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  1. Maraming magaganda sa pictures pero nung napanood ko yung balita sa tv, malayo ang mukha nila sa video vs photos

  2. Here are my latest picks:
    World: Vera
    Supranational: Pajares
    Eco International: Paton
    Eco Teen: Austria
    Multinational: Grishnan
    Tourism: de Mesa
    RHA: Pangantian
    Environment International: Guetierrez
    First runner up: Lewis
    2nd runner up: Perez

    • Mukhang okay itong latest picks mo Serge. Parang si Austria lang ang ang hindi ko masyadong type. He, he, he… Goo mornig to you.

      • It seems multinational title will not be offered this year. So, Grishnan for environment International , Guettierez will be my first runner up and Lewis will be my 2nd runner up

  3. Rabiya Mateo needs to seek a psychologist or psychiatrist after her reign…it transmits on her aura. OMG… ❤❤❤

    • @ Jonalyn Hernandez I don’t know that many of us would have easy access to a professional shrink.

      The next best thing might be to keep herself busy with things unrelated to MU… Her vlog may help.

      Friends at her side to serve as both crutch and coach, to take bullets for her, to clear the road ahead.

      (I think she needs to reconnect with her Court – Amelinckx, Ysmael, Gumabao, & Hakkenson. Recharge in Panglao! Serve on the Board of Judges of MF, maybe? Hurry! Ask Mdme. Eva if OK.)

  4. I consider Kathleen Paton number one in this batch, that is when it comes to international beauty standard, precisely because others who are deemed frontrunners (Anna De Mesa, Leah Macapagal and Dindi Pajares) have very Oriental look. I’d rather see an exotic Filipina na maganda talaga sa standard natin kasi sila ‘yung mapapansin internationally, such as Miriam Quiambao’s, Janine Tugonon’s, etc. The problem with Kathleen is she is not consistent and is too fierce for the World.

    Janelle Lewis’ beauty is bland. I am sorry sa mga nagpu-push sa kanya, pero s’ya talaga ang classic example ng walang X-factor na kandidata.

    If Kathleen won’t play her cards well, Tracy Maureen Perez can easily impeach her. Kahit papaano, Tracy’s beauty is striking. The only thing is, if she wins MWP, the organization has to bear the criticism (or reputation, if you will) that it’s top winner was a sore loser from another pageantry. So, Emmanuelle Vera might be the other girl under consideration. Pero I have to be honest with you, guys, that in the photos above, I could hardly spot her beauty. It means she is not a standout. She belongs to the Average Beauty Club of which 80% of the MWP 2021 candidates consist.

    As I have said many times here, hangga’t wala tayong maipapadalang singganda ni Megan Young sa Miss World, we will never have our second crown. Sabihin na nating Julia Morley sometimes crowns a facially weak girl, that is because geopolitics plays in Julia’s mind. If we wish to have a sure shot at the World crown, we shall consider sending the top caliber beauty at par with Megan’s.

    That’s all.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund Tracy is over-age for MW, po. 😦

      Does ‘wala’ng x-factor’ mean ‘will be wasted’ at MW? My sentiments… For now, she (Lewis) will be my Princesa Segunda.

      My Primera will be Campbell. A vision is motion! Watch her go up stairs. 🙂

      Mukha nga’ng totoo’ng wala’ng Multinational… Environment International (also India-based) took its place… Pajares for me… I&WP* still likes her from BBP days.

      I will lock the very pretty Arceo in with Pariwisata Filipinas… That can lead to bigger things!

      Eco-Teen is still for me Tempra. Non-negotiable. I want as follow-up to Tamondong a young woman with cred! Dr. Rezk will be pleased, surely. And Misamis Oriental will again have cause to exult.

      For the Middle – Eco-International, RHA, & Supranational – mag-usap sina Pangindian, De Mesa, at Perez who wants which… Hope the (Schengen?) VISA for Poland will be expedited.

      Vera for the World. For Krishnan and Paton, El Tocuyo will be all too real. Maliliit. Besides, both have already had a taste of international competition, give others a chance nemen.

