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  1. Dito muna ako magko-comment kasi tahimik din si Norman sa isyu hounding MWP now. But he posted about the hindi magandang balita on Magandang Filipinas. Bakit kaya? He, he, he…

    • Lalong maghihigpit ang IATF sa Metro Manila starting first week of August. So ano na MWP? Move to when?

  2. May isa pang problemang kakaharapin ng MWP. Paano kung lalong dadami ang kaso ng Covid 19 sa NCR by first few days of August dahil sa Delta variant? Move, move & move?

    • Latest: NCR under GCQ with heightened restrictions from Aug. 01-15, 2021. With this classification, will MWP be allowed to hold finals on Aug. 08?

      • Mukhang problemado si ALV ngayon. Matutuloy ba sa Aug 08 ang coronation night ng MWP gayong dumarami ang covid 19 cases sa NCR? May lumalabas na usok mula sa loob na may kinalaman sa isyu ng D_____ involving a number of candidates. Ano ang katotohanan dito? Ating abangan…

  3. Flor what happened to Joy Barcoma? Anong mga isyu, problema, atbp.? Please share to us. Thanks my dear.

    • Anong kaguluhan meron ang Miss World Philippines ngayon? May kinalaman sa droga? What?

      • @ paul Rainy morning here. Hopefully sunnier where you are. 🙂

        I don’t have the beef… Just caught a brief video on the matter just as I was preparing to take off last night… Sabi daw ni Ms. Barcoma, ‘yun’g roommate niya daw ang nagsimula, ta’s ‘di naman di-nisclose kung sino… This may have something to do with the pageant media blitz put together by her team (I suppose). Baka may certain groups na na-disgruntle. I highly doubt Boss ALV would…

        OR, ginamit lang na alibi/scapegoat (I don’t know which word is appropriate) si Joy… Maaari din’g may kinalaman sa desisyon’g i-postpone ang Coronation, gayon’g naroon na sila’ng lahat up to at least morning ng 23 (assuming they only got the Notice concerning GCQ+ that very day) at anyway tapos na mostly ang Prelims at Fast Tracks. ‘Yun na lang ‘ata’ng Top Model… I said before na Boss ALV could have used his discretion as LEADER to just announce the winners and princesses there and then, para makapagsiuwian na sila afterward knowing once and for all kung successful nga ba sila or dili. Puwede naman’g…

        … Just for this year, cancel that one last Fast Track owing to the unusual circumstances. OR, why not conduct the Top Model ON THE DAY OF THE FINALE ITSELF, para exciting twist. 🙂

        Tito Norman said so himself in that post – to wit : I am practically seeing the winners’ circle in that Top 10. And we do know that, even at MW, IN FACT EVEN SA MrW (!), sa Top Model kinukuha ang ganadora y ganador.

        Maaari kaya’ng may nagtatampo kay Boss ALV? Ta’s, Joy became the convenient whipping girl?

        But ja. @ Beth (post on The Camp) is right. Katapat lang niyan is an Official Statement. At kung may Legal si Boss ALV (like Atty. Nad is to MUPO), she/he also must make an appearance to add strength to the proceedings. Parang nu’ng nanalo si Kylie sa MI, allegations arose that one member of the Board of Judges at Tokyo Dome that evening said the result was rigged… MIO issued a formal statement that they do not condone such things and would take it seriously to address the matter to set things right. While it did sound like rhetoric, it at least ‘protected’ Kylie thereon.

        Ano’ng mangyayari kung i-heighten pa lalo ang restrictions in the days to come? ‘Eh, dili na sila makapag-Finale. Boss ALV will simply have to announce/appoint IN ONE SITTING/VENUE and on ONE DAY/DATE. In fact, nito’ng kina Dindi’t John, puwede na sana sabay-sabay na lahat para ‘fini’ na. 😦

        December pa naman MW. Eco, kakabalik lang ni Kelley earlier this year so malamang next year na rin ‘yan. RH, very doubtful kung matuloy kasi ANDAMI’ng SARS-Cov2 issues sa Latin America (Pres. Bolsonaro was hospitalized, Costa Rica or was it Ecuador or Bolivia that used up all their jabs to give all their citizens one dose only to find out naubusan sila at wala pa’ng parating na second dose if they even already ordered so that as a result many simply got sick after lock downs were ‘softened’, and Peru having the highest death rate per capita owing to a synergy of the Brazil and lambda variants). The India-based Multinational, well just look at the still-untested Isabelle Daza de Leon… I HOPE GAWIN’G VIRTUAL NA LANG ‘YUN’G ENVIRONMENT INTL.

      • Thank you VERY MUCH Miss Flor TULA for your comprehensive OFFICIAL STATEMENT on the aforesaid issue. For taking time to explain and sharing it to us, we appreciate it a lot. Maayong hapon sa imo.

