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  1. TANGKAD ba hinahanap natin para sa MW? Puwede naman either Dilla (25) or Austria (18).

    The two appear to be the tallest in the Class of 2021. 🙂

    Mdme. JM might like Danica… We’ve read that she wants fresh, one who has not appeared in ANY international pageant yet. In this regard, she has an edge over Tatyana.

    (We’re just gravitating around the Vera~Paton~Krishnan trio kasi ‘eto’ng tatlo ‘yun’g malakas sa pageant media. It helps na maliit sila kasi kung show business sa ‘Pinas mahirap hanapan ng leading man kung matangkad si gurl at alam natin’g MWP is essentially a showbiz career vehicle.)

    (Ganiel said “the World or nothing”. OK. Sige, give the latter… We don’t require ‘gigil’. But we also don’t want lackadaisical indifference na “I’m cool even if I don’t win, anyway… etc…. etc.)

    VERY IMPORTANT : a ‘Miss Amity/Friendship’ citation determined by consulting with both the candidates themselves and the pageant organization staff. Not the pandering/patronizing type, but one who… Sige, let’s give the floor over to the respondents, as to why ‘whoever-she-is’ deserves it!

    • Flor mukhang mahirapan si Ganiel Krishnan manalong Miss World Philippines for the following reasons:

      1. She belongs and (always) associated with the rival network (she is a regular showbiz reporter, unlike Laura who was project based).

      2. She may have very good communication skills, but a number of favored girls have BETTER communication skills than her.

      3. She does not have the competitive height and (currently) not really in good shape (needs to lose some more pounds and to tone her muscles a bit).

      4. She has inconsistent packaging and styling – sometimes good & effective, sometimes not.

      I think she is more suited for Miss Tourism Phil. (she is good for tourism promotions abroad) and/or Miss Environment Philippines (I think she knows a lot on environmental matters and can be effective in education & information campaign because she is popular personality in the country).

      Yun na. Good Sunday to all.

  2. Vera looks so short ,,, is there in fact anyone in this group who is taller than 5 ‘ 7 ? ….

  3. i love paton’s styling and face here, parang si Adline (Miss Universe India)

  4. World: Vera
    Supranational: Pajares
    Eco International: Paton
    RHA: Pangantian
    Eco Teen International: Austria
    Tourism: De Mesa
    Environment International: Grishnan
    First runner up- Guetierrez
    2nd runner up- Lewis

    • Alternates to your Picks Serge:

      World: Vera or DE MESA
      Supranational: Pajares or DE MESA or DILLA
      RHA: Pangandian or PEREZ or Vera
      Eco International: Paton or PEREZ
      Eco Teen International: Austria or TEMPRA or MANZANO
      Tourism: De Mesa or KRISHNAN
      Multinational: KRISHNAN
      Environment International: Krishnan or GUTIERREZ
      1st Runners Up – Gutierrez or CAMPBELL
      2nd Runners Up – Lewis or JUNG

  5. Janelle Lewis for me. Just watch her interviews. She is no bland beauty . She just needs a little tanning and some styling changes
    If she fails here, she should go to MUP or BbP
    I see a lot of potential .. considering she’s only 19

    I like Manzano too but she needs a major overhaul in the beauty department . But she is another sunshine to Philippine pageantry .

  6. Expectation Vs Reality

    Yung candidate ang napapahamak in the end, kasi malayo totoong itsura sa photoshopped version ng glam shots


    • @ Sunny Knew it! You’re @ Lymaraina’s alter ego. #AllTeaNoShade. 🙂

      Joy Barcoma (#3) looks like Graciella Lehmann, no?

      Row 16~17~18 – De Mesa, Tempra, Austria – looks FUN, no?

      22~23 (Pajares & Manzano), then 24 (looks like Micca Rosal)… FUN too, no?

      25~26~27 – Dilla, Flores, & Rebortera – beautiful row, no?

      Is that Palmares between Nava and Tarrayo?

      42, who is she??!! Like an edgier Pangindian!

      (Gwendolyne Fourniol. Like a younger sibling of Alana Rhedey. Don’t you think?)

      • Who? Since 2018 pa po ako gumagamit ng #AllTeaNoShade

        Please review older posts

        Anyway wala po ako alter, inner at kung ano ano pang Ego

      • @ Sunny 2018 ka lang nagsimula’ng mag-hashtag? Hhhmmm….

        Tama si @ paul. Mukha nga’ng talamak ang identity theft nowadays. 🙂

        @ Lymaraina Beh, one of these days mag-convo thread kayo ni @ Sunny at nang klaro tayo.

        Admin, si @ Bert ba, Andrada or Kurniawan?

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