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  1. ‘Yun po’ng nag-ma-manage kay Kirsten, or AP-in-charge, you want to style her a’ la Lindsey Wixson, American model?


    The waif look can be edgy-sultry. It’s boldness without having to age or ‘pimp’ the girl. Try it, po.

  2. We have 81 beautiful provinces to represent. At first I thought no one would represent Dinagat Islands, Ifugao or Abra, but to my surprise they do hold pageants, and that’s very encouraging. In the Miss USA competition, preliminary state pageants are licensed out to pageant directors who are responsible for running competitions in more than one state. This model takes care of the financial angle of ensuring state representation. Our national pageants could adopt this business model if they are firm on provincial representation. 🌺 Though it would be a big “if” here as provinces would tend to prefer staging their “own” pageants. Regional pageant directors might be okay; i believe that was the model of Mutya ng Pilipinas way back then.

  3. Oh, Siya! Siya! Siya! ZsaZsa Padilla!

    Regional na kung regional!

    But as we all know deep within our veins and neurons, hindi naman talaga native of those regions ang mga bilat na yan!

    I think Jonas’ vision for MUP is to be like Miss USA wherein every state has their own franchise who can select the representative for the national pageant!

    But what he don’t want to adapt is the true nomenclature of the different regions of the Philippines because if that happens, he will ended up with 17 candidates only!

    If you have 17 Franchise holder authorize to hold regional pageant and each of those franchise holder is paying let’s just say an average of 50k per year as franchise fee then his total earnings would just be around 850k per year! Hindi pa sapat para sa production nung show! Which is unlike BPCI and MEP na sagana sa sponsors!

    Nevertheless, hangga’t nasa kanya yung franchise, he can do whatever pleases him for as long as he can send “quality” candidates na hindi papalakpak at lalamunin sa stage on the international arena! Otherwise, might as well return it to BPCI na mas gamay na ang pageantry business!

  4. Equal representation like Puteri Indonesia, Miss Grand Thailand, Miss France, Miss USA, etc. or just too many fillers (non-potential crown contenders) as some claimed?

  5. No matter how you sugarcoat this the truth remains, MONEY MONEY MONEY. Need yan ng Team Patay Gutom.

    • I saw a post from one of the MUP organizers where it mentioned that only the top 50 candidates will have to pay for fees. The top 50 are the ones who are going to be interviewed in person.

      No expense will be required from the top 100 and top 75.

  6. I found one initially found this top 100 to be a bit gimmicky but in the long run, it will bring MUP a certain level of influence and reach across the country.

    Yes- there are currently girls in the top 100 that are considered “fillers” due to the fact that some do not pass our judging eyes. But, with the effort by MUP to reach out, it will only motivate these local organizers to actually scout their towns, cities and provinces for the better candidate. This is still a competition after all trust me, these remote areas of the country have some hidden gems that have not been discovered yet.

    If you think about it, even when the selection has been cut down to the 30-40 official candidates, there are still girls that we know that are less competitive- are we doing to start classifying them as fillers too?

  7. This is not authentic representation. I would say only Miss India ( the one who competes for the World) miss France, and most of the time miss USA that representation from their states/ regions genuine. Dito pinanganak ang nanay sa Batangas, na miss Batangas na ang tisay na rarely naman bumisbita sa batangas 😆. That’s what I admire with Hannah A. She is really from Masbate. She grew up spending vacations there.

    • @ Namrata Shirodkar That’s the important question – why does regional/provincial franchising NOT work in Philippines? Na-discuss na dito ‘yan’g bagay na ‘yan dati… Kasi, if it does, it would be the norm. But as it is, MPE, MWP, and BBP STILL SCREEN REGARDLESS OF ‘BAYAN’.

      YOU ALL SEND YOUR APPLICATION OVER TO THE HQ, kahit libo-libo pa kayo, kahit sandamakmak kayo’ng taga-iisa’ng probinsiya, kung swak kayo, pasok kayo’ng lahat. WALA’NG ‘PROVINCIAL/REGIONAL AGENT’.