    • Dapat mag-issue na ng statement si ALV. Baka pag pumasok na ang mga concerned government agency, naku malaking problema na.

  4. If Southeast Asia has become the new epicenter of the Covid 19 Pandemic in Asia, then Miss Universe Philippines (MUP) has also become the new epicenter of MEDIOCRITY in Philippine Pageantry. This year, MUP eclipsed Miss Philippines Earth (MPE) in terms of the (poor) quality of candidates with so many pampurok/sitio and pambarangay making it to the 100 List.

  5. Dito lang tayo mag-post kasi favored ang The Camp ladies sa latest blog post. PR promotion… Dito fair ang labanan. He, he, he…

    • They are hyping Santamaria. He, he, he… But what happened to Abello? Mukha siyang lasing sa mga headshot nya?

      • At 25 years old, she is still giggling like a 14 year old girl. I don’t think she is ready for the Universe. Very hilaw pa and just hyped by some.

  6. Katrina Dimaranan – may anggulo na kamukha nya si Wynwyn Marquez. After watching her interview video, wow! I think we have a winner!

      • With her pageant experiences, I think Katrina has an excellent chance of making it to the Top 5 in MU or even clinching the 5th MU crown for the Philippines.

  7. This is the 100th Post. Katrina Dimaranan for MUP 2021! Thanks to all the supporters of KD. Good afternoon to all.

      • Angkol what made you decide to pick Dimaranan (5x) for MUP 2021? Kumusta na ang New York kol?

  8. Of the three ladies from The Camp, Victoria Vincent Velasques (V3) is the “Pang-MUP.” I hope she will be in the Top 5 in the MUP finals night.

    • Ingrid Santamaria and Christelle Abello most likely will make it to the Top 30.

      Santamaria should try MWP next year.

      Abello should enlist in Miss Philippines Earth and/or Mutya Pilipinas in 2022.

      Good luck ladies.

      • Anong nangyari rito kay Christelle Abello? Going nowhere na ang kanyang packaging/styling. Parang mahihirapan na siyang makapasok sa Top 10 considering maraming beterana at mga batang palaban ang sumali ngayon.

        TOP 10: Dimaranan, Aberasturi, Bautista, Ramachandran & Gomez (veterans); Vincent, Hipolito, Wroblewitz, Umali & Bailey.

  9. wow , 74 posts in one day … I am # 75 $Dimaranan all the way !

    • Korek ka jan. Katrina is ready to compete in MU even today. Thanks. Good morning.

      • If Steffi won’t be able to take home the MUP crown this year, she can join MWP next year. She is an excellent candidate for MW, MS, MEco and RHA.

      • @ paul Ja. Barring age ceiling issues, puwede pa kasi, anyway, first Nationals niya pa lang ‘to.

        She’s like Catriona and Carina Carino, pala. Beauty is universal; kahit saan’g pageant, swak.

        Excluding Tracy Perez (who technically is a returnee), Steffi could only be the second MUP alum to cross over to MWP, Jo-Ann de la Torre Flores being the first ‘true’… But no, I think she’ll finish strong.

        (Now I’m missing the likes of Zandra Nicole Sta. Maria, Alexandra Abdon, and Pascua of GenSan.)

      • Very good candidates’ commentary & observations Flor, as always. Thanks my Frend.

    • Count me in as well!

      Just finished watching her casual interview with Adam Genato. Thanks to Paul for mentioning this tidbit! Katrina is such a joy to watch and listen to. Very down to earth and relatable. Her charismatic aura is so strong and she seems to be a fun company to be with. She has the goods to be Miss Universe if she’s chosen to be MUPh 2021.

      For those interested, here’s the link to Adam Genato’s interview with Katrina: https://youtu.be/-SmWwVmMsso

      • Thanks as well Lala. Very positive reactions & observations on Katrina’s personality and candidacy. Good morning to you.

  10. While this is still the headshot post by the blogger, I had to watch on YouTube what ever can be seen about any of the top 13 girls. I wanted to see them in motion. How they speak. What vibes they are giving off.

    My frontrunner at this point (miles away from the rest) is KATRINA DIMARANAN.

    Face, height, experience, confidence, and eloquence with sense & maturity (I have to emphasize the “sense & maturity” so we can all learn from our past choice, that is just full of eloquence. Lol).

    Excited to see how my / our choice will evolve in the coming weeks. But for now, Katrina for MUP.

    World Peace.

    • Katrina Dimaranan is Miss Universe READY EVEN if she is going to be sent to Israel TODAY. Thanks.

  11. Victoria Velasquez Vincent looks FAR BETTER in motion (videos) than in pictures. She is lovely and very relatable. And she communicates very well (a good conversationalist).

    She has a bright future in the pageant industry. She is the biggest threat comes the MUP finals.

    Whatever happens to her in MUP this year, I think she should also consider joining BPP or MWP next year (or the next 2 years).

