers and mainstream journalists and broadcasters, but Sir Norman gave space to everyone at last year’s MUP. That’s why I got to know and appreciate the likes of Carol Veronilla, Perlyn Cayona, Jan Elcano, Nina Soriano, Noreen Mangawit and all the other “gems” you mentioned. In fact, the most enduring pageantry image that is etched in my mind to this day is the photo of an entire community’s enthusiastic send-off to a farm girl Perlyn Cayona, the pride of that small town in far-away deep-south Zamboanga. The face of each well-wisher in the picture resonates a message that marginalized and poor as we are, we are sending you glad tidings through our town’s fairest.

      Each one of the “gems” you mentioned represent communities that are not normally in the pageantry circuit. This makes your question very relevant. By knowing each candidate up close, we also know the communities around her, the constituents or “market” if you will, of pageantry.

  10. Thanks Sir Norman for this topic. At last this forum shifts to a subject that does not prompt pageant enthusists to pit one beauty against another. Like Gabriela below, my answer is NO for the same reason. Pageantry to me is not just a competition, but an effective platform for social change. That is why I admire MUP, MEP and this Miss Progress Philippines because they are advocacy-centric, if not advocacy-driven. Competition, due to its entertainment value, draws fans to focus on physical beauty. Intelligence and core values of candidates draws the entire pageantry community towards cooperation and social responsibility.

    • Claire IbbeTson in below post articulated in a more “home-run” language the same sentiment I have.

  11. My answer is NO because different sets of criteria are being gauge by pageant fans in selecting their choice candidate. Those criteria are calibrated according to the standards or advocacy of the pageant they are joining in. Social media influencer are followed according to the content they are creating on their accounts while beauty pageant candidate are being liked/selected according to their commitment or ability to execute the mission/advocacy of the organization.

  12. The girl in the first picture is the one who is so mayabang on TikTok.

  13. Do celebrities and online influencers “influence” you to root for them? Thank you for that wonderful question. Being celebrities and social media influencers is not a basis for me to encourage myself to support them just because they have millions of followers. I rather support a candidate who have a heart and desire to change the lives of the less fortunate..

    • NO.

      (The question is answerable by yes or no only. There is no “and why”).

      World Peace.

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