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  1. Guys, dili ba MW has Continental Queens – Caribbean, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa, & Americas?

    To spread the joy at MWP, can Boss ALV give out MWP-L, V, & M?

    Ann Palmares and Ruffa Nava both are from Iloilo. Dr. Shaila Rebortera is Cebuana (or Boholana?). Tracy Maureen Perez was MUP-‘Cebu City’.

    Esel Ponce, Rachel Valera, and Dannah Joy Tempra are from Mindanao.

    Angelica Famorcan is from Pampanga, Anne de Mesa is from Batangas, and ‘MUP-Laguna’ Joanne de la Torre Flores…

    Puwede rin’g MWP-NCR… Riana Pangindian was ‘Pasig City’ at both BBP and MUP.

    Pamparami ng grasya, pampalubag-loob… Maybe one of the major sponsors can involve itself in BWAP initiatives in the awardees’ homes? 🙂

    • (Cont.)

      Oh, I’m very sorry. MUST NOT forget Ms. Joy Barcoma of Mandaluyong City for MWP-NCR. 🙂

      Or, si Sherenade Gonzales ‘yun’g from Mindanao, din… ‘Di kasi ginawan ni Boss Tinio ng mapa tulad nu’ng ginawa ni Boss Mario for MUP… 😦

  2. As I close this chapter, I do so with a grateful heart. To everyone with a dream, know that your dreams are valid, and on your path you are never denied, and only redirected.

  3. MWP title is fit for her. She is talented and well-spoken. She will be one of the strongest competitors in at least 2 Miss World fast track events which are the head-to-head challenge and talent competetion.

  4. Bakit kasi pinag pipilitan na may audience sa Finals? Pwede naman wala tulad ng MUP at Binibini

    Yung Miss Earth nga sa Zoom nag pageant

    Yung Gala Night, daming Tao nagsisigawan sa audience, nako wala pa suot na mask ang iba

    Gayahin ang Olympics Opening Ceremony wala audience!


  5. I don’t know but I find that everything Emmanuelle does is too draggy to get into this. Her aura doesn’t show she is worthy of it, and I hope I was wrong. The Eco crown suits her. I can see her as a good successor to Kelly Day.

    I still see Kathleen Paton deserving for the MWP title. I know this girl is in it to win it. Her Top Model Challenge presentation is flawless. Her pasarela, styling and poise are over the top!

    I pray she brings her A-game on the finals, so she’d get the MWP crown.

    That’s all.

  6. Ayan na! Nakinig na ang MWP sa suhestiyon ng madla!

    Patterned and formatted na yung pageant base sa selection criteria ni Tandang Hulya!

    Pag nanalo ‘tong si Emanuelle at ipinadala sa Puerto Rico at hindi pa ipinanalo o maka-Top 3 man lang, ewan ko na lang!

    Pero malakas talaga kutob ko sa babaeng ‘to for the 2nd Miss World crown for the Philippines!

    Tsaka na ko magsa-suggest ng “best look” para sa kanya pag nakaputong na corona sa ulo niya! But let me say it as early as now, her look during the Top Model Challenge is not the best!

  7. She’s the most prepared, most relaxed, most well-rounded, most crown-worthy candidate.

    Lewis, though MW beautiful, needs 2-3 years and not a couple more as Miss World favors younger girls. Though with Lewis possibly snatching a minor crown this year and JM not liking previously crowned girls, I don’t know how this will pan out. Maybe MI for Lewis? But Lewis is very much like Ahtisa in that, she’s young and sweet-faced, but the personality is… strong. Parang laging may pinaglalaban.

    Dindy, not my type of beauty, but has the best body among all the candidates. Possibly the best body we’ve seen in years. Why is it so hard for Filipinas to attain this type of body: long, lean, tiny waist, graceful limbs, swan-like neck? In recent years, candidates have been focusing on boobs and butts and abs that they’ve all started looking muscular and stout. Toned and trim and long and lean should be the goal. Supra or RHA if she’s still qualified. Unfortunately, between Jihane and Dindy, the former seems to be a stronger crown contender.

    Tracy is the most crown hungry. I see a Samantha Bernardo. Supra or RHA. Jihane is still stronger. I also don’t see Tracy outperforming Latinas.

    Ganiel is all hype. No effort to polish body, pasarela, and styling. As if to say she doesn’t need to exert any effort, the crown is already hers by virtue of her being Ganiel.

    Trisha, tall and pretty, but needs at least 4 years to join BBP or MW. Needs polishing of comm skills. Lacks cosmopolitan/modern woman vibe.

    • @paul Sino yun sinasabi Nila na kamukha ni charlene gonzales.
      Mw – emman
      Supra-dindi Sana
      Janelle if hindi si emman or dindi

    • Yes, she is one of the most candidate I’ve seen in years – here and abroad 🌻

  8. Kahapon pa pala, ‘eh… WHY WAS THE FINALE NOT DONE LAST NIGHT??!!


    Tutal, ‘andu’n na sila’ng lahat… Ta’s, nag-swab taste, as it takes time to get results.

    Ta’s, mag-(home?)quarantine… What is required in times such as this is AGILITY & AUDACITY.

    Vera… Tell your head mentor at KF to discuss with Boss ALV kung sino ba talaga sa inyo’ng dalawa ni Ganiel ang ipadadala sa Puerto Rico. Otherwise, go to La Paz (Bolivia)*. 🙂

    * – Though in upper photo, you also look good frowning/un-smiling… You have valid Schengen visa, po?

    • @flor Emmanuel is half Russian by blood by her mom and alam ko us passport since american Citizen mama nya

      • @ bonsaihater Dr. Trisha Martinez is the Charlene Gonzales of this batch. 🙂

        That’s @ paui (above). Not @ paul… UNLESS, fed up with the constant theft of his identity here, he decided to finally be agile and audacious by assuming an alter ego, too.

        Initially, I imagined ‘paui’ to refer to that Admin at Missosology that some refer to as Chelonia mydas…

        In any case, it will now appear that our rep to Poland will arrive late at the scene. 😦

      • Sigurado ako Flor DALAWANG MAGKAIBANG KATAUHAN sina Paui at Paul. Kumusta imong Sabado day?

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