    Still she needs ample pageant experiences and so my best bet for MUP 2021 is Katrina Dimaranan.

    • The major difference between Katrina and Victoria when it comes to language/s is that the former is both fluent in English and Filipino and the latter is still learning/practicing her Filipino (most especially the speaking skills).

  12. I would like to include MIRJAN HIPOLITO in there!!
    Facially stunning in a Filipina way..Nothing pretentious or pa- emote- emote! Just her echanting come- hither natural gaze is enough to capsize the Israeli Warships!
    I agree on INGRID STA.MARIA..that nubile- pout from a ChidLike- Empress facsimile from the fictional Never Ending Story Movie of the 80’s!..Albeit looking like a Caribbean Queen Ms.Universe 1998 Wendy Fitzwilliam of Trinidad & Tobago!! She has this Youthful Pixie- faced Aura written all- over her!!

    • I also hope Mirjan will make it to the TOP 5 in the finals. She is tall, pretty and intelligent. I hope she can also communicate well. Extensive training, right packaging and styling are also important to her pageant foray.

      • Good luck to Mirjan. I hope her team is doing the right things to prepare Mirjan on her pageant journey to the Universe.

  13. My personal top 3 – in no particular order:


    In terms of what MUO is looking for – a spokesperson who happens to be beautiful – Katrina has the edge with her stint as a proven veteran in both national and international pageants, as a TV host and being comfortable in front of an audience and TV cameras. She comes off as very articulate, natural, confident, and smart every time she speaks.

    Well, it will definitely boil down to the candidates’ performance on finals night.

    • Surely Katrina and Steffi will do very well on the pageant finals. Also watch out for V3 – Victoria Velasquez Vincent. Thanks for your good commentary on Katrina.

  14. Gen Z, the most populous and diverse generational cohort in the world today, are the ones driving global pageantry to a paradigm shift, just as this age group drives global businesses to reinvent themselves. Gen Z’ers are unapologetically themselves. For them, beauty is about freedom of individuality, authenticity, and diversity. “Being yourself” is the phrase that best fits their personal definition of beauty. With technology at their fingertips, Gen Z’ers have been able to connect to faraway cultures, issues and news earlier and more often than any generation before them. As a result, Gen Z’ers tend to be more open-minded, liberal-leaning and actively engaged in advocating for the fair and equal treatment of others. Therefore, we need not wonder why pageantry is evolving from pure physical beauty competition into a platform for cerebral beauty cooperation and core values integration. So hurray to all 100 beYOUtiful Filipinas from puroks and baranggays of the Philippines.

  15. Madame X’s choice at the moment is Katrina Dimaranan. She has the experience, both life (she’s 28) and pageant (BBP-Tourism 2012, Miss Supranational 2018 1st RU). As a TV Host, who comes across as genuine, warm and bubbly, Katrina is exactly what Miss Universe is looking for: a spokesperson. She may not be the most beautiful in the batch, but she is unquestionably striking. With many pageant analysts saying we need a veteran because of the short time frame before MU in December, I really think the crown is hers to lose.


    1st RU: Steffi
    2nd RU: Victoria
    3rd RU: Leren
    4th RU: Mau

    • Excellent commentary on Katrina Dimaranan. Thanks my dear. Your ranking is also very, very good. Mukhang magkatotoo ito on September.

    • Please explain a little lonewulf why do you like Cheri Ann’s headshot? Thanks.

      • I don’t know, actually. I saw a post in fb of their headshots, and it was only with her that I stopped scrolling and had to take time enjoying the photo. That’s it, maybe. I don’t know about her really.

        I am rooting for Dimaranan. Then Beatrice Luigi. Then Aberasturi or Leren or VVV.

      • Thanks lonewulf for the fast reply. appreciated. Dimaranan is really the frontrunner.

  16. Adam G. featured Katrina D. in her YT Channel. Katrina looks a LOT PRETTIER with her very light make up and straight hair. She has this lovable and relatable personality. As always, she is an excellent speaker both in English and Filipino.

    As reported, Pia Wurtzbach is as well excited with the MUP candidacy of Katrina Dimaranan.

    • Katrina is a JOY to watch in her online interview with Adam G. And she can sing well too. Tall, pretty, sexy and has excellent communications skills, indeed Katrina is a complete package and ready for the Universe.

      Maayong gabii sa tanan.

      • @Paul – I agree. Katrina is a complete package, ready and primed to compete. Her online interviews are great and she speaks with great confidence and ease when expressing her thoughts, no hesitation. Her speaking voice is sexy and soothing at the same time.

      • Thanks Casper for your positive commentary on Catriona. Good morning to you.

      • @ paul Good day, dear.

        Catriona? Katrina. 🙂

        Where is your ‘ranking’ – pam-barangay,pam-purok,pan-sitio,etc. WE AWAIT WITH MUCH LOVE.

