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  1. I think it’s between Jasmine Umali and Maureen Wroblewitz..

    My Runner-ups/Top 10 would be:
    Steffi Aberasturi
    Beatrice Luigi Gomez
    Leren Bautista
    Kristin Delavin
    Katrina Dimaranan
    Victoria V. Vincent
    Zandra Mae Diokno
    Maria Ingrid Santa Maria

    So excited! 😍😍😍😍

  2. Have a listen to Coldplay x BTS’s new colab “My Universe”. It’s perfect for Miss Universe. 💖

  3. dami haka haka
    wala pa nga kandidata ang Felepens

    jusmiyo maghunus dili kayo

    • Oh well, Chris Martin is pro- Israel-Palestine coexistence so baka hindi nga. 🤭

  4. I was surprised by the news that the Red Sea resort city of Eliat will be the site of the next MU pageant, given the volatile situation right now between Israel and Palestine. Eliat had been the target of attacks by militants — I looked it up — there have been at least 15 rocket attacks between 2005 and 2017. The deadliest one, in 2011, killed 8 and wounded 30. While the resort city’s proximity to the Egyptian border might be problematic, it is far from the Gaza strip. Well, at least we can be sure the Israelis will do its utmost best in regard to security.

  5. Isn’t Miss USA in late November? I guess the org is unfazed their delegate will have little time to prepare.

    • Apparently not fazed, LOL. The US delegate is prepped by the MUO itself and most likely will place in MU given her close familiarity with the organization — but to be honest, most Miss USA candidates are very well prepared — each state delegate would have had to win their home state pageant to compete in Miss USA , and that alone is worth months of preparation.

  6. Maybe next year , in order to balance the scales of sisterhood , MU 2022 will be hosted by UAE… it is about time ! they have been in the rumor mill for so long , maybe next year it will come true ! a perfect bookend to MU 2021 !

    • @ jaretwrightlover Mag-ho-host lang, ha! No host delegate, kasi one of us said ’emirati’ ladies are ‘too sosyal’ for pageants. 🙂

      Hanggang kailan ba kontrata ng Telemundo? Kung wala lang sana’ng financial issue with Costa Rica, du’n talaga dapat… We can be fairly sure they will want to bring the pageant back to their part of the world asap… Ta’s, mayroon pa ‘yun’g wi-nork-out ni Boss Jonas na Nepal hosting with the country counterpart, na supposedly nga is 2022. 😦

      But really, we all need to recognize and acknowledge that a big part of the Israel hosting is that they more successfully curtailed the pandemic than a lot of other countries. So far. All the best!

      • Oh if they will host, they should be ready to send a delegate ! It’s just the civilized thing and the courteous thing to do ,,,

  7. Malaysia and Indonesia are both members of Organizations of Islamic Cooperation. Lebanon is Arab League. OIC and Arab League doesn’t recognize Israel as a country. I hope Malaysia, Indonesia and Lebanon will be able to join the pageant.

    • Problema na yan ng national MU Organizations ng Indonesia, Malaysia at Lebanon. Kung ayaw nila e di huwag. Indonesians and Malaysian cheer for Philippines. He, he, he…

  8. One thing I do not like about Steve Harvey’s hosting MU is that he TALKS SO MUCH ABOUT HIMSELF. In 2019 he wasted ONE HOUR of the 3-hour telecast on TV/social media. The focus should be the delegates, more exposure on screen rather than Steve’s useless blah, blah…

    Side commentators should be Catriona and Zozi.

    • And just watch, he’ll reference his Pia/Ari error again in his hosting. 6 years after it happened he’s still wringing it dry!!

    • I think that Steve is harnessing a modern Bob Parker. While I do agree your sentiments on this, he is much better than the previous editions’ hosts i.e. mario lopez olivia culpo natalie morales melanie b andy cohen etc

      Steve can improve and become way better. But I miss Bob Parker’s enthusiasm, wit and energy

  9. How safe is Israel considering the decade-long conflict between this country and Palestine. Three months ago, the whole world saw how many were wounded and even died because of the disputed territory. For now, there is an on-going ceasefire but how long will this peaceful situation stay?

    • The situation is very volatile that may compromise the safety of the candidates.
      Israel must arrange thousands and thousands of bodyguards, police, army to ensure the safety of all events, venues, hotels etc. or else this may be a disaster waiting to explode.
      I’m not sure about the factors that were considered by the MUO in bringing this event to Israel.
      I’m afraid!

  10. Indonesia and Malaysia have withdrawn from Miss Universe 2021. I certainly hope that it is not because of the host country … no place for that in the MU stage especially the 70th year celebration

    • If this is true, it is surely because of the host country as these two countries if I remember it correctly, are among those countries that do not recognize the Jewish state of Israel.
      Do you know that the main aim of these countries that are against Israel is to erase it from the world map and yet Israel remains to be the most progressive and modern nation in the Middle East.
      Btw, I believe MUO has it wrong this time. There will be a lot of candidates who will withdraw soon.

      • but it’s possible that for the first time, UAE and KSA send their delegates to the MU… maybe even Qatar ,& Bahrain … and we might see the return of Miss Jordan to MU since the early 1950s …

      • UAE and Saudi will never send candidates to MU or to any beauty pageant for sure.
        Emirati women are too “sosyal” and Saudi women are too conservative for beauty pageants.
        Jordan, Iran and Iraq might send their candidates to Miss World instead having not compete in swimsuit.
        Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and other North African countries except Egypt have ceases sending candidates the Miss Universe pageant a long time ago.

  11. Given the storied partnership and friendship of Israel & the Philippines especially during WWII when we welcomed Jewish refugees, in pretty confident the Philippines will be one of the countries to be given more airtime and print space in Israeli media. Fingers crossed

  12. Its a subtle way of telling Olivia Culpo that they gave her a chance but she did a lousy job

  13. I saw/read something… that Israel launched a ‘green VISA’ scheme last month that would allow visitors/tourists in who completed either Pfizer-BionTech or Moderna jabs… How’s that coming along? 🙂

    This part of the world – the Levant – would be nice to explore from a naturalist’s standpoint, too.

    I think it was here that grain originated. Also, the hybrid ‘Rose of Damascus’ used in parfum.

    Rosa x damascena… And the Lebanon cedar, now exceedingly rare. Used to build King Solomon’s palace.

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