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  1. Boss ALV can make this a memorable year for MWP by giving the top title to a KF girl.

    That’s either Ganiel or Emmanuelle…

    My prediction line-up remains more or less the same except that we have to make an allowance for the possibility that Ganiel will win MWP. If that will be the case, I will need to send Vera to…RHA! And thus from my ‘middle tier trio’ comprised of Supranatiobal, RHA, & Eco-Int., De Mesa, Perez, & Pangindian will just have to agree amongst themselves who to withdraw… BUT, IF ‘MULTINATIONAL’ IS STILL IN, ‘ETO ‘YUN’G PUWEDE’NG SUMALO.


    I liked ‘Paton, Krishnan, and Aberasturri’. When Tito Norman was blogging on possible applicants for BIG Nationals back in 2019, these three names were the ones I added my voice to… 🙂

    Paton, the frown at the Press Conference, I would like to believe she was just not feeling too well that day. But the PN’s episode was the nail on this semi-coffin… I was expecting ‘not that’. 😦

    • (Cont.)

      Well, semi-coffin pa naman… ‘Di pa totally nagsara ang takip.

      Updated and I really hope near-the-end na ‘to kasi effectively they’re just waiting out the two-week break (25 July ~ 8 Aug) mandated by IATF as standard fourteen-day incubation period for possible proof of transmission… And I suppose they’re all snugly tucked in home quarantine at wala na’ng activities.

      MWP – Krishnan. I will go ahead and cut the drama. Anyway, Mdme. Julia always gets her way.

      MEco-Intl. – whoever Dr. Rezk likes more, between Nava and Paton. ‘Yun nga lang, who is out is ‘Miss Nothing’.

      MEco Teen-Intl. – kung ‘di isusuko ni Dindi ang Bataan, HINDI’NG-HINDI ko isusuko ang MisOr! 🙂

      ReinaHispanoFil – Vera.

      MultinationalFil – either Pangindian or Perez; balance will be Pariwisata.

      EnvironmentFil – Arceo.

      Semi-finalize the following – Rebortera, Barcoma, Pascual, Nicha, and… Jung (so Bosses Paul and Jam will be happy. Puwede rin’g switch sila ni Arceo, pero ‘pag ganyan sila na ni Boss ALV mag-uusap).

      Notes :

      1) Dilla and Famorcan must lean up/trim down and cross over to MUP.
      2) Austria and Babao can, on height and svelte-ness alone, cross over to BBP next time/year.
      3) De Mesa will be my sacrificial goat/chicken. Refer to above, about agreeing to withdraw. BUT, CROSS OVER ASAP TO MPE DAHIL SURE-WIN ‘TO’NG BATA’NG ‘TO!

  2. Ganiel Krishnan is pretty much assured of the Miss World Philippines crown. She’s in all of the challenges except Sports. The MWP crown is 100% hers to lose. The MWP Org is very transparent when they want to crown a girl.

    Dindi Pajares comes closest to Ganiel in the number of challenge wins, but she’s overaged for MWP so no chances there.

  3. “it’s Miss World or nothing.” O SIGE IBIGAY sa kanya ang NOTHING. Her communication skills are just passable and good enough in Q&A. Ano ang ipinagmamalaki niya? Huwag siya masyadong kampante kasi taga-KF pa naman siya. Arnold Mercado is the big (gay) man in MWP Org.

    Asha Gutierrez is a far better communicator, taller and pretty as well. Emmanuelle Vera is another excellent girl for MWP but needs to be REPACKAGED to suit JM’s taste. Anne De Mesa is also a very good contender and only needs little polishing for MW stage.

    • I remember yung screening niya na halatang nakukulangan yung panel sa sagot niya sa Intorduce yourself tapos sasabihin na good communicator. Iba naman kasi ang newscasting… Sobrang overrated.

    • I super agree! Ang yabang nung “It’s Miss World or nothing” niya.

  4. Kudos and thank you to the pageant bloggers and vloggers who braved the heavy rains just to cover this event. Hopefully, you were well compensated.

    By the way, Tito Norms, when will you release your fearless forecast?

