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  1. She’s entering showbiz.
    Based sa thumbnail ng video, pwede siyang comedian.
    Not hating, just stating.

    • @ migs & @ Anonymous The Lion is the star sign of Mademoiselle.

      The Lion is the emblem of St. Mark.

      It is hostile~confrontational. BUT, it is hurt more than it realizes…


      It is the lover in Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’ music video.

  2. Rabiya needs to seek a psychologist or psychiatrist after her reign. OMG…her aura transmits. I am sorry to disappoint the fans. ❤❤❤

  3. Ibalik na po sa Luzon ang korona.
    Yung Cebuana nagkalat sa speech niya during MU Finals.
    This Ilongga nagkalat lang during MU swimsuit finals.
    Visayans simple aren’t winnable in international pageants ✌️
    Visayan fans are aggressively supportive though.
    Look at how much they spoiled the Ilongga despite her many foul ups.

  4. Nagmukhang tita tita si Rabiya. Parang pang Desperate Housewives ang awra niya. masyadong nagpakasopistikada. I am not liking the change.. nawawala yung youthful, naive, humble lass na nakita ko. Sana sa picture lang naman.

  5. Presentation-wise, she looked like she regressed. I doubt she would’ve won MUP if this is how she looked during the pageant.

    Oh well, good luck to her and good luck with the new batch of candidates this year.

  6. Not to stereotype, pero nagmukha na syang high end pokp*k.
    Well at least, high end.
    80 days in the US? Malamang may naka-sex na yan don. 😌

  7. I was a fan of this girl when she won. Now she looks too manufactured and fake. Iniwan na rin niya mga sumuporta sa kanya noon, including the people who helped her when she was competing in MUP, the ones in Iloilo and Cebu. For what girl?

    • MUP stakeholders:
      1. It’s ok to have veneers but not to the point the candidate start looking like having a rabbit’s 2 front tooth.
      2. It’s ok to enhance some body parts, but please, not to the point of having silicons reaching the collarbone, and the excited boobs ready to burst anytime. Your candidate is not participating in a Playboy of the Year contest.
      3. MU stage is not the time to show amateur wardrobe designs, or play with embellishments; it makes your candidate look cheap and disconnected in many aspects of presentation. You need to pre-plan everything. Use pastel, light and bright colors, they’re pleasant to look at and ensure of different clothing textures. Use elemental components of the country’s culture and traditions.
      4. Do not overexpose your candidate in all media platforms. Your candidate becomes saturated with unnecessary comments, bashing, and negative publicity.
      5. Prepare your candidate in all aspects of presentation, knowing different angles of camera and photo shoots, always ready to smile and wave.
      6. When you train your candidate, please include basic good manners and right conduct. Don’t let your candidate come across as having bipolarity and multiple personalities.
      7. Try to find other trainers, Kuya Boy is now obsolete and very generic. You need something and someone fresh and millennialist.
      8. Utilize inputs from previous Philippines’ 4 MU titleholders.
      That’s all folks!

  8. Sino bang tao, in her right state of mind, na magcocomment sa sarili niya na “I am a phenomenal woman”? Di ba yung tao lang na sobrang bilib sa sarili niya, self-centered, mayabang o kaya may pagkalokaloka. Such bold statement should come from other people and not from your own mouth. If people sees you that way, you truly deserve to be called a phenomenal being.

    Hindi phenomenal ang isang taong overconfident; always saying “lalaban tayo” while pumping her fist; halatang may attitude problem; may pa heart effect pa na finger sign during the NC na sobrang ka OA-yan talaga; nawala yung natural smile sa final SS competition dahil sa mga batikus sa prelim presentation niya na naging parang bata siya na kapag pinagalitan mo ay lumalabas ang pagkasimangot kaya tuluyan nang di ginalingan ang paglakad, parang naging talatala at naging kabado na di kaayaayang tingnan; nagparetoke at nakipaghiwalayan sa BF niya dahil sobrang ambisyosa, selfie nang selfie lumalabas tuloy na feeling beautiful; pinopost pa sa social media na nagbigay daw siya ng 1K sa isang mahirap with matching paiyakiyak (kailangan pa bang e-announce yun?); daldal nang daldal feeling intelligent pakinggan; at higit sa lahat hindi phenomenal ang isang iyakin at my tantrum.

