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  1. A few more things to add…

    Ybonne Ortega here is like Kelsey Merritt a bit… 🙂

    Simone Bornilla is like Franceska Taruc.

    ‘Yun’g Manasis from Taytay (Rizal), na sabi ko dati’y Maggie Wilson x Maureen Montagne Pinay, PLEASE ADVANCE INTO THE SWIM POLL, wherever that is (100~75 or 75~50)… Saw a photo in Tiaraholics. Gurl has COLLARBONE.

    Speaking of which,..

    Uncle Norman, pakisabi kay Voltaire DAPAT MAY SWIM GLAM SHOOT, like last year. D-A-P-A-T!

    • Korek ka Flor! Dapat may swim glam shoot para makita nato kung kinsa jud ang naay excellent body proportions ug sexy jud. He, he…

      • @ paul Good Friday the 30th.

        Dear, the month is about to end. And someone special’s birthday looms… 🙂

        August is Kadayawan! Season for durian and waling-waling…

        Can you do some background on Jedidah Hefervez Korinihona? Davao del Sur.

        Pamela Framil is Davao del Norte.

        And, anybody from Davao de Oro and Oriental?

  2. Maayong aga Flor,

    The Municipality of Maragusan is situated in a higher valley within the Province of Davao de Oro (DDO) (formerly Compostela Valley Province). Cavendish banana plantations are expanding in that area because the higher the altitude, the sweeter the bananas are (sabi-sabi). Many are also growing upland vegetables such as cabbage, chayote, lettuce, etc. But no asparagus, sorry. Many farmers in Mindanao (Polomolok) had very bad experiences cultivating asparagus way back in the ’90s.

    It has a number of interesting falls and swimming resorts. Just before the pandemic, a barangay near the town center (but part of Municipality. of Pantukan) became a popular destination because of its “sea of clouds.” Try to google – sea of clouds in maragusan and you will find out why.

    The indigenous people/s in the area are the Mandayas. The tribe is closely related to the Mansakas found in neighboring areas (lower altitude). But it is now dominated by Christian settlers in terms of population. It is around 3-4 hours travel from Davao City via the capital town of DDO or the longer route via Mati City, the capital of Davao Oriental. All roads are paved heading to the aforesaid town.

    Going back to the headshots, for me Vendiola has the BEST headshot of them all. Hopefully, Katrina and Steffi together with Leren, Victoria and Mirjan will make the Top 5 come September finals.

    • @ paul Thanks for the info. I’m sorry the asparagus flopped. Poor farmers… 😦

      Yes, it’s generally true… Cooler (NOT wintry but to mean significantly lower night time versus day time temperatures) conditions can contribute to a more bountiful yield, whether fruit, tuber, or flower. You recall how elders say when we were young that we should get sufficient sleep, kasi tuwin’g tulog tayo ay panahon’g lumalaki’t humahaba* tayo? Well, something similar happens in green plants.

      Global warming has been a bane to global agriculture because the warm evenings cause crops to ‘over-shoot’, causing spindly-lanky-weak growth and poor harvests. Lower night temperatures may favor biochemical reaction cascades resulting in higher sugar content, hence sweeter… In this case, farmers move upland to offset the warmth… That being said, horticulturalists worldwide are racing with the planet, producing heat-tolerant varieties of as many things as possible (rice, roses, apples, strawberries, potato, wheat, etc…).

      It extends to animals to some extent. Koi (fancy carp) live longer~are more graceful if water stays within ancestral/primordial temperature ranges. These are now mass-produced here in the tropics, but the absolute best prizewinning specimens of six-figure value still come from specialist breeders in North Asia. And in one family pond fed by a pristine mountain stream in Japan, a female approaching four (4) centuries (!) is reported, its age confirmed by ring scale count (similar to counting the rings of a tree stump to determine how old that tree was a logger just fell; this is probably taught at the College of Forestry at UPLB).

      * – ANDAMI ko’ng nabasa lately about mga ‘daks’ at ‘juts’ sa ‘Pinas. I wonder now if the latter did not get enough sleep growing up.

      • Thank you Flor for sharing a LOT of information on agriculture, biology & fisheries. I think ang course mo sa UP ay Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology( MBB). Brayt kaayo ka Flor. Maayong hapon.

