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  1. ‘O, guys. Ayan, ah! 600. Last year, nagpa-discount si Boss Jonas to 300, ‘di pa rin kayo kumagat.

    Tapos, gusto niyo, mag-leak na-naman ng results… Kaloka. 😦

    ‘Live performances from some of the country’s best performers’, daw… Siguro, mga EmpirePH talents ‘to… Kevin Montillano, PLEASE. 🙂

    Ta’s, I wonder if plans push through for a city in the Visayas to host the Final…

  2. We can easily spot the frontrunners in the Top 100 and, for me, the clear standout is Leren Mae Bautista. She is very Filipina and her beauty can captivate the Latin crowd. And the girl that gave me much curiousness upon seeing their headshot is… Maria Corazon Abalos. Napa-research talaga ako kung may iba pa s’yang picture. I found one. Standout dusky Filipina beauty rin pala s’ya and, take note, anak s’ya ng MMDA Chairman na si Benhur Abalos. Alta itong si girl at hindi kalat ang kanyang identity sa social media. Siya ‘yung tipo na real rich kid whose identity is for their society’s consumption lang. Long swine neck din s’ya kaya patok s’ya for me. I’ll watch for her agad.

    That’s all.

    • Ana MOST if NOT all of the EXOTIC looking GIRLS we had sent to MU when they were held in Latin America DID NOT DO GOOD.

      1977 Sto. Domingo, Dom. Republic – Anna Lorraine Kier (I do not know why)
      1978 Acapulco, Mexico – Jennifer Cortez (sleepy looking eyes, a bit exotic)
      1982 Lima Peru – Maria Isabel Lopez (exotic & controversial)
      1986 Panama City, Panama – Violeta Asela Naluz (exotic looking)
      1989 Cancun, Mexico – Sarah Jane Paez – (poor packaging/styling)
      1993 Mexico City, Mexico – Dindi Gallardo (a bit exotic, oriental looking)
      2001 Bayamon, Puerto Rico – Zora Andam – (exotic looking)
      2002 San Juan, Puerto Rico – Karen Agustin (very exotic looking)
      2003 Panama City, Panama – Carla Balingit (short & petite, boring)
      2004 Quito, Ecuador – Maricar Balagtas (exotic & personality not apt for MU)
      2007 Mexico City Mexico – Theresa Licaros (half baked & not interested in winning)
      2009 – Nassau, Bahamas – Manalo (very oriental looking)

      We should send someone like Shamcey who has that ‘universal look & appeal’ and can be Latinized.

      Leren Bautista is very similar to Maricar Balagtas (personality & looks).

      I just hope hindi (MUNA) matuloy sa Costa Rica this December. May mga tsismis na hindi raw muna.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund I’m sorry, pero ‘di ko maaari’ng palampasin ‘to… Happy days lang. 🙂

      Long ‘swine’ neck… Please tell us this was deliberate.

      (Ms. Abalos, sorry po. Tao lang. ‘Di kami hayop.)

      @ paul Yes, I saw something that confirmed the Costa Rica hosting would be postponed. But the 2021 edition will push through year end and by default that’s USA (again).

      Quito and Lima sound really nice. I probably would have, in another place and time…

      • @ paul Today marks the end of the hadjj season, no? 🙂

        The Feast of the Sacrifice, commemorating Ibrahim’s obedience to God.

        Well, believe it or not, marami ako’ng didiligan. LOLZ. Despite the rains, may mga halaman dito’ng ‘di naaabutan man lang ng angge… 😦

        I was looking at this last-30 matrix… A few faces I think might interest modelling agencies…

        Sierra Manasis (a dusky Pinay-style combo of Maureen Montagne and Maggie Wilson), Ybonne Ortega, and Zandra Mae Uy-Diokno. All three possess SMALL nose and mouth, tres tres femme!

      • That’s a bad typo error, my dear Flor. You know that I meant “swan-like” neck. Maria Corazon has not publicly posted her photos, pili lang. Pero so far, I have seen a few of hers, and she is naturally and effortlessly gorgeous. She is on top of my bets now alongside Leren. I favor Filipina dusky beauties this time than any other.

        That’s all.

      • enjoy the holiday flor. paano kita mapapadalhan ng mga bulaklak? do you like philodendrons? ty.

  3. They should choose someone who is a pageant veteran, given the amount of time from coronation up to MU proper come December (Leren, Katrina, Steffi, Janela)

    Yung hindi questionable ang ganda (Steffi, Maureen)
    Rampadora like the latinas (Steffi, Kat, Leren)
    I dont want to give too much emphasis on Q&A this time because Ms. Meza clearly didnt perform well during her time.

    Therefore all things considered, I would give the crown for now to Steffi!

  4. obvious naman na yung ibang kasali for clout lang or para pag-usapan. MUP wag kame

  5. Who is this Kisses girl that everyone is talking about? hihihihi

    Wow Maureen… She is going to be an interesting candidate. I am not sure if she has IT yet.

    I am for Leren in this edition. Someone who is a veteran and does not need a TON of transformation. She’s already represented us before and most importantly, she has great network of designers who will help her right away.

  6. After seeing the 100 MUP Official Delegates, these are my Top 30 based on initial (facial) impressions:

    First 15: Steffi Aberasturi, Katrina Dimaranan, Leren Mae Bautista, Christelle Abello, Janela Cuaton, Beatrice Gomez, Marjan Hipolito, Victoria Vincent, Khesha Ramachandran, Jasmin Umali, Joana Rabe, Charlene Bailey, Sherlyn Doloriel, Maureen Wroblewitz, and Kirsten Delavin.

    Second 15: Jane Genobisa, Jamaica Venturillo, Chelda Falconer, Maria Corazon Abalos, Princess Singh, Sheikha Calapatia, Franchesca Palabrica, Jaymee Hana Padilla, Noelyn Rose Campos, Charlene Jay Bailey, Daisy Batch, Chiara Lim, Hershey Gail Dacera, Zandra Diokno, and Alyssa Georgia.

    What do you think? Good evening to all.

  7. Oooh Philippine pageantry is going to get noisy on social media this year with Kisses Delavin joining.

    We are about to see messy, cringey fights between Baby Bra Warriors (for Kisses) and Baklang Kanals (for frontrunners.) Interesting.

  8. Oh dear sumali si Kisses! Ang hadlang sa mga pangarap ni Katrina, Leren at Steffi.

    Si Maureen din naki sali pa!

    As much as may Clout si Kisses, Kontesera sana piliin!


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