5 comments on “Binibining Pilipinas awards its first ever Miss Alagang Silka

  1. Congratulations to Miss Taruc. She is 550k php richer after her Bb Pil stint.

    • I saw one of her vlogs and she recalls that she grew up watching bbp with her late dad. Balik din sya ng BbP. She don’t want to be Miss universe she wants to be a Binibining Pilipinas ganern

    • WAT? Bagay sa Mutya Pilipinas or Miss Philippines Earth (next year). MUP? Malabong manalo. Pasensya na.

  2. Well, how ’bout that… I just bought the green papaya variant today. 🙂

    (I wonder if it will be better than the orange one I’ve been using…)

    Congratulations, Fran!

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