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  1. PAMELA FRAMIL. THIS is the name I’ve been thinking for all this time… Thx, Pageantry Ph TV. 🙂

    Na-feature na siya dati ditey… Veterana na rin (Ambassador of the Philippines?, SCUBA?, Hannah’s?, Millennial?). Was supposed to come to Manila to screen for a BIG National but at the time (2019, ‘ata) was requesting assistance from her LGU… So, ‘yun. Didn’t show up kaya tuluyan na’ng nalimutan… 😦

    She is the lesbian mountaineer? Am I right? Notice how she was styled to look like H’Hen Nie (yellow) at her most recent pageant. Not incredibly tall… ‘Eto ‘yun’g kino-consider at the time with Donna Erno (Saniata ti Ilocos Sur, Mutya ng San Fernando LU?) na H’Hen Nie mold… Good luck!

    Well, at least now we see the merits of this initial virtual/online screening for the Batch of 100. Had it not been done, we would not have heard from some favorites from now three years back. G!

  2. Much as some candidates are Filipino by blood (100% or halfies), would dual citizenship with America, Australia or Britain qualify them to represent the Filipino nation in some international beauty derby? While it is easy to get dual citizenship in the Philippines if you are a foreign citizen and/or resident, it is not easy to truly represent the culture, history, ideals, and aspirations of the Filipinos who they have left behind in these impoverished islands in favor of the good life in foreign shores. In a culture still awed by English fluency as an indicator of intelligence, high education and “class”, these candidates easily take the crown. The poor candidates from the province, with sun-baked skin from daily chase for public transport, graduate of some obscure local colleges, who speaks halting English with a thick provincial accent, are usually mercilessly jeered as “boba”, “bakya”, “pangit”.

    • For years, the homegrown beauty has never had it so good. It is very seldom that a contestant coming from the grasspoots and social margins pull an upset.

    • @ scorg English proficiency? My ass! 🙂

      Outside ‘North America’, you will be HATED for sounding ‘(BEEP!!!)’.

      You know what I saw today on YouTube?

      Twelve (12) FULL minutes of a clearly ‘Pinoy family sharing a meal. I muted it… Merely watched.


      I H-A-T-E “accents”.

      The single most important lesson I learned in the last ten (10) years is that the world is not the least bit impressed with the ‘American accent’.


    • Okay lang naman na pinay na pinay na taga probinsya na maganda. Yes I know a lot coming from Mindanao ang gaganda pero they’re either 4″11 to 5″2. They are also very smart and I mean smart as in academic smart.

  3. Just wanted to share this: “exotic” is a label frowned upon by many people of color. It hasn’t been acceptable in social discourse for some time It racializes and commodifies the person or people being described.

    “Despite the intention to express a compliment, what is actually being communicated when you call a woman of color “exotic” is a backhanded reminder that we are less normal, less human, and less real than white folks.”


  4. Katrina and Leren have that exotic look… it is exotic , beautiful, and has international appeal

    Steffi may have a beauty that has international appeal but it misses the exotic edge
    But I heard Steffi has great communication skills, but Leren can have much more improvement

    OTOH, we all know that Katrina , being a TV host and pageant veteran, has superb comm skills

    Taking all these together, is the reason why Katrina is now my leading candidate for MUP2021

  5. I hope they didn’t remove the residency requirement some are just taking advantage of it ano yun pupunta lang sa Pinas kapag pageant na then babalik na sa ibang bansa kasi mas maganda buhay nila dun.

  6. O, baka magkaroon din ng candidates representing the Filipino community of some foreign land or representing the OFW community of this and that country ha?
    Saan ka man sa mundo, I am a phenomenal woman, kaya Pilipinas, lalaban tayo! 😅

    • @ Raf Come to think of it, isn’t Mutya the only national still offering the ‘Fil-Comm’ sash?

      Magandang Filipinas International has your very intent in mind. Parang ‘yun’g mantra ng isa’ng top modelling agency – IT DOESN’T MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN THE WORLD. IF YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, WE WILL FIND YOU.

      • Flor may ganyan din miss earth. Cortesi represented Fil Community of Italy. I remember BbP once upon a time also had that ( I don’t know kung may residency padin nun) si Pat Bermudez represented Fil Community of Canada in BbP 1996. May Fil Community nga of West Coast. And I remember they don’t send halfies, pinay talaga.

      • @ Norman Good Mon, Uncle.

        Ano’ng oras i-spi-spill ni Voltaire ang… juice?

