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  1. Lots of great candidates this year. I’m leaning toward Katrina Dimaranan. Beauty-wise she reminds me of a Venus+Janine combo. Tall, dark, beautiful, strong comm skills, driven and outgoing personality, talkative — a great match for MUO — with exceptional pageant experience to boot.

    Good luck to all the girls!

  2. Di maintidihan ng marami dito na itong Top 30 lang naman talaga ang official contestants at yung Top 100 to 50 ay screening lang pero ipapakita satin process kaya malamang marami pa talagang chaka sa Top 100 na yan 😂 For sure sa Top 30 puro competitive at magagandang girls na lang ang matitira at dun nyo makikitang competitive talaga tong year na to for MUPH.

    Kung nagiisip lang sana mga na brainwash ni Lavinia dito, ginawa nila yang cut to Top 30 para maalis mga pang Puteri at Miss Manila levels na girls unlike last year at di na makaapak pa sa stage. The real pre-pageant starts kapag 30 nalang sila

    • @ Luh Tita Lavinia said that?… “… pang-Puteri at Miss Manila levels…”? Oh, my. 😦

      (YPI was very gracious to Catriona when she visited…)

      She just flushed Jihane, Paton, and my Agatha Romero (Runner-up) down the storm drain. Yikes!

      ‘Yun ba’ng 30, pageant bubble na ‘yan? Where? May balita ka, po?

  3. Sorry but I find Maureen bland and she looks sad in all her photographs. Her eyes are as gloomy as London afternoons. She should learn how to smile with her eyes. I want to know more about her background.
    MU does not want someone who looks sad to represent its brand.

    • Correct! Try to watch her Asia’s Next Top Model (ANTM) videos on YT to know more about her personality and attitude.

    • Basing on ANTM? Remember Maureen is handled by A&Q and had Eat Bulaga hosting experience now.

  4. How long will this pageant take? Hope it doesn’t take forever 🥀💨🙆🏼 I understand their org needs sponsors and financial support to come in, but considering the time needed to prepare the candidate/s, there’s a risk. For example, Pia and Cat were already exposed to pageantry but the precious few months leading to their event molded them into winning pageant queens. Just saying. 👑💐🕊

    • Jmgonzalesme MUP Finals is 25 September…. MU is late-December…

      So, that’s the entire two (2) months of October and November to prep.

      Madali lang basta malaki following ng winner, as the case was with Samantha Bernardo because it translates to an extensive network from which to draw resources.

      So, imagine kung Kirsten Delavin or Maureen Wroblevich win. Easy! 🙂

      • @ Abcde KUNG sila ang mananalo. But in any case, two months should be just about right…

        … Let’s assume na mayroon na’ng nakalatag na plano sina Boss Albert et al.

        And if another noob like Rabiya wins again (when you think about it now, very much a Cinderella Obenita story in her own right!), then it’s a chance to not repeat the mistakes. And RECOVER.

        Erratum. Wroblevitz.

      • You do have a point @FlorTula. Given that Sam Bernardo was physically-mentally prepared to take on the MGI challenge head on, her team was also quick to address her needs for the said pageant.

    • Good point @jmgonzalezme. Most likely on the get-go pa lang, they want to earn off all these names. Baka gawing reality series pa, like MU Malaysia. I don’t think preparation ang mangyayari kung di sponsorship projects like Rabiya and her court. Linggo-linggo na kay Willie.

    • @FlorTula, @Abcde, @charlotteyork 💐 That’s great . Let’s hope for the best, that MUP will deliver on its goals. One thing that makes the other pageant brands iconic is their consistency, but I guess MUP is still establishing its brand. All the best 🕊

  5. My Top 5

    Maureen Wroblewitz… You got the goods…

    Wow Zandra Mae Diokno… If she’s part of the political Diokno clan then she’s a descendant of Gov-general Berenguer with Demetria Sumulong… Her family heritage alone could be a sure win at Binibini.. I hope she got all the ideal qualities of a beauty queen…

    Jazmin Umali… I hope this Rajah Matanda descendant would research from both sides of the fence 1st before throwing political shade at anyone. I know you got the brains, its in your blood… I’ll still root for you even if we dont share the same political opinions. i hope this experience would open your eyes and allow you to see the bigger picture.