    • @ paul Dili man ko MBB… BUT, I had MBB block mates. This is indication of my major… 🙂

      • Wow! Taga-College of Science diay ka Flor. Ka-brayt nimo uy. So BS Biology ka? Proud jud ko nimo day.

  3. So, to clarify, these girls were chosen over Jen Barangan and Diana Mackey? Both girls are not my cup of tea, one too plain, the other too tisay, but they at least have the height/body/bearing/personality for pageants. So much for inclusivity.

    I stalked one of the questionable contestants and que barbaridad – she shares posts like “share this photo of ten million dollars and you will be blessed tomorrow.”

    Tama naman, inclusive, lahat pwedeng sumali. Reality show na ito, not a prestigious beauty pageant. Imagine a few years from now, one of these questionable beauties will be caught in a PNP raid selling fake LV bags online and the tabloid headline will be “Dating Miss Universe Philippines Contestant, huli sa raid!”

    ¡Qué horror!

  4. Is there a real-time scoreboard for the voting or does MUPh just announce the top 75 on August 2?

    • @ paui Ja. Which brings to mind…

      Is this cumulative* scoring as in the Olympics? Or, back to zero (level playing field) per Poll round?

      * – aka, Leader board.

  5. Oh, yes! Done voting for Maria Corazon Abalos on the MUP app. This pageant newbie deserves a space in beauty pageantry, hence she got my vote.

    I am not hyping Ms. Abalos, and I also don’t see the need from you hyping her as well. I’d rather see an organic adulation to a refreshing Filipina beauty who, coming from a buena familia with a very good scholastic records, give a chance wearing high heels and do pasarela for the win!

    I am inviting you to get a closer look on her headshot and be mesmerized by her beauty. She is indeed captivating. By mere looking at her photo, it can be deduced that she has a lot to offer. I saw another headshot of hers where she is smiling, oh boy, she is so divine. I just hope that she will maintain her natural smile and not resort to veneer aesthetics. Teeth whitening will do.

    We haven’t heard her speak yet, but when finally the time comes, I am pretty sure she will stun us all. I can feel this girl is a conversationalist, eloquent at that, and can talk about various topic on culture, government, women empowerment, etc.

    I am done with halfie beauties representing our country in the international beauty pageant arena, especially those who already wore other countries’ sash. We Filipinos value pride of our culture and identity, let alone allegiance. It’s about time for us to embrace the true Filipina beauty with the fragility of Chat Silayan, charm of Winwyn Marquez and elegance and sophistication of Miriam Quiambao, all rolled into one fine lady that is Maria Corazon Abalos.

    That’s all.

  6. Mirjan Hipolito is the girl to beat. I think she will win it just seeing the face and the height (apparently she’s 5″8) bongga. Ayoko ng recycled ♻️♻️♻️♻️♻️ I

    • I hope Mirjan Hipolito will make it to TOP 5 along with Katrina Dimaranan, Steffi Aberasturi, Victoria Vincent and Leren Mae Bautista. Good luck Mirjan!

  7. Grace Charmaine B. Vendiola looks like a candidate from Dominican Republic. Gorgeous headshot!

  8. Let us celebrate the genuine Beauty of Miss Bb. Mutya Warrior Hidilyn Diaz !!!

    • Korak ka jan! Congratulations to you Hidilyn Diaz for bringing the FIRST EVER Olympic GOLD medal to the Philippines.

  9. OMG my Gold Medal na tayo sa Olympics!

    Naiyak ako ng kinanta ang Lupang Hinirang sa Olympics

    97 Years in the Making

    Salamat Hidilyn Diaz!!!!

    Binuhat mo ang Pilipinas (Literally) sa iyong Panalo!!


    • Let us celebrate the genuine Beauty of Miss Bb. Mutya Warrior Hidilyn Diaz !!!


    • Correct ka Paquita X. Marami ang PANLALAWIGAN (provincial beauty contests), PAMBAYAN (municipal beauty contests), PAMBARANGAY (barangay beauty contests), at PAMPUROK (isang block/sitio ng barangay). Hay na lang MUP!

  11. Dimaranan is giving me Tharina Botes of Thailand vibes. Both joined two countries nationals. Both have styling that screams lalaban ako. Laki ginanda parehas
    Vv is so beautiful in motion but not in pics
    Aberasturi have no record lose

  12. Kisses for the Win!!!

    Cellphone lang at Ringlight pwede na

    Kasi yung iba dinaan sa Photoshop at Lighting, eh dapat pala Hire the Best Photographer ang Challenge

    Candid is the way to go!