        Be quick. Your expertise is urgently sought. You see things many of us cannot. You are VALUED.

      • Flor pinag-iispan ko pang mabuti kung ipo-post ko dahil NANGGAGALAITI na sa GALIT/INIS ang 2 nating kaibigan. Kung anu-ano na ang pinagsasabi on “developments” in pageantry KUNO in the Philippines. Ayokong maging kontrabida. He, he, he…

        Katrina, yan sa laging pagmamadali kong mag-post.

  17. Maureen and VVV needs to learn how to create beautiful eye make-up… Their eyes look sleepy..

    • @ Closer2Fame Let’s first see them S-M-I-L-E. The beauty eyes can follow. 🙂

      (I’ll bet they aren’t their best with their mouths open. I’ve seen a few magazine covers of Wrob; I don’t recall one wherein she was showing teeth.)

      Look at Adajar! In the recent post. Crooked smile. But JOYFUL EYES. Did competitive MMA demolish his mouth? No worries. It’s actually quite charming…

  18. I KNEW IT… I KNEW IT!!!I saw the potential in her and now. Ingrid Santamaria looks Gorgeous!

    I hope she gets that lean fit body with a bubble butt and super-toned abs ASAP!!!

    I hope she will win a beauty title someday soon. 💕

    • Still practicing how to project on camera. She was already told about her “sleepy” pictures. And I think Victoria is learning the ropes.

  19. VVV reminds me of a gaunt and lifeless Jessa Zaragoza but she registers well in videos.

    Santamaria is a dusky Vanessa del Bianco not Nancy Castiglione

    Umali is the haughty alta with the cold and detached demeanor of an ice princess. Defrost that iciness and fans will warm up to her. She reminds me of that TV vixen Joan Collins at her prime. Very sultry and alluring

    Vendiola is perfection with her headshot

    Genobisa strikes me as that fresh and bubbly girl next door with that killer smile

    Maria Corazon is pure heart

    Steffi in person is simply wow. She blew away the competition at the 2015 Miss Silka Philippines pageant at SMX

    Mirjan caught my eye as well

    • You are right with Vendiola.

      Genobisa has improved a lot on her headshot.

      Steffi has a very bright future in the pageant industry. She should join MWP next year.

      Mirjan as well is promising. She should keep on trying just like what Pia did.

      Thanks Cool Brew.

  20. Before IMG and the woke culture, MU was purely about pulchritude, poise and personality.

    Today, you have to include three more letter Ps; platform, people power

    Beauty standards and pageant dynamics have indeed shifted and evolved

    • @Cool Brew: really cool ideas brewing inside! Yes, beauty standards and dynamics are indeed evolving. Beauty paradigms have shifted. I think it is the influence of the Generation Z, that demographic cohort whose norm is diversity, who are pragmatic and financially-minded, and to whom information was immediately accessible and social media increasingly ubiquitous. They are less fazed than previous generations by differences in race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion. That’s why to them, the concept of beauty as being purely physical is archaic. As consumers, they are drawn more to the social value– the advocacy– of the brands they patronise.

  21. Tito Norm, how could you miss Joannie Lumbao and Isabel Delos Santos? They look much better with some of your picks!

      • @ Norman Good Wed PM, T2 Norms.

        I suggest you advise MUPO to just fast track ‘that candidate’ to the Treinta Ultima on sheer fan base… I guess it’s a given she’ll be there anyway. To not be there would be ‘bad’ for the org.


        Kasi, going from 100 to 75 to 50 to 30, imagine the candidates that will be waylaid as she comes through… Unahan na!

  22. My favorite headshots: Rabe, Singh, Dimaranan, Flojales, Umali, Aberasturri, Abalos, and Hipolito

  23. I have similar choices but I would replaced VVV and Maureen with “alive” girls i.e. Abalos
    Ayoko ng mukhang patay. VVV looks like sick while Maureen looks like gloomy and what was she trying to emulate with that pose and hairstyle Imelda Marcos?

      • You should watch the videos of Victoria. She is FAR better in motion and when is talking. The girl is a good conversationalist.

    • Katrina has the vibe of her BPP batchmate – Janine Tugonon. She is actually JT 2.0 version.

  24. Guys, I just found out a glitch!

    You can download the MUPh app, vote and then delete the app, download it again, AND THEN VOTE AGAIN. What a joke.

    The most bored candidate can easily vote herself at least 10x an hour. 200-300 votes a day is not impossible to do in a single device. What more pa for people with multiple devices and good internet connection.

    Mapapafacepalm ka na lang talaga. Yung mga fans na super invested sa queens nila, go take advantage of this glitch, LOL.

    • Are you sure that your vote is not erased or deleted also when you deleted the app or deactivated your account? Do you have any validation?

  25. Coming –
    1. List of candidates na PAMPUROK,
    2. List of candidates na PAMBARANGAY,
    3. List of candidates na PAMBAYAN,
    4. List of candidates na PANLALAWIGAN, and
    5. List of candidates na pang-MUP.