    Beatrice Luigi Gomez.. sure top 5.. You got it…

    Steffi Rose Aberasturi- Another sure Top 5

    Katrina Dimaranan- Wow.. BBP and Supra 1st RUp..

    Leren Mae Bautista- ok possible runner up finish.

    Victoria V. Vincent

    Kirsten Delavin

    Ingrid Santa Maria- I see great potential in her..

  6. Tons of mixed ladies this year with unusual first names/surnames. There is Jedidah Korinihona from Davao del Sur who is half Solomon Islander, Sheikha Calapatia who is half Arab, Miriam Damoah who is half Ghanaian, Princess Singh (half Indian), Kheshapornam Ramachandran (half Malaysian/Indian), Anor Sohad Zarifeh (half Arab), Chella Falconer (half-American), Christiana Afia Yeboah (half Ghanaian), Maureen Wroblewitz (half German)., Daisy Batch, Jessica Holz (half German?),

    • And pretty soon, a half-Filipino, half-Filipina. Lol.

      And since height is no more a requirement, pretty soon: Half. Lol.

      World Peace.

    • To me, halfies who are born and raised in the Philippines are more worthy representatives of the Philippines than a full-blooded Filipina who were born and raised abroad and come back solely to join beauty contests. Those halfies I refer to have embodied the spirit of a true Filipino: embraced its culture, history, ideals and aspirations.

    • @ mik I just remembered… There’s an orchid named after the English Curator/Director of the Calcutta Botanic Garden in the 1800’s… Dendrobium falconeri.

      Well, yeah. Not a Philippines species… But, it should thrive in the cooler heights of Misamis Oriental and Bukidnon, Chella’s domain. Colorful and fragrant!


      • Steffi is actually Steffi Pearson Aberrasturi. Mestiza yan both sides. Mama nyan probably Americano mixed. Tatay malamang old spanish Mestizo from Cebu

  7. Stalker ako ni Maria Corazon Abalos. In her LinkedIn, it is stated that she graduated from DLSU with the degree in AB International Studies major in European Studies. She has worked as Language and Culture Assistant at Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture & Sports.

    Having said that, she is a shoo-in for the MUP crown if the MU pageant would be held in Costa Rica because she speaks Spanish well.

    I also liked her beauty, mala-Chat Silayan na mala-Miriam Quiambao. She also looks tall dahil mahaba ang kanyang magandang leeg at mga biyas. Sana maglabas pa s’ya ng mga photos.

    That’s all.

    • Nawindang kadin agad sa Degree nya sa DLSU? Jusko basta pasukan mo lang at mag aral ka magiging cum laude ka jan. You don’t need to be super smart.

      • @ Gul & @ paul Here we go again.

        Do we still need to put weight on academic credential? As one of us said, it might mean little at MU.

        Ta’s, ATTITUDE. Recall MUCanada who impressed with her social activism, ‘yun pala wala’ng utang na loob (M5 issue). At least one us detected early on na may something with her…. 😦

      • Gul dear,

        What you have stated is a mockery to a great institution in Taft Avenue, and that gave me goosebumps. How I wish you’d show your real identity and tell that in the face of La Salle graduates.

        Anyways, stating a fact about someone’s academic background shall never be a shaky thing. Pero ramdam ko, ikaw ang nawindang because of your comment. Nakakaloka ka.

        That’s all.


      • In DLSU, depends on what program you are in, pasukan mo lang at mag aral ka lang ( as you should) papasa ka talaga. However, they’re very strict to professional degrees like engineering, accountancy etc. 🙄 Also, athletes who missed the mark in Ateneo most of the time transfers to DLSU and become Dean’s lister.

    • Maria Corazon Abalos is only 5’5″ one of the shortest. I still prefer taller girls at least 5’8″

      • But she looks tall because she has broad shoulders and well-proportioned body frame, unlike Rabiya.

        That’s all.

