5 comments on “Janela Joy Cuaton is ready to #InspireYou

  1. She’s pretty but I don’t see the crown-worthy appeal.

    So, bikolana din pala siya.

    I’d still go for Isabela Galleria to represent us, oragons!,

    That dusky Sorsogon girl is as hot as the bicol express!

  2. She needs to further tone down or be thinner a bit coz she looks short…i know she stands as tall as Amanda Obdam,…just that her body is still medyo stocky..kaya yung illusion ng Tall & lithe,nadi- diminish!!
    But..her face is ….WOOOOOW!!

  3. Oh, my.

    The fresh. The body… The ‘tatay’-of-all.


    ‘Ay, may issue/s du’n sa comment ko sa isa’ng post… ‘Di bale! Lubusin ko ‘to.

    Auguri, Janella! Masbate siya, no?

    May ‘sinigang’ dish du’n, ‘ata. Ang pang-asim, ‘batiawan’ (a local plant). Napanood ko dati sa isa’ng travel show~documentary… ‘Lakbay TV’ ‘ata ‘yun.

    Sabi nu’ng nagluluto, narrating the process, “… pagkatapos ng baka (so, it’s a beef dish), ilagay ang onion spring… ‘Ay! Spring onions, pala”. Honest! I’m not making this up.

  4. She is pretty and well spoken. She just needs refinements in her body movements which appear unqueenly.

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