  5. To the one who said “it’s Miss World or nothing” you just don’t blurt that out without first working hard on your body and performances. You had all the time to prepare and yet you fell into complacency just because you’re a celebrity and a favorite of some peeps in the org. Your performance during the head to head challenge was disappointing. You should have been eliminated when you went head to head with Tracy Maureen but because you had the connections, you still made it to top 5. But lo and behold, during the final round, it ultimately showed your weakness. (see for yourself) Puro surface level lang but your answers have no substance. How can you be sent to Miss World? The press presentation and the head to head challenge revealed your weaknesses. It showed the state of your body. Turns out, edited lang pala yung mga photos with a toned figure circulating social media. Then your q and a skills limited. You can expound on your thoughts. So I must say, there are far more deserving girls than you. You’re just over-hyped! and if you still win, cooking show na yun…humanda ang org as pageant fans know who is truly deserving.

    • DO NOT WORRY MY DEAR. HINDI SIYA MANANALO ng MWP because she BELONGS to the RIVAL NTEWORK. Maybe a minor crown. ANOTHER REASON – SHE is from Kagandahang Flores (KF). SHE is NOT an A&Q TALENT. Remember: Arnold Mercado runs the pageant.

  6. I don’t see anyone who fits the MW mold yet because most of them are of RHA and Eco Int’l caliber.
    Tracy Maureen Perez is very Eco (pretty face just like our past reps)
    Emmanuelle Vera and Ann De Mesa are very RHA (similar to Katrina Llegado)
    The overhyped Ganiel Krishan looks stout
    I really don’t know. I’m afraid
    In the past editions, we could almost single out the clear winner from the get go in the likes of Katarina Rodriguez, Michelle Dee etc but in this batch hmmm I dont know and I mean it not in a good way.

    • With that being said and sad, my favorite for now is Tracy Maureen Perez although I’m not sure how far can she go. I’m hoping that she gets the top crown.
      That’s all!

      • @ JustPassingBy Both Dindi Pajares and Tracy Maureen Perez, at 28, are ineligible for MW.

        The age ceiling there is 27.

        I think about Ganiel’s performance so far. I think the only Fast Track she didn’t place at was the first one – Sports and Fitness (ironic considering she once reported on the collegiate sports scene). Looks stout? Well, Shudufadzo Musida has womanly curves… Is she ‘stout’? 🙂

        We seem to still be not too optimistic of our prospects at MW (refer to @ THROWBAKLA’s reply below), so does that mean we can just send anybody for participation’s sake. O’, ‘eh siya! Send Ganiel, kasi sabi niya “Miss World or nothing”.

        Tapos, pinanalo ni Mdme. Julia. Windang tayo’ng lahat, for sure! Talk about a curve ball moment.

        (For all we know, Mdme. might like her. Did we see Toni Anne Singh coming? Ayaw ‘ata ni Mdme. ng mga malakas ang arrive, like Michelle and Katarina. After all, one of us said, Julia Morley is looking for someone who can be her Diana Spencer while herself still queen. YOU UPSTAGE JULIA MORLEY AT YOUR PERIL.)

      • Hi Flor,
        Ok then send Maureen to Supranational but with a golden tanned skin.
        During the auditions, my eyes were on Ganiel as well but as the competition progresses, I thought she is not the one to beat afterall. She looks stout for me because of her body proportion and height not to mention obscured neckline (not sure of that is the right term)
        I mean Katarina’s predecessor was only short but she looked tall.
        I don’t think Madam Morley will love her either.
        I dont know, Im conflicted. Just my opinion though
        Do not take it seriously.

      • Flor, Shudufadzo Musida is a lot taller. Yung nga lang ang HIPS niya kasinlaki ng DRUM. He, he, he…

        I THINK JULIA MORLEY WILL CROWN A VERY PRETTY GIRL FOR THE 70TH Anniversary of Miss World. Usually, she only crowns an UGLY winner once in a decade. Or sometimes twice in 10 years.

        1970 – Jennifer Hosten, Grenada
        1972 – Belinda Green, Australia
        1981 – Pilín León, Venezuela
        1987 – Ulla Weigerstorfer, Austria
        1990 – Gina Tolleson, USA
        1993 – Liza Hanna, Jamaica
        2001 – Agbani Darego, Nigeria
        2009 – Kaiane Aldorino, Gibraltar
        2010 – Alexandria Mills, USA
        2019 – Toni-Ann Singh, Jamaica

        Among the 2019 global winners, Toni-Ann is the LEAST GOOD LOOKING. 2019 Miss Earth winner from Puerto Rico is the prettiest. 2019 Miss International from Thailand is very cute looking while 2019 Miss Supranational (from the same country) is charming. Zozi is the best communicator of them all.

