13 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2021: Headshot Challenge

  1. My current Top 10

    Maureen Wroblewitz
    Jasmine Umali
    Steffi Aberasturi
    Beatrice Gomez
    Leren Bautista

    Katrina Dimaranan
    Kirsten Delavin
    Victoria Vincent
    Ingrid Santa Maria
    Zabdra Mae Diokno

  2. Pinakahaba haba pa ang proseso, from the top 100 alam na alam na ng sangkabaklaan kung sino-sino ang pasok sa top 10. May top 75 at top 50 pang nalalaman, bat di na lang ideretso sa top 30?

    Aberasturi, Bautista, Dimaranan, yan ang top 3 ko!

    • @ miss tissa Ja, exactly like MUT last year… 100, then 30. ‘Yun’g 30 ang naglaban-laban. 🙂

      Maybe the attrition process was seen as a way to earn revenue via the poll app… Kasi, the only other way is the pay-for-view… At least, the fans can have a say. Sa MUT, judges lang ‘ata.

      MUPO probably felt the need to be more creative. And just maybe, they will be so creative they will catch us all completely off-guard with a totally-unexpected result. The challenge is to THRILL.

  3. Mr. Tinio, good Monday.

    How are ‘sales’ (is that the correct term?) for the 600 Php license-to-view coming along, po?

    ‘Yun ‘ata ang mas importante… What lessons were learned from last year? Did the discount help?

    Would there be a pyramidal scheme wherein the candidate who can pull in the greatest number of subscriptions be fast-tracked into the 30?

    Voltaire REALLY has PLENTY to clarify… 🙂

  4. Cream Silk (one of Boss Jonas’ clients) should have sponsored this first round.


    MWP had Teviant. BBP had Ever Bilena.

    I liked how, last year, everybody was practically hawking (Downy) fabric conditioner. One of my faves was Apriel Smith’s…

    One vote per device (person) per day. ‘Eh, ‘di halimbawa Mon, 26 (today) #leren, Tue, 27 #chella, Wed, 28 #christelle, Thu, 29 #steffi, Fri, 30 #vincy, Sat, 31 #darren, and Sun, 1… #jazmine.

    • (Cont.)

      Ta’s, midway, medyo aralin niyo na ‘yun’g voting behavior… Kung maihahabol sa pagkapanalo ‘yun’g isa niyo’ng bet, ilaglag niyo na ‘yun’g iba niyo at itutok ang natitira’ng boto sa kanya. 🙂

      (Vote brigades should come to a consensus in chat rooms kung paano nila matutulungan ang isa’t-isa as we penetrate deeper towards the 50 that actually goes to Manila, kasi if I understood correctly, ‘yun’g Trenta Ultimo ay SOLELY JUDGES’ PREROGATIVE, wa’ na tayo werpa.)

      Ta’s, go watch Sade’s music video for ‘Love is Stronger Than Pride’, where she walks barefoot along a beach in red dress and blue shawl fabric. LET’S HAVE THE EVENING DRESS FINALE BAREFOOT, TOO… And Boss Jojo B will be the judge, ‘o ‘di ba?

      • Importante Flor makapasok itong 5 – Katrina, Steffi, Victoria, Leren and Mirjan.

        Katrina or Steffi for the crown.

        Katrina remains the best in terms of communication skills, both conversational and in Q&A.

        Steffi has Cat’s vibe and prettier than Katrina.

        Leren is the most polished when it comes to pasarela, stage presentation & styling but lacking in communication skills and knowledge level.

        Both Victoria and Mirjan are very tall, pretty and intelligent but the two are inexperienced in pageantry.

      • @ paul Oh, my… As things are now, baka nga puwede pa’ng manalo si Dimaranan at for the first time Steffi will not win her pageant (aka, Best in 1st RU and successor to Bella Ysmael).

        ‘Yan’g dalawa’ng matangkad, please lang paki-endorse to ‘that part of Quezon City where premium is given to loftiness’. 🙂

        ‘Yun’g Abalos ‘ata ang medyo alta-alta ngayon’g taon… She’ll probably be featured solo in that fashion and lifestyle magazine that starts with ‘m’.

        Who do you want for the liquor calendar this time?

        Leren, Best in 2nd Runner-up*?

        * – At the time of writing this comment, have not read yet the newer post on the subject. 😦

  5. Vote for your Miss Phenomenal Woman of the Philippines! 🇵🇭

  6. Barangay Beauties with jeje clout are going to ace this challenge. What this challenge will eliminate are the good quality girls who do not have the machinery: camp, tiktok followers, trainers with network, etc.

    Nonetheless, glad this isn’t a Facebook photo liking contest. That would have been messier with all the autoliking bots that Southeast Asian fans use in MGI. And the bashing from Baklang Hamogs and random Marites-es on Facebook.

    So 1 MUPh app = 1 vote per day. That’s 1 gadget = 1 MUPh app = 1 vote. 1 gadget is roughly 1 unique human. Unless rich ang fan base and may multiple gadgets.

    Wonder how the classier, too alta to campaign, girls are going to handle this. Even some of the tall, beautiful, pageant veterans do not have the machinery for this. Are they going to get eliminated to make way for the popular Barangay Beauties?

  7. Ikaw na nagthumbs down surely may mental disorder ka pero ayaw mong iaccept. Bet?

  8. Mental disorder is real. Let us all pray for Rabiya! Hindi yan aaminin sa media pero surely meron yan.

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