20 comments on “Pageantry Norms S5E9: Four Colors of the Earth Part 2

  1. Good Tue PM, T2 N.

    S5 Finale on 1 Aug… Then, diretso na to S6? Wala na’ng break? Kasi, the following Sun is 8th, the MPE 2021 episode with the new Elemental Court… So, S6 starts as such, po?

    With all the BIG Nationals with the exception of MUP done by 2nd week of August, naka-focus na kayo on MUP until 25 September na…

    I’m just curious as to how you’d go about with it. Kasi, nakapanghihinayang naman kung ‘yun’g ma-fe-feature ‘di makapapasok sa Final 30… Or, you’ll just go ahead with your Premature, bahala na si Batman?

    • Flor, MPE wants to have first dibs of a Presscon for their winners. So it is likely that S6 will premiere August 15 at the earliest.

  2. Galit na galit na naman daw si Angkol sa mga namba-bash sa kanya sa social media (kasama na syempre) ang Filipino pageant fans. Mukhang hindi na naman tayo makakapasok nito sa Top 20/25 sa MGI. Inis na ulit si Angkol, mahina pa naman kandidata natin.

    On the other hand, sa Miss Philippines Earth kahit sino pa manalo dyan (maganda man o pangit), ang importante HINDI siya mananalo as ME kasi nga ayaw (pa) ng pageant fans around the Earth na Philippines muli ang makoronahan. Yun na.

    • Hwag naman sana hehehe!!!!
      Miss Earth is still on its healing process from its self-inflicted injury during Miss Earth 2017 finals.
      Let the whole earth first forget that sorcery within the next 10 years.
      That’s it. I don’t want to mention names.

      • Korak! Miss Earth cannot and should not CROWN a Filipina in the next 10 years (from 2018).

        Lorraine Schuck SHOULD ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT. Right Norman?

    • @ paul ‘Yan’g nangyari kay Angkol, parang ‘yun’g nangyari kay Dr. Amaal Rezk, no?

      Kung sino pa’ng Director ng pageant, sila pa ‘yun’g nagkasakit… 😦

      Intiendihin niyo nemen si Angkol. Aside from the fact that may sakit siya’ng ‘di biro, Thai authorities ‘ata will conduct an inquiry to determine culpability. On the surface level, siyempre una mapuputukan ‘yun’g local franchisee~organizer ng (Thai prefecture which put the pageant together) pero when you think about it, as National Head of MGT kahit papa’no mataas ang expectation kay Angkol as leader… That’s just my view on the whole thing. He’s surely stressed out. Get well, po.

      • Correct Flor. Pagaling si Angkol. At lalong mag-ingat dahil baka pag-initan sila ng Thai authorities at pagbawalan na ang mga beauty contest sa Thailand this year. Naku!

  3. Norman, please do an interview with your citymate Naela Alshorbaji.
    I’d like to know more about her and she’s one of my favorites to win MEP.

    Also with Diana Mackey (not my favorite) but by reading the captions of her photos in her Instagram, she seems deep and very intellectual to me.

  4. On Aya:

    Flor si Aya Abesamis ba hindi lang P_____ at B_____, may pagkatanga RIN. Can you just imagine paglagay NA LANG ng SASH kay Samantha Panlilio, MALI PA. Sa DINAMI-DAMI ng inatenan na beauty pageants, hindi pa natuto. EWAN ko sa babaeng ito.

    • @ paul Napansin ko nga ‘yun… But, it’s not the first time… I’ve seen it happen at another pageant, ‘di ko maalala kung foreign o local. Lesson : Be conscious/aware of the task at hand. If needed, i-practice mo muna beforehand. Bless you, Aya (lolz, I have a cold right now, don’t catch any bugs, okey?)! 🙂

      Speaking of,….

      May nag-ba-bash daw kay Angkol… Juice me! May Covid na nga ‘yun’g tao, lubayan niyo na. 😦

      (Pero ito rin kasi’ng si Angkol, bakit pa kasi nag-che-check ng socmed gayon’g nagpapagaling…)

      MPE/ME/Carousel seems to be on a roll. May they sustain the momentum.

  5. Louise and Ameera have what it takes to be the next Miss Philippines Earth. I am amazed with Louise. She is polyglot.

  6. It looks like anything with reference to Our first MU is being blocked here . Every time I try to mention her , my comment does not make the blog .
    Does he have something against her ?
    Or he gets conscious every time I mention that his pouting on camera , his choice of words , and the flow of his delivery remind me of her ?

    • Angkol please show statistical data. Ilang beses? Kelan? Dapat well documented. Kumusta ang summer sa New York kol?

      BAKIT GALIT KA na NAMAN kay NORMAN? he, he, he…

      • Paul , the answer is never
        Every single time I mention her , my comment doesn’t make the blog
        …so I have to use a different way to mention her like .. our first MU

  7. I’m not a huge fan of these ladies… I’ll skip/pass.

    One is pretty face, but body is not among the best. One is va-voom (I think we know which one), but she is to me (just me!) what Aya Abesamis is to @ paul. 😦

    One is both fez and body wow… In fact, she bagged both Swim and Evening Dress at her regional.
    BUT, as prefecture successor to one of the 2020 Elemental queens, she is probably not as… For me, you must be better than your predecessor to justify matching her placement, if not do better.

    I don’t know how the Interview Prelims panned out (or is panning out if it’s on-going), and simply going by physicality, just imo the ones good for the 4-Court are El Nido, Palawan, Silay City, Negros Occidental, Nagtipunan, Quirino, and one from Mindanao. 🙂

    • (Cont.)

      El Nido, Palawan es Daena Yapparcon. Silay City es Riah de Ocampo (featured in an earlier PN’s episode), Nagtipunan, Quirino es Xyra Ballesteros.

      I’m still mulling Mindanao… OK na ‘ko na kahit isa, kasi last year they were stopped at Top 12.

    • Flor si Aya Abesamis ba hindi lang P_____ at B_____, may pagkatanga RIN. Can you just imagine paglagay NA LANG ng SASH kay Samantha Panlilio, MALI PA. Sa DINAMI-DAMI ng inatenan na beauty pageants, hindi pa natuto. EWAN ko sa babaeng ito.

    • Ganun! Hinati nila ang daigdig at kalawakan. Ha, ha, ha… At nakuha pa ni Sam Brusas ang world at universe. Chos!

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