    KASALANAN MO TALAGA ITO NORMAN. HINDI MO KASI ISINAMA si Miss MANDALUYONG sa iyong Top 12 Headshots. Please REVISE it to INCLUDE Abalos. He, he, he…


    There are countries (e.g. Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico, India, Thailand, etc.) which send YEARLY representatives to various international beauty contests with the MAIN GOAL/OBJECTIVE of WINNING the title/s. There are also MANY countries around the Earth sending representatives annually FOR THE SAKE of just SENDING REPRESENTATIVES. The Philippines belongs to the first set of countries. Why send candidates to different international beauty pageant platforms if they have POOR CHANCE of winning. PAGPUYO mo uy!

    Gemma Cruz (1964) and our first MU winner (1969, but her name should not be mentioned according to Fabian or else…) have met the Western Standards of Beauty and got the approval of Western Caucasian judges. So… Katrina Dimaranan for MUP 2021. He, he…

    Ayaw lang kasuko, chill, chill lang uy. Maayong hapon sa tanan.

    • Dimaranan – MUP 2021
      Aberasturi – 1st Runners Up
      Vincent – 2nd Runners Up
      Bautista – 3rd Runners Up
      Wroblewitz – 4th Runners Up

      Abalos – Miss NCR or Miss Metro Manila

      • Possible Top 10: Dimaranan, Aberasturi, Vincent, Bautista, Hipolito, Ramanchandran, Wroblewitz, Gomez, Umali, & Cuaton or Rabe

  26. may laban si Victoria Vincent.

    may pageant experience na ba to? mukhang kailangan seryosohin ito ng mga beterana

      • Among the 3 The Camp ladies, si V3 ang may pinakamalakas na laban. The other two will make it to the Top 30.

      • Santamaria is being hyped by some. Abello is going nowhere with her packaging/styling.

  27. Hindi ko lang gets kung ano concept ng “Head shot challenge”?

    May in house photographer ba na nag-shot ng mga pics or kanya-kanyang submission?

    Kung ang concept ng “challenge” for this category, is pagandahan ng shot worthy of a Miss Photogenic Award, then, Leren and Jasmine is my choice here! Although I must admit na tinitiktikan ko tong si Jasmine Umali, hindi ko pa nakita magsalita at paano sumagot ng tanong pero kung swak, she may be my bet!

    Steffi has resemblance to Eva Patalinjug

    Katrina has resemblance to Venus Raj

    Jeddah has resemblance to ZsaZsa Padilla. Her last name is like of Pakistan origin. Is she?

    Ingrid has resemblance to Vanessa del Bianco

    • Steffi is a FAR BETTER Cebuana contender than Eva. Katrina has the vibe of Janine Tugonon but the 2.0 version. Thanks.

  28. As I read the comments in this blog, the divergence of choices prove only one thing: beuty is relative. To reiterate the adage: beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I’m sure, if each one from the communities represented by the aspirants get to comment in this blog, I’m sure we will have all 100 names popping out in this spread! To each one of them, their bet is the fairest. And no one has the right to condescend their reps as “purok”,or “barangay” beauties,, nor tell them theirs is of lesser quality. This brings us to the question: who defines quality beauty? Specifically, physical beauty that is culturally-defined? A big city dweller has a different cultural lens from a small town person. When it comes to physical beauty, no one can authoritatively claim his choice is the Phlippines or global standard as each one of us has our own world view of reality.

    • Love it, Scorg. I always admire your beautiful words. Your choice of words speaks of your educational attainment and the security you are having.

      Any news about the goings on in South Africa, dear?

      That’s all.

      • @AWL: I have long wanted to respond to your comments on Maria Corazon Abalos. I just do not want anymore to join the fray to avoid being charged as hyping someone. Idk, but our choices are always congruent, from Patch to Michelle, and now Maria Corazon. The past beauty queens who are most beautiful to me are of similar mould– Chat Silayan, Miriam Quiambao, Venus Raj. Other than Ms Abalos, the other beauty I like– which others might sneer at– is that Iskolar ng Bayan Flipino-Ghanaian halfie. Perhaps I have stayed long enough in Africa to appreciate a real African archetypal beauty. But my choice is my right, as others’ choices are theirs.

      • I think we go by the same fluidity of taste and class, Scorg. We have an exquisite eye for beauty that others may find unconventional. I have always been a fan of morena beauties, among whom Miriam Quiambao is my most favorite.

        I understand that your current work location has made you grown to adore mulattas. That’s admirable. I have yet to see the totality of look of that Ghanaian candidate in MUP.

        Is Miss South Africa Organization gunning for its national search? I always look forward for another Tamary Green discovery or representative from that country. Tamaryn is my sentimental South African favorite in MU. It’s just that Catriona’s beauty, preparation and eloquence were unmatched that season.