    Indeed, coming from my own quote, “we can clearly see the true color of an object if we place it in the spotlight.”

  9. Tagal nman ng bagong topic🤭
    Pansin ko lang Yung smile ni JG. Parang pilit. Napipilitan lng ba sya😆
    Mag expect ba nman kasi eh Di nman inayos Ang dapat ayusin😜🤗😆
    Kelan kaya magsalita c Rabiya Yung Rabiya na totoo at panglibro Ang icoconfess nya about her journey sa MUP to MU and after MU😆Masaktan na Ang Masaktan🤭 hihihihi
    Sabay drama na “This is me. This is the true me”. Cherette Lungs.

  10. She look dry, dahil siguro super busy sa work nya as MUP kaliwat kanan ang guesting ni ate para kumita ang MUP Org sa kanya. Naging literal na business na kasi at kelangan may profit hindi na charity ang front.

  11. Mas fresh and young looking pa sayo si Mrs. Lee Ibyang 🤣 Anong nangyari sayo?

  12. Tito Norm I hope Rabiya is ok and wish her the best. However she seems lost . Who is this woman becoming ? She’s so different from the self confident , raw but natural beauty during MUP. Please relay this to her . We are concerned.

    • Don’t be concerned too much. I think this is just a natural defense mechanism on her part.

      When one wants to leave behind a traumatic chapter in one’s life (ex. A performance witnessed and bashed by so many, breaking up with a long time boyfriend, etc), and wants to turn- over a new leaf (ex. Show biz career, handing over a short stint reign ) a literal physical transformation and certain affectations are developed. (Ex. a drastic haircut, a show of exaggerated confidence).

      She will get over this. This experience will make her a better person. A diamond is but a mere charcoal that did well under pressure, di ba?

      (If anything, what I find irritating is the way she always clasps her hands or make a fist [kaya natin to]), that makes her look like she is campaigning to be the class president or giving a pep talk. Lol.

      World Peace.

  13. Balik mo na sa dati ang boobs mo Rabiya, mas okay pa rin ang natural. Baka mgkasakit ka pa aa ginawa nila sa dibdib mo.

  14. Ok. Cge na. Start na uli Ang words like ” I am a phenomenal woman”. “Know when to peak”. etc. etcetera 😆😆
    Puro dada Wala nman palang nagawa🤭tse. Hihihihi 😆 cherette lungs.

  15. I am kinda torn on what to comment. On one hand, we can just be kind and welcome her back, and thank her for representing the country. I truly believe that she did her best to get a decent placement.

    On the other hand (which is “left”, lol), while I think that it is useless to beat a dead horse, there are lessons to be learned from her selection and journey to the MU crown.

    1) Hinog sa pilit. There was something about her that screams of “girl” instead of a woman. Somehow she appears too raw to represent us in a big arena like MU. It makes me wonder though since the likes of Ara Arida or Maxine Medina were also novices (and of the same age as she) when they competed. And yet, and yet, and yet, she seems to be lacking a certain gravitas.

    2) Enhancements are okay as long as done well. The saucer-like boobs that are almost reaching her shoulder bones are a disaster. Most of the time, we choose to be polite and look the other way. But this botched procedure really can not be helped but be noticed.

    I wonder whose idea was this. Who advised her? Jonas? Shamcey? Or she did it on her own ? I am sure there’s a story here somewhere.

    3) The devil is the details. (Read : Avoidable disasters such as an ill-fitting headdress.) They had the time to go to the US to gallivant one month in advance, and yet a thirty minute fit out of a crucial headdress (that made her meltdown) was overlooked? Come on.

    Three teddy bears as her background during a crucial taped interview does not actually scream of a Miss Universe woman. If anything, it only affirmed how girly our representative was. Minor things but as they say, Image is everything.

