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  1. tito @normant may nabasa ako screenshot ng reply mo using this blog sa bekis of pageantry regarding new title sa bbp. you replied that “surprise daw sa finals” is this true na nag comment ka po ng ganon? if true. how come no surprise title?

    Among all the bets for MIP. Si hannah talaga yung the best choice and her performances until the end proved that. Happy for her that she won the top title. she will do well for sure. ang kalma nya from start to end. Pang MI talaga. her final Q&A is favor in japan since they really invest in S&T.
    Samantha P looks like sidgrid who competed in MUP. pero parang mas may dating si samantha. may chance pa din naman if ma train si sam ng maayos. but no to her bbp styling for MGI. Gawin nila latina styling kay sam. because sofia is surely a threat. Magaling ND nila na si ivan. ma ta transform pa yon.
    Lucky cinderella i forgot what time sya nakoronahan. mag 12am na siguro non. Siguro kung back to top 15 ang bbp. pasok pa din naman sya with justine F and si number bbp 6 forgot her name but she did well on Prelim SS. Cindy is one of my alternative but Globe is the highest title i gave her. She is tall and a good performer. may chance naman maka top 10 to 5 in MG. not sure lang sa MIC. but a semifinalist placement is more clearer.
    Maureen is only eligible in MI and MG. But her performances is not so MI. at least maybe. but hannah is really the one to beat for Miss International Philippines during that night. I placed maureen as my intercontinental kahit over age na sya don. baka sakali mabigyan ng consideration. i think between her and cindy. parang mas may chance si maureen. by continent kasi sa Intercon so we need more competitive representative against our asian neighbors.
    Meji was a stand out during the night. Very Filipina. MUP datingan nya that night. if she is still age eligible. hope she joins mup after her reign.
    Gabby is my MGI. She surprised me during SS. improved from styling to performance sa ss. she won Best in EG. Pero d ko bet yung styling sa EG at ung pantakip sa ulo. Bata pa naman sya. reserba kung baga. Either MGI or MIP.

  2. All this talk of surgical enhancements… Siguro nga, kapag high-stakes prestigious Nationals na.

    I wonder now if it’s at smaller BUT NOT NECESSARILY LOW-END contests that organic beauties are still possible… 🙂

    MF, ADFQ, and MPE… I hesitate to consider MPE small. It is the utter deception! Quite the contrary, she’s the rich woman moving around in work dress, so self-assured she feels no need to show off.

    I’ll end this with Osmel Sousa’s last MV batch – Stefhany Gutierrez, Mariem Velazco, and Veruzka Ljubllisawljevich… I was naive to assume they had been ‘untouched’. I thought, near-perfection of Nature.

  3. JUSTICE for Justine Felizarta. Her camp/team should advise her to go home to Canada right away and find the pageant organizations (& national directors) sending representatives to –

    1. Miss Globe
    2. Miss Supranational
    3. Miss Earth
    4. Miss Intercontinental
    5. Miss Grand International
    6. Miss International
    7. Miss Universe.

    Gayahin niya si Rizza Santos. She was able to represent Canada in three international pageants: Miss Earth, Miss World and Miss Universe.

    • Mahirap manalo sa MUC kasi ang unpredictable. May mga malalakas tapos magugulat ka na lang sa mananalo (except 2016-2018).

    • Justice Justice. Hindi naman makatarungan yung lipat lipat ng country manalo lang alam ko dual citizenship sya and she can take advantage of that. Pero it translate na to greed. She started with BBP 2015 then MUC 2017 then BBP2020-21 tapos ano MUC ulit? Sobra na yan. Mas malala pa yan kila Pia na 3 timer sa BBP at Catriona na nag cross pageant. At least sila they stayed true to what they claim na Pinay sila.

  4. Admin, @ JCM and @ thechinkyeyedboy are the same entity. Tingnan mo. 🙂

    @ Marvin1978 @ Gul is right. Magkahawig mag-ina.

    (Incidentally, Namtan Chaling Chalita Suansane is also 1/4 German. THIS SEEMS TO BE A GOOD FRACTION OF LINEAGE TO HAVE.)

