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  1. If there’s also one thing to note about this event, it’s the abundance of talent and creativity of our designers. The gowns are fab! They’re good for intl competitions.

  2. I know i know it’s all about how one wears the gown and all that elegance… but most (sans 2-3) of the Top 10 gowns looks horrendous in my opinion.

  3. not an exciting batch … they did not have to postpone, they should have just done remote like MEP & ME last year …

    • @ jaretwrightlover They were all there already, po.

      ImHo, Boss ALV could have just ended it all there and then. He could have just brought the ladies together, and told them impromptu who he likes and… not like.


      (It could have all been recorded. Then shown on canale 7 at 2200H, like they said they would.)

  4. MWP Gowns’ Review (4th Post)

    # 6 Shaila Rebortera – Shaila chose an orange ensemble with visible sweetheart neckline (the other is the almost invisible transparent), minimal beadwork on the bodice part, and a short side pleated train. The entire look is simple and clean (coupled with her simple ponytail hairstyle).

    # 7 Donna Balaora – Donna also opted for an orange (colored) gown with (again) two necklines – the visible and the almost invisible), fully beaded to the hip part, and transparent from legs to the hemline with minimum beading. She is sexy but looks exotic at the same time with her low bun, orange pair of earrings and make up style.

    Maayong hapon sa tanan.

  5. MWP Gowns’ Review (3rd Post)

    # 5 Pauline Robles – Pauline’s gown is one of the most unique designs in this batch. She wore a long sleeved gown with blue, white & silver beads/sequins all over and attached with two long (but narrow) trains. The (geometrical) patterns of the beadwork made the ensemble more interesting and remind you of the Pintados, ancient tattoo art. She is regal looking in this gown with her low bun and simple pair of earrings. Elegant Pauline.

  6. MWP Gowns’ Review (2nd Post)

    # 2 Ria Siozon – Ria opted for an off-shoulder (with side bands) dark green gown with high side slit. The ensemble has minimal beadwork both on the upper front & back sides. The over-all look is okay and good enough for stage presentation.

    # 3 Joy Barcoma – Joy wore a strapless blue gown with high side slit. It has sweetheart neckline and sequins all over. She is lovely in this gown and very pretty with her hair down.

    # 4 Janelle Lewis – Janelle put on a spaghetti strapped nude based gown beaded heavily (with gold gold glitters?) from top to bottom. The gown has deep sweetheart neckline with high side slit. She looks sexy but still youthful with her top bun & light make up. It seems Miss Eco Teen Philippines title is (eagerly) waiting for her.

    Maayong udto sa tanan.

  7. After the 2 fast-track events(head-to-head and top model), here are my latest picks:
    World: Vera
    Eco-Teen- Lewis
    Environment International- Martinez
    First runner-up-Guetierrez
    2nd runner-up- Pangandian

    • Excellent Picks Serge. Sana magkatotoo ang mga ito. Sana bukas na, naudlot pa. He, he, he…

  8. MWP Gowns’ Review

    # 1 – Lea Macapagal

    Lea Macapagal’s gown is classy and very dramatic. Long sleeved, nude based, and fully sequined from top to the hemline, it was paired with an oversized orange cape/shawl (with beautiful feathery-like appliques). Indeed, very MW design. I love it. He styling is as well very apt – top bun, light make up and a nice pair of earrings. Congratulations Lea!

  9. I really liked Trisha Martinez’s performances. In some angles, she reminded me of Charlene Gonzalez esp her natcos.
    Ganiel looks beautiful in photos but when you see her performance, she found it hard walking in that red gown so i wonder how she made it. I shake my head. Overhyped and fave lang talaga
    Emanuelle Vera, Dindi Pajares, Tracy Perez and Kathleen Paton gave powerful performances.
    So, if i will choose the winners it will be:
    MWP- Emmanuelle Vera
    Supra- Dindi Pajares
    Reina Hispanoamerica- Tracy Maureen Perez
    Miss Eco Intl- Kathleen Paton
    Miss Multinational- Michelle Arceo
    Miss Tourism- Asha Gutierrez
    Miss Environment- Trisha Martinez
    Miss Eco Teen- Janelle Lewis
    1st Rup- Shaila Rebortera
    2nd Rup- Riana Pangindian

    “Miss World or nothing” daw so Miss Nothing- Ganiel Krishnan

    • Yes…overhyped lang si Ganiel. Pag talagang sya ung ipanalo na MWP….cooking show talaga and i’m sure magwawala pageant fans sa social media. Sayang ung efforts ng ibang candidates kung fixed na ang mananalo, wag na sumali…sa bbp, mup at mep na lang.

