18 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2021: The Next 30 of 100

  1. I saw a video feature of one of the perceived MUP 2021 front-runners today. She is in this matrix.

    I am getting a Hannah Arnold 1.0 vibe. Yup. NOT 2.0. Meaning, a semifinal finish… For now.

    What lessons can she glean from BBP-International 2021 that could hopefully be useful?

    Alas! As they are from different camps and national organizations atm, I doubt the Aussie will reach out to the Kiwi.

    Ganito na lang… 🙂

    Tito Tinio, can you convince the MUPO to do an ‘ABSOLUTELY-NO-MAKE-UP’ Head Shot Challenge for the first 100-75 cut? I think the candidate in question will easily emerge unscathed.

  2. Oh, my! No Victoria Vincent and Leren Bautista in the Top 30? I’d like to find out why.

    That’s all.

  3. After seeing the 100 MUP Official Delegates, these are my Top 30 based on initial (facial) impressions:

    First 15: Steffi Aberasturi, Katrina Dimaranan, Leren Mae Bautista, Christelle Abello, Janela Cuaton, Beatrice Gomez, Marjan Hipolito, Victoria Vincent, Khesha Ramachandran, Jasmin Umali, Joana Rabe, Charlene Bailey, Sherlyn Doloriel, Maureen Wroblewitz, and Kirsten Delavin.

    Second 15: Jane Genobisa, Jamaica Venturillo, Chelda Falconer, Maria Corazon Abalos, Princess Singh, Sheikha Calapatia, Franchesca Palabrica, Jaymee Hana Padilla, Noelyn Rose Campos, Charlene Jay Bailey, Daisy Batch, Chiara Lim, Hershey Gail Dacera, Zandra Diokno, and Alyssa Georgia.

    Ano tingin ninyo rito sa Top 30 ko? Maraming salamat.

  4. Nakapasok din ang girlfriend/partner ng sikat na Vlogger na si Finn Snow. But I do not know if she can make it to the Top 30.

  5. Ayyyy. Daming contestant. Daming anda. Hahahahaha. Anyway, Steffi or Leren for me. Laban!

  6. I’m all for Leren Mae Bautista.
    She will for sure give the Philippines a return to the top 5 at MU.
    I also like Katrina but when I visited her Instagram, there is something in her face that has changed. I prefer the Binibini Katrina.

  7. Ayan na ang hyped girls!

    Sana naman yung makoronahan ay Kontesera. Para wala ng iiyak sa IG live at hindi kinaya ang pressure.

    Please crown a former Binibining Queen, para makipagsabayan sa latinas



  8. I find Leren very beautiful, and was my favorite BBP 2019 queen. Also quite excited for Steffi Aberasturri’s national debut. But Sherlyn Doloriel here has caught my attention. Based on her other pics available online, she can be a contender.

  9. Sa 70 so far, Katrina Dimaranan and Steffi Aberasturi are the two leading candidates.

    Leren Bautista does NOT have the apt personality for MU and her communication skills are just so, so… NOT also facially stunning.

    • I also do not get the hype over Leren. But her photo here stood out.

      Judging by the way MUPH handled Rabiya, they seem to need someone outgoing and yet controllable, smart but not too much to see through schemes, and pretty with a Shamcey Supsup mold.

      They don’t want a girl who can think on her own, they want someone they can feed a script to. They want one empty shell of a bombshell.

      Leren B. & Maureen W. fit the bill.

      Obviously, an A&Q girl will win.

      Girls that could suffer the same fate as Bella, Pauline, & Billie:

      Stefi – more of a Miss International type of beauty.
      Victoria Vincent – should try Miss Supranational/Miss Grand International next year.
      I don’t know enough about Katrina Dimaranan but she seems popular in pageant circles, so I’m adding her for the additional noise that MUPH so desperately needs.

    • Hanggang Top 5 lang si Leren because there are a number of MORE stunning candidates than her.

  10. In this group, my favorites are: Vincent, Dimaranan, Bautista, and Aberasturri

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