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  1. Bakit parang diniscredit ni Tito Boy ang sagot ni Cindy. Walang validation. Cindy’s answer was the best answer that night. Kung sinunod ni Cindy ang payo ni Tito Boy sa pagsagot ng question niya, Lotlot sya for sure!

    • I liked it when sinagot siya ni Mau ng “I’m okay but the question is not okay. (joke!)”
      She’s the momma of the group. (rapper interview) Galing ng batch na Ito.

  2. Perhaps BPCI should disassociate itself with Mr Abunda. The association diminishes the pageant brand.

    When is it okay to be pretentious? A PhD doesn’t guarantee one can coach pageant contestants in Q&A. Thirty minutes into the show, it immediately turned into one of his regular coaching sessions, where his fabulous answers are highlighted as the winning responses. Does he have the capability to answer a question in 30 secs? Maybe not, and that’s the danger of his Q&A lessons. He himslef overthinks the question, and he coaches them in this manner.

    He tried to defend himself in his YouTube channel by saying it was the production team who chose that pretentious question from among six others he submitted. Just imagine what the other five questions would have been. 😂

    @ManuelQ @THOMAS🙋🏻

    • @ Sophia Well, she essentially said why she opted to stick with BBP.

      Watch again the CNN Philippines interview with Pinky Webb. 🙂

      (Besides, but this is a relatively minor argument, last year KF was not keen on taking a risk on the inaugural MUP yet… And she was already with KF by then.)

    • Cause she’s from KF and MUP only has 1 title available that allows you to compete abroad……

  3. I love the conversation. It was pleasant and relaxed. Boy carried the conversation very well. He made the girls feel at home.
    Reigning Bb Pilipinas queens have big chances of winning international crowns
    MIss International Organizers and the Japanese will be mesmerized by the beauty of Hannah.
    I believe Samantha will give a grand(baklaan) performance at MGI to the delight of Nawat and Thais.
    Miss Globe and Miss Intercontinental Organizers will be enamored by Maureen and Cindy respectively with their antics and funny dispositions.
    I am looking forward for the return of Gabriel in Bb Pilipinas next year.
    Good luck to Meiji on her master’s study.


  4. ang laki pala ng noo ni Hannah, pwede ng landing ang eroplano. Congrats Hannah for a very well deserved win

  5. JawsKuh, 1 year na Ang post na to.
    Anyways, may lavan Ang mga reps natin kaya cool lang kayo.
    May time pa c Sam to be like Sam B or Sam Lo🤭 hihihihi 🤗
    Kahit Elizabeth Clenci nlang kc halos same lang sila Divahhhh 😜

  6. Both Hannah and Maureen will DO VERY WELL in their respective international pageants.

    Cindy will DO WELL in her international assignment.

    Samantha Panlilio – EWAN! Parang nakikita ko na ang ‘epi curve’ from Sam Lo to Sam Bernardo to Sam Panlilio.

    Parang sinadya ni Angkol na ipost ang picture niya along with that of Gab. Gab is gorgeous but weak in comm skills. Sam Panlilio has excellent comm skills but lacking good qualities in H_____, F_____ & B_____.

    Sana palit ng position sia Meiji at Sam. 2nd runners lang dapat si Panlilio.

    Gab Basiano was given the 1st runners up position because I think the BPCI is still negotiating the franchise for that 5th title. At kung okay na ay ibibigay ito kay Gab, hopefully.

    • Yes that is what I am thinking also. The 5th title is still in negotiation and Gabby Basiano will be the perfect first representative of the title. Many are speculating that the 5th title is Miss Asia Pacific International which I feel is a worthy title to be in Binibining Pilipinas. It will be a lost for Mutya ng Pilipinas which I feel has lost it’s spark but will both add prestige to Miss Asia Pacific International being included in the most prestigious pageant in the Philippines and Binibining Pilipinas having a crown worthy of having a great history and background.

      • @ Marife Baka this year lang ‘yan. Kasi nga, dili ba gi-announce ng Mutya org na wala muna sila’ng national pageant?