    • The pretty girls are with MUP and BBP. Cannot fault them kasi MWP and MW are lutuan talaga. Lalo na ang MW.

    • It’s Emmanuelle Vera for Miss World Philippines for me. She has what it takes to win the fast track events. She is good in singing (TALENT), dancing (dances of the world though not a fast track event), meaningful advocacy for little girls against violence and exploitation (BWAP), good pasarela skills (Top Model) and most of all, despite her being sick during that time, she did well during the head to head challenge. She is also stunningly beautiful, posh and elegant looking.

      Tracy Maureen Perez has good pasarela and q and a skills so I also don’t mind if she wins the MWP crown.

      It’s a toss up between Dindi Pajares and Kathleen Paton for the Miss Supranational Philippines crown.

      Janelle Lewis, Ganiel Krishnan, Riana Agatha Pangindian, Shalla Rebortera, Trisha Martinez, Joann Flores, Ruffa Nava, Joy Barcoma, Ann de Mesa are also crown worthy for the other titles.

    • who? Kathleen Paton? she’s fierce looking lang but such a sweet girl 🙂

  7. @ H. Late post po ito… The Press Conference and Swim/Beach Beauty were done on that day.

    @ Ana Winter-Lund You may have interchanged the two cross overs from MUP 2020… Tracy Maureen Perez of ‘Cebu City’ and Jo-Ann de la Torre Flores of ‘Laguna’. 🙂

    Though, technically TMPerez is a returnee… Same batch as Hakkenson in 2019; both semi-finalized… Long-hair pa si Billie nu’n… Long-hair, parang rock star, LOLZ.

    Naalala ko tuloy si Ivanna Kamil Pacis* na co-Princess ni Lemon nu’ng 2016… We all know who won that year.

    * – MUP-Makati City 2020

      • @ Ana Winter-Lund You replied to @ paul’s comment, 21 July 2038H… You said, ‘Tracy Ann Torres’. ‘Yun lang naman. I just thought, maybe you got a wee mixed up. I don’t blame you. I get that, too. Lalo ngayon, nagsabay-sabay ang mga BIG Nationals natin, all within just a week or so of each other, with a sprinkling of inaugural smaller pageants, complicated by crossing over… 🙂

      • SORI ANNA & FLOR. Ako ang may kasalanan – TRACY ANN TORRES! Ha, ha, ha…

        Kumusta na kayo today may BYUTIFUL and INTELLIGENT (online) FRIENDS? Sana magkita tayo in person after the pandemic. Hay buhay!

    • Bitaw ihatag na kay Rufa ang isa ka crown kay 28 na siya. Dili na sya ka-join next year kay tigulang na sya for pageantry.

    • Baby Nica,
      Ruffa and Dindi already won the top two crowns a long time ago.
      Hence, Ruffa and Dindi will never get the top two crowns all over again.
      Ruffa is happily single with two kids while Dindi just did a multi-media exhibit there in the Philippines and has returned to the US since then. She currently vlogs on youtube called “Table Talk with Dindi” which is Looveeee.
      So yeah Dindi and Ruffa will never be crowned again hahahhaahha

      • @ JustPassingBy KALOKAH. 😦

        Na-shock ako. Inisip ko, ”dili ba sa Philippines Air Force si Dindi? So, ang totoo USA Air Force siya’? Ta’s ‘yun’g kay Ruffa, ‘may MGA anak na siya? She left them in Iloilo’?

        Which reminds me…

        ‘Yun’g Palawena from BBP na gusto natin’g mag-try ulit, may anak na rin daw. Not Lubina, of course… Sabi nu’ng isa’ng vlogger.

      • Hahahhaha Flor,
        I was actually laughing while replying to Baby Nica.
        I love both Ruffa (Guttierez) and Dindi (Gallardo)

    • 9 A&Q candidates: Gutierrez, Pajares, Perez, De Mesa, Pangindian, Dilla, Austria, Babao & Palmares.

      World – Gutierrez, De Mesa or Dilla
      Supranational – Pajares, Gutierrez or Dilla
      Eco International – Perez
      Eco Teen International – Austria
      Tourism Philippines – Pajares, Perez or De Mesa
      Environment International – Gutierrez, Perez or De Mesa
      Reina Hispano Americana – Perez, Pajares or Dilla

      Kontento naka Bong? He, he, he…

      • Sina Babao at Palmares lang ang medyo mahina sa 9 na kandidata ng A&Q.

