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  1. Leren is beautiful, no contest about that. Her styling is on point. She registers well in photos. Her pasarela is excellent. She is ready, except for one thing: her communication skills. It is her weakness. MU has always chosen a beautiful spokesperson. People are saying that she will get more polished with trainings. She’s been active in pageantry for how long now? And yet it still shows she is definitely not comfortable with Q&As and interviews. There are other women in this contest that show more gravitas than Leren and they are great speakers, too.

    However, if Leren wins MUPh, I’ll support her.

    • Correct observations/reactions on the MUP candidacy of Leren. Katrina and Steffi are far better speakers than her.


  3. She has an uphill battle ahead of her but I believe she is up for the challenge. She would be one of the finalists and if lucky enough, she might end up as MUP

    • At most runner up lang itong si Leren Mae Bautista because Katrina Dimaranan and Steffi Aberasturi are far better speakers. Baka 2nd runners up ang makuha niya because the crown will go to either Katrina and Steffi (at syempre 1st runners up yung isa) Tama ka sa assessment mo na it will be an uphill battle for Leren.

  4. Maricar Balagtas should have been a top 15 semifinalist in MU2004 during that year’s awful selection , although the top 2 is superb !

    • Maricar Balagtas personality is NOT APT for Miss Universe – bland and not relatable. Her packaging and styling then was simple and boring and not so good when it comes to comm skills. Kaya hindi siya nakapasok as a semifinalist. Hindi rin nakapasok si Oleksandra Nikolayenko, Miss Ukraine Universe 2004 na ikinainis ni Trump. Miss Venezuela hindi rin nakapasok sa semis.

      Halos magkapareho ang profiles nina Maricar Balagtas at ni Leren Mae Baustista as candidates.

      • those were the trumpista years , I don’t think they were interested in comm skills back then as they are right now … Philippines, Ukraine, Egypt, & Czech were more deserving back then

    • Correct! Leren Mae is very similar to Maricar Balagtas in terms of personality. Pareho rin silang hindi gaanong magaling ang communication skills at knowledge level.

    • Pinakamalayo nang marating ni Leren Mae ang 2nd runners up because of Katrina Dimaranan and Steffi Aberasturi. Katrina and Steffi are both far better speakers and as well experienced in pageantry. In terms of personality, Katrina and Steffi are more suited for MU.

  5. Natural na Gandang Filipina is Leren’s edge over other candidates in MUP. That kind of face is so stunning and will standout in Israel. And I hope she works more on her physique. Dapat ma-achieve n’ya ang Zuleyka Rivera bod, bagay na bagay ‘yun sa kanya for sure.

    ‘Yung iba na na nagdududa sa communication skills ni Leren Bautista, based sa mga napanood ko, keri na. Mahahasa pa s’ya sa training. Tsaka gawin muna nating template si Andrea Meza. Importante she can express herself.

    Tito Norms, meron na bang glam shot si Maria Corazon? Beke nemen.

    That’s all.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund We hopefully will get a ‘mano-y-mano’ Abalos vs. Diokno glam shot teaser.

      Those two will continue Roxas-Ysmael’s legacy of ‘famila buena’ grace. Nawa’y maanggehan tayo!

      Speaking of Andrea Meza, chillax lang si friendship pero nanalo… I said back then that if the Americas will win MU 2020, I prefer ‘South America’ to ‘Central America’/’Caribbean’. Most had their eye on MUJamaica (ano nga ba’ng panagalan niya? She was a SELECT model, no?). I was rooting for Julia Gama… Siya ‘yun’g nagka-acting stint sa China. And got an award 🙂

      Leren was OK sa Head2Head ng Globe… What I would recommend is for her to broaden her stock knowledge base, para marami siya’ng ‘bala’ng-hugot’. Bullets drawn from experience and wisdom.

    • Andrea Meza is the LEAST LIKED MU winner in IMG era ownership. Many (millions) pageant fans and critics worldwide DO NOT APPROVE of her winning. So why make her the template? Most likely MU org. will change again its format and “bias” this year because of what had happened last May. INULAN ng BATIKOS ang mga YT video ng MU channel on Andrea and allied postings.

  6. Leren is Love
    A little bit of slimming down then good to go.
    Good luck #lerenlerensinta
    It’s time for us to send a full blooded pretty pinay to MU.
    Let’s not waste this type of beauty.

  7. Wag nang magpatumpik tumpik pa
    Sorry Leren, Dimaranan should be our rep to MU 2021
    Now, if MUP 2021 Liz postponed to a later date making it impossible for the winner to get ready for MU , then Bella should be apppointed
    Now this scenario will unfortunately disqualify Leren and Katarina due to age …giving Steffie a chance at the crown

    • @ Fabian Reyes Sir, with all due respects, baka ayaw na ni Bella ng contract extension… 😦

      Postpone MUP to… November? OK lang. Si SamBer nga, ‘Team20Days’ lang. At ‘eto’ng si Dindi, 3 Aug ang lipad… That’s just ten (10) days, isn’t it no?

      At si Sharifa, next day (but yes, she was host delegate).

      MU 2021 in Eliat, Israel is December? Do both Leren and Dimaranan turn 29 at the end of the year?

      ‘Ay, speaking of birthdays… Nalalapit na ang kaarawan nu’ng sabi niyo po’ng ka-petsa ni Aga M. 🙂

    • Correct: “Dimaranan should be our re rep to MU 2021.”

      Wrong: “…then Bella should appointed.”

      Angkol mas mabuti pang sumali sa Miss Philippines Earth si Bella next year, sure2x panalo nya roon. He, he, he…

  8. ganda ng face ni leren. how about joining mwp next year and you can be the next ms supra ph

  9. I like the imprimatur of Shamcey, “official Delegate of the Province of Laguna”.

  10. Facially and performance-wise, I like her better than anyone else in the batch. Can we rest with the halfies for a while please? BUT Leren is so bone dry in interviews. I’ve watched her interviews and she just comes off as bland. She’s not even shy or introverted, but just doesn’t show much of a personality.

    I hope she undergoes some form of personality training. I’m rooting for her to win the top crown.

    • @ REGINA Naalala ko tuloy nu’ng sa BBP,… A front-runner was deemed similarly – fezlak at swak sa stage antics pero wala talaga’ng personality. Ang suggestion dito, maki-mingle siya with kina Malka Shaver… In any case, Malka went on to win… Miss Fit Philippines 2020! 🙂

      I REALLY BELIEVE Boss Jonas needs to put a ‘smarty-pants’ type of girl in the Cinco Ultimo so as not to make a mockery of his own pageant’s efforts towards greater inclusion. Even as Runner-up, marami ka’ng na-i-inspire. Like Hakkenson, for example.

      In retrospect, I think the one who made the suggestion to stick with Malka et al was @ unorthodox. Do you know him/her? I will assume you’ve been around. Kasi, lately AWOL si @ unorthodox…

      Baka close kayo, sabihin mo na-mi-miss na siya dito. At, baka schoolmates din kayo. Not 2 sure.

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