        Maybe they subcontracted BPCI. Pa’no ‘yun? ‘Pag ganu’n ba, BPCI ang nagbayad sa Mutya org? Kasi, ‘yun’g Miss Tourism Queen International na sa pagkakaalam ko is included sa franchise portfolio ng Mutya, napunta sa Maganda’ng Filipinas (Mdme. Eva) this time…

        So,… Mutya while they opted to not hold a 2021 nationals WILL PROCEED WITH THEIR MAPI? Any news as to where and when? 🙂

      • @Flor Tula – The Miss Tourism Queen International (MTQI) under Eva Patalinjug is a different pageant from Mutya’s Miss Tourism International (MTI). MTQI was where Justine Gabionza nailed a crown in 2006. MTI is the KL-based pageant where several Pinays have emerged victorious, the latest being Cyrille Payumo in 2019.

    • Agree ako rito. Hindi nga rin dapat runner-up iyang si Panlilio. Dinaan lang tayo sa Bb. Pilipinas history nung kamag-anak kamo niya.

  7. .. the interview was just fun to watch.. we got to know the ladies better, and saw how down to earth they can really be.. Boy Abunda is so full of himself.. yes, it may be his show, and he may have mentored (!?) the girls, but it is still the girls we are interested to listen to, and know more.. not him!!!

  8. Cindy is a revelation. Among this year’s titlists she is the only homegrown. The other three are all native English speakers, having been born and studied abroad (in Hannah’s and Maureen’s case) and having studied abroad and English is spoken at home (as in the case of the scion-of-Panlilio-clan Sam). She speaks with confidence and sense, whether it’s English, Filipino or gayspeak. I am positive she will do well in her international assignment.

  9. Hannah Arnold – Bb. Pilipinas-International – Correct!
    Maureen Montagne – Bb. Pilipinas-Globe – Correct!
    Cinderella Obenita – Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental – Okay!

    Samantha Panlilio – Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International – Ewan!

    Justice for Justine Felizarta!

    • Boy Abunda – pagtutulungan nina Fabian Reyes at Thomas na ilublob sa putikan because it’s okay not to be okay!

      • Hi Paul.

        No need for us to drag Girl Abunda into the mud. He is doing great doing that to himself. Ayoko ng putik . Ayoko ng masikip. Ayoko ng mabaho. Lol.

        My post which has gotten a decent 15 likes so far only means my sentiment is shared by many. He/it has developed so many illusions and affectations over the years. OA na sya.

        It is not OK to be OA. Lol.

        World Peace.

      • @St Paul (the-highway-robber-turned-Chistian-apostle) and St Thomas (the Jesus-doubter disciple): this is not in defense of Boy Abunda, as he tends to draw the attention upon himself, not the interviewee. However, his outlandish get-up is part of his personal branding. I think it is the organizer’s shortsightedness that the first media interview is with someone whose fashion sense is diametrically opposed to the styling of a bininini queen. The first media interviews should have been with the likes of Pinky Webb, Karen Davila, Corina Sanches, and– oh yes!– Norman Tinio! That should add value to whatever brand ideat BBP is conceptualising for itself. If it is to be Boy Abunda, he should at least been requested to dress up sans the distracting and attention-grabbing tattered denim in high-cut boots and rocker-jackets.

      • Speaking of the Bible, you are actually SCOURGing Boy at the Pillar. =)

      • Ha, ha, ha… Hindi pa tapos ang eksena. Pagkatapos ilublob nina Angkol Fabian at Thomas sa putikan si Boy, darating si Scorg at tutulungang makaahon sa putik ang kaawa-awang host. At dito magwawakas ang pelikula! Chos! He, he…

      • @Thomas, the “doubter”, I am not scourging BA at the pillar, but on his self-made cross. I am trying to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable”, to borrow Cindy’s now-trending Q&A response (which is biblical– Acts 19:1- 7).