  10. Can’t wait for you guys to see the national costumes…
    I don’t know how to react to Tracy Perez’ costume.. seems like she’s targeting Reina Hispano Americana…

    • @ Closer2Fame In all honesty, marami’ng bigla’ng naglabasan’g magaganda’ng NatCos after BBP, here at MWP and at MPE. 🙂


      … that many traditional attire have long skirt… Ta’s, gagawin’g miniskirt, DISASTER. 😦

      (Tulad nu’ng isa’ng ProMedia ‘pageant athlete’ with a Mindanao sash at MPE.)

      • Tracy’s outfit is asking to be bashed..
        She could possibly win a national crown but she won’t win the heart of the people.. She is giving me Doña Victorina vibes with an extreme colonial Hispanista mentality… Total cringe!!!

      • @ Closer2Fame @ Paul likes it. He said it looked (Christian) Lacroix… I don’t recall where that comment is, but I’m sure he made it… 🙂

        Emmanuel Ungaro came to mind…

        I really liked Tracy’s ‘black farfalle’ NatCos at MUP last year. I was thinking, maybe it would have been better had she worn that again, with revisions of course such as perhaps a proboscis (for aspirating nectar).

        Go watch the Victoria and Albert Museum channel’s episode entitled ‘Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty’ and we spot a glimpse of the inspiration for the ‘black farfalle’.

  11. Mejo Covid Super spreader kasi yung mga pre pageant events ng MWP. Lalo na yung Press Presentation

    Dikit dikit mga tao, at dami pa nila. At wala SWAB test.

    Unlike doon sa kakatapos lang na pageant, na requirement ang Negative test mo bago makatapak sa Venue. At doon mismo daw sa Venue ginagawa ang Testing.

    Ultimo candidates araw araw may SWAB test kahit vaccinated na kaya pinayagan ng IATF ang coronation night.


    • Sana nakiusap (nag-appeal) si ALV sa IATF na payagan na sa Sunday matuloy ang MWP finals WITH HEIGHTENED RESTRICTIONS. Unsa man ning MWP Org. uy?

      • Bagay sa iyo yung comment mo sa akin kanina. Anong akala mo sa current status ng pandemic at pwedeng maki usap. Mas mahalaga pa sa iyo matuloy ang MWP kaysa sa kaligtasan ng nakakarami. Kung idiot ako hindi ko alam kung ano ka.

    • Whaaaat?!!! All the while i thought they get swabbed everytime they have an event. Superspreader talaga. This org is very irresponsible. Isang candidate lang magpositive dyan, hawa2 na yung mga yan. Hindi na sika natuto from the Miss Eco Intl fiasco.

  12. After this segment, I seem to begin to like Paton. She also looks tall.
    Tracy Maureen, Emmanuelle Vera and Andrea Sulangi are luvv too
    I’m still conflicted about Ganiel Krishnan, may kamukha syang reporter. Di ko lang marecall.
    Janelle Lewis will surely win Eco Teen. She has a lot of potentials when she reaches her prime like 24-26 years of age.
    Not a fan of Dindi Pajares.
    That’s all!

  13. Ano na naman ito? Move sa August 08, 2021 ang finals ng MWP dahil sa bagong IATF classification for NCR. Hay na lang!

    • Covid cases is increasing in the metro n. May delta variant n din n 2-3 weeks after mlaman thru genome sequencing, meaning 3-4 weeks n umiikot ang delta variant s metro manila. After 2 weeks kung hindi ma-control yan, mas kakalat at tataas ang cases which would most probably shift to a stricter ECQ…bka d p din matuloy sa Aug 8 yan.

  14. Tito Norman, totoo ba hindi tuloy ang MWP finals night due to the govt issued restriction on mass gathering.

      • @ Norman Good Friday… Kalokah, parang Holy Week ang klima… 😦

        Windang na naman schedule niyo, po. So, may PN’s this 25th? Ano’ng topic, sino’ng mga guest?

