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  1. Our prayers go with Dindi as she pursues her Supranational journey. May she lead the way for a string of wins for 2021. She seems to be made of tough material, not only is she an Air Force reservist, she’s also a flight attendant for the national carrier. The latter is the tougher part, lol. Our FAs have very confident and competitive personalities, honed by their tough training in the airline. May these experiences serve her to her advantage. Her facial features also remind me of Gemma Cruz-Araneta. 👑💐🕊

    • @ jmgonzalesme Ja. Most folks might be unaware, being a Flight Attendant is not chicken feed.

      Anything that happens in the passenger part of the plane is their responsibility; sila ang expected to deal with it up front… Indeed, alangan naman’g abalahin pa ang mga piloto.

      The best among them have first-aid, CPR, and self-defense-if-not-counter-terror skills. In addition to superb make-up skills! 🙂

      • Hip hip hooray 👱🏼‍♀️👩🏽 🎉 It’s one of those jobs that kind of prepares one to engage in pageantry. The selection process for FAs is quite similar in many ways. The work environment is laden with intrigue, chismis and seniority. The camaraderie and sisterhood is also strong and lasts a lifetime; they watch each other’s backs. It’s tough territory out there for FAs but it’s gracefully lived throughout (and after) their careers.

  2. I watched Binibini for the first time live in 2017 and I’ll never forgive BPCI for not even including her on the top 25. Lol! She’s so ready as early as 2016.

    • @ Ryan May nag-comment noon na ‘di ‘ata siya gusto ni Mdme. SMA. Ta’s, at the time mailap daw siya sa pageant media/bloggers/vloggers, ostensibly as to her belief that if she wins it’s due to her merits and not favoritism/hype. 🙂

      @ Jonalyn Hernandez, i-push na ‘yan’g Mercury Retrograde na ‘yan for Sgt. Pajares! For the first time, Supranational is not in the winter… Celestial mandate, no? Or, is it due to Planet “No.9”?

      • @ Miss Flor the next Mercury Retrograde po sa sa lat week ng September. Dindi will do well…nakadepende po yan sa isang malaking sponsor judge ng MS. ❤

      • @ Jonalyn Hernandez Thanks for confirming! Now, we know why MUP is set for the 25th. 🙂

        As far as Dindi’s chances, I’ll be very happy if she manages to match Jehza’s finish at the very least. Considering this will be Boss ALV’s first time to dispatch a queen there, that’s a good start and leaves plenty of room for growth… Assuming that he wants to hold the franchise long term.

        I think it’s a good time to give Indonesia the crown. Jihane is not bullet-proof, but someone of her quality YPI might be hard-pressed to find again. Besides, Boss Gerhard needs ASEAN business!

        Peru might a) match Janick’s finish, b) finish a notch higher*, or c) be the year’s El Tocuyo. Similar options for Namibia – a) notch lower than Yana or b) El Tocuyo.

        Thato Mosehle should make the Final 5. She’s like a potential travel companion for Jihane… How?

        Benjarat Arrawanachsil Aebi doesn’t scream back2back loudly enough for me. But Top 10 is easy.

        There might be just one European in the Final 5. But if she does, she would have to be the best the continent can throw this year.

        * – In other words, a win. But, really, I cannot imagine Jihane getting any less than the silver. Hers to lose definitely.

        PS. Of the four who were shortlisted for Poland, aside from Pajares only Paton was in the Top Model 10… I’m now quite convinced sila’ng dalawa na lang talaga ang pinagpilian for SupraFil!

  3. I’m glad she got Supra
    She is the most polished . Ang linis Magdamit
    I just hope she uses a different designer for her EG. Mark Bumgarner is good for the young and sweet . She is neither . Despite her bright smiles , her presentation is still fierce to me.

  4. To be shortlisted is already an honor. Ruffa Nava also deserves a crown. She has improved a lot. Batchmates sila ni Dindi way back in BBP2017 where Ruffa made it to top 25 and na-el tocuyo si Dindi. So, after 2 heartbreaks (bbp ’16 and ’17) i’m very happy for Dindi to finally win a crown and have the chance to represent our country.

    • I wonder why Ruffa Nava was shortlisted she didn’t do well in fast track events a crown for her is far fetched a Top 20 is the least she can achieve.

  5. The girl on a pink shirt looks very pretty with the shirt hair. Who is she??? She looks very fit and fresh beauty….just my opinion. 🤗

  6. The girl on a pink shirt looks very pretty with the shirt hair. Who is she??? She looks very fit and fresh beauty….just my opinion.