        That’s all.

      • @ Ana Winter-Lund Olin Shae de la Cruz (not Pinay) is trying once more.

        My fave this year is Catherine Groenewald.

        I expect both Thato Mosehle and Shudufadzo Musida to make up for what happened (or did not) for Natasha Joubert.


      • South Africa’s renowned olympian swimmer Chad le clos girlfriend is competing ( she’s afrikaaner) and obviously gorg as hell. She’s my bet for MSA-World

    • @Scorg – Contestants in the national pageants are like us when we apply for a high-paying corporate job. We may have good academic credentials and productive professional experience but another applicant might have an MBA and qualifications more desirable to the employer. Is the employer in the wrong for choosing someone deemed a better fit to their organization’s needs?

      Would you rather us not have national pageants and instead just have Miss Third District of Rizal or Miss Kapampangan or even Miss Yakan so the candidates won’t have to undergo assessment – and judgement – by a Colombian national or someone who holds court in BGC?

      By now, we pageant fans have a good idea what Nawat looks for in his winners. More so with Miss Venezuela. Miss International’s Japanese owners seem to like demure, doll-faced young women. Are they wrong for knowing what they want at a particular point in their history?

      • Love it, Caroline. I always admire your beautiful words. Your choice of words speaks of your logical mind and indicate that you are not swayed by emotions.

        Beauty is indeed in the eye (no “s”) of the beholder. But ugly is consistent for everyone. =)

        World Peace.

      • @Caroline: Good point. You are answering the question on who defines quality beauty based on the standards of the pageant organizer. Of course, the organizer who set the criteria, written or not, is the final arbiter. What I’m saying is that since the question was thrown open to the pageant enthusiasts, and if everyone has the chance to comment in this blog, we may well expect each of the 100 contenders being hyped as the most beautiful! My point is that no one has the right to condescend others who do not conform to his/her criteria as hyperbolically lesser mortal. I believe each of the 100 are presenting themselves as quality beauty. Each municipality believes their rep is the community’s best bet. If at the end of the day, their best is not good enough, it’s okay. But we cannot take their right of choice away from them. Good morning!

      • Hi Scorg.

        I think it is no brainer and true what you said about “if all the backers of the 100 girls will be able to comment here in Norman’s blog, all 100 will be described as beautiful and sure winners”.

        But unfortunately, it is impossible to get all of their comments.

        So the next best scenario is that if Norman has say, 50 to 75 loyal readers with various backgrounds (ie. age, economic class, educational background, sexual persuasion, etc), and these 75 people are saying the same 20 names of girls who they considered to be facially beautiful, then we will take that as an indication already that these faces are universally appealing. Parang sa Quality Control di ba, you may not be able to test all 1000 units but if you get a sample size of say 100, you can already predict the number of defective products.

        Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, but please let us not fool ourselves who we consider to be not beautiful. I will bet my balls (barring pasarela and speech factors) that the eventual winner will come from this Norman’s list.

        World Peace.

      • @Caroline: Another takeaway from your reply “we pageant fans have a good idea” of what the organizers want for a winner. This brings us to the question: are we holding national pageants just to win international pageants? Is winnability the only criteria for a winner? In such case, would we allow ourselves to be eternally at the hegemonic gaze of the West in terms of beauty standard? I’d like to believe pageantry is evolving to be a global enterprise that embraces corporate social responsibility, just as all businesses are reinventing themselves. In other words, pageantry to me should not limit itself to pitting one beauty against the other, but a platform for social change via cooperation and not competition. Good morning. Got to rush to the office…

      • Scorg, you are confusing us with your argument.

        Your first post is about facial or physical beauty. That we should not compare one standard of physical beauty vs. another. That is why the responses have been focused on physical or beauty of the face.

        Now, hinahaluan mo na ng platform, platform — which is totally different discussion all together. Now to answer your rhetorical questions (that somehow managed to raise my blood pressure by two points. Lol):

        1) Should we hold a national contest in order to win in the international contest? Naman! YES!

        2) Should we allow ourselves to be at hemo..hemogen..homogen…basta.. (lol) gaze of western judges? Naman! In case you are not aware of it, judges of recent international pageants are already mixed and do not come from the west only. Beauty is universal.

        Ganito na lang : We will support you Scorg if you want to create and stage a new international pageant using your ideal standards. But until then, I hope that the Philippines DO send delegates to Ms. Universe, Ms. World, Ms. International, etc. TO WIN!

        World Peace.

