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  1. Interesting how Miss Filipina International and the Miss Teen version show how the average Filipina face truly looks – round, fleshy, almost brachycephalic, with an undefined bone structure. It’s how foreigners see us.

    Filipina queens in the local scene are all westernized/hispanized/made foreign-looking with all the poorly-done nose jobs, cheek fillers, chin liposuctions, and photo filters.

    Not saying one is better than the other. Just observed how Filipinas queens abroad look more Filipina than those celebrated locally.

    • Paui sa Amerika gustung-gusto ng mga Pilipino roon yung mga exotic looking Filipinas because sawang-sawa na sila sa mga blonde, brunette at mestiza.

      Dito sa Pilipinas BUMABAHA ang mga KATULAD nina Abesamis, Galeria, Santamaria, at Ibasco. North, South, East & West. Luzon, Visayas at Mindanao. Pag labas mo ng pintuan ng bahay or gate ninyo, MARAMI silang makikita mo. Ikaw ba naman kung araw-araw mo itong nakikita, magsasawa ka talaga.

      Kaya gusto ng mga Pilipino rito yung mga half-half katulad nina Catriona at Hannah.

      Magandang tanghali sa lahat.

  2. @ serge Sino ‘yan’g ‘nico’ na ‘yan?! Ba’t ‘di ko nakita?! Aaawww…. 😦

    @ MissTaken LOVE that movie! LOTS of girls, in fact, do… Liam Neeson at his utter sexiest! 🙂

  3. Miss Filipina International has YET to establish its credibility and reputation in the international pageant scene by (1) STAGING HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTIONS, (2) SELECTING VERY COMPETITIVE SETS of CANDIDATES, and (3) PROCLAIMING TRULY DESERVING WINNERS. The same thing has to be done to its sister pageant – Miss Filipina Teen.

    Hindi yung comparable lang sa mga beauty contest staged in 5th CLASS municipalities in the Phil.

    Moving on to Karen Ibasco and Gazini Ganados (as once again mentioned by Scorg). In BPP 2019, Hannah and Vickie gave WEAK answers to their questions and denied of the crowns. Ganados DID NOT ANSWER the question at all but delivered MEMORIZED lines (not related to the questions) and awarded the MUP title. There was INJUSTICE.

    As to Ibasco, there were so many deserving girls who did not make it to Top 16. It was MORE THAN ENOUGH for her to be a semifinalist. BUT NO, Miss Earth organizers pushed her to the end of the competition making Karen the 4th Filipina ME titleholder in a decade. The result: Miss Earth’s credibility and reputation plunged into the deep sea. And so ME has become one of the LEAST LIKED pageants in the Earth (UGLY WINNERS, POOR PRODUCTIONS, CONTROVERSIES such as DOMs & sexual allegations, etc.).

    Good morning to all.

  4. This is Sir Norman’s blog. He can post whatever he wants 😛 I think it’s great to give light to pageants like this because it gives us pageant fans a preview of candidates that may join in bigger pageants. Let’s not bash people and organizations who want to showcase the beauty of the Filipina. Holding pageants, aminin natin, has given sooooooooo many people jobs, exposure, etc whether through designing, training, fan club organizer, hosting, judging and more. Let’s celebrate and support ALL pageants.

    Also side note, those pageant fans who are praising/bashing the fact that there will be some countries that will not/can not participate in Miss Universe is quite disgraceful. These poor candidates have no control over what their country’s political history is, but unfortunately the candidates have to suffer the consequence. Truly sad. Also, Filipinos are always the first one to say…”ay kung andyan lang ang Pilipinas talo si ganyan talo si ganto”. Winning a crown, but not having a full group of candidates may not be a huge win if you think about it. Let us be the powerhouse that all fans can look up to…in performance and in fandom.

    Thanks for reading guys.

    • Your name is very apt with your comment.

      1) NO ONE is asking Norman to not post anything. He is free to post what he wants to post. My comment was an honest question dear (ex. If gratis ba or may income ba sa pag feature ng any article). And there is nothing wrong if free or fee. Lol.

      2) The mere fact that the blogger allows comments to be posted means he is open to comments, inputs, suggestions. If your stand is to support ALL pageants, some us do not feel the same way.

      3) I agree with your second paragraph.

      World Peace.