        So again, bumangga sila sa MPE… Batman, help us… Huhuhuhhh…

        Kaya pala sinasabi’ng baka i-appoint na lang ang rep natin sa Supra… Well, again and being that as it may, KUNG SINO ‘YUN’G MAY STRONG PASSPORT, AT WALA’NG TIME MAG-APPLY.

      • (Cont.)

        Peaceful Sun, King. Sorry for the date error in my comment (above). It’s been so wet the past days my brain is water-logged; akala ko Friday kahapon. 😦

        Napanood niyo po ‘yun’g interview ni Adam Genato with Cinderella and Hannah? Sa 29 Oct pala ang Intercon, at sa SHARM EL-SHEIK… In Egypt… Same area/region as Kelley earlier this year. If you can get in touch with Cindy, assuming it will be the same hotel, tell her to locate the sapling Kelley planted as part of pre-pageant activities of MEco-International. 🙂

        Ta’s, October din daw Globe. You have the ‘thing’ in-process na, po? You’ve discussed with MM kung paano niyo i-ha-hand-carry ‘yun’g Nic Guarino NatCos niya? Kasya ba sa overhead bin ng eroplani ‘yun’g headpiece? Or, will Sir Nick make a smaller?…

  15. Looking at the first photo:

    I don’t know with you, but ang pinaka-stand out sa lahat ng anjan sa pic was the one in blue and white. Prominent positioning and closest to the camera. Lol.

    World Peace.

  16. Gud rainy Fri PM, Herr Uncle.

    Sabi ni EntertainmentNewsPortal.com, maganda daw si Janelle Lewis. 🙂

    Well, I liked Paton’s evening dress and how she wore/worked it… That frown is begun to somehow give an aura of sophistication. If this were the Final 10, which pageant will feel the same way, so I could send her there?

    (And after all the color of the past few months or so, to see white again is refreshing!)

    Guys, you know where white and neutrals will nicely work, imo? Poland!

    Ganiel’s drop-sleeves reminds me of Alicia Machado when she won MU.

    Doctor din ‘yan’g Trisha Martinez, no? I always get ‘electrocuted’ with these doctors, kasi I always assume doctor in the usual sense (like Doc Adee of MUP). Then it turned out Dr. Garcia of Olongapo City is a veterinarian and Dr. Rebortera is a dentist. 😦

    If this were, then I’d… SIMPLY BASED ON THAT PHOTO…

    MWP > Vera
    MSFil > Arceo
    MEco-Fil > Paton
    MEcoTeen-Fil > Lewis
    RHFil > Krishnan
    MMFil > Perez
    MEnv-Fil > Pajares
    Pariwisata-Fil > Martinez
    Princesa Primera > Sulangi
    Princesa Segunda > Gutierrez

    • (Cont.)

      ALRIGHT! Now, I understand… The frown is strategy. Thanks so much to Pageantry Ph TV. 🙂

      Sige. If I’ll have to accommodate Paton, then I’ll have to ask my ‘middle trio’ consisting of De Mesa, Pangindian, and Perez to… For one of them to surrender her placement, kasi I want to send Paton to… OUT-FROWN JIHANE. Yup! I can see Kathleen in Malopolska and she probably will because I will assume she has a ‘strong’ passport. After all, no more time. First week Aug ‘ata start ng MS.

      Bukas or Linggo ng umaga, depende kung kailan mag-post si Ungcle T ng fearless prediction niya, I will render my final say on this matter.

  17. My Latest MWP Picks after the Evening Gown Presentation:

    MW – Asha Gutierrez (or Emmanuelle Vera)
    Supra – Dindi Pajares (or Danica Dilla)
    Eco Int’l. – Katleen Paton (or Tracy Maureen Perez)
    Eco Teen – Janelle Lewis (or Natasha Jung)
    Miss Environment Int’l. – Ganiel Krishnan (or Asha Gutierrez)
    Miss Tourism – Trisha Martinez (or Dindi Pajares)
    RHA – Tracy Maureen Perez (or Emmanuelle Vera)

    Top 20 to Runners Up: Anne De Mesa, Megan Campbell, Gwen Fourniol, Natasha Jung, Ria Siozon, Joy Barcoma, Danica Dilla, Angelica Famorcan, Tatyana Austria, Dannah Tempra, & Shannen Manzano

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