8 comments on “A quick Q&A with Miss Progress Philippines 2021 Zea Awatin

  1. She is intelligent with profound knowledge of serious matters. I believe she will do well in a pageant where candidates are judged more according to their knowledge on environment, health, and human rights, than their physical attributes.

    • @ serge You know kung sino’ng makatatalakay sa mga paksa’ng ‘yan at malalim magsalita?

      HONEY BE PARRENAS, Bb34 from Sultan Kudarat.

      I think it was a past Pageantry Norms episode. 🙂

  2. Progress International, from what I have read, is a platform for the international celebration of holistic beauty. The term “progress” is appropriate for this pageant– progressive, socially relevant and advocacy-driven. Zea obviously is an excellent rep: intelligent, insightful, and community-involved, reflective of her admirable core values and topped by a pleasing physical looks. I know she will clinch the crown with ease.

  3. Justice for Justine Felizarta! To those who are close to Justine, PLEASE tell her to continue her pageant journey back in Canada. She is still ELIGIBLE for Miss Globe, Miss Supranational, Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Universe, Miss Intercontinental, etc. She just has to find ways to contact the national organizations responsible for sending representatives to the aforesaid int’l. pageants.

    Thanks. Maayong udto sa tanan.

    • @ paul Right there onstage at SMART Araneta Dome last Sunday evening was the Director of MGCanada, Mias Pilar-Alcantara.

      Believe me. If ‘Biday Pilar’ (name coined by @ bong700) was impressed, madali na lang… 🙂

      Back to this post…

      ‘Zea’ is corn. Zea mays… It’s HOT here in Manille now… Mais con hielo on my mind. 😦

      ‘Privacy vs. security’. Same question asked of Fahsai at MU 2019. Parang ‘yun’g tanong ni Boy A. Essentially, it’s asking where you would draw the line. Talaga’ng lagi’ng personal ang pag-atake sa mga tanong na tulad na ‘to. And because of that, we need to RESPECT the individual’s choices!

      RESPECT is the glue-solvent that makes possible the union of oil and water. Domo arigatou, dude!

      • PLEASE FLOR, connect Justine to Miss Pilar-Alcantara. Alam ko makapangyarihan ka Flor bilang isa sa mga diwata ng Diliman. Daghan kaayong salamat. He, he…

    • @Paul, I think Justine as well as the many holistic beauties that joined the contest, did not fit into the BBP template. Just look at the judging crieria and see the low weight of intelligence and zero weight on advocacy relative to physical beauty. She should join contests that celebrate the mutiple dimensions of beauty, not just the physical.

      How anout this contest– Miss Progress Philippines?

      • Thanks Scorg. I think Justine is excellent for any of the following: Miss Globe, Miss Supranational, Miss Earth, Miss Grand International, Miss International, or Miss Universe.

        Sorry I am not yet familiar with this Miss Progress International. How progressive it is? He, he, he…

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