5 comments on “Miss Filipina International and Miss Filipina Teen: The Big Comeback

  1. ang masasabi ko lang ay bakit ang tsatsakaritzbangalooshiri ng candidates?

  2. If I were given two (2) weeks in Philippines, dapat ALL IN na destination – nature (both beach and mountain), food, anti-culture (para edgy~youthful), GREAT ROAD NETWORK, & PRETTY… boys.


    Kahit du’n na ‘ko for the entire two weeks, solve. Who needs a generic megalopolis like (beep!)?

    Well, I already have five provinces in mind – three in Luzon, one in Visayas, and one in Mindanao.

    All five, I’ve been to at least twice, so I know what I speak of…

  3. Standout among the Miss Filipina Int’l candidates is the last girl in 5th row
    Standout among the Miss Filipina Teen is the Ist girl in the 2nd row.

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