    @ paul Does Hannah really have sufficient time? October ‘ata ang MI; iraraos lang ang Summer Olympics! It’s now mid-July. May Press Rounds pa sila… Baka August na siya makapagsimula mag-prepare, ’til September. That’s just two (2) months! Ta’s, baka agahan niya pagpunta sa Yokohama/Kanagawa… ANG MGA SUSUOTIN, NGAYON PA LANG AYUSIN NA, PLEASE. 😦

    (And we haven’t discussed VISA and SARS-Cov2 vaccination yet… Speaking of the latter, I look forward to the MWP Press Presentation, kasi sinagot ‘ata ‘nun’g isa’ng sponsor ang bakuna nila.)

    • Obvious naman na iisang account lang sila.
      Hindi siguro agad nag-appear yung unang post kaya sinubukan nya sa 2nd account nya hahaha.
      Nakalaloka pag nagreply pa ang isa sa post ng isa hahaha!

      Umpisa na agad ng kanya kanyang training! Huwag sayangin ang kakaunting panahon.
      I am looking forward for our Miss Intercontinental, she surprised everyone with her q and a. Kahit sya di makapaniwala na may corona sya.
      Good luck ladies!

      Sa mga hindi pinalad, apply na agad sa MUP…Karen, Taruc, Cartasano, Felizarta, etc.😀
      Sana mag-try din sina Leren, Patch, Emma, SamLo sa MUP.

      • @ miss tissa Kasi, ganire, Ma’m…

        The camps already have their respective line-ups for this year. We’ve heard of some of them… Naka-plano na ang pag-dispatch ng wards. Kahit ‘yun’g sa MWP!… Kung nais mag cross over, siguro mag-lie low muna for a year (just like Catriona, who skipped 2017 before jumping in)… BUT, I wouldn’t mind the Binibini’s from Pasig City and Nueva Ecija; they withdrew earlier on anyway. 🙂

        Of course, there is the option of going Independent if you no longer want to be held back by your camp’s timetable. Pero, ang hirap nu’n – emotionally, financially, physically. 😦

        I like Leren, too. And if Sam Lo, that’s THREE (3) BbCebu alums again, if ever. Aberrasturi and Gomez being the other two. Last year, Smith, Piczon, and Perez.

    • Flor HUWAG na nating masyadong problemahin sa Hannah. May A&Q team siya. She has been preparing for MI for the past 2 years. Kunti na lang aayusin.

      Ang CONCERN ko ay si Justine Felizarta. Ano nga ba ang complete ni Miss Pilar (Canada) ng Miss Globe? Pwede ba nating i-recommend si Justine na siya na ang mag-represent sa Canada sa Miss Globe? He, he, he… Or sa ibang national directors ng Canada for Miss Earth, Supranational, Universe, etc. Thanks a LOT my dear friend.

  5. well the intercon crown ay naging labanan between 2 retokadas – cinderella vs. basiano, with the former getting home the crown. between the 2 tho, mas bet ko si basiano to represent us in miss intercon. as for the 3 other winners, happy ako, right placement for each especially for MI and MGI reps..cant ask for more, except for SamP to gain more weight and for hannah to be more engaging and polished pasarela, and to study how to project, be it still photos, moving, or pasarela, more training for her with the right trainers.

    • Anong niretoke ni basiano? Ganyan na mukha nya teenager pa. Fyi po she’s 1/4 american. And look at her mother and see for yourself. It definitely not her nose, maybe something in her body?

      • I believe you @Gul. Basiano is really beautiful.
        Fake news na naman yan si @Marvin, mema lang.

  6. Good luck 🍀 in their international pageants.
    Doubtful any of them will even win runner up positions though ✌️

  7. Mine is the 100th Post. Hannah and Maureen will do very, very in their respective int’l. pageants. I also hope Cindy will be able to enter the semifinals or even reach the Top 5 in Miss Intercontinental. Good luck girls.

  8. Taruc placed too high and won very important special awards, which I highly doubt was because of her performance. Couldn’t see anything special in her even after swim and EG. Felizarta could’ve easily taken her spot in the semis. A little IG digging and poof… found out she’s gf of a Singson.

    • Taruc has a huge social media following fyi. And no she’s not just a girlfriend of CHAVIT’S son, she’s also the granddaughter of Luis Taruc, the revolutionary leader of HUKBALAHAP.

      • Taruc is overrated. But the most overrated of the night was Sam Panlilio.

      • Dinaan lang yata sa QnA si Panlilio o dahil sa connection niya. Maganda naman siya pero hindi proportion ang physical attributes niya. Ewan ko, mukhang maiksi ang biyas.

