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  1. After the press presentation, here are my latest picks:
    World: Vera
    Supranational: Pajares
    Eco International: Paton
    Eco teen: Austria
    Multinational: Grishnan
    Tourism: de Mesa
    RHA: Pangantian
    Environment International: Guettierez
    First runner up: Lewis
    2nd runner up: Perez

  2. I’m a bit disappointed with the inadequacy of high-resolution videos of the MWP official press presentation posted online. Without the right camera angles, the big hotel space looked bare and was not used optimally. This is where both MUP and BPCI relatively excel – i.e., giving the fans enough well-curated visual materials (across all candidates) to talk about and bloggers to analyze the individual ladies better.

    Most videos posted are grainy, zoomed out panoramic side shots (optically noisy with lots of audience shots which are not necessary) or are quite unfocused (which are even more obvious if watched through a high-resolution screen). So far, the clearest swimwear presentation video (front centered) where I can see the facial expressions and movements of the ladies is the one posted by Heyadamg channel (higher ISO and optically zoomed, although shaky on many parts – probably handheld than gyroscopically mounted). Is MWP not investing on good professional in-house videographers (ironic for a supposed “visual” competition and quite tough to market really)?

    After cross-referencing the videos from aforesaid channel with that of The Philippine Pageantry channel, my shortlisted ladies (with their numbers) in the swimwear presentation over a swarm of cute girls are as follows:

    No. 2 = She’s a lot prettier in motion than her photos and the big curls framed her face well. She’s flirty on camera too which made her more captivating. Her walk is bouncy but not awkward.

    No. 3 = Except for the overdone eye make-up, I like this girl as she can project multiple facial expressions well (very quirky). She does have an uncanny resemblance (a dead ringer in fact) to actress Maine Mendoza. I wonder why people don’t talk much about her (no camp affiliation perhaps).

    No. 5 = She had the best smile on stage. Her walk was clean (no extra movements).

    No. 7 = Her big kink of hair and darker skin tone made her stand out. Her facial transitions were also smooth. I appreciated that she posed more once on stage (giving time to focus on her overall look) rather than doing multiple turns and hair flips.

    No. 17 = With a sharp double twirl on the side prior to stepping on the elevated platform, she’s one of the best walkers of this batch. I liked her natural shoulder movements – she looked very comfortable in a bikini.

    No. 26 = She’s got one of the better bodies of the bunch. I like the way her hip swayed (just enough) as she walked.

    No. 31 = Here’s another gorgeous girl in motion with a great body. I especially like how she flipped her hair – very snappy without her hand touching it. I wished her smile though looked less tentative.

    Most of the hyped girls’ performances were lackluster and some are even forgettable (especially if you don’t note their names). Either their movements appeared forced (8), were clearly overthinking observing their eye movements or uneven transitions (22 and 36), or, projected low overall energy (28 and 38). Body wise, a few are not in top competition shape, made more obvious with the two-piece swimwear (43). I know Miss World no longer has bikini sub-contest (yet their recent winners are svelte) but the rest of the other pageants still have. It’s just press presentation and hopefully, they’ll fare better where it counts. With no clear runaway winner/s thus far, anything can happen on the finals night.

    • @ Ben #17 has a regional title to her name. In fact, the reigning. So, it’s not surprising. 🙂

      #’s 26 & 31 are MUP alumnae. The latter was a semifinalist.

      # 5, I forgot her name, but yeah she is like Cinderella Faye and Demi-Leigh combined, no?

      Oh, my goodness. You singled out the front-runners. 😦

      Vera (#8) appears forced…
      Pajares (#22) & Perez (#36) are either overthinking or transitions awkward…
      Nava (#28) & Paton (#38) were ‘low-battery’… And, horror of horrors…
      Krishnan (#43) not in shape.

      Uncle Tinio, congrats! Nakaligtas sa mapanuri’ng mata ni @ Ben ang bet niyo, po. Good sign!

  3. I think Janelle Lewis should be the one sent to Miss World. Beautiful, young and quite well spoken.

    • Agree .
      She’s the only one I can see doing well at MW .. maybe in addition to Kathleen Patton

    • Yes. She’s the only one I find to be universally appealing. The rest are too oriental, too exotic, too severe, or too plain to suit Julia Morley’s traditional taste. Notice how, in general, MW winners are classic beauties – they’re beautiful no matter the context and styling.

      Key words are symmetrical, Victorian era, queenly, serene, no glaring/poorly done retoke, AND no obvious/distracting facial or bodily flaw. Perfectly proportioned facial features with a calm, engaging smile.

      Catriona, though gorgeous, is not classically beautiful, hence the failure to impress Ms. Morley.

      Ms. Morley’s preference for “bumbayin” features and coloring has to do with the relations between India and the UK. So to fit her standards, have a good mix of classic, no-budol, and bumbayin features. I see no one else but Janelle. The only flaw seems to be her height, but the face is along the ranks of Manushi Chillar, Rolene Strauss, and Megan Young. In fact, she looks like a bleached Megan Young.

      – Anne de Mesa, though classy, can sometimes look too oriental.
      – But not too overly oriental as Dindy Pajares.
      – Emmanuelle Vera is breathtakingly gorgeous but has glaringly odd proportions.
      – The dentist is very charming but is more artista-pretty than MW-beauty.
      – Ganiel Krishnan would have been a close second to Janelle if something could be done to lengthen the neck and slim down her face and make her body look lithe and light.
      – Tracy Perez, though pretty, is nowhere near Morley’s ideals.
      – Kathleen Paton’s dental work, whether veneers or previous orthodontics, lengthened and flattened her face and will start dragging down her cheeks and facial features over time.
      – #3 though “bumbayin” in eyes and complexion, has a long, flattened bone structure and it shows in videos with an overhead light source.

      Let’s be reminded the Miss World is highly political and winners are hand-picked by Morley regardless of performance. Sometimes she chooses the most beautiful according to her definition of beautiful (as stated above,) sometimes she chooses according to her whims and economic agenda.

  4. This is NOT the Paton we had in Teen International and Ms. Manila. 😦

    It really started at CTS last year… A fitness contest selling canned tuna fish and she was calling for mental health awareness… Why!?????

    Now, she has abs. Last year, she didn’t; beside Keylyn and co., she looked like a soft bun. SHE SHOULD HAVE JOINED MWP FIRST, TA’S CTS AFTER… Anubayen.

    Her sharp, angular facial features now look… (reptilian). Or, is she doing her make-up too severely?

    For me, la FACE de MWP es…#10, Michelle Arceo. THAT… IS WORTH A PERFUME CONTRACT. 🙂

    TALL, ELEGANT, LOVELY #25 – Dan Dilla – should cross over to (beep!) if she is denied a crown. But, huwag apurahin. She must establish a pace she will be at ease with. And find folks who will LOVE her. I’m not saying she is unloved atm… My point is that she is good enough to take a bullet for!

  5. Paton has the best facial beauty but am not sure if she has the best over all quality to have a chance of winning MW2021 … maybe everybody in this batch has zero probability of winning MW2021

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