      I will put together a 15-Pick. I’ve named 9. Here’s 6 more…

      Barcoma (‘coz it looks like she’s ‘well-backed’, so she’s a given to get a placement), Austria, Pascual, Doc Rebortera (so @ Cool Brew will be happy), Nicha, and… (drum roll)… Palmares.

      (* – India and World Pageant)

  5. All I can say on these photos is this, many of the girls above do not exactly look like “themselves” at the press presentation (talk about expectations versus reality). It’s easier to project one’s best angles on stills (especially for the experienced ladies), not discounting the obvious photo software tampering (good or bad). It is difficult to hide their real physical attributes (imperfections and all) while in motion. After all, the national and counterpart international contests are held “in motion.” This is precisely why girls who win “most photogenic” rarely get the crown, among other reasons of course. At this juncture, I would appreciate it more and find it fair if the blogger actually posts individual candid close-up interviews (not cherry-picking on hyped ones only). This is a better way for us fans to get a better grasp of what the actual “judges” see that we fans do not. But then again, if the blogger doesn’t do that, it’s his prerogative. I’m simply airing my opinion here and took my little space.

    • 100% Agreee!!! Enough of these paulit ulit na Glam Shots

      Hindi na uso ang Glamshot, si Fadil nga hindi na nilabas ang photos ng MU 2020 Girls kasi Woke na ang Miss Universe.

      Candid na ang labanan. Glam shots are aspirational and should Never be the Criteria of what the girl can offer in reality!

      Walang Photoshop sa Real Life

      Expectation Vs Reality


  6. Sorry, walang very pretty sa kanila unlike BBP. Marami sa kanila parang ordinary looking and magakakamukha.

  7. Ang Ganda ni Paton..pero ..ang liit!! 5’4 1/2!!..and its very obvious in the photo here…At hindi pa tumabi yung mga matatangkad dyan like 5’9″ Dindi Pajares, 5’10″Danica Dilla,etc…

  8. Based solely on face value on these photos:

    World – Janelle Lewis
    Supranational – Anne de Mesa
    Eco Philippines – Kathleen Paton
    Multinational – Emmanuelle Vera
    Reina Hispano Americana – Dindy Pajares
    Tourism – Tracy Perez
    Eco Teen – I don’t know her name lol the young miss beside Dindy
    Environment – Ganiel Krishnan (only because I don’t know where else to place her)

    Other notable faces:

    1st group – girl #3
    The dentist
    5th group – girl #1

    • @ Paui Young miss beside Dindi is Tatyana Austria, po. Very model, no? Their Aya Abesamis.

      First group, third from left (I assume you are as if reading a book) is dusky Fil-Kiwi Megan Campbell.

      Fifth group, leftmost (therefore, your #1) I think is Asha Gutierrez.

      The T-A-L-L’s are in the 8th/last photo – L to R, Dillah, De Mesa, Babao (?), Pajares, Austria, and Tempra.

      My fave would have to be the 6th photo. I think it’s odd-in-a-fun-way how the ladies clumped in three’s on opposite sides of the frame resulting in a central void effectively bisecting the space. Lolz. Ambriel Pascual and Michelle Arceo, then Vera-Rebortera-Nava to counterbalance…

      In 1st and 2nd photos, Lewis and Perez respectively dominate completely!

      In 3rd photo, Jo-ann Flores EFFORTLESSLY draws the viewer in! I love Shannen Manzano. 🙂

      Oh, my gosh. Wala ako’ng kilala sa pang-apat. Blogger Master, do something fast, po! 😦

      Fifth, Asha and Sade are like bookends. Their duskiness offsetting the paleness of Jung and Fourniol.

      Finally the 7th, the saving grace is Kathleen Paton, dead center.

      Barcoma suddenly came to mind… Ano na siya? Where is she here?

      • 1st group: Janelle Lewis
        2nd group: Tracy Maureen Perez
        3rd group: girl between flores and tarayo
        4th group: second girl
        5th group: girl between furniol and jung
        6th group: Eman
        7th group: anliit ni Paton pero the face!!
        8th: Dindi & Tatyana

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