  8. Just going by the photos above (and we all know the importance of a captivating, interesting face [note: I didn’t say beautiful face], these are my top 6:

    Ingrid Sta. Maria
    Victoria Vincent
    Loren Mae Bautista
    Beatrice Gomez
    Maureen Wroblewitz
    Kirsten Delavin

    The list may still change. Bearing, gravitas, being articulate would spell a lot of difference. But for now, those are the girls to beat.

    World Peace.

    • Santamaria! Very common (exotic) face NOT just in the Philippines but in the ASEAN Region as well. Even in Singapore. He, he, he…

      Clue: The HIGHER the ALTITUDE you REACH, the MORE LOOKALIKES of Santamaria you SEE. Just like Abesamis and Galeria.

      • Dear Paul,

        I do not know what you are trying to ejaculate (di ko alam kung ano ang gusto mong palabasin. Lol).

        You say “the higher the altitude, the more Santamaria, abesamis and galeria you see?”. You may be referring to mountains or heaven. Therefore, they look like monkeys or they look like angels? Lol.

        World Peace

      • @ paul Yes. At ~1500 masl, we find the men of the Luzon Cordilleras, their beauty world-renowned. 🙂

      • He, he, he… Noong KAPANAHUNAN ni Thomas at ni Serge, the Santamarias are Spanish Mestizos. Ngayon, bi-racial pa rin PERO naiba na. Half-Filipino, half _________.

      • Hay naku Paul. Masyado kang mapang mata. Lol. Ikaw nga, Half-Filipino. Half Filipina! Lol.

        Ok lang mukhang monkey, doon nag mula ang tao e. Ang worry ko, ikaw. Mukhang doon ka papunta. Lol.

        World Peace.

  9. MUPO can do a MWP… Send to MU a fresh face, kasi Mdme. Julia doesn’t like cross overs.

    Sa madali’ng salita, ‘give others a chance to have a taste of international competition’.

    If so, out na kaagad sina Dimaranan, Leren at Janela. But, only one of them will penetrate Final 5.

    Yep, I agree. It’s for Steffi to lose… This might be her biggest risk yet! She will be Bella’s successor?

    We are sure a front-runner will win. We can also be assured of a Cinderella Obenita come-from-behind. Of course! Padadaig ba MUP sa BBP? 🙂

    VVV, if she doesn’t, can use this as stepping stone to further her agenda in the country.

    Rabiya when she won was very unifying. WE NEED SOMEONE LIKE THAT. Someone around whom fans and factions can gravitate once the dust settles. Charismatic, amiable, TALL, FIT, & facially superior (not Plain Jane). Or, fully-compliant with @ Fabian Reyes’ specifications. G!

  10. My bet is Katarina >> Leren
    Ilo-ilo has amazing facial features but like Rabiya, she is too provincial . And speaking ability is limited
    Not a fan of Stefi but I think she will do well at MU

    However ,
    With the current health situation, the MUP coronation will likely be postponed to a later date.
    Ysabella Roxas Ysmael, 24, Philippines !!!!

    • Kol parang nakatali na sa iyo si Ysmael. Mabuti pa sumali na lang siya sa MWP. Magugustuhan ni Julia Morley ang kanyang ballet performances. He, he…

  11. A very strong batch indeed. I could just imagine if Ahtisa Manalo, Patch Magtanong, Bella Ysmael and Pauline Amelincx were there! Though there are a number of pageant heavyweights, I believe that MUP is a new ballgame altogether for veterans and newbies alike. I’d like to think that the contenders are to be judged not just on their physical beauty but also on their intellect and core values. The veterans frontlined competitions that weighed heavily, if not wholly, on physical beauty. This makes for a level playing field for everyone. Good luck girls!

  12. My Top 5: Steffi, Katrina, Leren, Victoria & Christelle. Alt are Maureen & Janela. I believe it is Steffi’s.crown to lose.

  13. No love for the half-Ghanian Afia Yeboah? UPD Geodetic Engineering graduate with a passionate social advocacy?

      • Flor schoolmate man diay nimo si Yeboah. Parehas mo bright! He, he… Maayong buntag frend.

