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    • @ luiskie Well, he’s 31 now… And it might be genetic, so it’s not his fault, should not be taken against him.

      We like to talk about the age ceiling in pageantry, how we wish more female pageants would be like (The)Miss Globe, at 30.

      In some ‘males’, it’s set at 35 (Manhunt, I think). We often hear that men become more desirable with age. Yet, I read that a guy’s physical prime is from his late teens to mid-twenties. Not surprisingly, it is quite rare to find a pageant king in the late twenties~early thirties.

      Recent young ones were the Australian and American crowned at Grand International and Global, respectively. Both were nineteen (19).

      I hope John doesn’t end up as filler simply due to age and height (he will surely be among the shorter ones). I hope Supranational can again become unpredictable! As they did last year by crowning a smooth-faced guy, buckling the impression that ‘Supraman’ must always be hirsute and towering. But we’ll take Mr. Adajar as he is… 🙂

      • (Cont.)

        The FACE of the Class of 2021 is Brazil. Imo, a LOT better than the original Plain Jane William Gama. 🙂

        Pero, might not be very tall. But, looks good from literal head to toe, every last square centimeter.

        The Dubai-based Venezolano, I’m getting a ‘too-good-to-be-true’ vibe. I prefer Gabriel Correa pa rin.

        Manuel Molano of Colombia is giving Top Model feels. But like Janick at MU, he might again be RU.

        Greece and Spain, meh. Kahit tall pa. Against the recent memory of Vicent Llorach and Nikos Antonopolous, the two are sub-par. 😦

        WHY DID RYAN SHEIKROJAN NOT GET A SUPRA FRANCHISE??! Robin Strikkeling would kill!

        This might be a good year/time to crown a short(er) guy! This could be their moment! Boss Gerhard, what you say/think?

  1. Gtrassroots initiatives like this is the stuff Mr/ Miss Supranational new branding direction is made of– from the Ground Up Initiative by inspirational and aspirational young men and women. I hope John makes it as he is an embodiment of inner and outer strength. Truly inspirational and aspirational!

  2. Sana may head shot challenge din siya, glam shot at swim wear photos.
    Si Michael Ver Comaling ang bet ko sa Mister World Philippines sana.

  3. Paki ahit na po ang bigote please…

    Good luck… I hope you win…

      • @Jack

        Scruffy?! You find the assymetrical blank spots on his upper lip sexy?

    • You don’t have facial hair that’s why you don’t understand and appreciate such.
      There are mustaches and goatees that grow like that. Some are thin, and some are thick.
      It’s not being uneven, but it’s how the facial hairs grow. Trust me, cause am the same way.
      My goatee is a lot thicker than my ‘stache.

      • @Jacj

        How would u know?! FYI, I do have well trimmed facial hair.. Again it’s a male beauty pageant… Being well-groomed is like the basic requirement. 🙄

  4. Congratulations John Adajar!!! Good luck po sa Mister Supranational. Sana sa susunod si Carlo Pasion naman. ❤

    • @ Jonalyn Hernandez Nu’ng hawak pa ng PEPPS ang Supra, many were clamoring for Carlo to get the Poland assignment. Imagine that! 2017 was the year of the BEAUTIFUL Mattheus Song; height- and physique-wise, ‘El Pasion’ was comparable. 🙂

      But the stars had other plans for ‘Mr. Laoag’. His MoF batch is arguably the most successful to date, with three (3!) crowns (Perez, Campos, and Pasion himself), a Runner-up finisher (Karklins), and a semifinalista (Lansangan).

      • @ Miss Flor- baka nga po hindi niya kapalaran pero sana may makadiscover sa kanyang agent ng isang malaking modeling agency in Europe. Ingat po palagi Miss Flor at madalas ang pag-ulan these days. 😘

      • @ Jonalyn Hernandez I think what Carlo needs to do if he’s really interested is to base in a major or emerging fashion capital, kasi the agents are reluctant to sign up those who aren’t…

        Tulad nu’ng dati, ‘yun’g pinadala natin sa Mr. Model International (of Luis Trujillo) from Pampanga na ka-batch nina John (here) nu’ng 2015, Arcel Yambing, after finishing in the Top 6 and bagging BOTH Premio Simpatico and Premio Fotogenico, proceeded to do the rounds of some agencies in the USA before proceeding home… I don’t know if he got signed up, but I doubt kasi nga ‘di sya based sa US… In any case, he’s now married.

        Si Handy LaO pa rin ba manager/handler ni Carlo? He should be able to help in that regard, maybe.

  5. Congratulation to Mr. Jojo Alejar.! From The Tigers, Penthouse Dancer to our Mr. Suprational! He must be in his 50s na? Lol.

    World Peace.

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