12 comments on “John Adajar is Mister Supranational Philippines 2021

  1. ..gwapong Pinoy.. yes, those eyes.. 😉 i think this face will stand out in Poland..

  2. Bet ko ‘to. Crush ko s’ya. He looks boyish pero hot na hot at lalaking-lalaki. Sana may pa-swim trunk din s’ya na photos para makita natin ang kanyang kahubdan.

    That’s all.

    • @ serge His strength is his E-Y-E-S.

      Whether sullen as in his championship mug or complemented by a black mask (impromptu bike shot), he can easily impregnate with just a longing/loving gaze (official one with Sgt. Pajares).

      Look how those twin windows to his soul SMILE with his mouth (top photo)!

      (Yes, he is clearly ‘top’.)


      And very distinct ang watermark ni Boss Norms, running across the frame like a protective barrier.

      POLICE LINE. DO NOT CROSS. Do so at your own peril… Hihihihhh….

  3. Ang daming poknat sa bigote…
    Paki ahit nalang lahat para hindi ganyan… 🙄

  4. We can’t deny the fact that the height of some Asian men except mixed race are not as tall like men in the other parts of the world. Representative of Singapore and Nepal are only 5′ 8″ tall. Indonesia and Philippines are both 5′ 11″ tall, considerably that height is tall among Asians. Let us hope John will bring home the title.

  5. Puede na rin!

    In case he don’t make it at Mr. Supranational, he should be relegated at Mr. World, papatok yan sa Sports Challenge kahit na gaano ka brusko yung mga makakalaban niya!

    Tama yan! Ganyan dapat ang selection criteria nung 2 Arnold ng organization! Yung mga lalaking may sports background! For all I know kaya naka-1st runner up si Andrew Wolff sa MW noon is because of his sports background as Football player of Azkals (tama ba? confused kasi ko sa rugby and football!)

    Although sa taste ko lang, kinulang sa guapo points si Atong eh baka sa Poland maging stand out yung pagiging Moreno niya! Trim-trim lang din ng bigote at balbas, yung tipong 4 days old lang hindi yung trying hard to exude masculinity through hirsute! And please no to carrot cut or skinny cut pants on Tuxedo, regular cut lang just like what he was wearing with Leren!

  6. Boxing ba lalabanan nitong John Adajar? O suntukan hahaha. Kinulang sa height si pogi.
    Good luck to both of you.

  7. 🙂

    I was mulling the possibility of a first-time Miss- and Mister- win in Poland with Jihane and Okky.

    Peru got within a hair of it with Janick and Alonso.

    I am quite confident we will finally crack at least the Top 10 (for the guys’ category). @ Jonalyn Hernandez already commanded the planets to safely park Dindi there, too…

    MoF 2015… 2014 kasi si Neil Perez (batch mates were Ichin Daclan, Mark Andrew Baron, and our first rep to MUA). ‘Ahhh… 2015 was first attempt ni AR de la Serna, that ‘gwapulis’ who’s now a financial adviser, and of course the Pinoy Alain Delon~Miguel Rodriguez~Christopher Reeve ‘anak’ of Tito Norman, Reniel Villareal… 2015, we hosted Mr. International; Pedro Mendes (Swiss) won… It was also around that time that I first encountered normannorman.com. I’m still here, po!

    • (Cont.)

      Don McGyver Cochico, Manhunt Philippines 2016. Semifinalist in the International.

      This post smells like a potential show business foray for Adajar. Does he sing? If so, I have in mind Justin Timberlake, in particular that chapter with material produced by Timbaland.

  8. He looks gcc arab or pakistani. Gwapo Naman Kaso parang 5’10. I’m basing my estimate fr dindi. I’m sure may one inch or two inches heels shoes bung guy
    For me 6ft Sana ang guysa male

    • @ bonsaihater Mukha’ng ayaw na magpa-appoint ni Ameen Sardouk…

      Robin Hanrath also was short of 6′.

      Public servant, daw, as per the ‘Team-Supra-Fil’ post.

      Parang first time rin lang din na-meet ni Boss ALV. Notice how he looks back to the tarp to remember the name… Apparently, connect-connections-with-common-friends was key.

      Baka magka-height rin lang sina ni Okky. Magkamukha pa. Twinning.

      Cute smile, no? 🙂

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