    4) The arrogance of a Look Book. They boasted 100 artists contributing to her stylings that made her look like an arts and craft school project. Just choose 3 to 5 very competent and professional artists next time. This is a classic case of too many cooks spoiling the sinigang.

    5) The hackneyed sound-bytes, rehearsed answers, and eager to reply vibe made her look like a Ms Q&A contestant of Showtime.

    Anyway, she is still young, She will land on her feet, This experience will make her a better person as she pursues her vlogging and show biz career.

    Nakahinayang lang for MUP’s first foray. I hope some lessons are learned from this journey.

    World Peace.

    • @ THOMAS Re the enhancement, refer to comment of fake @ paul below…

      I think now, it was a deal… May ‘compensation’ in exchange. Anyway, as @ Baby Nica (above) said, I believe once natapos na ‘yun’g ‘contract’, off it comes. 🙂


      (I wonder now if Rabiya is begun a journey to explore things she only dreamed off. If that’s the case, we can only wish her well and to be safe. And not lose sight of the way back home. Auguri!)

      • Mahal kong Flor Tulo,

        Ako’y lubhang nahihirapan sa tuwing may namumutawi sa iyong mga labi. Ang hirap ma-arok ng mga pag pili mo ng salita. Eto ba ay sadyang likas sa yo o ikaw ay nana nadya? Ano ba ang suman balasan?


        Mundong Payapa.

      • @ THOMAS Rabiya said she would treat fans to town delicacies… 🙂

        (In one of her post-crown interviews.)

        Maybe she is finding it hard to jump start? I suggest help from friends at her organization.

        I saw a photo in YouTube just now of the event… With her were a VERY SEXY Galleria Sorsogon and I think Kim Crizaldo (MUP-Iloilo Province 2020); I think both ladies are Mercator models… Why not both of them accompany her on a homecoming one of these days?

    • I just love your comments, THOMAS! Very on point!

      Until now, I’m guessing no more stylists (?), she still looks like a school project (#4). I didn’t feel elegance from her throughout the competition. Talagang very opposite sa impression ko of Andrea and Janick. Yes, i-lesson learned na lang natin ‘to!

    • Ara Arida actually wasn’t a pageant novice as she competed in Miss Earth. Maxine Medina was already a professional model so it gives her an extra edge. Both were 25 and 26 when they competed so a few years older than Rabiya. It is not Rabiya’s fault that she won MUP. She performed on that night and she was a clear winner in the eyes of the judges. For me, she actually overachieved despite with limited experience. But I do agree, if she was given a year or two she might performed much better.

      I felt sad that they have to alter her boobs and teeth as she didn’t need it. Maybe she need to gain a bit of weight and get toned. I’m sure that she learned a lot of lessons in this journey and hope she come back stronger is she decide to compete again.

      • Agree MM.

        I especially liked her face during her Baguio interview when she was wearing white. She reminded me then of Penelope Cruz. Hopefully, her face alterations now will not go in the way of Matimtiman Cruz*. Lol.

        * A comedienne during the time of Fabian. Lol.

        World Peace.

      • The boobs, I heard is to fit well with the dresses. Fyi po she was very flat chested. And all of the clothes aren’t give to her. Ibabalik din yan sa designer tas ipapasuot sa iba. Rabiya doesn’t have a “model” physique kahit nung nagtranform sya kaya the flat chested Ara and Janine won’t be compared to her. Even Shamcey na hindi din gifted ay nagawan ng paraan. Pero malapad din shoulders ni Shamcey.

      • Namrata,

        Are you saying, since flat chested sya and the gowns she would wear can not be altered (since pahiram lang at isosoli nya eventually), the solution is get a boob job? Lol.

        Oh my, can you imagine if the Ms Universe crown (which is returned every year to a different girl) is too big, the solution is to make the girl’s head big…

        But seriously, let me repeat again for the second time around (repeat na, again pa, second time pa!), enhancements are OKAY. As long as done well.

        World Peace.