      • @Flor, @Regina: I support anyone with superior intelligence, admirable core values and universal beauty. The three qualities are my yardstick for a confidently beautiful woman. Intelligence and core values last; physical beauty fades in time. Intelligence is inborn; core values are nurtured at home and in the community; physical beauty is culturally-defined. Intelligence is measured in terms of scholastic achievement; core values are gauged in authentic advocacy; physical beauty is judged based on the cultural lens of the beholder. If Afiah Yeboah posesses the three qualities of a confidently beautiful woman, am sure she will make for a worthy contender.

    • @scorg

      I’ve seen Afia in UP. She was active in campus politics and even ran for USC councilor under STAND UP. I’m surprised she is joining a pageant. Aren’t pageants supposed to be anti-women progress, according to the reds?

      She’s also around 5’2 or 5’3 in person.

      • My dear schoolmate rin pala kayo ni Flor. Pareho kayong bright. Congrats.

      • @Regina: I don’t know anything about Afia, but if she is a UP activist as you mentioned, her joining MUP must be motivated by her realization that this pageant is a platform for empowered women to resonate her ideas and ideals to broader audiences. Pageants that still cling to the antiquated concept of beauty, where a woman’s worth is judged only in physical terms, are the “anti-women” variety that you are refering to.

      • Regina what is your course in UP? BS Molecular Biology & Biotechnology (MBB)?

  14. The first 10 in the list of tito Norman will be the front runners I guess and most probably they are the top 10 as well.

  15. I am wondering why you did not include Maria Corazon Abalos in your list, Tito Norms? I find her beautiful and tall.

    That’s all.

      • I hope you meet her in person, soon. What I like about this girl is her refreshing debut in pageantry. Her dusky innocent feature gives me a Miriam Quiambao feels, and I have been dying to see a rebirth of such class and sophisticated pageant girl on a national stage.

        Maria Corazon is so private albeit the fact that her parents and grandfather are public figures. In fact, I could hardly search her photos on social media. She is also quite reserved in only telling she is vegan.

        I will definitely watch out for this girl. Sana mala-Miriam Quiambao din ang poise n’ya. Oh, I am so excited.

        That’s all.

  16. Apart from 100 qualifying candidates, malabagyo ang batch na ito!

    I wonder what will be the signature walk of Maureen!

    If ever Maureen wins and then MUO lets Maureen win, she will cloak the continent of Asia i.e., if MUO is not trying target other geographic areas.

    At a young age, Maureen was able to stand her ground during ANTM. I admire her silent tenacity.

    Sorry but I am all focused to Maureen. Go go go Maureen!

    • Philippines following Maureen during ANTM + MU following Maureen would be unprecedented.


    • Maureen wasn’t a flawless contestant during AsNTM, but what I admire about her is her strength. Teenager pa lang siya when she joined AsNTM and grabe yung bullying na natanggap niya, pero dedma si girl. Walk lang yung weakness niya for me, sana naimprove na ng A&Q.

  17. I am blind.

    I have my eyes on 4 candidates…but my heart is for, and that I am blind to Maureen. Hands down really. I love Maureen. ❤

    God bless all the candidates.

  18. My favorites are: Santamaria, Bautista, Delavin, Vincent, Cuaton, Aberasturi, Wroblewitz, Dimaranan, Gomez, Hipolito, Umali, and Abello.
    This is a very strong batch. I am sorry Shamcey. I am not accepting your offer to be the judge in this year’s final. I find it really hard whom to choose this year’s winner. I have migraine and i do not want to aggravate it. CHAR! He he he.

    • Serge Santamaria! FAR MORE EXOTIC than Abesamis & Galeria

      Leading the Pack (as of today): Dimaranan, Aberasturi, Bautista, Hipolito, and Abello

      Very Strong Contenders: Ramachandran, Gomez, Cuaton, Vincent, and Wroblewitz

      Bubbling Under: Sheikha Calapatia, Charlene Bailey, Joana Rabe, Jasmin Unmali, and Jamaica Venturillo

      • @ serge & @ paul Oo, naman. ‘Di naman siya kukunin ng The Camp if there was nothing to her.