  5. So MFI used to be Bb. Pilipinas USA (2013) and its theme is promoting Philippine tourism.
    Great!!! 😍

  6. On one hand, this will be a good source and training ground for possible candidates who can eventually join bigger national pageants (Bb. Pilipinas, MUP, MWP, MEP). And since the candidates are probably of the mixed-race kind, their looks will be varied and interesting.


    Staging yet another “international pageant” have already inundated us. I have lost count on how many international ek ek pageants there are. They have become sadly dime a dozen. The luster, mystery and the aspirational aspect of joining a pageant have somehow diminished.

    I can not help but wonder if there is money being made in creating, staging such an event.

    Which brings me to my next honest question : When a blogger features or posts some obscure, relatively small-time pageants or personalities- – are these out of the kindness of the blogger (gratis), or does one get paid to do write about them?

    World Peace.

    • @ THOMAS No…., po. The vast majority aren’t mixed race. Refer to earlier post on same topic.

      Miss Filipina International and Miss Filipina Teen : The Big Comeback, 20 July 2021.

      Sometimes gratis, dahil personal~close friend. Sometimes, paid BUT THEN OTHER BLOGGERS AS WELL (recent example is one of the current MWP candidates and was given her own entry).

      I now wonder kung may ‘take’ din ang blog service provider, as a result. 🙂

      @ paul Baka gusto mo mag-advertise ng mga halaman mo dito…?… Norman will surely be glad.

      • Thanks Flor Tulo.

        Hmmm. Sa dami ng plantito at plantita ngayon, okay nga siguro mag advertise ng halaman dito sa blog ni Mr. Tinio. Ang name Planti-Ti-nio! Lol.

        World Peace.

      • Thanks my Frend. Palakihin ko muna Flor ang aking Philodendron Pink Princesses para mabenta ko nang mas mahal. He, he, he…

      • @Paul: You can do a Jojo Bragais. Donate your saplings to ME candidates for them to plant. Give the best to those you love to bash. I’m sure they will all love you!

      • Pwede Scorg. Thanks for the nice suggestion. I am open to the idea of donating my saplings/seedlings to ME organization and its candidates. I am negotiable naman. He, he, he…

        To the pageant GIRLS I always BASH (Abesamis, Galeria & the latest – Santamaria), I DO NOT HATE THEM as people & citizens of this country. I believe they deserve to be happy, to love & be loved, to attain successes in career and life in general.

        But giving them national beauty titles when other girls are FAR MORE deserving, that’s another story.

      • @Paul: Sir Norman can facilitate the donation. You can partner with any logistics company as co sponsor on this undertaking. O di ba…! This will be a good advocacy, better than “stop the war” and “world peace”. I’m not saying this is a good antiseptic to your ascerbic language in this blog. I’m also not saying that this is a good peace offering to those you bashed (hello Karen Ibasco, hello Gazini Ganados). All I’m saying is that at least one commenter here who has hectares (?) of rare ornamental plants can align with the ideals of MEP on nature preservation.

    • @Thomas, as in Too Much: On your last question, @Flor said the answer is both Yes and No. In my experience, one cannot have any press release, infomercials and advert inserted in any media if you do not pay. The cost of any insertion depends on the size of the copy, and of course, the size of readership/ coverage of the media.

      Weird Piece/

    • Yes. The majority of the candidates aren’t mixed race. History lang ha candidates from North America historically lahat pure pinay. Anjanette Abayari, Tisha Silang, the original universe ’99, Patricia Bermudez, Katrina Dimaranan, Nicole Guerrero. The girl na batch ni Zora Andam.

  7. Ok… Just caught a few minutes. WIFI’s going crazy atm; I don’t know if the rains of the past days have anything to do with it. And it will be dark here where I am before long…

    Telle, an alumna of theirs. Cool! I think she’s the kind of overseas Pinay that can work in a local pageant DAHIL BATA PA LANG PABALIK-BALIK NA SA ‘PINAS, therefore not very unfamiliar with the ‘terrain’. As opposed to someone who will use a ‘Fil-Comm’ sash as rationale to come to the country for the very first time… I really hope she penetrates the MUP Cinco Ultimo this time!

    WOW ang partner-sponsors! PAL, DOT, and is that Porsche??!!

    Good Thu PM, Mr. Tinio. How is Mr. Winston related to MisOr Gov. Yevgeny ‘Bambi’, po? 🙂

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