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  1. This pageant reminds us what true beauty consists of: core values and intelligence more than physique. Motherly love is the most empowering beauty of all. The child in me will always cheer for the most beautiful women in the universe– mothers!

  2. Now, this is the real celebration of beauty, the beauty the children and husbands would root for. When one vies for the most beautiful married woman in the universe, one banks not so much on the outer but on the inner beauty. This is the kind of beauty that nurtures and cares.

  3. Bakit maraming mga baklang kanal na reklamador kung maraming pageant?

    Bakit? di naman para sa inyo yan. Di nila kayo pinilit na magustuhan ang pageant dahil unang una di kayo pwedeng sumali. Kung maka reklamo wagas. Di naman nila pera ginastos. LOL

  4. Unnecessary pageant.
    Then again, who am I to discourage the tanders and the manangs from pursuing their dreams?
    Good luck to them.

  5. sorry Ma’am Laude, bat ganon pagkaka-edit ng pic nyo. Parang pumanaw na po at tribute to

    • Wow, another pageant to lift the nation’s spirit ! Hindi talaga tayo magpapatalo sa gloom ng covid! Never heard of these pageants before. Yan ang gusto ko kay Tito Norman; he’s an equal-opportunity pageant vlogger! Does anyone yet know the breakdown of rating, ie percent evening gown, % fitness, % talent, % interview, % facial beauty, % advocacy, etc? Just curious how it’s done with the Mrs. pageants. The portraits are professionally well done. I bet the final competition will be staged and presented much better than any of the past Miss Globe pageants! Ibang level kaya ang Pinoys.

      • @ Dane A Mrs. pageant trumps its younger Miss sibling for several reasons.

        1. These are (already) WOMEN. EVERYTHING ‘W-O-M-A-N’ connotes.
        2. Much more often than not, there is very little, if any, cattiness. You almost never hear about ‘attitude’. The ladies are all genial to one another. They’d probably be embarrassed… Sa Miss pageant, the ‘gigil’ is almost a given.
        3. This is not a bid for stardom. There is no launch pad to show business. Neither do they have anything to prove to themselves. The prize is usually for some charity activity; the contest can be a fund-raiser. As such, it makes for a nice evening party, with live musicians (read : talent!).
        4. THEY HAVE THE FULL~ENTHUSIASTIC support of family – spouse & kids. You almost never hear of candidates who do it regardless of loved ones.
        5. There is no attempt to ‘devour the universe’. These contests are usually intimate and classy. 🙂

        As Mademoiselle said, “…I can say, that women… As they get older… Need more style…”.

      • Thanks Flor! To add to sayings: with age comes grace. For most women. For the reasons you gave, I guess that for Mrs. pageants, they are more about confirmations that they are already ALL queens, and should be celebrated more.

  6. I love the theme song.
    Mrs Universe Philippines puts a premium on the internal beauty. Nevertheless, it is still a personality contest.
    The 3 with the most beautfiful faces are: Rivera, Lee, and Santos

  7. Pacific Continental. North Pacific Asia… The titles suggest Canada-based organization.

    Good Sat night, Tatay Blog. Kumusta na si Mrs. Eco-International na nakasabay ni Mrs. Laude sa PN’s? Si Sheila da Forest? North Dakota ba siya? 🙂

    Speaking of, ‘di po ba ay USA-based ‘yun’g franchisors ng ICSM-Infinity Pageants-PGQ? Tuloy?

    I LOVE THE SONG! Just enough autotune… Snappy-dance-y pace and electro beats SLAY.

    My Final 5 would be Cavite, Batangas, Laguna, and Cities of Baguio and Makati. All the very best!

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