  9. Taruc placed too high and won major special awards, which I highly doubt was because of her performance. Couldn’t see anything special in her even after swim and EG. A little IG digging and poof… found out she’s gf of a Singson.

  10. Kudos to innovations introduced by the content & production teams: the live chat room, the special mention of 4 candidates who weren’t able to complete their journeys, the special mention of a Filipina nurse who administered the first Covid vaccine, the special segment for Sam Bernardo (shoulder-shimmy😁), the Cream Silk inspiration tribute. I appreciate the weight they placed on the Binibini pageant with the Araneta venue history and the call-of-duty speech, emphasizing the dignity and responsibility of a Binibini title. The song, colors and speeches were laden with meaning and renewed passion for what was aptly called “bagong umaga”.

    As Catriona said, prepare for “pure, real, unedited excitement” – the show wasn’t perfect. Riddled with simple but glaring flaws, nevertheless, we get their passion. Congratulations 🌹to our longstanding favorite Philippine pageant, Binibining Pilipinas 👑💐🕊💗

  11. Juiceko! Bonsai nanaman ang bet ng Felepens sa MGI! Hit or miss nanaman ire!

    Well, mangangabisado lang naman si Hannah ng speech kaya puede na siya diyan sa Miss International pero sa dami rin ng mga doll-faced from the Balkans and Scandinavia, kailangan niyang aralin kung ano hinahanap ng mga hapon!

    I didn’t see this Cindy coming! I think kahit siya hindi niya akalain na makakakuha siya ng corona! But this girl has a future in pageantry! Magaling sumagot! Ambilis ng thought processing! May possibility ‘to na maging Lara Dutta 2.0 (i.e. Miss Intercontinental to Miss Universe).

  12. MGI got a deserving rep in Samantha Panlilio! She’s not a favored candidate for the title by many pageant fans. So expect a less interest by mga bayot na mahilig maghype ng kandidata natin sa pageant ni angkol. Kaya most probably dedma mga bayot sa cooking show ni angkol!😅😅😅. The most surprising winner of the night is the “face of binibini this year”. Seriously? Ang daming gwapang kandidata dzai!😅😅😅

    • Rampahan ang MGI, si Panlilio ang worst when it comes to rampahan among the 34 candidates. I like her, pero sobrang weak ng catwalk niya.

  13. Sunday night was another celebration of beauty in Philippine TV and streaming sites, where 34 effervescent bevy of ladies showcased what they have got in the most celebrated beauty pageant in the country, the Binibining Pilipinas.

    The pageant’s opening was culture-loving as it showcased the well-crafted national costume and the exotic places of the country as a backgrounder, while the candidates were each introducing themselves. I liked the opening dress of the candidates who were divided in three different pastel colors: yellow, orange and green. The opening dance was expectedly a Maribeth Bichara trademark; thus, it was—unfortunately—not as energizing as before because of its old jazzy demure choreograph and, of course, the absence of cheers from family, friends and pageant fans inside the 63-year old Araneta Coliseum as the girls entered the light-dimmed (or poorly lit, if you will) stage.

    Following the opening, the first batch of the benefactors’ awards were given to the lucky ladies. Unlike in the previous editions of the BbP coronation night, the awards were singly given to the favored ones last night, perhaps, as a consolation to the candidates for their loooong-endured loyalty to the Binibini tested by the globally sweeping Covid-19 pandemic. Hence, I was a bit tensed when my sentimental favorite Hannah Arnold had not swept some awards that I thought she would easily get: Face of Binibini (Most Photogenic), Silka, Ever Bilena, etc. Were the sponsors really not stunned by her beauty? Anyways, I find it touching that the program gave a short segment to assuage the four unwilling pageant graduates (Vicki Rushton and Hazel Joy Ortiz included).

    Miss Universe shadow (or scar?) has not actually veered from BbP. The brief speech about the pandemic given by each each girl in the Top 13 is very Miss Universey, and I find that empowering although none of the girls’ speeches was impacting. Alright, the exciting swimsuit portion. I liked the vibrant swimsuit color, but not the one-piece design worn by a few. KF girls nailed the swimsuit round because of their usual flirtatious formula in pasarela, strut, and pose. And yes, Meiji Cruz aced that segment. Bravo!

