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  1. VVV’s face, classic. Pwedeng bumida sa Somewhere in Time. Drawback, baka hindi relatable sa nakararami.

    • @ nakakalurker Now I know VVV’s mold – Maria Poonlertlarp! 🙂

      We like to emphasize relatability, representative-ness, maybe even ‘street cred’ (aka, ‘kalye points’).

      In a ‘free~modern~woke’ culture like the USA atm, yes indeed. And that’s clearly the direction MUSA has taken.

      But we are not the USA. We are probably more aspirational…?…

      Kung para sa atin lang din, siguro puwede na siya.

      Pero kasi nga MU is an American brand, we want to send someone with a bit of ‘gangster’.

      Just saying…

      (Just in case The Camp ever became Philippines franchisee for MU, and these three their options, I’d think they’d 2nd RU Christelle, 1st RU Victoria, and crown Ingrid. A surprise!)

  2. These 3 ladies are well-spoken. 3 of the frontrunners at this year’s MUP
    Ingrid has an air of innocence. A Quality rarely seen among beauty pageant candidates. This makes her standout from the rest
    Victoria is alluring. She exudes class and sophistication
    Christelle is seasoned.
    Among this 3, Victoria has the chance of entering the circle of five.

  3. I think Ingrid could possibly reach the TOP 5…
    She already got the beauty, brains and class.. if she gets trained in the pasarela, she could be our future title holder.

  4. Totoo ba ito or publicity lang kay Joy Barcoma?

    These past days, I was subjected to a false character assassination— my persona was tested, derogated, and defamed.
    Being in a position where you have gotten no chance to defend yourself took a heavy toll on me. My mental health declined, my chances were put at risk, and my love for pageantry almost died.
    It was never an easy path to walk through— being in a room full of people only to talk to none, hearing echoes of laughters outside the walls of your room while you’re all alone, and having to force yourself to sleep in hopes that tomorrow you will no longer be frowned upon.
    But as you can see, wisdom breaks through the cracks of our hearts, that the shattered pieces that you thought would wound you are images of people that make you whole. Power comes not from any title or fame, it comes from the system that supports and believes in you. And courage sprouts from fear— fear of losing the chance to tell the truth, fear of losing oneself, and fear of losing a dream.
    I have sat and watched everything fade away in front of me, I have listened to a long deafening silence of exile, and I have felt how the world turned its back on me.
    But today, I decided to not just sit and watch. I decided to stand up.
    Today, I decided to not listen to silence. I decided to speak up.
    Today, I decided to woman up.
    To be a defender of others, you must be at the forefront of your battles. To pick up the sword is not the start of the war but the screams of our verities will always be the start of a revolution. Also, what kingdom do I rule if I can’t even fight for my crown— crown of truth, fairness, and justice?
    Our principles and how we stand up for them is what truly makes a queen, and today I will reclaim my throne.
    Joy Barcoma
    MWP candidate #3
    Mandaluyong City

    • Tough kid. I believe the MWP will issue an official statement on this matter soon. If indeed this low-blow bullying issue is true, then this already MWP sub-par batch is even “uglier” inside. I would have appreciated it more if this candidate names the alleged “culprit” to add credence. After all, any queen can face any enemy head on.

    • @ Jay-r & @ Beth Btw, how did Polfah handle that whole alleged ketamine party incident? I don’t think she was ever formally charged (anyway)… If Joy feels may laban siya, laban lang.

  5. agree with @ClaireIbbeTson… mataas taste level ng The Camp, these girls project class and sophistication just like those candidates in the BbP of old where a lot of candidates come from “de buenas familias”.. hope they can deliver.. Good luck girls/The Camp.. 👍🤞

  6. Whoever the people behind this “The Camp” mataas ang taste nila base sa mga napili nilang kandidata? Parang hindi sila kumukuha ng pichu-pichu! Tipong kahit mukha kang Barbie Doll kung bonsai ka naman at may pagka-galawgaw ka kumilos eh masasabihan ka ng “you can’t sit with us”!

    Magaganda ‘tong napili nila pati credentials!

    Regarding the tilting of head as what Norman mentioned, ilang lang ang kayang umariba ng ganyan! So far I only saw pictures of Doutzen Kroes and Grace Kelly with head tilted and still look gorgeous!

    • I just don’t like their response nung may nag ask na sadali din ba sila sa other pageants and the response was “we’re just focusing in miss universe” 🙄 🙄 hopefully ibigay sa kanila dahil sa true lang top 15 sure tong tatlo nato the question is mananalo ba.

      • @ Lymaraina That’s actually a splendid idea!

        If The Camp CONSISTENTLY places at MUP, and manages to send a rep to MU whether by outright win or by appointment within the short-term (~less than 10 years), Mdme. Paula WILL SURELY NOTICE… 🙂

        Do you realize what that potentially means?…

        The Camp CAN become a future MUP franchise holder! IF that day will come… when Boss Jonas feels he has had enough, and BPCI is still unwilling to take back ‘that old lover’.

        @ ClaiRe IbbeTson I want The Camp to consider Perlyn Cayona (a young Aubrey Miles!) and Lesley Anne Ticaro (as per Lavinia, “there is something enigmatic about her”) for future recruitment (provided age is still OK).

        ALSO, Tito Norman should discuss with friends such as Louie Heredia, Paolo Ballesteros, and Adam Genato the possibility of themselves becoming AP’s. And why not Delfin Lara, no?

  7. Some commentators are already saying that VVV is this year’s Bella in the sense that, although a neophyte, she will give the veterans a run for their money.

    What I like about Victoria is her calm demeanor and INTELLIGENCE. She also has the cosmopolitan/sophisticated air that people (especially here on Norman’s blog) found lacking in Rabiya. I just have three reservations at the moment:

    1) I need to see her pasarela, stage presence and ability to project
    2) how quickly she can learn the ropes and transform by September 25
    3) make-up styling that makes her look as youthful and fresh as she does in her beach/travel photos (Tito Norms, kindly tell your contacts at The Camp that the no make-up look is her look)

    She definitely has something, so we’ll definitely keep an eye on her.

  8. VVV refers to Sam as Ingrid… Ingrid, why you did not give your curly locks to your camp mate. Y?

    (AGAIN, BAGAY KAY VVV ANG KULOT. Think ‘Maria Mercedez’, like what Gazini did.)

    Christelle has THE GOODS – moles, bob, and jaw. Her earlobes did not descend? 🙂

    BASTA, COME WHAT MAY, I’m reserving one place in the Final V for Abello. ‘Pag ‘di pumasok ‘yan’g bata’ng ‘yan this time, kasalanan na ng kampo niya. 😦

  9. Those photos are really stunning. All three girls.

    Most especially that terno shot of VVV.

    That is why it is very important to see these girls in motion and hear them talk. There are at least 15 stunning faces based on the headshot post of Norman. But as we all know, photos can easily be manipulated (angling, lighting, make up, filter, photoshopping).

    World Peace.

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