  7. I hope Ruffa Nava gets a crown too … good for Dindi !

    (Paton is very pretty , if she is almost overage , then they should give her a crown too but if still young, she can rejoin or try other big pageants but for some international pageants, she is just too short)

    • @ jaretwrightlover I think Eco-International will be the best option for Ruffa and Kathleen. Basta, sinuman sa kanila’ng dalawa ang magustuhan ni Dr. Rezk. 🙂

      Looking over Paton’s pageant history suggests that an environment-themed one will complete her portfolio – Teen International, Miss Manila, CTS, and now MWP. MPE/ME, if she wants BIGger. Her height issue might bar her from cracking BBP… I don’t know how she feels about MUP/MU.

  8. Congratulations 🎈👏👏👏
    Konting bawas nlang ng timbang kc parang gusto Kong bawasan ng taba Yung hita nya🤭😆lol

  9. I knew it. Dindi and Ruffa will get the 2 top crowns.

  10. so happy for queen dindi… dindi w that body, asian beauty, at 5’8 at para syang ray of sunshine lagi nala smile

  11. Hindi na lang ako magtataka baka sa susunod na araw mayroon ng mga bagong napiling reyna sa bakuran ng Miss World Philippines. Sino naman kaya ang susunod mapipili ? Heto na bagong kalakaran sa patimpalak, pagkagising mo sa umaga may bagong reyna. Walang na bawian ng korona. Baka maisisi naman si Steve Harvey. Anu ba yan nakakaloka?

    • @ Miss Queen Wannabe Puwede na mag-appoint, siguro… Kasi, given the circumstances and anyway tapos na lahat ng Prelims at Fast Track, which now become the basis for selection. 🙂

      Had this been done midway through the competition, then magtataka ako.

      At least, one less candidate to endure another long wait… Look what happened with the Bb.’s.

      Dito ko na lang ilalagay ‘yun’g regarding VISA application… I read somewhere na may Schengen VISA na si Dindi, for renewal na lang… So, ideally mas mabilis ‘yan than first-time… She was named Sat (24) ng hapon? MSO/Gerhard can send the Formal Invitation over para supporting doc.

      It’s possible na ‘yan’g apat ang na-shortlist dahil sila ‘yun’g may recent travel history to Europe. And that can help with re-entry in the future. That time is now.

  12. Dindi’s number one characteristic why we see her as the perfect fit for Miss Supranational Philippines is her vibrance. That’s exactly what Johanna Datul had when competing in Miss Supranational. Also, both their smiles are genuine and infectious.

    I think MWPO is not anxious about choosing Dindi because she is well-prepared. The nine-day preparation will come in handy for Dindi and her team. She will definitely slaaaaaay the competition. I am just hoping that she won’t let her guard down while doing her last-minute preparation before she sets off for Poland. Sana hindi s’ya magka-Covid.

    Good luck, girl. We’ll pray for your success there.

    That’s all.

  13. MS is now launching its brand along the “Inspirational. Aspirational” message. Can Dindi be the right image model? From the pictures I see, she absolutely is– sunshiny personality, sweet demeanour, relatable… That she is chosen by fellow candidates attests to her inspirational and aspirational aura. Congratulations!

    • Korak my dear. Happy Sunday to you. Kumusta na ang sitwasyon dyan sa South Africa? Okay na ba? Thanks.

  14. The crowning was not so formal. Pero since dindi was announced as msph parang naisantabi ung style ng crowning kung baga ok na din at least dahil sa excitement because we all know that it is her dream title when she first competed in bbp. I hope manalo sya para don nya ma experience ung mas formal at bongang crowning moment.
    About Mr. Supraph. Bukas daw yata announcement ng appointment.

  15. She is not Supra at all if I had to base on past winners like Datul and Porxild.
    Anyway, good luck to her.

    • But considering what she has been through in the world of pageantry, Im happy for her.
      She finally got her dream into reality.

    • Have you seen the Miss Supra from Korea? Same peg except Dindi is far more gorgeous..

      • Yes of course.
        Dont worry about me maybe her beauty is just not my cup of tea but like what I said Im sincerely happy for her and I admire her determination. She deserves to be rewarded after all what she has gone through in pageantry.

      • Sya lang din naiiba sa lahat ng winners. The korean girls. Ang fave winners ko is the two indian girls. Very unassuming na magandang hindi salamat dok.

  16. Bagay naman talaga sya sa Supra. Basta dapat smile2 lang sya don. Tas mag tan lotion sya. Hayok ang mga east european dyan. Just look at the two miss supranational winners from India, puro dusky.

  17. Juice mio! ‘Di pa in-anunsiyo ‘yun’g boy natin (refer to @ #PhilippinePride).


    Guys, bantayan niyo page ng MrS. In the cases of BOTH Poli and Hernandez, kahit na-announce na sila as Filipinas reps, huli’ng-huli na lang sila officially na-proclaim ng Supra organization… This suggests Boss ALV is not very keen on the male aspect; maaari’ng napipilitan na lang kasi he took the Miss franchise… Kung sa bagay, neither he launched with show business stints.

