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  1. Sir Norman,
    Sa Title mo po, binanggit mo na “6 years in the making”
    Umasa ako na ipapaliwanag sa article kung bakit po 6 years.

    • Because the four ladies won from 2013 to 2016 and it took more than two years to finally fix their individual schedules to complete them for the shoot.

  2. This image is reminiscent of the original “Temptation Island” movie poster. The queens have been stranded in an island for several days but still look beautiful.

    • But I do not think Serge the Viet Nam’s Harper’s Bazaar got the concept from Temptation Island, the movie. Good morning to you.

      All 4 deserve such cover feature.

    • Per BJ Pascual’s vlog, yes the concept is temptation island. The team behind the shoot are pinoys, photographer and stylist. That is why.

    • Still Megan is the prettiest of them all. Followed by Kylie (with the right styling).

  3. So nka get over na ang Vietnam sa tweet ni Pia last MU? Daming hate tweets kay Pia that time ah

    • Most Likely. Vietnamese are friends with Filipinos for many reasons including the fight for the rights in West Philippine Sea.

    • Mas mainam kung sila ni Nicole Cordovez ang magsama sa cover photo. Sila ang close at magkasundo. He, he, he…

  4. I am very proud of our –
    first Miss World titlist,
    third Miss Universe winner,
    third Miss Earth titleholder &
    sixth Miss International crown holder.

    Congratulations girls for making it in Viet Nam’s Harpers Bazaar.

  5. Lakas throwback ng temptation island movie poster ng batch nila Marian, Solenn, Lovi at Heart.

    • Harper’s Bazaar – Temptation Island
      Blue: Pia – Solenn
      Red: Megan – Marian
      White: Kylie – Heart
      Light Brown: Angelia – Lovi

  6. Angelia Ong seems to be the MOST APPROVED Miss Earth winner from the Philippines. International magazine publishers/editors (India’s L’Officiel & Viet Nam’s Bazaar) have favored her over other 3 ME titlists from this country.

    Congratulations Angelia. Same also goes to Kylie, Megan & Pia.

    • Angelia is pretty naman talaga in person. Face kung face. And she’s actually the face of Binibini in 2011 ( miss photogenic). Kung ipaparada to sila sa Europa at pagpipilian ng mga caucasians, si Angelia ang patok don. 😂

      • Papatok silang lahat.because Caucasians have also different tastes/preferences on women. Pia has a British boyfriend. Kylie has Mestizo partner (Spanish blood). Megan’s husband has traces of Caucasian’s genes (his features not entirely Malay). I do not have idea of Angelia’s bf.

      • Well, Carousel Prod and Miss Earth got flak because it was a back to back win for Philippines. But the pageant was in Austria and Angelia deserves the win.

      • For me, Jamie Herrell and Angelia Ong (back-to-back) are truly deserving Miss Earth winners.

        Karla Henry should have been (only) first runners up.

        Karen Ibasco went too, too far in the competition. Being a semifinalist is more than enough for her.

      • @paul what I meant is the real I mean caucasian European guys. You mentioned their partners. They aren’t even 100 percent european. Let’s just say in rural white germany pipiliin talaga yung exotic. 😂
        Note: pias boyfriend is mixed too. And when you look at her past dating experience, she likes mixed woman as well. 😂 Jake Cuencas exes are all mestizas. I don’t know about Mikael.

    • Pia over Catriona. Kylie over Bea. Angelia over Karen.
      I’ts up to you to interpret.
      That’s all!

      • May sakit si Bea. Acute stage na ang kanyang kidney problem at kailangan na niya ng kidney transplant. Top priority niya ang kanyang health condition over other matters including her modelling career. GOD bless Bea.

      • Kaya natawa ako sa Kylie over Bea…. ano to uunahin nya pang magpa photoshoot kaysa sa health nya.

    • Korak my dear! MU, MW, ME & MI title holders in one cover. Congratulations and thank you girls.

  7. Bakit Vietnam?

    Awkward ang pose ni Kylie, Parang uupuan si Megan. Please dont Fart


    • Jollibee is very popular in Viet Nam. Filipino soap operas are loved by Vietnamese. And so our beauty queens.

  8. Simple lang ibig sabihin ne ‘to…

    Vietnam wants BIG.


    We might not be aware, the amount of trade/wealth that passes through that part of the world…

    (Mutya org, here’s a viable alternative to Korea/China.)

    • Correct Flor. Vietnamese and Filipinos like each other for many reasons – Jollibee, coffee, Pinoy soap operas, our beauty queens, and both countries have the same stand on West Philippine Sea against China. He, he…

      • @ paul Nu’ng 2018, regarding Supranational, Gerhard and Andrei made a visit with the Viet ND/franchisee to an orphanage… They really want to establish brand visibility there, in addition to Thailand (Porxild), Indonesia (Fitriana), and Philippines (Datul).

        Ano ba’ng gusto ko’ng things Viet?…. 🙂

        Pho is what ‘batchoy’ is to us, so yeah that’s TOO COOL. Banh is ‘pan’ (bread) literally, though their rendition of the French baguette is different due to teroir… Da Lat is like Baguio, but BIGGER.

        UNESCO site Ha Long is their answer to Coron’s karst limestone.

        (I saw “Miss Saigon” at the CCP; Lea Salonga was the one for that Sunday. It was OK. I liked the song, “Sun and Moon”. I was with a lady office colleague… It would be our last day together.)

        I like Karen Ibasco. Few may realize how SEXY she is… She was among the models in a Bench show a few years back. She wore black lingerie; her pristine ‘chinita’ skin was perfect noir partner!

      • (Cont.)

        Makapag-comment nga’t mapa-post na’ng muli si Mr. Tinio. Pansin ko, ‘pag pinamalas ko saltik ko, may bago’ng post not long after. 🙂

        Head2Head atm sa MWP… Andu’n ‘ata si Ungkol Norms.

        ‘Yan’g ‘temptation island’ na ‘yan, DAMI ko’ng naiisip… ‘Ika nga ng lyrics sa ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ (Black Eyed Peas), “… my mind’s filthy, it don’t need cleaning”.

        ‘Di bala may British at USA Virgin Islands? Kaya siguro they came up with ‘temptation’ kasi ‘virgin’ is already taken…Ta’s, naglabas ng pelikula sa ‘Pinas na ‘Virgin People’. And that’s on top of ‘Virgin Forest’. It was the 1980’s, under the ‘Experimental Cinema of the Philippines’ project, no?

      • Flor I have also watched The Miss Saigon at the CCP in the 2000. Hindi na si Lea Salonga in the lead role.

        After the pandemic, Viet Nam is a priority country to visit to taste those wonderful dishes/foods you mentioned.

        On Karen Ibasco… never mind. He, he, he…

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