    Next, evening gown. As the first semi-finalist to grace the stage, Gabrielle Basiano pulled off an astounding execution on her evening gown. I loved the drama on the veil and the entire gown itself. Perfect! Maureen Montagne’s gown was my other favorite. It was beautifully crafted, although the design is something a girl could not simply sashay on stage. But, a pageant veteran like Maureen could do better in that gown, she opted not though. Hannah and Karen were looked good in their gowns, but their execution was quite off. I thought they ran out of time mastering the strut in their gowns. Luckily, they did not strip. I salute the program director for allotting time to show the details in the gowns. It advanced our designers’ talents, except that their names were not clearly given a space in the video. Lol. At any rate, most of the candidates wore beautiful and expensive gowns on stage, a far cry from the Cumbia era we loved to bash.

    Q & A, the much-awaited. I would say gone are the days pageant girls would get the nerves answering the judges’ questions. We have to give credit to the trainings BPCI and pageant camps provided to the girls because the Top 12 ladies were able to answer the questions with ease. Although some of their answers were quite rehearsed and not responsive, I could let them pass. We should rather understand how the girls have stood the test of time and gotten through this. They have amazingly proved us that pageantry is a real deal in our country, and it’s a joy to have watched these girls albeit our distressing situation.

    What I could not let pass is Boy Abunda’s rattling question. I don’t know why this creature has to always prove that he is a class of his own by giving such a mind-boggling question. Gosh! Anyway, his question goes: “When is it okay not to be okay, and when is it not okay to be not okay?” This is the type of question one would have to hear thrice before it could be processed in mind, and I thought Karen Laurie Mendoza did not want to be put on the spot if she asked to repeat the question. I find that wise. And to answer Boy Abunda’s question, here’s mine: “The dreadful Covid-19 pandemic has plagued us with uncertainties and that is alright because, as humans, we have to stand and get through it. But, when the hardest situation presses us to a point of quitting, then that is not alright. Thus, we should be grateful that we are all here tonight, so we deserve a pat in our back.”

    The hosts. Catriona was a revelation in her job. I thought she just needed such a break, so the producers would know that this girl is a thing. I don’t care the high pitch, the mispronunciation in “Venezuelaaaaa” as I find it cute, it’s her energy that made the three-hour show alive; for I would not set aside her exquisite enunciation of the Filipino words, and that, for me, is the bravest thing. She also did not let dead air come in space. For Nicole, uh, she was poorly styled the whole night. I also did not like how she modulated her voice when talking. It’s soo unnatural. She’s just good in her vlogs.

    And who was that guy who sang on stage and tried to whistle a la Mariah Carey? I thought he was trying to outsing the lady singer who whistled the last note of the BbP theme song. Lol.

    Again, congratulations to the winners! I only have good words for you. I know you can raise our flag so high in the international stage.

    That’s all.

    • Nicole poor styling? Hello daw from Catriona majongera look 1 with her inahen palong style and uber red lips. Then ninang look with pink trousers.

      • Ah! Catriona’s hair and make up is stunning. She may have gained a little weight, but that did not outshone her entire look. Her dresses were also good. I know good taste, and I would just understand your poor taste.

        That’s all.

    • @Ana Winter-Lund

      Some notes for all of us to realize/consider:

      1. The speech round could actually be a nod to Miss International who was at least 17 years ahead of Miss Universe in having a speech segment.

      2. Are you and some others upset about the difficulty of Boy Abunda’s question or the outcome that Karen Laurrie failed to chalk up a coherent response? Had the question gone to another girl who could have replied more adequately, e.g. Maureen or Cinderella, would you not consider the candidate brilliant and credit Boy for giving that girl an a fast-track to a crown?

      3. Your snarky reply to Bonus about you having taste and him being devoid of it after finding Catriona’s styling woeful is uncalled for because I assume we could all run into one another in real life and be strangers despite engaging here. I also found Catriona’s style not to my liking although I would leave words like “mahjongera” out of my commentary.

      4. Given that our candidates’ styling, pasarela, and wardrobe have all been taken several notches higher in recent years, shouldn’t the difficulty of questions follow? It was painful to watch a veneered and toned candidate not deliver a coherent answer in both the primer and the finals. Should’t we start looking for a complete package and not someone who mouths a canned response (Dimaculangan) and delivers a half-understood answer (Taruc)?

