7 comments on “Press Conference for Team Supranational Philippines

  1. I believe John and Dindi can represent our country very well at Mr and Ms Supranational respectively. . I wish them the best of luck.

  2. Bat ganyan bigote ni John Adajar?! Kalat na sabog na hindi pantay?!…. Paki trim ng maayos… or turuan sya pano magtrim ng tama… kung pwede ahitin nalang lahat para hindi ganyan…🙄

    • @ Closer2Fame I’d retain the beard, neat-ify it… Remove ‘stache altogether.

      The mustache is the weakness of men of the Far East. Doesn’t fill in properly in the middle, and fills out at the sides with abandon, like as seen in illustrations of Chinese ancient emperors.

      I think Okky’s is a bit better though… 🙂

      Btw, mayru’n na ba’ng MrST 2021? I REALLY liked their bet in 2019, a tall varsity basketball player who sold traditional food roadside (near his home). Like a BIG kid. Rough-ish, but looked utterly dashing in a suit. Not a bad follow-up to Kevin Dasom-Lane.

  3. I hope ok na visa ni Dindi and ready to fly!

    Sana rin Polish visa na yung makuha niya instead of Schengen para walang aberya sa point of entry at baka ma-Samantha Lo incident nanaman tayo!

    • Good thing with Dindi is that she already had a previous Schengen Visa so the renewal can be expedited.

    • her half pic on her right side is hard to guess. unless nakita mo na ung whole pic. d ko ma ge gets kung sino yon. ganda talaga ng transformation nya now. i just cant figure which is her best body? bbp days or mwp? or same pa din. sir @normant. who is her EG designer for supra? igagawa ba sya ng bago or gagamitin ang supposed gown nya na para sa mwp sana for prelim or finals ng supra nalang ggamitin. siguro susunod si alv sa poland noh? so baka ung supposed mwp gown nya at dadalhin nya sa poland baka un na ang prelim gown nya kung maganda naman and then ung gagawing bago ay para sa finals. sana maganda ganda naman gown ng supra representative natin. After mutya datul medyo hinde na kaka bet mga gowns ng past rep natin sa supra. pero ok naman yung kay jehza. sana tall and sexy gowns nya. no to bun hairstyle.
      May send off pa din po ba sir?

      • @ jed Funny, the gown thing…

        In a past post where Tito Norman chatted with Mutya en route (or back home from?) a provincial pageant judging gig, may nag-comment ‘ata – or was it among the anecdotes shared by her? – that that white dress she wore for the Finale in Minsk was a Supra org stock gown; wala ‘ata siya’ng dala, so she asked Boss Gerhard for help… Apparently, he appreciated her candidness. 🙂

        And we know about the gown emergency Jehza endured… 😦

        Supra likes WHITE. And neutrals. European aesthetic, clearly.

        White summer lilies are in season!

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