        Mukhang 4 hanggang 5 ang makakakuha ng korona.

        Yung dalawa pwedeng maging runners up.

      • Paul , Dindi mahina???
        She’s the most polished -face body and skin !!!!
        And I believe she will do well at Q&A . She may not have the English facility like the other girls , but she is good at Q and A . Remember Janine T… who doesn’t have good conversationsl but does well at Q&A ????

      • Angkol WALA naman ako sinabing MAHINA si Dindi Pajares. SAAN MO NAKUHA ang info na yan? Inaantok ka na siguro dyan sa New York at wala pang dinner. He, he, he…

      • Kol hayaan mo lang muna yang si Palmares. More practice and experiences pa for her. Sister pa naman yan ni Rabiya sa Miss Iloilo, ang tumalo sa Bella mo. He, he, he…

  8. It is obvious that Pajares has the best body but not the best facial beauty … MW has no beauty of figure category

    • Hindi na rin pwede si Dindi sa Miss World dahil 28 na siya. Supra siya qualified age wise.

  9. With all these challenges, sumusuki si Emmanuelle Vera & Ganiel Krishnan but if you are going to give high percentage for the BWAP, hahabol si Dindi!

    Emmanuelle is close in clinching the crown but Dindi might spoil her chances baka mukat mukat mo si Dindi ang ipadala sa Puerto Rico and Emanuelle in Poland,

    Kaya kung ako kay Emmanuelle, make sure she come prepared come finals night! She did well in the Head to Head challenge but not superb! Yung reasoning niya is still canned slash mediocre! Considered superb for me is yung mala-Cinderella Obenita answer! Maganda yung choice of words, maganda yung sentence construction, maganda yung delivery! And hindi inuumpisahan yung sagot ng “I believe…..” shorva!

  10. Bakit nag separate day pa sila for this challenge eh same venue and swim wear naman ang ginamit? I hope hindi ito yung sinuot nila nung presscon or nilabhan man lang or at least bago.

  11. Good job. Pangandian, Krisnhnan, Pajares, Paton, Vera, Lewis, and Guetierrez happen to be my favorites too. For me beach beauty could be either Pangandian or Pajares. Both have very gorgeous bodies.

    • Serge pwede itong mangyari sa 25th – Pangindian (RHA), Krishnan (Tourism), Pajares (Supra), Paton (Eco Int’l), Vera (World), Lewis (Eco Teen), and Gutierrez (Environment). He, he, he…

  12. The Top 10 in the pool, este, beach beauty challenge are expectedly the strongest candidates in MWP. They have already made wave at the inception of the pageant, so the eventual winners will come from this mighty 10.

    Still, I have Kathleen Paton for the top crown. Others will fight it off for the other crowns.

    That’s all.

  13. Eight out of TEN MUP Beach Beauties are crown worthy.

    Miss World Philippines – Asha Gutierrez or Emmanuelle Vera
    Miss Supranational Phil. – Dindi Pajares or Riana Pangindian
    Reina Hispano Filipinas – Tracy Ann Torres, Emmanuelle Vera or Riana Pangindian
    Miss Eco Philippines – Kathleen Paton or Tracy Anne Torres
    Miss Eco Teen Philippines – Janelle Lewis (GMA artist siya di ba?)
    Miss Environment Philippines – Asha Gutierrez or Ganiel Krishnan
    Miss Tourism Philippines – Ganiel Krishnan or Dindi Pajares

    Runners Up: Riana Pangindian, Dindi Pajares or Tracy Ann Torres

    Other Excellent Contenders (for the crowns) are Anne De Mesa and Danica Dilla

    Bubbling Under (Top 16): Ria Siozon, Joy Barcoma, Megan Campbell, Tatyana Austria, Shannen Manzano, and Natasha Jung.

    Very Strong Contenders (Top 25): Michelle Arceo, Pauline Robles, Shaila Rebortera, Gwen Fourniol, Mika Leonardo, Dannah Tempra, Trisha Martinez, Angelica Famorcan, and Rufa Nava (please).

    Maayong gabii sa tanan.