  13. I like:
    Santa Maria who looks like a Domincana in her headshot
    I kinda like Flejoles and Ortega.

    Maureen’s is mehhh, no life and light in her eyes as usual while VVV looks sick.

    All the others are just fillers obviously.

    • Abalos is starting to be the MOST OVERRATED contender in this year’s MUP. PURELY HYPED by few. Very ordinary looking… He, he, he…

      • And Santamaria is the MOST improved. Mabuti at napaganda siya ng kanyang team for the headshot.

      • I really dont get the hype with Abalos. I mean she’s beautiful, yes. But she cant hold a candle to the frontrunners. Well… to each his own, perhaps?

  14. Best headshots: Hipolito, Flejoles, Aberasturi, Abalos, Umali, Singh, and Dimaranan

    Potential semifinalists: Hipolito, Cuaton, Abello, Velasquez, Gomez, Aberasturi, Bautista, Abalos, Umali, Delavin, Santamaria, Wroblewitz, Dimaranan, Rabe, and Ramachandran

    Potential finalists: Hipolito, Dimaranan, Umali, Aberasturi, and Wroblewitz
    Alternate: Bautista

  15. Based on first impression, the girls who caught my attention were

    1.Vendiola who looks like a polished Glamazon in her headshot
    2. Leren is up there
    3. Genobisa- very fresh and candid, nothing phony about her stance

    My take on the following oft- mentioned ladies:

    Abalos looks like a cross between Maricar Reyes Loon and actress Maggie Q

    Santamaria is a dusky Nancy Castiglione

    Umali is perfect for pricey luxury watches or perfume. She exudes class and Alta.. However, she has to soften her looks and exude warmth if she wants to win over the fans.. She seems like cold detached and

  16. I said it before and I will say it again, there are only a handful (seven at most) of facially beautiful women in this batch worthy to be MUP.

    The arrogance of the MUP organization boasting of not only 30 or 40 but 93 mediocre looking women to field this year will eventually boomerang on them. This can be likened to the fiasco of getting 100 artists / stylist to dress / style Rabiya. I don’t need to expound the sorry end-state of that strategy.

    Quality over quantity.

    World Peace.

  17. Katrina Dimaranan is going for Venus Raj vibe in her quest…

    I think the front runners will continue to slay. I can see a few girls that can do a Rabiya and surprise us all.

    They can easily cut this list to 30-50.

    • Katrina is the MOST ready to compete in the 70th Edition of MU. She is kind very similar to Janine Tugonon in ways and personality, her batchmate in BPP.

  18. Surprisingly, the BEST headshot belongs to Grace Charmaine B. Vendiola. She looks like a MU representative from Dominican Republic.

  19. Ang ganda nina Leren, Maureen, Victoria Vincent and Steffi dito
    di na kailangan trim down to 70 then 50, pwede na deretso sa 30

  20. Marami sa mga headshot PAMBARANGAY LEVEL lang. May iilan na pamPUROK nga lang. Even yung considered favorites, MEDIOCRE ang headshots. PARANG MALALA pa ito sa Miss Philippines Earth. And daming CHAKA!

    • Diretso na sa TOP 30 (to be chosen by a panel of pageant experts) to get rid of so many CHAKA belles.

    • @Paul, there should be a special award of Dream Girl Philippines. This is actually the reason why I’m not so thrilled so much with the sprouting of so many pageants.

      Back in the day, there was something magical and alluring about pageant queens who were put on a pedestal because they belonged to a special sorority of women who had beauty, brains and breeding.. My heart goes out to some of the clueless ladies who are chasing their dreams and not even realizing that these dreams are going to be crushed

      • Very good commentary on the current state of Philippine pageantry. Thanks my dear.

  21. Ow-Em-Geee!!!

    Maria Corazon Abalos’ headshot is no doubt the best in this bunch. Her Gandang Pinay beauty is a cross between Miriam Quiambao and Winwyn Marquez. I am for her hands down.

    Look at how she stare in the camera. The drama in her eyes got me. The bone structure, neck, skin… perfection! Send her to Miss Universe, please.

    That’s all.