      • Dear Caroline,

        I think you have just hopped around and want to engage in order to be relevant. Your name has not rung a bell to me as I recollect five years backward, but since your comment is wanting my attention, here’s my reply:

        1. You are referring to the final speech in Miss International, and I am referring to the Miss Universe’s short speech after the girls are called in the first cut;

        2. Neither, as I expected something more reasonable question from the TV host. If you were in Karen’s shoes, would you grasp the question in a second or two and give a responsive answer?;

        3. Uh, are you trying to be polite in lecturing me about how I should say the words to Bonus who, like you, seems to have just hopped in here and trynna be relevant? Is “poor taste” comment a bad taste to you? The latest I checked, that’s still an acceptable fair comment used in Journalism, especially when words used in the article are not impacting or appropriate to say the least;

        4. The girls could deliver. I hope you find compassion in your heart that these girls have proven a lot and withstood the test of time more than delivering a responsive content in their answer. You wait until they get to represent our country in the international pageant stage.


  14. Hannah Arnold and Maureen Montagne have the highest chances of winning the international crowns

    Cindy Obenita will surely make it as a semifinalist or even reach the Top 5 in the Miss Intercon.

    Samantha Garcia is the weakest link among the four winners. I am not sure if she can make it to the Top 20/25. I am seeing the ‘epi curve’ from Samantha Lo to Samantha Bernardo to Samantha Garcia. Height and facial beauty are TWO of her major weaknesses as an MGI candidate.

    And I am so sad for the injustice committed by the BPCI to Justine Felizarta.

    • It’s Samantha Panlilio… And she was actually one of the 2 girls(Gab & Sam) chosen by Angkol as implied by him posting their pics on his personal IG account. Sam had the better answer hence she was given the crown.

    • @paul – If Elizabeth Clenci, who was equally lacking in height but soared with her style and speaking ability, made it to the winners’ circle, why can’t Samantha Panlilio?

  15. Someone needs to slap Boy Abunda with some reality check .
    The nerve of this b—-ch

    • Magandang eksena: Boy Abunda and Angkol Fabian sabunutan at sampalan sa putikan. He, he, he… It’s okay NOT to be okay.

  16. I couldn’t spot Gemma Cruz Araneta in the tribute video for the Miss International winners. Ako lang ba?

    • .. I think Gemma Cruz Araneta was not included in the tribute to MI winners because she was the Philippine rep to MI pre Bb Pilipinas days.. and so the tribute started with Aurora Pijuan because she was already a product of BbP.. just my two cents worth…

      • Correct ka. Gemma Cruz (ex-Araneta) was not part of Bb. Pilipinas. She was pre-BPP era.

  17. If there’s someone I’m suspicious of , it’s Patricia Garcia
    Face of the Binibini ?

    • Hi Fabian parang mahilig ka sa mestiza no? Anyway photographers and media people ang pumili sa miss photogenic. Siguro mas nagandahan sila kay Patrizia. And maganda naman talaga sya. Very Asian pinay na matangos ang ilong (hindi salamat dok). Siguro sawa na ang mga photographers sa tisay.

      • I don’t know pero baka. Mayaman ata kase background ni Patrizia. La Sallista yan. Pero I agree na photogenic sya. Huyang hiya naman si Gionna cabrera na photogenic no? 😂. Maganda at alta si Patrizia guys. Walang pinagawa except her teeth (obviously).lahat ng kalaban niya sa award ay mestiza. I read an article na lima ang pinagpilian nila Arnold, Montagne, Basiano, Cartasano and her. I like na pinili nila talaga ang mukhang Pinay na maganda NAMAN talaga in pictures.

  18. This is the best pageant of 2020 and 2021! Bb Pilipinas knows to excellent production and cementing its reputation as the most prestigious in the Philippines. The home of lovely Filipino women and very good designers. It was sentimental to see Araneta Coliseum again. The best part, it was on so many form of media and free tv. And the advertisements, wow!!!! Congratulations to the winners and the entire Bb Pilipinas. Mabuhay!

  19. Boring prod. And nope, MUP 2020 Top 15 is much stronger than BBP Top 12 2021

      • Add ko pa si Rosales. Maraming may potential talaga unlike in MUP maraming chaka na mukhang comedyante. Ahermm miss gensan.

    • @ Nakakalurker Can we take this to mean you have EVEN HIGHER expectations for MUP 2021?