      There’s in local male pageantry franchise proposals, but erratic… Some years may kakagat, some years wala… Tuloy, pa-iba-iba regional break down ng line-up with each year but they proceed with what they have/get… And always, Vis~Min representation leaves much to be desired.

      There must be something about our ‘social condition’ that makes such a scheme not viable. Kasi, na-try na ‘ata ‘yan dati du’n sa isa’ng tourism national, pero ‘di rin nagtagal… 😦

  8. Norman the recent MWP Gown Presentation naman pag-usapan natin. Ang tagal pa nitong MUP. Thanks.

    • Sa darating na Linggo na ang MWP. Sa katapusan pa ng September ang MUP ni Gaffud. Let’s discuss the MWP candidates, their gowns and stage presentations. Ngayon na! He, he, he…

    • Pansin ko lang dami mong kuda sa MUP pero comment ka din naman ng comment. Wag ka kayang mag comment kung ayaw mo ng MUP. Wait ka ng ibang post ng blogger o better gawa ka ng sarili mo para kontrolado mo ang feed.

  9. All these non-sense and greediness going on make me want to reiterate what Thomas said that don’t we miss the old days with Madam Stella Araneta where pageants were only for the most deserving chosen by the most discerning.
    MUPh has become a trash. Sorry

  10. Ang powerful ng visuals✨ lakas maka-PowerPoint, hihihi. Go go go Mario 😎👨🏻‍💻🤴🏼

    • @ charlotte york Mario Garcia made this? 🙂


      (I saw an MG ad yesterday… ‘From Bristol to Bohol’, daw… Must be selling well there. Congratulations!)

  11. Kahit ISANG LIBO, ISANG TUWA, BUONG BANSA… IMPORTANTE the LAST THREE STANDING will be Aberasturi, Dimaranan and Vincent. Leren Mae Bustista and Mirjan Hipolito completing the TOP 5.

    If Mirjan Hipolito can ace the Q&A rounds, pwede rin siyang maging MUP. Very tall, pretty, intelligent, etc.

    Maayong hapon sa tanan.

  12. The equitable distribution of regional participation in MUP only proves that this is an egalitarian society after all. The easing of the height requirement is in fact a plus factor for this pageant to be truly nationwide, grassroots and inclusive. After all, the average height of a Filipina woman is 4 feet and 11 inches: why agonize over the 5’4″ candidates?. Only Western hegemony over the former colonies dictates that height is a beauty criterion. And who are we to condescend the “barangay” beauty some bashers ascribe to the homegrown provincial reps? Physical beauty is relative as it is culturally-defined. What is beautiful from the cultural lens of a big city is not so from the cultural lens of a small town. And yet, the standards of core values and intelligence remain constant whatever the culture is.

    • It would have been truly representative and inclusive if some candidates from cultural minorities show up. Last year, a modelesque Iskolar ng Bayan beauty from Kalinga tribe joined. And a Batanes beauty with ethnic roots made waves. I wish they have rejoined. My personal wish list this year is that Aeta beauty that recently trended in the internet. That would have made this year’s assemblage of beautiful woman truly a nationwide celebration of beauty. Beauty pageants, after all, is not about winning the crown but a chance for everyone from all corners of the land, from all ethnicities and all social strata to be represented, heard and recognized.

    • Barangay Beauty does not mean “homegrown provincial reps” as there are barangays even in big cities. Barangay Beauty, at least in my definition, is a girl who would easily win a neighborhood beauty contest (whether in Tawi Tawi or Tondo or Taguig), but not a national contest. The question is why were these Barangay-level Beauties let in a supposedly prestigious pageant? (If you answered for money – you are correct!)