    • Paul, I am trying to process who Tracy Ann Tores is. I have been following MWP but no such name is deemed a frontrunner by the followers.

      That’s all..

      • Ha, ha, ha… Tracy Maureen Perez. lapses, lapses at laging nagmamadali sa pag-post. Thank you Ana. Kumusta ka na my dear?

      • I am good naman. I love the perfect cuddle weather, especially that my husband is finally here. Hihi!

        Ingat tayong lahat sa Delta variant. It’s a lot alarming than Alpha variant. I hope you already had your Covid-19 vaccine, coz I had mine and it’s highly effective to fight against any variant. I’d like to see the same commenters here after Delta infects another thousand bunch of Filipinos nationwide.

        That’s all.

      • I had my 1st dose of Astrazeneca last May. My 2nd dose will be next month.

        Thanks and ingat palagi (with your husband).

    • @paul I agree with your choices. Emmanuelle Vera for MWP. I better check Asha…I’m not familiar. Sana this time Tracy, Riana and Dindi will finally win titles. And yes, strong contenders nga sila Doktora Trisha, Shaila Rebortera, Angelica Famorcan and Ruffa Nava. I think Michelle Arceo will also win a crown since she’s a talent of ALV.

      There are girls na overhype lang but there are others who deserve to be hyped.

  14. Ganiel looks as though WALA syang NECK! Parang si Quasimodo!— If i remember Megan Young,..She may be just 5’7″ but her neck…just like a Swan!! She gives the illusion of height,that Queenliness!!..Halos magka- height lang pala si Paton at Krishnan.

    • Bakit hindi nakasama si Anne De Mesa? She is a lot better than Krishan. Krishnan has short torso and neck and still lot of unwanted pounds.

      • I agree with you. She has a fanbase kasi so it’s so easy for her to be hyped but the head to head challenge and press presentation where she was wearing her swimsuit showed her weaknesses as a candidate and hindi talaga sya pangMiss World. If they’re saying that she’s suitable for it because of her Indian lineage and JM loves to crown Indian girls, I beg to disagree because she crowns Indian women with substance…a Miss World should know how to speak deeply and substantially but she had a disappointing performance in head to head. Pano ba yan? pa-tweetums ang mga sagot. I wonder how she made it to top 5 when clearly she was slayed by Tracy Maureen. Pero pinapasok pa rin…Nung hindi na kinaya ng mga connections at brain cells, na-eliminate rin. Top 2 finalists for the head to head were Tracy and Emmanuelle. Then during the prescon, you can see a not so pageant ready body (i’m not body shaming her, just sticking to what i saw) Yes, you may say that there’s no swimsuit competition in MW but still, it showed her lack of preparedness and complacency. While other girls are working their ass out to keep fit, here comes a complacent candidate dahil lang favorite sya and marami syang fans and “Miss World or nothing” daw. I find it arrogant. In life, you dont get what you want in a silver platter. You have to work hard for it and show that you’re truly deserving. Well, if there’s a title that suits you just because of your Indian lineage, then be sent to Miss Multinational and have a photo in Taj Mahal. You belong there.

  15. Let Pangindian31 show us how it’s done, Papantoniou-style*!

    ‘O, dili ba? May something ang akin’g Sade Nicha? 🙂

    LONG~SLENDER AmbrielPascual9 and Babao21 (sorry, I forgot her name)… Puwede’ng pang(beep!!!…**)…

    Tito Norman, wala ‘yun’g Batangas chick-en mo, po. At, ‘yun’g dalawa’ng ‘torre’ – Dilla & Austria. 😦

    LOVE Dindi’s abs! Will sing “Dindi” tonight to lull me to blissful sleep.

    Guys, look at Paton and Vera right next to each other… One has the bigger head, like what @ Fabian Reyes said… So, whose face stood out? Isn’t it the bigger one?

    * – Evelina Papantoniou, MUGreece 2000 and Runner-up to Fedorova Oksana… Or was it Cynthia Lander-Zamora (Venezuela) that was?… Kung gayon, ano’ng year si Evelina?… Specialty talaga ng A&Q ang ‘Papantoniou’-style! Even Atty. Patch M. does it well.

    ** – …peeseeeaaiii… LOLZ.

    • Flor si Evelina Papantoniou was 1st runners up ni Denise Quinones in MU 2001. Si Cynthia Lander naman was 4th runners up in MU 2002.

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