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  1. With how the competition is designed as it is turning out, an uninformed observer will think that the only crown at stake is the MW , but in reality there will be six or five crowns up for grabs for other international pageants which do not mirror in any way how MW is conducted … is this a good idea to conduct this pageant this way ? …

    • @ jaretwrightlover One of us brought up something along that line…

      Bakit ‘di na lang daw pagsamahin ‘yun’g mga franchises na ‘terno’ (match/similar)? To wit…

      MW & MI
      MU, MS, & MGI
      ME & MEco-Int.

      It may, first of all, have to do with COST… The various franchises cost differently… What happens if you end up with ‘only-the-high-end’ brands, or vise versa? Maybe you want to diversify your portfolio, so you’d have something for all market segments. 🙂

      Of course, may internal politics din ‘yan among ND’s… ‘Di maiiwasan ‘yan. This results in the kinds of ‘combos’ we see, varying from country to country…

      To the best of my knowledge, the only country that has one ND for all the Top3 – W, U, & I – is, you guessed it right, VENEZUELA. I would like to be corrected, if I’m wrong. Arigatouuuu….

  2. Guys, were you able to catch the Head2Head ‘Bataan showdown’ between Lea Macapagal & Dindi?

    Ganu’n ba ang Head2Head? One candidate is allowed to choose her ‘side’? ‘Di ba unfair ‘yun? Or, may advantage na siya from an earlier round?

    Five (5) days na lang! Baka nag-re-rehersal na sila…

    Tama lang timing ni Boss ALV. ‘Di sila nag-stretch out indefinitely, unlike the others… Sana lang, ma-e-expedite ‘yun’g preparations nu’ng pang-Supra natin… No sooner would she be crowned ay sabak agad; ‘di na natin siya ma-na-namnam. She will be done as quickly as she arrived.

    • Flor 5 days na lang before MWP finals. Mag-post ka na ng final picks mo, please. Thank frend.

  3. There are 7 MWP candidates who are already in the CEILING age. Sino sa kanila ang makapag-uuwi ng korona?

    #7 Donna Balaoro
    #22 Dindi Pajares
    #26 Jo-Ann Flores
    #28 Rufa Nava
    #34 Maricollin Ramirez
    #36 Tracy Ann Torres
    #37 Rachel Valera

    Please share your choices among these 7 girls. Thank you.

  4. Reminder to girls who are eyeing the MWPh crown:

    MW is all about poise, poise, poise and not so much about brains, big words, and impressive resumes. Remember it’s all about charity work, noble causes, etiquette, and diplomacy. Mind your manners. The conservative brits hate over-confident braggarts who think they know it all.

    Nonetheless, MWPh is a different contest altogether. The goal is to convince AV that you are going to rake in some money with a talent contract, so if you can be both come pageant night: elegant yet artistahin, poised but very commercial ang beauty (masa), AND well-mannered while still being THE star of the show, then congratulations!

    The reason the MWPh crown is so hard to clinch for frontrunners is because AV has a hidden agenda in choosing winners. The reason Ph delegates find it hard to place in MW is because AV & JM have different tastes in beauty. AV wants girls he can manage as artistas, and JM wants girls who can play princess Diana.

    We are yet to find another Megan Young.

    • Excellent Commentary on MWP, ALV and JM.

      Pwedeng mag-showbiz: Natasha Jung, Shannen Manzano, Gwen Fourniol, Dannah Joy Tempra, Kyle Dorado, & Kathleen Paton. He, he, he…

      • Girls that were already artistas before MWPh: like Chanel Morales, Wynwyn Marquez, Isabelle de Leon

        Girls who were already on TV before MWPh: Laura Lehman, Alyssa Muhlach, Casie Banks

        Girls with artista parents: Alyssa Muhlach, Zara Carbonell, Michelle Dee

        Girls who became artistas after MWPh: Katarina Rodriguez, Sophia Senoron, Cynthia Tomalla

        These girls placed in MWPh under AV’s leadership. Do we see a pattern?

        2021 Girls who are already artistas: Janelle Lewis, Emmanuelle Vera
        2021 Girls who are already on TV: Ganiel Krishnan, Shaila Rebortera
        2021 Girls with artista parents: (?)
        2021 Girls who are going to become artistas after MWPh: lol

        Artista beauties: Joy Barcoma, Kathleen Paton, Michelle Arceo, Natasha Jung, Gwen Furniol, Trisha Martinez, Angelica Famorcan.

        Other girls like Anne de Mesa, Dindy Pajares, and Tracy Perez are artista pretty but I do not see them taking roles on afternoon soaps. Maybe a short stint in Willie Revillame’s show? LOL

      • Very informative and comprehensive. Thank you so much Paui. Good evening to you.

      • @ paul & @ paui Another reason De Mesa, Perez, and Pajares might not thrive in show biz…

        They’re tall. MAHIRAP HANAPAN NG LEADING MAN. Ang uso ngayon, boyish. Ang bagay sa mga tulad nila, ‘yun’g mga manly… (Like that guy who played PSG body guard to Pres. Gabby Concepcion at the recently concluded “First Yaya” evening television drama on canale 7)

        And anyway, Sgt. Pajares would most probably have PLENTY options as far as manly men come.


        Well, Ruru Madrid is boyish~tall… And he’s working out… But I think we need more Arthur Solinap and Allen Dizon types. I highly doubt this ‘boy trend’ will persist.

      • Maraming artistahin sa batch na ito Flor. Maraming ibi-build up na career si ALV for GMA. He, he…

  5. My Latest MWP Picks:

    Miss World Philippines: Anne De Mesa, Emmanuelle Vera or Asha Gutierrez
    Miss Supranational Philippines: Dindi Pajares or Danica Dilla (both A&Q)
    Reina Hispano Filipinas: Tracy Anne Torres, Riana Pangindian or Emmanuelle Vera
    Miss Eco Philippines: Kathleen Paton or Tracy Anne Torres
    Miss Eco Teen Philippines: Janelle Lewis (19 pa siya di ba? at GMA artist)
    Miss Environment Philippines: Ganiel Krishnan, Anne De Mesa or Asha Gutierrez
    Miss Tourism Philippines: Ganiel Krishnan (TV Personality) or Dindi Pajares (Flight Attendant)
    Runners Up: Pangindian, Gutierrez, Dilla or Torres

    Top 16: Joy Barcoma, Ria Siozon, Megan Campbell, Natasha Jung, Tatyana Austria, and Shannen Manzano

  6. Good job. de Mesa, Grishnan, Pajares, and Lewis are getting closer to the crowns.

    • How close Serge? He, he, he…

      De Mesa – Miss World Philippines or Miss Environment Philippines
      Pajares – Miss Supra Phil. or Miss Tourism Phil.
      Krishan – Miss Tourism Phil. or Miss Environment Phil.
      Lewis – Miss Eco Teen Phil. (parang sure na ito)

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