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  1. Kids like Kelsey Merritt, that she’s in great shape, may be testimony to her parents, her upbringing, her origins… Kids that imbibe a healthful way of living grow up to become HAWT adults! 🙂

    So, kayo’ng mga may junaks, sanayin niyo sa ‘best practices’ ang mga ubing. Environment is all.

    • and she does not need it. Unless she’s desperate and has no more modeling gigs in the US. then she’ll perhaps do the pageant crap.

  2. Out Of Topic: Totoo kaya na hindi daw gaganapin ang MIss Grand International 2021 dahil may sakit si Nawat. Papaano na si Sam Panlilio Bb. Pilipipinas Grand International 2021? Kaya pala tahimik ang pamunuan ng BPCI

    • @ Miss Queen Wannabe December pa naman, supposedly, ang MGI 2021… If everything goes as scheduled, Sam#3 will be the last to compete… October sina MM & Cinderella, Hannah Nov.

      This seems to be a sensitive subject atm, as it appears Mr. Itsaragrisil has matters to settle with Thai authorities… He is getting medical attention; that alone means he will get well… But for the other things, it’s best we ‘trust the process’… And not say things rashly. Wala naman tayo’ng say.

      But even if MGI is postponed, we know BPCI always delivers. 🙂

      • @ flor may mga thai admin friends ako. fr what they told me feb ang 2021 edition and baka daw wala bbp 2022 so wish natin padala meji or gabi for 2022 mgi end of 2022

      • @ bonsaihater Wala’ng BBP 2022??!!

        The (four-letter word)…. 😦

        So, all appointment ang galawan next year? Ganu’n ba? Pues, THIS… 🙂

        BBP-International > Basiano
        BBP-Grand > Lehmann
        BBP-Intercon > Mendoza
        BBP-Globe > Cruz

        I’ve not taken age ceiling into account; I’ve no idea how old these ladies would be next year.

        PLEASE tell Carina Carino and Jashmin to take chance at MWP. Babista, pang-Earth that child!

  3. Kelsey Merritt embodies a typical model with well-proportioned physique. She doesn’t need to have a towering height to look tall because her elongated arms, legs, neck and all tell she’s tall without telling she is indeed tall.

    This reminds every beauty pageant wannabe to follow suit, so they can have a winning body when they make it in a beauty pageant. When you hit the gym, make sure that you have the right amount of protein and no carbs included in your diet plan. That perhaps is the thing Rabiya missed when she was preparing for the Miss Universe pageant in Florida. Hence, she looked bulgy and petite.

    Among the Top 100 of the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 candidates, Victoria Velasquez Vincent is the most body-ready. She is so modelesque and tall at 5’9″. But, I cannot set aside my fast-rising favorite Maria Corazon Abalos because this girl’s body is svelte. Thus, she looks tall at 5’5″. Her swan-like neck, broad shoulders, long arms and legs tell she is tall. I just hope that she continuously hit the gym before the Final 30 reveal.

    I am also hoping that Maria Corazon’s (I really love her name) team are releasing her photos this early because, my gosh, she isn’t yet in every pageant site’s loop.

    Another favorite of mine that needs to loose a little weight because she is becoming meaty is Leren Mae Bautista. Her big arms are noticeable in some of her portfolios recently. If she wants to have a winning form, hit the gym regularly. I know she can have the Zuleyka Rivera bod. And her beautiful face can seal the deal.

    Yes, I have Maria Corazon and Leren Mae as my two favorite candidates in MUP. Precisely because they look pure Pinays with beautiful faces. And to add, Maria Corazon is alta and brainy pa.

    That’s all.

    • Yes, bulgy and petite body types are my pageant pet peeves. Hate it when girls who are a little “nene” -looking get told to eat and hit the gym, they end up getting bulky and short.

      Also, pwede ba can we stop telling girls to overwork their midsection and load up on protein? The Latina way to get a tiny waist is mostly via the starvation route and not the bulking up route that bodybuilders take.

