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  1. hindi ka rin daw bet ng mga may palda ang swimsuits…… at madami sila! hihihihihihi!

  2. I love that the girls in their swimsuits did their pasarela on a long runway.
    The place was spacious which gave more room for social distancing.
    I wish The videographer had used high definition camera with powerful zoom lens. He he.
    I believe the event was IATF-approved. That is mandatory when holding big event like this.
    @flor. Philippines has granted Emergency approval for Johnson’s and Johnson’s anti-covid vaccine, which is a single- dose vaccine.

    • @ serge Notice now the ~2-week spacing between BBP (11 July) and MWP (25 July). IATF might have mandated for a ‘buffer interval’ to properly assess any super-spreading, if any knock on wood.


      This might be norm for live pageants hereon – ‘DI DAPAT PER WEEK SUNOD-SUNOD FINALS.

      Have you checked the individual shots? ‘Eto ‘yun’g sampu’ng mga maninipis… My Top 10 Swim.

      31 Pangindian – KAYA NGA, I INSIST MAG-CTS SIYA. Huhuhhuhhh… 😦
      30 Tarrayo – you expect from a KF veteran.
      29 Palmares
      21 Babao
      18 Austria
      17 Tempra
      16 De Mesa – B-U-T, she’s STUCK. Has given the exact same look from Day 1. And to some degree, the Mitch Gumabao look-alike has a Maureen Montagne frostiness… STYLING, please!
      13 – Nicha – Loving that healthy duskiness! (In contrast to deathly-pale Jung and not-too-fit, 12.)
      9 Pascual – a wonderful-cheery revelation!
      6 Rebortera

      Guys, please tell Boss ALV to get the RHA and Supranationals reps from this ten… B-O-D-Y…

  3. Actually all BbP girls are vaccinated heading to the coronation. Naging partner kasi ang Araneta Center ng QC government in vaccination. Sana MWP rin pero AV doesn’t have the power that the Aranetas have.

    • @ Lymaraina The private sector can already purchase vaccines, to be disseminated at their discretion… Werpa is unnecessary; we need to achieve the numbers ASAP. Ang bawal ay magbenta ng bakuna. ‘ata… To date, all vaccines should be given FOC. 🙂

      If you watched all the sponsor events thus far, I think one of the major ones shouldered the jabs for all the ladies. Let’s see if Boss ALV will reveal which sponsor it was. Kung tama ang Math (number of days between first and second jab), assuming nauna na’ng nakapagturok (away from the public eye, of course, for confidentially and privacy), then the next one will fall within the pageant bubble. Unless, they got one of those ‘single-jab’* ones (Johnson & Johnson, Janssen?)… G!

      * – Aprubado na ba ng IATF-DOH ang ‘single-jab’?

      Loving the venues! A high ceiling represents Heaven.

      • I followed lots of MWP girls and I don’t see Any girls getting vaccinated. Well maybe some who did on their own. Basta I see BBP girls getting vaccinated in Araneta few weeks back. I personally saw stories of Sam P and Maureen’s ig na fully vaccinated na SILA.

      • @ Namrata Shirodkar

        You have said so, po. “… Maybe some who did on their own”. Perhaps, it was voluntary. 🙂

        And I said, “… away from the public eye,… confidentially”.

        Look, huwag natin pagtalunan ‘to! It’s a good thing, if ever.

        If BPCI wanted to publicize theirs, that’s entirely their choice. And good for the Binibini’s!

        Besides, they’ll be dispatching their first queen in a few weeks (Supranational). Alangan naman’g payagan ‘yan’g maka-viaje na wala’ng kahit anuman’g proteksiyon. Dapat lang naman siguro… 😦


  4. Miss Earth ang peg, ang chaka ng swimsuit, majority of girls are out of shape

    • 5 lang na girl ang 5’7 above(totoo na di chos) natural nagmukhang out of shape if hindi matangkad

  5. OMG asan ang Social Distancing?

    Pina SWAB test ba yan lahat ma umattend? May basbas ba yan ng IATF? Ang alam ko lahat ng umattend sa Bb. Pilipinas Coronation night, pinag SWAB test!


    • hindi ka rin daw bet ng mga may palda ang swimsuits…… at madami sila! hihihihihihi!

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