        The Camp FOCUSES/SPECIALIZES on KILLERS ~ Alaiza, Bella, and Telle.

        So, tatlo (3) manok nila ulit – Sam, VVV, & Telle.

        THE REAL TEST to see if The Camp is no fluke is if they can give Telle a Runner-up finish this time. The other two, well relative noobs and this is their first MUP attempt. Mas mataas ang expectation ko kay Aklan!

        What this means now is, just like that, may nabuo na’ng ‘Cinco Ultimo’ sa utak ko. Here it is.

        Telle, the Cinderella Obenita come-from-behind, Aberrasturi, one of the cross-over queens Dimaranan~Bautista~Cuaton, and siyempre one of my favorites; kaya nga pamburit, lolzzz…

  19. Tough 5: Leren, Steffi, Maureen plus 2 wild cards like Rabiya…

    Tito Norm, is Leren still with A&Q or is she having her independent campaign ala Catriona?

    • Feel ko Jojo Bragais siya. Planado yung exposure niya nung Miss Universe ang talino.

  20. I was the first one to post my (premature) Top 30 last night. Here they are:

    First 15: Steffi Aberasturi, Katrina Dimaranan, Leren Mae Bautista, Christelle Abello, Janela Cuaton, Beatrice Gomez, Marjan Hipolito, Victoria Vincent, Khesha Ramachandran, Jasmin Umali, Joana Rabe, Charlene Bailey, Sherlyn Doloriel, Maureen Wroblewitz, and Kirsten Delavin.

    Second 15: Jane Genobisa, Jamaica Venturillo, Chelda Falconer, Maria Corazon Abalos, Princess Singh, Sheikha Calapatia, Franchesca Palabrica, Jaymee Hana Padilla, Noelyn Rose Campos, Charlene Jay Bailey, Daisy Batch, Chiara Lim, Hershey Gail Dacera, Zandra Diokno, and Alyssa Georgia.

    Meron akong double entry (Bailey) so 9 ang pagkakaiba kay Norman at wala sa aking listahan. Sila ay sina:

    Evora, Santamaria, Framil, Vacalares, Yamat, Cundangan, Minano, Damoah at Abordo.

    Good morning to all.

  21. Is Christelle Abello a repeater? Is she the same girl who represented Aklan last year?

  22. Ang mga nanginginig sa tindi ng Excitement kay 5’4″ Kisses ay yung mga Pabebe generation na kilig sa PBB Housemates!! Hoooy! Hindi porke artista,…MUP BEAUTY QUEEN na!!
    Kung from Showbiz lang ..mas di hamak na may K ang isang 5’9″ KLEA PINEDA!!

    • Kung 5’4″ lang naman and artista, i will go with Arra San Agustin. Kate Valdez is 5’7″ daw and she is just 21 years old. Faith Da Silva din, very gorgeous. may hawig kay Pia W. These 3 girls have the most beautiful faces sa Kamuning sa younger generation (with Marian, Heart, Carla and Megan sa older ladies nila).

  23. ang pambansang pa-bebe magsalita – kisses D. not phenomenal, not inspiring.

  24. final 30 is too many for me … I would still narrow it down , we can still cut down 5 more to get top 25 (salang sala)

    My premature top 5:

    • actually on second thought, a Top 20 is much better , much better for tighter competition …

      • @ Viggo Bjorn Sir, go watch the music video of One Voice Children’s Choir for “When You Believe”.

        Their rendition of the Disney-Pixar animated film’s (The Prince of Egypt) OST banner single, filmed at Omaha Beach in Normandy, the lyrics separated into English, Hebrew, and French parts.

        There are three female choir members front and center, playing violin… The middle tallest looks JUST LIKE A YOUNGER VVV. 🙂

  25. Really? Kisses? Baka ayaw mo lang mabash ng fans niyo Tito Norms kaya ininclude mo.

    • That is Sir Norman’s Picks. Let us respect his choices.

      Impossible din na hindi pumasok sa Top 30 si Kisses.

      50% Fan Votes ang lahat ng Virtual Challenges! Siya pinaka marami fans and supporters

      At deserving din naman yung Bata


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