5 comments on “Heaven is one with the Universe

  1. She is a mixture of Federika Cull (eyes) and Gabby Basiano( Lips). Mind you she looks impressive than half of the incoming 5’4 below ms contest candidates.
    Sa true lang

  2. I don’t know if this is true with everyone, but I still entertain to this day the childhood thought that the most beautiful woman in the universe is my mother. Though no longer with us, she is the most beautiful creature inside and out– caring, nurturing, guiding and understanding.

    This Mrs Universe Pageant represents the celebration of true beauty, heavenly beauty if you will, that empowers, not entertains. The bashers who jeer beauty contests for the married women, or even baby boomers do not know what real beauty consists of: core values and intelligence more than physique. Real beauty does not age.

  3. A few days ago, I saw the most beautiful bird I’ve seen in my life.

    Glossy jet-black with eyes as red as embers. It alighted right outside my window. We made eye.

    Today, I saw the same creature. But with two others. There are now three. Look at photo here.


    A high ceiling represents Heaven.

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