      • @Thomas: no quarrel at all. You have your own opinion, I have mine. In a free marketplace of ideas, we co-exist. Nothing personal. My only take is: pageantry is not only about pitting one beauty against another but also a platform for social change. As such, it is not so much about competition but cooperation for the common good. From the brand-building direction of most beauty pageants, we now hear buzzwords like empowerment, inclusivity, and diversity, and taglines like “beauty with a purpose”, “confidently beautiful”, “aspirational, inspirational”, “earth warriors”, “stop the war”, etc. The evolutionary consequence of this is a keener look at the other dimensions of beauty, not just physical, but also intelligence and core values. Intelligence and core values are meant for cooperation. Physical beauty, with its entertainment value, is meant for competition. In a world with diverse cultures with divergent concepts of physical beauty, the dominant culture, the West, “dictates” the standards. That’s why a 5’4″ beauty is a no-no in this yardstick, when the average height of a Filipina is 4’11”.

    • Some of these girls are not their purok’s best girls. They joined by their own volition and are therefore not representing any group but themselves.

      This is a contest and there are standards. If this were free for all who believe themselves to be beautiful, how are we then to judge who wins i.e., who is “the best quality?”

      Your question, who defines quality beauty has a simple answer: judges and organization heads. And they too have their biases, but by the end of the show, no matter how diverse their taste, one girl comes out the winner through a scoring system, which, if you still do not understand, has standards.

      We are all beautiful, that is true. But not all of us should be beauty queens. If all of us are allowed to become queens, then there will be no subject. What is a queen without a subject? A queen is a queen because she is above all others. If we push for equality for equality’s sake, we’ll reach a state of anomie, where everyone is whatever they think themselves to be, and everything loses their value and meaning. Standards and rules are there for a reason.

      All I see is hypocrisy in people who do not have the balls to be honest when forced to say it’s okay for Pokwang and that woman with the label “Dental Diva” to join MUPh because, what the heck, we’re all beautiful to somebody.

      • Paui, a number of people (here) are doing what we call in literary criticism as OVERREADING of the TEXT and/or MISREADING of the TEXT. Talagang ipipilit ang mga bagay-bagay na wala o ang layo ng kinalaman sa usapin ng pageantry. Ipasok talaga, trying so hard… He, he, he…

  29. My top 5 from these photos

  30. Uncle Blog, is this ‘Mama Mary’ peg helping VVV. You’re not the first to speak of her like that…

    Ganito…Tell her to get frizzy. Serious! Then, with that just one intervention, instant Guipetacio! 🙂

    @ REGINA Kesha Ramachandran is Indian-Malaysian~Filipina extraction. Jedidah Korinihona, face and name alone, looks and sounds along the same line as Asi Taulava (the PBA player). VVV is Irish-Aussie~Filipina…

    Last year, Doc Adee is Nippo-Filipina; she is like a young Cindy Kurleto, who is Austrian-Filipina. Of course, Belgian-Filipina Pauline Cucharo Amelinckx.

  31. Love the list!

    Victoria – I know not everyone loves the fact that you can’t place her origins, that she doesn’t look Filipina. But I think this can be to her advantage, she’s relatable to a wider set of audience and her face is very versatile, she can look Middle Eastern, Italian, Latina, Pan-Asian, Pacific Islander, South Asian, even Japanese. I just haven’t seen her on stage yet, so I have reservations. She’s gorgeous and charming and enchanting in video interviews though. If she can deliver a good performance on stage, and we send her to Israel, I hope they style her to look as Immaculate as Mama Mary LOL. Play up her looks so she can look a bit more Caucasian to suit the taste of the audience in Israel. Make her features look softer if the judges are going to be all female again. Female judges seem to hate Boss Babe/Femme Fatale-types.

    Stefi – already looks Mama Mary-ish. I still see her as more MI than MU, but if MU is going to keep last year’s standards in choosing the winner, then we need to send a girl who looks mabait and non-threatening to all-female judges.

    Lehren – is a safe choice but the personality is just too bland. She’s boring. But so is Andrea Meza. She seems to have gained weight.

    Jasmine – I don’t know if this is a good year to send a super Oriental-looking girl. Her Oriental-ness though is not the exotic, but the cutesy type, so I guess it’s safe and she may charm the judges over. If she’s among the tallest, and the best stage performers, she can be an MU top 5. Although the last I’ve seen of her, she’s not in her best shape.

    Mirjan – reminds me of Janine Tugonon. That’s all I can say for now.

    Maureen – I’m still on the fence. Her ANTM fan base will make the good kind of noise in MU, and may possibly unite Asian fans. But I’m still waiting for that one photo/video of her where her are actually sparkling, and she’s full of joy and youth and excitement.

    Katrina – very pretty.

    Kisses – is for Multinational/Eco International/Mutya/maybe even Earth. She’s better looking than 80% of the contestants, that I can say for sure. If she were taller and leaner and less pre-pubescent looking, I won’t mind her gunning for MI.

    Maria (Abalos) – interesting face. very Miriam Quiambao. I am yet to see her on stage.