      • Thomas haha pero it’s not a secret that hollywood stars even local celebs undergo surgery to look good in what they wear. About the crown, kakaloka ka naman the new mouwad crown actually is not full head. Para syang may suklay sa side. Parang isusuksok lang sa hair. The older crowns are adjustable. Okayyyy I think you know naman what happened to janicel lubina in 2015. Lumusot ulo nya sa korona 😂 😂 😂. Yung wire crown pa ng BbP yun


    Salamat Flor for asking me at nang nakita ko.


  18. In less than a year, she went from a fresh and youthful Miss Ilo-ilo Philippines to an orange “Jersey girl.” Pwede din Real Housewife of something something 😅

  19. Norman IF Hannah and Cindy BRING LOTS of POSITIVITY, Rabiya encourages NEGATIVITY from your commenters. And the MUP organization as well. I don’t think Voltaire Tayag is doing his job well. He should make MUP PALATABLE to pageant fans and critics alike.

    Good morning to all.

  20. Hey guys move on. This girl did her best but wasn’t good enough to clinch the title. Just remember, that WINNING or LOSING are the 2 end results of every contest, game or battle. It so happened that this girl’s MU fate was really written or destined to the latter. Perhaps, there are other goods things await her.


  22. Sorry, pero the Rabiya that I loved in Miss Universe Philippines is already gone. Who’s she?

  23. Siguro kaya hiniwalayan si Rabiya ng bf nya ay dahil marami syang pinaretoke na di naman pumayag ang bf nya.
    Sana magkabalikan pa sila dahil wala na namang pressure ngayon kay Rabiya dahil tapos na ang contest.

  24. Welcome back Rabiya.
    I am excited for this year’s MUP. This format encourages grassroots participation in national pageantry.

      • @Luh technically totoo NAMAN na money talaga ang MUP dahil it’s a for profit organization. It’s not a charity like MPE na may Miss Earth Foundation or BPCI.

      • Thank you, Diana. Iba diyan kasi hindi open-minded. MUP is using our nationalitistic tendencies to get rich. Fortunately, they won’t. Nangangalabit na ang MUO kay BBP. Hahahaha.

    • Excited din sana ako sa pagbabalik sa MUP kaso ang bulok parin ng selection of winners nila. Gabby Basiano should’ve crown as MGIP

  25. Rabiya looks so fresh and ready for Miss World 2024. I am excited for Miss Universe Philippines 2021. What are we waiting for Philippines?. Join Miss Universe Philippines 2021 it’s really open for everybody, whatever is your height, single mom, and transgender. No beauty and brain needed also.

    • Trust me, hindi na ulit siya sasali sa ibang pageants. Lats na ni Rabiya ang MUP. Babalik yan sa pagtteacher. Trust me. ❤❤❤

      • no way, she will be a model actress and will probably sign under Empire so Mama J can reap the benefits of her hardwork in MUP…hihihihi

        I wonder if Rabiya was ever paid for her MUP USA Tour or MUP took all the talent fee… 😛

      • No. Magiging starlet din yan. I’ll give her 5 years tapos feeling ko magpapractice yan ng PT in the US for good at mag aasawa ng puti.

  26. Rabiya before MU Finals: Lalaban tayo!
    Rabiya during MU SS Finals: Lotlot po tayo! 😝

    • The ATTITUDE girl is back. Nagsayang lang sa kanya ang MUP at Pilipinas.

    • Rabiya during her MUP reign: “My name is Rabiya Mateo and I AM a phenomenal woman!”
      Rabiya after her MUP reign: “Hey guys! My name is Rabiya Mateo and I AM a vlogger! Don’t forget to click, like & subscribe!” 😝✌️

    • Ano ba dapat gawin ni Rabiya? Magtatantrum at mangbash sa MUO? 😂 Hindi naman kasi kayo yung pinagod ng bashing at pre-pageant activities kaya hindi nyo magets yung nararamdaman nung reyna 😂

      • @Bleh – Wasn’t Pia bashed by our fellow Pinoys, first for her post-BBP frame and her “mayabang” claim of “Kalma lang, guys. Babawi tayo sa Miss Universe” after Pacquiao lost a fight? Wasn’t Maxine Medina ridiculed for her apparent lack of smarts?

