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    • Buing jud ka Cool Brew. Itapon kay JM kung hindi ibigay sa kanya ang MW crown? He, he, he…

  1. Kathleen is perfection! Her slight “kembot” was on point! The perfect fit of the gown made it happen!

    Altogether, the gowns of the candidates are above average. Tracy Perez is always a show stopper, in my opinion; whether it be the gown or her NatCos. I’m hoping for a crown for her.

    I’m a bit underwhelmed by Vera, not because her gown was bad, but because others stood out.

  2. Kathleen Paton screams contemporary Hollywood red carpet here with a hint of vintage fashion.. She shimmers and sartorial sensation by Lesley Mobo. Cheers!

    • Correction: Kathleen Paton screams contemporary Hollywood red carpet here with a hint of vintage fashion.. She shimmers and slays in this sartorial sensation by Lesley Mobo. Cheers!

      • Wonderful observations on Kathleen Paton from you – Cool Brew. Kumusta ang Panglao? Thanks.

      • @ Cool Brew Good afternoon.

        Curfew in Panglao. Jeopardy because it will not allow for an evening Finale, no? Am I right/correct?

        Would it be possible to have a daytime event instead? Or, begin early to finish early? I hope this does not sound disrespectful… But yeah, a quiet evening at the beach might not suit everybody. And most beach/resort bacchanalia (I’m sorry, I can’t think of a more on-point word) is nocturnal.

        We trust, in any case, that you are well. 🙂

      • Mao ba Cool Brew. So ang “Magandang Filipinas” naging Hindi na “Masyadong Magandang Filipinas.” He, he… Thanks for the info my dear.

      • @Paul @Fleur

        Yes, time adjustments might just be made for the pageant to beat the curfew.

        At any rate, the pageant finals would be a glamorous highlight for the town fiesta this August.

        A sizzling swimsuit press presentation along the white sandy stretch of Alona Beach would definitely be a plus point.

  3. Paton sizzles. I also like Vera, girl in green gown 4th row, and the one in peach gown 9th row.

    • Paton is screaming MW here. Her gown, pose, projection is near to perfection.
      What happened to her choice of shoes though? Seems odd

      Jojo Bragais must be laughing

      • @ Baby Nica In fact, kahit nag-paa na lang siya for that shoot, OK lang as the gold is enough, so much so that the additional bare skin just complements the shimmery-grand color. 🙂

  4. After seeing the girls in their gown photos, these are my latest MWP picks:

    Miss World Philippines – Kathleen Paton
    Miss Eco Philippines – Trisha Martinez
    Miss Eco Teen Philippines – Janelle Lewis
    Miss Environment Philippines – Ganiel Krishnan
    Miss Tourism Philippines – Emmanuelle Vera
    Reina Hispano Filipinas – Tracy Maureen Perez

    Runners Up and Top 16: Asha Gutierrez, Anne De Mesa, Danica Dilla, Natasha Jung, Joy Barcoma, Ria Siozon, Megan Campbell, Gwen Fourniol, and Dannah Tempra or Ruffa Nava

    • Now we have the same set of winners, Paul. Bravissima!

      That’s all.

      • Magkatugma na naman ang isipan at taste natin day! Happy Sunday to you (& your hubby). He, he… Thanks.

  5. Yes, yes, yes! (Three yeses per Simon Cowell 😊)

    You’ve got the good eyes on Kathleen Paton’s evening gown, huh, Tito Norms! And you are right there coz this girl exudes confidence and loves what she’s doing. She’s enjoying every moment of her journey in MWP and that radiates as she’s got all the greatness showing. Look at her face! She gives the right drama in her fab Lesley Mobo golden gown. Would we worry if that kind of pro-ness is exhibited in Miss World should she represent our country there?

    I have already said it and I will say it over again and again that, no matter how fierce and universe-y Kathleen in her demeanor is, she has got the goods and the packs to be our new Miss World Philippines. I mean who else can have the “it” factore except Kathleen, eh?

    Now, if the MWPO or the judges won’t have her as the top contender, then we have our chance to lose in Miss World.

    That’s all.

    • Trulili ka Flor. Pang Miss World talaga ang dating ni Kathleen Paton sa kanyang Mobo gown. The photo is very Miss World as well.

      • I am very sorry Ana. You are right with Kathleen Paton. Laging kasing nagmamadali sa pagpo-post. Thanks my dear.

    • She should be coached by Megan Young on how to be regal, sweet & spontaneous but at the same time to display subtlety and restraint in her actions/movements while competing. Hindi yung GIGIL na GIGIL dahil ayaw ni JM nang ganyan sa kaniyang MW winner.

      • I could not agree more. Pero her unassuming character will win JM’s heart.

        That’s all.

      • Good luck to Kathleen Paton on her quest of becoming the next MWP. Thanks Ana.

  6. Yup. Paton’s Mobo GOLD is MODERN. The distressed look is so Karan~Klein, Donna~Calvin.

    I also like Nava (golden yellow fringe skirt*) and that one immediately above her, in beige-ish…

    I’M GETTING NAUSEOUS OF TRAINS AND CAPES! Excess fabric in a time of pandemic is sin!

    Babao’s not too bad, either.

    * – May tawag diyan, ‘eh… Sgt. Pajares should know. That pattern… It corresponds to a rank.

    G. Blogger, ang gusto po namin malaman ay kung ano na ang desisyon ni Boss ALV, PO. Alangan naman’g paghintayin niya ng dalawa pa’ng linggo ang mga kandidata! THIS IS THE TIME TO BE A LEADER.

    • But Flor, the national costume of Tracy Maureen Perez reminds you of the avant-garde creations of Christian Lacroix. So bongga! Pang Reina Hispano America talaga.

      While Palmares’ Batchoy inspired national costume reminds you of that Miss Indonesia who used the Satay inspired NC for Miss Universe or MGI(?). Global concept localized. He, he…

      • @ paul We recognize always the members of the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture de Paris.

        And finally, a food-inspired NatCos! 🙂

        Btw, I never got to find out who won BBP 2021 Best NatCos….

        (‘Chevron’, as per Nava.)

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