  10. Hannah’s unassuming character is admirable. That perhaps is another thing the organization considered in choosing her as this year’s Philippine representative in Miss International. She looks a little bit tired though, but still beautiful.

    Maureen is growing in me. I love her bubbly personality and the pureness of her heart in saying Hannah deserves the International title. Camera loves her. I hope she tries Philippine show business because she is potentially a good TV host.

    Oh, Sam Panlilio! She is gorgeous, eloquent, and alta. She has resemblance to Lia Ramos. Nawat will definitely love her.

    Cinderella has that Georgina Wilson arrive from afar. Alam ko may igaganda pa itong babaeng ito. Meiji and Gabi need to come back stronger in beauty pageants after a year or two.

    Congratulations and good luck on your future endeavors, Binibinis!

    That’s all.

  11. Hannah looks so severe
    I hope she finds the right styling before she competes

  12. Both Hannah and Maureen will do really well… even if their crowns were interchanged
    Sam too… provided they train well
    I’m worried about Cindy .

    • @ Fabian Reyes Yes. Cinderella should return home to Prince Henry soonest.

      As per interview with Christine Jacob, Intercontinental will be in just a little over two months! Like Hannah in the Japanese Fall, very little time to prepare. 😦

      Said Sam that Grand 2021 will be in December. And if I recall correctly, Rowee competed in Albania last year around late Summer~mid Fall…




    • Angkol do not be worried with Cindy Obenita. WORRY for YOUR BELLA. He, he, he… Kumusta ang summer sa New York kol? Mainit o mainit na mainit? Ingatan ang skin mo.

  13. After watching this interview, I feel more understanding and kindness towards the girls (not only to the winners but pageant girls in general). They are prettier when relaxed and with less make up. Strip away the packaging and competitiveness, one can see how disciplined, sincere and articulate they are (be in it English, Tagalog or in Bekinese. Lol). They are beautiful. And some of us (including me) could have been less harsh in our past comments.

    Now having said that,

    I still could not stomach that pretentious Girl Abunda. Feelingera to the max. Mouthing answers to the Q&A questions hours after the event (siempre, pinag isipan mo na – echosera!). And even with the benefit of time, his suggested answers still sounded pretentious, rehearsed and self righteous. Don’t listen to him girls, you gave the best answers at that point in time, and you have the crown to prove it.

    Dear Boy, spending a good 15 minutes in that interview talking and defending about YOUR stupid, stupid, pa bida question was a waste of our time. You f_ _ked up big time. And please, do not flatter yourself too much thinking the audience is interested to listen to you, talking about yourself for 15 minutes. And I know that fashion is an individual taste, but please for the sake of your guests and audience who may be insulted by your fashion taste (that can be best described as a walking human rights violation), please dress appropriately in front of the camera.

    World Peace.

    • Can you imagine Conan O’ Brien, Jimmy Fallon or David Letterman
      Dressed-up like RAG doing interviews with these Ladies,
      SMH! Que horror, not impressed at all. Buhusan ng tubig
      Itong si Abunda para magising.

      • IKR.

        Maybe it is not right to compare him/it with the Conans of the world. Conan et al are straight (I think. Lol). Boy can always flash his gay card and say : I’m flamboyant and gaudy. I can express how I want to express myself.

        TRUE! (As Ms. Intercontinental would say. True! lol). You can always wear what you want to wear Boy, we actually don’t care.

        But the role of the interviewer is to put the spotlight and focus on the interviewees. Any good host or interviewer worth his salt knows that staging cheap gimmicks (like wearing eye sore clothes and giving out wordy, tricky questions during Q&A) to shift the limelight on you is a big no no.

        I still think that Boy is still the appropriate person to interview these girls. He was part of their training. It would be very stiff and formal if say Karen Davila or Pinky Webb. The girls won’t relax. Too bakya naman if Ogie Diaz or Doris Bigornia. A Martin Nievera can be an alternative. For Fabian’s age range, Joe Quirino, Eddie Mercado and Bobby Ladesma would have sufficed. Lol.