        Did Pia and Maxine ever have a meltdown in public or did they behave haughtily towards others? NO.

        Pinagod before the pageant? Pinagbuhat ba siya ng lighting equipment? Hindi naman, di ba? Exposure din for her ang nangyari. Had she won, I am certain you would have said “See! Favorite talaga ng sponsors si Rabiya! They saw that she was IT.”

        Eh, hindi.

  27. Mga Tanong:

    1. Pag nag-apply ang isang kandidata (at ng kanyang AP), may babayaran na ba ka kaagad?

    2. Anu-ano ang babayaran? Franchise Fee? Registration Fee? Ano pa iba?

    Parang ang daming perang…

      • @ Norman Boss Blog, ‘di na sila naka-move on sa dibdib ni Rabiya… 😦

        Mag-post na nga po kayo about the MWP Press Conference/Presentation. 🙂

    • May punto si Flor. Kelan magbabayad? At the start of application (kaagad), sa Top 100, sa Top 75, sa Top 50 o sa Top 30?

      Dami PERA…

    • @ paul Maayo’ng aga!

      Ikaw ba ‘yun’g nag-comment sa baba (14 July, 22:24)? The one with Janjep and FrontRow?…

      It looks like something pyramidal… Initial membership fee, ta’s progressively higher amounts as you penetrate deeper.

      THOUGH, ang kaigihan nito, if you have only so much money, then hanggang du’n lang ang placement mo… Kasi, maybe you just want that first exposure… OK na rin. 🙂

      Ang hope ko lang sana, ‘di maulit ‘yun’g last year na napabalita’ng ‘joining fee’ that each lady was required to personally shoulder… That’s why I asked then if receipts were issued (thus, taxes).

      Kung camps, they will probably reserve the option to decide whom to advance further as the screening progresses, depending on how it all pans out… Backroom talks na lang ‘yan.

      But, yeah. ‘Eto’ng applications – considering it could run into the hundreds if not thousands – wala pa’ng bayad. Sa 100 malamang magsisimula…

      There’s, we already know, Meg Perez (Quezon Province and Lucena City), Chico Estiva (Laguna),… Cebu, easily those three sashes again – province, cities of Mandaue and Cebu… Oh, yeah! PALAWAN, THIS TIME, WILL BE ‘PROVINCE’ AND ‘PUERTO PRINCESA CITY’.

      AT, doesn’t seem that you necessarily must be from the province or city to ‘own/claim’ the sash. Basta gusto mo at loaded ka, feel free to sponsor as many as you wish na available pa. Great!

  28. Tapos 3 Lang ang MU claiber?
    What a waste of time effort and money !

  29. It seems a very rigorous process but at the end of the day, a girl from Aces and Queens will be the winner

  30. Roots. Transformations. Charity. This edition’s theme easily revolves around the woman’s intellect, core values and physique, the three dimensions of beauty. My wish list for this edition are alumni Bella Ysmael, Pauline Amelinxs, Carol Veronilla, Sigrid Flores, the other Flores girl from Laguna, the Soriano girl from Pangasinan, Skelly Florida, the Mangawit girl from Kalinga and the Elcano girl from Batanes. From the just concluded BBP, my wish list includes Pat Babista, Lesley Ticaro and Laurie Mendoza. From the previous editions of BBP, they are Patch Magtanong and Ahtisa Manalo. From at-targe, I wish the beautiful Aeta girl joins and rock the pageantry world.

    • beb, di natin sa ngayon kailangan ang mga flowery words mo. Focus on your work…you will thank me before the end of this year.

    • Hahahahaha. Wag naman sana puro flowery words Madam. Actions naman diyan. PHENOMENAL. Nasaan ang phenomenal sa pinag-gagagawa ng Em-Yu-Pe?

    • @ scorg Pauline, I think, there was a statement/post/story that she will return 2022, next year…

      Sigrid has aged out, sadly. 😦

      Jo-Ann Flores is now at MWP. 🙂

      Nina Soriano… Noreen Mangawit… Dapat, ma-appoint na lang ‘to’ng dalawa’ng ‘to. Imo, they will have no chance in our ‘mestiza’-obsessed culture. Bata pa naman ‘ata. Like Anjamie Magbitang, no?