        Juice me! If ever, rumble… Labo-labo… Dimaranan, Santiago, Bautista, Aberrasturi,… 😦

        I-post ditey agad-agad, ha?! Tia. 🙂

  7. Considering the very short timeline, we should send someone who has had past experiences in the international arena. We don’t like another Rabiya here.
    With that said, It is either Leren or Katrina (maybe I am just biased because I’m a big fan of both girls)

  8. The first list of applicants appears like a roster of pageant heavyweights. But they are from pageantries and other endeavours that put premium on physical beauty, relatively less on core values and intelligence. I’d like to believe that MUP’s criteria puts considerable weight on advocacy and intellect, as their branding direction appears to converge on the holistic concept of beauty. This is the equalizer that levels the playing field between the newbies and veterans, the Davids and the Goliaths. That said, the newbies from far-flung provinces should have no reason to be intimidated by the names in the initial list of applicants. And the pageant veterans should not be complacent nor self-assured on their frontrunner status.

    • @ scorg Nauna na’ng masala ni Voltaire ‘to’ng mga ‘to. That’s why nailabas na ni Tito Norman ang mga pangalan nila. Good as IN na ‘to’ng mga ‘to. Expected.

      What will be exciting, which I agree with you on, are the DISCOVERIES. They may not win in the end. But their memory will propel our rebellion into forever, the kind that will insist on ‘not-the-usual’.


      • @Flor, who knows a newbie who has the right attributes of a multidimensional beauty and a confidently beautiful mindset may pull an upset, amd steal the thunder from the likes of Katrina Dimaranan and Leren Bautista! I think MUP is going to be a level playing field for newbies and veterans alike as all will be competing not just on physical but also on cerebral and core values.

  9. Leren and Dimaranan for me
    They will surely clinch top 10
    Dimaranan has a better chance.. being a good speaker . I just she had joined sooner .
    I like Leren’s Pinoy beauty and discipline
    As for Stefie , she has Sam B’s pasarela . Very feminine . Can really compete against Latinas . Not sure about her comm skills

  10. Si Katrina Dimaranan minsan Miss
    Philippines minsan Miss USA, its all about personal goal, not for the country.

    oh from Aces & Queens ba sya??

      • @ Gul Panag Madali lang ‘yan. Like I told @ scorg dati du’n sa football match na pinanood niya.

        Be wife/queen and mistress/concubine simultaneously.


      • @Flor Tula. Kaloka 😂 basta I don’t like the system of dual citizenship especially here na parang ginagamit lang ang Pilipinas for opportunities. I just like what Miss India do. They do not allow overseas indian immigrants to be crowned. Highest will be a runner up.

  11. 2021 MUP season begins.
    Dimaranan is the girl to beat in the above list.

  12. They should appoint this year instead of looking for a new queen. The timeline is so short to train a new queen. Lots of countries have been appointing their rep for the Miss Universe 2021 representative. This would be another disappointment for the new MUP organization. Good luck training the new queen. Rabiya 2.0.

    • @ mikama1 Training at least for the names given in the article has been for some weeks now.

      Besides, with the exception of VVV, all are vets/not noobs of pageantry. 🙂

      The MUP Final is latter-Sept. MU 2021 proper is latter-Dec. Between 19 July and the time the Top 50 come to Manila for the live portion, they will all be ‘at home’ (virtual), meaning training galore!

      With regards to appointing one of the existing Runners-up, consider it will correspond to a contract extension… Baka ayaw na nila…

    • Most of the girls competing are not newbies. Some have competed in international pageants and are quite familiar of the ins and outs of pageantry.

    • They need money Madam. Pasensya na lang tayo. Money over winning muna sila. Pambayad french fries.

  13. Ay so tito norman tinanggal na ang Residency permits? 😂 😂 Nasa US pa nga a few weeks ago si Katrina. Sa bagay alaga sya ni Jonas.

  14. ‘Ay! Tama’ng tama ang timing, ‘Tay… I was just thinking ’bout…

    Saw two nights ago (15 July) what appeared to be the premiere of the McDonald’s Alden Richards TVC starring… Baeyens! No longer/more (the Bb that withdrew ‘coz of conflict of interest)?

    SIYA BA ‘YUN’G HININTAY? ‘Yun’g sinabi sa Flyer ng MUP na ‘some documents take time’? Hinintay na matapos kontrata niya with Alliance Global, Inc. (Philippines franchisee for Mcdo?)? Kasi, ‘ata, dapat kung sasali ka sa MUP, wala’ng existing contracts… 🙂

    MUP-Pasig City siya, if ever? Wow. May pantapat na sa body ni Dimaranan!

    Also, good luck to Miss Bornilla. Her parents must be so proud.

  15. Katrina Dimaranan is joining ? holy cow, I have a new front runner ! I thought she would be overaged by now … I guess Audra Mari is really overaged by now …

    • @ Ryan Juice me! She and VVV look EXACTLY THE SAME. 😦

      Du’n na ‘ko sa matangkad. 🙂

  16. So much gorgeous and smart ladies but only one crown! 😦 <D

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