        The point Boy is don’t steal the limelight from your guests. And tone down the glib.

        World Peace.

  14. Liza Soberano keeps saying pageantry is not for her … I think she is hedging , we might get shocked

    How about Olivia Rodrigo , she is half-Pinay , not only a great popstar and singer but also a great spokesperson for various causes like encouraging young people to get vaccinated … I just wonder if pageantry is in the horizon for her, something slated for her future…

    & we should not forget Kim Layne… but of course we should keep on searching for home-grown beauties (Alaiza Molinao , where are you? Isabela Galleria?)

    • Olivia Rodrigo is only 5’5…
      She kinda looks like Julia Montes…

  15. Cinderella skin up close is not so good, maraming pimples and acne marks, even though she is lamunera sa q and a, sa Miss Incontinental, beauty first ang peg nila. Clapper alert

    Hannah will be a hit in Miss International

    Maureen might win be our 2nd Miss Globe

    Samantha might clap as well in Miss Grand,,, she is not a Miss Grand proto-type

    • Alam na nga na gusto ni Angkol ay yung drop-dead gorgeous na glamazon tapos magpapadala tayo ng punggok at hindi kagandahan sa MGI. I really think mali ang piniling winner for BBP MGI this year.

      • @ Aries Punggok at ‘di kagandahan…

        Came to mind last year’s host delegate. BUT, was very friendly and endeared with comedic wit. 🙂

        I do not understand how she won her National; marami’ng higit na magaganda. BUT, she will be the country delegate I will probably never forget. And for all the right reasons.

    • Fraxel lang katapat nyan… Cinderella has more than enough time to get her skin lasered to perfection…

  16. Postcript to Boy Abunda’s question “When is it okay to not be okay?”: When it is a choice between personal freedom and public safety. In this time of the pandemic, it is okay to give up our little conveniences for the sake of greater good. We have to strictly follow the health protocols no matter how restrictive they are.

  17. I suggest Meiji should join MWP because I see her with a Miss Supra Crown. European will love her and I’m serious 🤭Go gurl🤗

  18. Sorry. Had to stop at 40,0~. Furbabies are going nuts (plenty of barking) and I’m losing bandwidth.


    We missed Hannah’s and Sam’s words. Maureen ‘marathon’, Meiji ‘mindset’, Gabby ‘challenge’, and Cinderella… Oh, my gosh I forgot what she said. Huhuhhuh….

    Meiji sounds INTENSE. Parang ansarap i-add. So that her ‘complicated’ will get worse. 🙂

    May ‘Henry’ si Cinderella. ‘Peter’ is Sam’s. Maureen’s is ‘Dan’.

    Of course, as far as muscle memory is concerned, they have nothing on Cassie* and Bella, no?

    Anuva ‘yan’g ripped jeans?!! ‘Yun’g ganyan ko, itinapon ko na. Ang halay! Abot baywang na ‘yun’g punit, kita na kaluluwa ko kung wala’ng panty.

    Mr. Tinio, anticipating your exclusive~first interview with the 2021 MPE Elemental Court, will you, like Boy Abunda, also pepper the chat with snippets of your storied past (pre-blog)? G!!!

    ‘Ay, oo nemen. May ‘something’ talaga kay Jason Abalos. If you followed the ABS-CBN tele-drama ‘Eva Fonda’ in which he co-stars with Cristine Reyes and Princess Ryan (the love triangle), yummy. Nu’ng time na ‘yun, ako lang ‘ata sa office ang nanonood… So wala’ng maka-relate sa ‘kin. LOLOLZ.

    * – Cassandra Chan, the reigning Miss Chinatown (Philippines). Ballerina.

  19. Great interview. Tawanan, Laglagan at we got to know the girls.

    Good Job Tito Boy! Finally explaining the question and how to answer it.

    Cindy, funny ka bakla!

    Maureen has accepted her fate with open arms

    The rest of the girls, Mabuhay kayo lahat!

    Talagang pinanood ko ang 1 hour interview ha at hindi ako naumay


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