      I guess the culprit is also the typical Pinoy diet with all the carbs and deep fried garbage and sweets. I notice that long and lean and curves in the right places are attainable only to Pinays who understand how bad Pinoy food is. Pinays with foreign blood who grew up eating mostly foreign food, or local food but without the greasy, starchy, sugary poisons we so love, have the nicest pageant bods.

      Thank you for highlighting Kelsey Meritt’s proportions. Pageant girls, take note. Pageant trainers, take note also. Yes to right proportions, no to bodybuilding.

      • Mic drop, paui.

        If I may add, I read somewhere that, in order for Venezuelan beauty pageant candidates loose weight very very quickly, they put tongue mesh, so they’d avoid eating solid food. That’s how Venezuelans get crazy in achieving their target weight and va va voom body.

        Here, we can only spot at least three girls in every batch of beauty pageants with a passable physique. How I wish the girls know the words “dedication” and “discipline” in seriously working on their bods. They should undergo mentorship with Winwyn Marquez.

        Enough of the body positivity or body shaming excuse, please.

        That’s all.

    • Also agree that VVV has the best proportions in MUPh. I don’t know how tall Stefi is but she looks… soft, like Eva Patalinjug, and Vicky Rushton. I want either of them to win (VVV or Stefi), but considering how the org chooses winners, I’m not investing emotions on these girls.

      • I don’t see any hint of Filipina on VVV. This is something she’ll have an issue with the Pinoy pageant fans. She’d hardly win our hearts then. With Steffi, I have yet to be wowed by her beauty on a photo at the very least.

        Also, I would like to have a break on halfie Filipina reps being sent to Miss Universe. We have had four of them already after Maxine Medina. I wish we’d showcase a real Pinay beauty on the Miss Universe stage this time.

        That’s all.

  4. I am happy to see a Kapangpangan beauty Kelsey Merrit enjoying her life now. What else she can ask for. She may not be a beauty titlist but she has the honor to become the first Filipino to walk in Victoria Secret Fashion Show and a model in Sports Illustrated magazine. She has a good modeling career in abroad and handsome boyfriend Olympian swimmer Conor Dwyer.

      • Ang toxic mo naman, Mamang Flor, kay Gabriela. Binanggit lang n’ya ang boypren ni Kelsey, in-ask mo na agad kung nasa Tokyo Olympics ang olympian swimmer. Wish ko lang PA ni Kelsey si Gabriela para masagot n’ya. 😂😂

        Kalorkette Hensen.

      • I am not his spokesperson but I believe he decided to retire at the due to health reason. He decided to pursue modelling career. He is a model of Bench in the Philippines.

  5. Sana iconsider nya magpageant since nagiiba na ang branding ng Victoria Secret

  6. ‘Ay, ang halay. NO WAY ko keri ‘yan’g ganyan. 😦

    Pero, may i-she-share na lang ako…

    Said kahapon ng amiga (bday kasi ng husband niya), wala daw ako’ng pores. 🙂

    I HAVE P-O-R-E-S. Even as a child, I was very conscious of their existence. So, I believe the reason why they’ve disappeared is my continuous use of Silka papaya soap for a few months now. I was hoping to become more fair-skinned (read : tisay-ish, para keri ang pagiging white supremacist, lolz). That didn’t happen; I’m still brown as (Miss)Earth. BUT, there may have been this unintended benefit… So, it wasn’t entirely useless. TYVM, Miss Silka! Still using your product.

    • (Cont.)

      Mr. Norman, dili po ba’y Mercator ang Philippines agent nire’ng si Sitang?

      When will Boss Jonas give her work, kasi siyempre alangan’g fun~leisure lang ipunta niya ditey…

      More to the point, will she serve on the Board of Judges on 25-9 (refer to @ Luh’s comment above).

    • Correction: basking in fame and the glory of international modeling superstardom

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