      Ticaro, Parrenas, Elcano, Skelly, and Veronilla, could probably fare well at Earth, BUT ONLY ONCE LIVE PAGEANT IS RESUMED. And if Doc Adee jumps in, ‘eh ‘di reunion-of-sorts. Lolz.

      Babista reminds me so much of Yana Haenisch of Namibia. Laurrie, I’m worried kasi baka na-trauma ‘yan sa Q&A like what happened with Sirene.


      • @Flor, I forgot in my wish list Doc Adee. Thanks for reminding me. Laurie should not be traumatised by the recent Q&A incident because no one would be able to digest such a convoluted question, much less process an answer, in 30 minutes in front of the judges and online audiences. Yeah, you’re right: this is still a mestiza-obsessed audience. But that I think is precisely why inclusivity and diversity is being promoted by MUP– to correct the miseducation of the Filipinos, to embrace who we truly are as human beings. That said, the brown-skinned Malayan beauties and doe-eyed Chinitas should join.

      • @ scorg You know where Karen Laurrie’s mold will be perfect for?

        Bikini or Fit. Look at their titlists. 🙂

  31. Mas maganda nga yan masala muna bago tumapak sa stage, para naman puro magaganda at strong girls ang makikita sa stage, hindi yung puro filler lang

    • Tsaka jusko mema sabi mga insecure dito, eh gantong ganto din naman format ng South Africa, pa email din ang screening

  32. Not actually happy with what MUP has been doing…ginagawang palengke. Nawala ang class nung nawala sa BBP

    • True, paano ang nanalo pina opera ng Front Row like Janjep, parang sasabak sa Naughty America ang boobs. Tapos iti-train kunwari susyal, paliyad liyad maglakad, fierce kunwari, at ang pananalita babaguhin din na di magandang pakinggan sa totoo lang. Nahanap ba nya ang tatay nya sa lamyerda? Nagtampo tuloy ang jowa.

  33. I really like the theme but and the addition of virtual interview/screening of the ladies from different provinces but I smell that this is more of a stunt that anything else. But nevertheless, a good move. I say just do the voting with fans and judges and cut them to a top 50 outright instead and send them to Manila. They have to realize that time is of the essence here and the sooner you reveal the top 30, the easier and better it is for them to prepare.

    A top 30 means that they are being more selective in this edition than the inaugural, right?

    I wonder how many from other camps will be joining in the sophomore edition?

      • @ Norman So, wala na ‘yun’g “rallying point, harbinger of hope, etc. etc…” thingy…?… 😦

        My gosh. Parang MUT. 100, ta’s brutal-ruthless one-time cut to 30+.

        EXACTLY AT WHICH STAGE DO THE AP’S PAY FRANCHISE? 100? 75? 50? Or, at 30?

        I will assume the residency is retained… So, we won’t be expecting ‘Fil-Comm’s’ soon…

      • That’s good. I mean, MUP remains another breeding ground to train for other pageants. At least they can try to gun for runners up positions until Aces loses its grip….hihihihi

      • @ Norman Good Sat AM, Tatay of All. 🙂

        So, Albert Andrada is Head of the MUP ‘Design Council’… Does this mean he was responsible for Rabiya’s 100-piece Look Book, as to which designers and the sequence of the OOTD’s, po? 🙂

        End-September ang MUP Final. December ang MU 2021… In two months (Oct & Nov), will Mr. A be able to put together at least one piece for our rep? Kasi, siguro naman dapat lang… Thanks!

    • I completely …absolutely Agree on your sentiments with regards to the limited timeframe available given the proximity of the Costa Rican(?) Finals…MUPH has to focus fast in trimming down their selection..Otherwise,..there would be a limited time left for the thorough Training of the Chosen girl,preps for her Gown and Natcos,etc…If not,this will be a REPEAT of their Cramming Sched during the time of Rabiya.

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