    I don’t know what to make of Pajares’ appointment. But yes, this is ALV’s maiden representative for Poland. She is now our standard. All to come after MUST be better. All the best. Enjoy. 🙂

  18. Ang daming drama dito pala hahantungan, para matapos wala ng patimpalak dahil malamang ipagpalaiban na naman ni Delta Variant. Uraurada kasi tapos kapag hindi maganda ang resulta sisi dito at sisi diyan, magmula sa talampakan at split ends ay masisi din. By the way Dindi bring home the crown. Be safe!

    • That’s how Pinoytards are, excellent and incomparable on negative comments, bashing’s, attacks and just pure evil. Always have something to say with everything and anything. Like pulling down others, talking unabashedly of others. They find satisfaction doing such, and they, themselves don’t see their own faults and deficiencies. It’s because they have so much insecurities and longing that their only coping skill is to be toxic around everything and anything.

  19. Based on recent winners, Miss Supranational seems to favor pretty girls with a warm, light aura. Even the most controversial winner, MS 2017, has this warmth and endearing air about her.

    Notice also that MS 2017 and Dindi resemble each other, with Dindi being the prettier version.

    MS winners, especially 2019, 2018, 2013, 2014, 2015, all have kind eyes, sweet smiles, and this unassuming bearing.

    So let me correct myself, Jihane is not stronger than Dindi. Jihane is more beautiful, face-wise, I stand by that. But while Jihane’s face is universally beautiful, it is quite too kontrabida-looking for Supranational. Her only advantage is the year-long preparation. But as Dindi’s fans say, she’s been ready since 2017.

    I don’t know how fairly MS picks winners, but if we’re working on a template, Dindi fits the mold. I hope she keeps her styling during swimsuit/beach body presentation – just the right amount of giggly + sultry. The current frontrunner (Jihane) is way too Miss Universe to win, though, again, I don’t know how fair the MS org is.

    I foresee a replay of MGI 2020/2021. Indonesia was leading until SamBer came along at the last minute. Let’s hope this time PH wins.

  20. Anes na, mga baklesh!

    Rewind 2016, kahit balikan niyo comments ko dito during Maxine’s time kung sino bet ko for Miss Supranational, siya pa rin! If I remember right, only Fabian agrees with me during that time!

    Oh kanino ngayon nai-putong ang corona fast forward 2021?

    Right move rin ‘to ng MWP! With all the social media post of Dindi, I feel na may mga tao na kumikilos on the background to prepare her! Tipong mala-SamB na galawan! May Schengen visa na raw siya but it needs renewal so hopefully, direct to Poland na yung visa na ma-issue sa kanya para wala na aberya!

    I think her hiatus as PAL FA has given her time to prioritize pageantry! Good luck to you Dindi! Don’t waste your victory! Look back at your failures during your second attempt at Binibini and emerge stronger!

  21. To let the girls chose among themselves was a wise and fair decision of MWPO. I wish her luck. I believe she can represent our country very well at Miss Supranational.

  22. Mujhang mas masaya pa yung ganyang announcement. Mukhang enjoy ang lahat. Next time bunutan na lang less expense pa.

    • Batay sa iyong powers Jonalyn, ano sa tingin mo ang chances ni Dindi to be in the Top 5 of MS? Thanks.

      • @ Paul- sis kapareho ni Jehza Huelar she will be in the top 10…may neighboring country tayo na sasabotahe kay Dindi. Dindi will be in the top 5. The crown will stay in Europe. ❤❤❤

  23. Congratulations to Dindi Pajares for being chosen to represent the Philippines in this year’s Miss Supranational.

    She just needs little polishing to suit the taste of the Miss Supranational Org. Maybe less of that (very) oriental look. Hair volume, big curls, smokey eye make up, etc. Good luck girl!

  24. Congratulations, Dindi Pajares! She’s the only candidate who fits the bill. Almost all fans favored Dindi to get the Supra crown, and she got it on a silver platter.

    Kudos to the MWPO for having a correct candidate for the Supra pageant. I have gut-feel that Dindi will bring the second Supra crown home. Best of luck!

    That’s all.

  25. Congratulations, Dindi! This is a dream come true for you.

    To allow the candidates to choose among themselves was the Solomonic thing to do to avoid any hint of favouritism by MWPO. The candidates chose well with Dindi having the height, the body, and the rhythm to represent us ably in Poland.

    It is refreshing not to see Ganiel on top for a change. I wonder if she would have accepted the assignment had she been chosen.

  26. Congratulations Dindi!

    O diba kaya naman pala mag crowning habang nakaquarantine sa Hotel.

    So her fellow candidates Voted for her for Supra? Bongga!


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