      I am all for letting SOME girls below 5’4 in, but they need to make up for the lack of height. What is being questioned is the fact that the shorter girls are also not very pretty. No redeeming factors unlike Karen Ibasco, who may not be everyone’s cup of tea (face-wise), but whose body, credentials, performance, personality, and advocacies justified a win. If a girl lacks in one aspect, at least overperform in other aspects. If a girl lacks a few inches, then be jawdroppingly pretty and sexy at least.

      Like, sure, take away the height limit, veer away from traditional standards of beauty, but screen the candidates, screen for substance, charm, skills, etc. Quality over quantity. I get you, money is money, pageantry is business. BUT are there really not enough short but good quality girls that they’ve let in one too many short AND poor quality ones?

      This is Miss Universe Philippines we’re talking about. The Philippines is a powerhouse country. The whole world is watching and look at what we’re presenting them.

      • Well said.

        Some commentators are being over sensitive, caterwauling and chest beating without analyzing the essence of a comment.

        Business is okay. Income is good. But please can’t they “moderate their greed” (as former NEDA secretary would advise PGMA). Ano to? Ubusan ng girls? And if the intention is to be “truly nationwide “, why not have 7,107 girls ? Meanwhile na uumay ang audience nyo sa dami ng mediocre candidates.

        I will bet my balls that the eventual winner will come from the 20 shortlist of the blogger. No need to have 100 , 20 will do.

        Your greed will be your hubris.

        World Peace.

      • I must agree with Paui here.
        After all Miss Universe is still a beauty pageant and it is a competition.
        If the so-called inclusivity risks our chances of winning then it’s futile.
        MUPh sends candidates to compete hence this process of selection I believe is applicable only to the likes of Miss America and Miss Thailand pageants wherein the winner does not have to compete abroad.
        Money is the main reason why MUPh is doing this which is ridiculous whether they admit it or not.

  13. Without sounding to be a defender for the MUPO, I think their prerogative on the selection process is purely their business judgment, not ours. We say whatever we say, but at the end of the day their survival matters. Please bear in mind that holding a franchise is business. You would not get the franchise purely for charity purposes. Even if an organization advances a certain cause, it has to earn to survive. Income is indeed the lifeblood of the organization.

    That’s all.

    • @AWL: That’s absolutely correct. Pageantry is an industry. And it is global. If it is not run like any legitimate business, it will die a natural death. Those who are whining over the business side of pageantry are unknowingly wishing for its extinction.

      • Agreed, Scorg. Pageantry is in fact a booming industry in the country. Imagine, we have four standalone pageants for the four BIG beauty searches on earth and the amazing fans at that! So why do other pageant enthusiasts protest the business undertaking of the MUPO in selecting its candidates? Do they know better than the organization?

        Even the MUO’s choosing of Eilat, Israel as this year’s pageant destination was not spared. Haha! The fans have varied opinion. Didn’t they know that Israel would be the best MU destination since that is the first and only country wherein citizens can gather free of face mask? MUO wants its beauty pageant celebrated with a huge crowd. Ang boring ng beauty pageant kapag walang cheers ng fans! Eh, ano kung walang Lebanon at Egypt representatives sa MU this year?

        That’s all.

    • Yes that’s what Aranetas have, the wealth, the power, the connection that people from MUP doesn’t have.
      Being an old rich family and a well connected business empire, getting sponsorships would be easy for them since they owned companies, like Jag, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut etc.

  14. IF the competition is FAIR enough, the GREASTEST THREAT to the rest (99) of the candidates is Victoria Velasquez Vincent (the half-half from New Zealand. Very tall, pretty, sexy and has excellent communication skills in English. Have you seen her interview with Lavinia?

    Only Katrina Dimaranan and Steffi Aberaturi can compete side by side with V3.

    • I am not just solved with VVV’s facial beauty. Her puffy eyes make her a bit older than her age. They should remedy that with the right make up. She also has to be Filipinized.

      That’s all.