    • @ paui

      VVV – I am begun to envision a global look for her. Birta Abiba Porhallsdotir, please! 🙂
      Stefi – I don’t want to mess around with her anymore. She’s approaching near-invincibility!
      Leren – How did she look Mutya era? Puwede ba ‘yun?
      Jasmine – ‘Cute oriental’ evokes Kurara Chibana and Ryo Mori. Yes, just needs to firm up and lean.
      Maureen – She is where VVV wants to be – always edgy. VVV is a taller-if-softer Wroblevitz.
      Katrina – Another one I don’t want to mess with. Her self-confidence is almost intimidating.
      Kirsten – Now, I want to talk about MPE. But, I’ll wait ’til Ungkol makes a post… 😦
      Maria – Brings to mind @ paul’s comment. The Maria Isabela Galleria ‘plain-Jane-by-ASEAN-standards’ argument. That we’ve sent this look before to MU, with mixed results.

      • Wow! You nailed it Flor with this post. Short, direct and clear. Thanks my friend.

      • Katrina is NOT intimidating at all. She is very friendly and relatable.

  32. Most of the headshots were great! Thanks to the glam team behind each girl. They were also all pretty much in theme of using earthy colors. I like Leren’s and Umali’s the most.

    Btw, anyone know who the halfies are in the batch? I just know Aberasturi (American), Wroblewitz (German) and Yeboah (Ghanian).

  33. Grace Charmaine B. Vendiola has the BEST headshot. Pang Miss Universe na ang level.

    Ang laki ng iginanda ni Jane Darren Genobisa mula noong BPP 2019. Congratulations!

    NAPAGANDA ng team si Ingrid Santamaria sa kanyang headshot. Magic!

    Norman bakit hindi mo isinama si Miss Mandaluyong? BAKA MAY MAGLULUPASAY NA DYAN SA GALIT AT INIS. He, he, he…

    • @ paul Honga. What is it about Mandaluyong City na todo ang promotional blitz sa kanila?

      Abalos, here. Ta’s at Earth at World Feeleepeens, Meneses and Barcoma, respectively. 🙂

      OK. If this were the Final 12, I’d 4th RU Vendiola (looks like Jehza at Supra, no?), 3rd RU Santamaria, 2nd RU Aberrasturi, 1st RU Korinihona, and crown… UMALI (still more jasmine!).

      • Umali? Huh!

        Flor, dapat ganito ang ranking:
        Dimaranan – MUP 2021
        Vincent – 1st Runners Up
        Aberasturi – 2nd Runners Up
        Hipolito – 3rd Runners Up
        Bautista – 4th Runners Up

    • I did not even recognize Ingrid Santamaria – what a wonderful transformation. Stalked her Instagram. She exudes freshness and a girl next door aura.

    • Unfortunately, she does in most of her glam photos. Wish her makeup team would play more with her eyes and make them more alive! Her eyes remind me of Aishwarya Rai.

      I would like her to secure a top spot in semis. Her body and communication skills are set. More oomph pa when it comes to styling and makeup. She’s got a lot of potential.

    • May nag-feedback na sa kanya tungkol sa kaniyang mga “lifeless” photo. Parang may malaking improvement na sa latest posted photo niya sa blog site na ito.

    • +1 on Mirjan Hipolito. Very Filipina beauty with a long and slender body – very reminiscent of Miriam Quiambao.

      • Correct ka Lala. I hope Mirjan trains very well so that she will make it to the Top 5. Good luck to her.

  34. FULLY AGREE with your choices Norman. I will add Abalos to make it Lucky 13. Same process tayo, no need to over analyze. Just look at the faces you are instantly drawn to.

    Anyone of these 13 ladies will be a good representation of our country face-wise. With Aberasturi, Bautista, Dimaranan as Top 3 based on the headshots.

    Now let us see them walk and hear them talk. Those will be deal-breakers. Exciting to further trim down this list.

    It just goes to show that there is no need for 100 when you can have less than 15 quality girls.

    World Peace.

    • Just like sa Binibini hindi na ipinakita ang 80-100+ applicants. Diretso na sa 40 official candidates para salang-sala na. Wala ka nang makikitang pampurok or pambarangay. He, he, he…

      • @ paul But, think about that now… Those who do not make the Official Roster…

        One eloquent recent example is Shannon Tampon. She got in on her third (3rd) attempt!

        TODO suporta ang mga boss niya sa ProMedia… They even organized a thanksgiving Mass AFTER the pageant… Our own dear Uncle Tito even gave her pep talk and tips… 🙂

        To not make it in may simply mean there were many who were superior to you, and NOT that you’re inferior.

        Or consider MM. It is now very clear destiny steered her away from MU.

      • Sharon Tampon is just 24 years old. She should try MWP next year. But First, she should concentrate on improving her communication skills to have better chances of winning a crown. Pahigpit na ang labanan ngayon sa Pilipinas. Hindi na pwede yung pampurok or pambarangay level ka lang. DAPAT PAMBANSA ka TALAGA!

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