    • Ana, pasensya na ha. Ang picture ni Abalos pang-Miss Maragusan, isang 1st class municipality situated in a valley in the Province of Davao de Oro. Mala-Tagaytay ang klima roon, malamig. 3-4 hours ang byahe from Davao City. At least 1st class na municipality na cavendish bananas ang major agricultural product exported to Japan, China and the rest of Asia.

      • Paul! I find your words condescending. You need not say such words just to raise the girls you think are good and put others down. I have my own taste and you have yours. As much as I respect your choices, which I don’t rebut, I hope you also respect mine.

        While I also find Katrina Dimaranan (who you are cheering for the MUP title) beautiful, I don’t like the idea that she has once represented another country for another beauty pageant. So, that for me is a minus point. As to Steffi, I don’t see a wow factor in her.

        I believe an authentic Filipina Beauty is deserving for the MUP crown this year.

        That’s all.

      • Di ba nagpaunang-sabi na ako sa iyo na – “ANA, PASENSYA NA HA.” Kasi nga Abalos is… yun na.

      • Ana WinterLund si Katrina D nag LOVE ISLAND USA pa nga eh. To be honest she does not know what she wants but just trying to be famous. That is so sad for me

      • Ana do you like Abalos because she’s elite? Lol ang raming talk about Rabiya’s height last year eh she’s 5″7 paano na ngayon 5’5 lang kakaloka yang Abalos na yan. 🙄

      • @ paul Maayo’ng aga!

        Is Maragusan like the base of Mt. Matutum where asparagus is grown? Apparently, chilly air rushes down from the heights in the evening, bathing the fresh shoots in morning dew…

        The ‘Tagaytay of Davao’ for me is Marilog. Fog whipped past when I whizzed through its mountain passes. Btw, some of the best roads I’ve seen outside Luzon! 🙂

        My faves are the ones I IMMEDIATELY recognized; such is their distinctiveness. They are Falconer, Abello, Aberasturri, Umali, and Dimaranan.

        I like how Christelle is Alaiza 2.0. That bob is KILLING.

        Notables (just for me)… From top, moving down by row, then left to right :

        Matrix 1 > 4th – great smile!
        Matrix 3 > 2nd, next to Maureen Wroblevitz, looks like Cole Silvernale.
        > 1st, the oriental girl with the swan neck.
        > 5th, the only one with a CLOSE-UP. TALAGA’NG HEAD SHOT.

    • @Namrata Shirodkar, I hope you got the message across that the reason why MUPO removed the age requirement is because of our race and identity. Filipino women on the average are 5’2″ in height. If we maintain the 5’7″ and up height in selecting our candidate to MUP, we’ll always end up sending mixed or half-bred ladies on the international stage, and when she wins, the debate on race, nationality and allegiance rises. Para tuloy tayong mga ogag.

      I don’t have issues on height, as long as she looks and walks tall. Body proportionality is the key, dear. Lest you forget, our first ever Miss Universe was 5’5″ only, so why the fuss on height? Don’t be so discriminating on height, especially to our race.

      That’s all.

      • So magpapadala ka talaga ng 5″5 sa Israel na ang vet ng mga tao don ay payat na MATANGKAD. MATANGKAD PO. ANDREA MEZA IS 5″11.THEY DOMT APPRECIATE EXOTIC LOOKS THERE GUSTO NILA WESTERN BEAUTY MAGANDA MATANGKAD MUKHANG MANIKA. ASHKENAZI JEWS ARE THE MOST POWERFUL AND INFLUENTIAL IN ISRAEL. At obviously wag magpanalo ng arab descent na candidate.

  22. Steffi for sure has the best photo, hands down. She’s soooo ready to be sent Israel. I also loved the photos of Maureen, Jasmine and Christelle.

    • Ow-Em-Geee!!!

      Maria Corazon Abalos’ headshot is no doubt the best in this bunch. Her Gandang Pinay beauty is a cross between Miriam Quiambao and Winwyn Marquez. I am for her hands down.

      Look at how she stare in the camera. The drama in her eyes got me. The bone structure, neck, skin… perfection! Send her to Miss Universe, please.

      That’s all.

      • Abalos headshot pwede na sa Binibining Davao de Oro representing the Municipality of Maragusan. Madam Ana mas mainam na sumali muna si Abalos sa Mutya Pilipinas or Miss Philippines Earth to test the waters of Phillippine pageantry.

    • Christelle is soo… pangit in her headshot. Pwede pa isama sa modeling portfolio, but definitely not good for pageantry.

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