  15. Maybe MUPh is still experimenting this year. Then they will re-asses if the same strategy is good for the succeeding years. I do not like the top 100. Better screen ahead qualified girls i.e. gorgeous, brainy and has a heart to help. Beauty + Brains + Beliefs.

  16. This reminds of a similar map presentation in FB of ‘Phalaenopsis Orchids of the Philippines’, made by some French-y site/page. 🙂

    Note that Uncle Blogger puts up Visayas and Mindanao. Luzon takes the back seat for now.

    Genobisa, by her participation in BBP, was from Davao… I guess this means she currently bases in Cebu. Kung sa bagay, she was Runner-up at Sinulog Festival Queen…

    Ybonne Ortega and that one beside her with the blue field,… Ah! Pamela Framil. Davao Region, si.

    Taga-Zamboanga Peninsula pala si Doloriel. Thought she was Cebuana… Former Miss SCUBA International with B-O-D-Y, no wonder the Icelandic beau.

    Vacalares, again ‘CDO’. Making Falconer successor to Veronilla, ‘MisOr’.

    Du’n sa 7, sino’ng ‘Bohol’? Or, ‘Tagbilaran City’?

    Juice me! 6 has A LOT for its land area. Led by ‘Aklan’ (still?), with Kesha as Iloilo ‘City’ or ‘Province’? And does that array include ‘Antique’, ‘Capiz’, and some other HUCC there?

    4B is MIMAROPA – ‘Masbate’ is Cuaton, ‘Romblon’ is Minano,… ‘Palawan’, ‘Puerto Princesa City’, so assigning ‘Mindoro’ (Oriental or Occidental?) to Bornilla?

    4A pala ‘yun’g dusky Montagne x Wilson combo… This, of course, is ‘LEREN LAND’.


    3 has Hipolito, Rabe, and that really pretty young-looking girl… ‘Pampanga’ cluster. Includes ‘Zambales’, ‘Olongapo City’, ‘Tarlac’, ‘Nueva Ecija’, a city in Nueva Ecija, and ‘Bulacan’?

    Do we have ‘Batanes’ this year (2)? I’m missing Jan Elcano. 😦

    • Flor, Masbate is not MiMaRoPa. The Bicolanos would get mad at you. 🤔

      Also, it’s too early to be bothered with the candidates’ hometown representation. When they get trimmed to 30, I am pretty sure they will get their respective sashes without issue.

      That’s all.

      • @ Ana Winter-Lund Yeah, you’re right. And just for the sake of argument, in case that 30 is dominated again by NCR+ (+ = 3 & 4A), which account for nearly half of the pageant population, then it would look like silly tokenism to have one each from Vis and Min… Numbers na lang, like MWP!

        This AP scheme is getting more complicated/confusing. 😦


        Ta’s, may isa diyan na under 4A pero we are fairly certain is currently based in the NCR kasi she is one of the ‘pageant athletes’ featured in an earlier post… Ang alam ko nga, dapat nasa MF siya ngayon, kaya nagulat ako narito siya… I assume nakapagpaalam siya ng maayos… 🙂

        And speaking of MF, which will fill up the August calendar with MPE and MUP once MWP wraps up this Sunday, iilan lang sila pero it seems a good number of them are actually where their sashes say they originate. I have for my Final 3 Paaske of Midsayap, North Cotabato, Topsnik of Bohol, and our eager-beaver McDonnell of Iligan City, Lanao del Norte. It’s interesting kasi it’s ‘maganda’ng Filipinas’ but there’s a superb selection of biracial beauties. Mdme. Eva must be very proud!

  17. Sa totoo lang , lahat ba ng lalahok sa patimpalak ay lumaki ,ipinanganak at nanirahan sa probinsiya na kanilang kinakatawan. Sa tingin ko ay hindi lahat . Nasaan ang mga katutubo na marahil ay nangngarap din na makalahok. Kaya hindi tunay na “truly nationawide” .

  18. I personally know one of the filler girls. My heart breaks for when she realizes they were taken for a ride.

    On the other hand, I guess it’s fair consolation that they get the bragging rights that once upon a time they made it to Miss Universe Philippines. Never mind that there were a hundred of them. Being one of the 100 “best looking” females of a country for one year is still something to brag about.

    I wish though they’d actually set their standards high. A lot of the filler girls are of poor quality, face-wise.

    This is voting po no? So a handful of the fillers will make it to top 75? And some good quality girls will be eliminated just because they do not have the online clout. Truly heartbreaking.

    Another wish is for the top 30 elimination to be based solely on judges’ scores. Filler girls making it to top 30 is only going to expose them further to online bashing.

    • This “100 candidates” reminds me so much of the arrogance of the Look Book boasting of 100 artists.

      We don’t need 100 stylists / artists if the output is amateurish and arts & craftsy. In the same manner that we don’t need 100 candidates, if many are fillers and barangay level standard.

      What is wrong with having 20 quality candidates? Quality more than quantity please. It is unfair to all candidates.

      The all-inclusive, all-encompassing, all-welcoming gimmick should stop somewhere. While most beauty pageants have indeed evolved to be more than beauty as a consideration, it is STILL a beauty pageant.

      Oh well, someone said this is all about business and income. But make this subtle and not garapal. Halatang-obvious naman. Hehe.

      World Peace.

      • Removing the height limit opened the gates and let the short AND not-very-pretty candidates in.

        The only problem prior was tall BUT ugly, now we have candidates who are short AND ugly.

        I agree, this inclusivity BS should stop somewhere. A line has to be drawn somewhere.

        And no, I’m not saying I’m better looking than these short AND ugly candidates, I’m not a contestant so this isn’t about me. This is about MUPH being a BEAUTY CONTEST, not a CONFIDENCE CONTEST.

        Not even a DREAM CONTEST. LOL. One of the filler girls was banking on the “This is my dream. I promised my 5 year old self that I will be Miss Universe someday.” Filler girl is 5’3 or 5’2. Does not have the face to match the dream. But has the brains and confidence and clout, so… okay.

        Is this really where we’re headed? Beauty queens are looked up to and admired because they belong in a highly exclusive circle that only those blessed with good genes, good upbringing, good education, and, I guess, good luck, have access to. Now that we’ve allowed basically ANYBODY in that circle, it’s no longer as special or inspiring or interesting. It’s bothersome. It’s disturbing.

        I can forgive one Karen Ibasco. She’s at least 5’7, well-proportioned from the neck down, has decent pasarela, a queenly demeanor, and amazing speaking skills. I hear she’s actually passably pretty in person. She’s a physicist FFS! These girls that are let in – social media clout chasers, barangay beauties, etc. – what do they have on Karen Ibasco? And we are to respect their life choices, because hey, it’s 2021!

      • Paui, ang puso mo. Lol. Natawa naman ako sa this is not a dream contest. Lol.

        But yeah, we have the same sentiment.

        Sadly, our local pageants have become a pissing contest. Pataasan ng ihi. Who has the most number of candidates? Who has the widest coverage? Who has the most number of stylists supporting the pageant? Who can stage a live pageant amidst the pandemic? Who can stage it the earliest?

        Even just watching the national costume competitions lately, (miss earth, MUP, Bb Pilipinas) – nakakasuka na sa dami pero pa ulit ulit na concepts. Banig, Pak-pak , butterfly sleeves, Muslim, fake flowers na parang takaw-alikabok, palakihan ng palara sa ulo, sa likod, sa buntot. Lol.

        Nawala talaga ang aspirational aspect of pageants. Anyone and everyone can join. Dime a dozen.

        Many things can be said about Madame Araneta — but don’t you kinda miss the days when there was just one local pageant?

        World Peace.

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