      Oh, my…. 🙂

      How does this hypothetical Top 15 look to you, po?

      The Camp – VVV, Trajano and Santamaria
      KF – Aberrasturi, Cuaton, and the former CebuPac FA turned vlogger sorry-I-forgot-her-name.
      A&Q – Leren, Luigi Gomez, someone from Mindanao, and Chelsea (not Ahtisa) Manalo.

      Keshapornam Ramachandran
      MUP-Ilocos Norte (featured here in blog)
      MUP-Ilocos Sur (also featured here)
      Another Cebuana

      One of the Bb.’s who withdrew earlier… (of course, not Rushton).

      (Mukha’ng tagilid nga sina Tiglao at Magtanong. Career calls.)

    • And the rest of MUP girls are just fillers. Technically yung sinabi mong 15 yun lang ang may legit na laban. 😂 Unlike BbP na ang raming magaganda at matatangkad na hindi nakapagsemis. Mercado, Tiquestiques, Felizarta etc. Sa mup name me a girl na maganda at matangkad na hindi nakapasok sa semis, WALA.

      • @ Diana Hayden Uuhhmmm…. Weam Ahmed. 🙂

        But saying this, I mean no ill towards the 15 who did, kasi I don’t know whom I would take out to accommodate the Fil-Egyptian.

        And the beauties na ‘di katangkaran pero S-W-A-K – Perlyn Cayona, Jan Elcano, Jennifer Linda (Palawan), Cole Silvernale, and the MWP 2016 Princess from Makati City – mi abrazos y bezos!

  20. Boy Abunda ” When is it okay not to be okay? And when it is not okay to be not okay?

    Seriously what a ——– question. Whoever write that question, they deserve a electric chair.

  21. Tito what’s that possible 5th franchise? any clues? confirmed na po ba? 😀

    • @ themermaidtravels Mareh, akala ko nga, Miss Tourism Queen International. Pero nakuha nina Mdme. Eva (Maganda’ng Filipinas). 🙂

      Not Charm… Ashley remains untested.

      Mag-process of elimination tayo!

      Boss ALV daw was intent on getting Continentes Unidos… ‘Eto kaya?

      Reina Cafe y Cacao… Isa diyan, kay Boss Doc Harlijk. Ano pa ba?

      I doubt a China-based pageant is feasible anytime soon. Same with India-based (‘yun’g kay Boss ALV na Environment International, baka virtual like Earth).

  22. It was a stunning come from behind victory from the City of Golden Fruendship’s delegate. Talk about a Cinderella finish.

    The stars did align for her last night. Very pretty, she shone the brightest during the Q&A. Talk about saving the best for last.

    Boy Abunda did a great disservice to the girl who drew his name for the Q&A. It was a confusing answer and compounded by the time constraints. Next time Tito Boy, be careful when you phrase or word your question. Make sure you’re there to express and magpa impress.

    Finally, I love how the 2021 edition of the country’s longest running & most prestigious pageant gave the spotlight to our world- class Pinoy designers. What a stunning & shimmering set of sartorial sensations last night.

  23. In my humble opinion. I am very disappointed. They are ladies in this batch that are more talented, beautiful and articulate and I believe they deserve the crown more than the winners. Good luck Bb Pilipinas 2021 winners.

  24. Give her a pair of ice skates and Honey can go straight to a figure skating contest.

    Kidding aside, I was one of those who were impressed with her make over and I always looked forward to her photo sessions.

    Alas, the promise and potential weren’t there during pageant night. She was overbaked from all the training and with all the thick globs of goo on her face.

    Give it one more try Honey.

    • @Cool Brew

      Honey would have looked better without the thick make up and the old Hollywood glamour look. Nothing is more painful to watch than a girl with a beautiful body, sparkly gown, and layers of make up but unable to gracefully and adeptly field a question.

  25. Quick Review:

    > Passable production given the limitations. But definitely a watered down event without the pageant fans rooting for their candidates live.

    > There were indeed many beautiful ladies this year. Many of their photos posted weeks before the event did not do justice to these ladies.

    > The grating hosting skills of both Catriona and Nicole leaves so much to be desired. And please Catriona, I know you want to show your versatility in terms of your looks, but I was underwhelmed last night with your looks.

    > Darren oh Darren, why were you caterwauling ? At some point pumiyok ka pa.

    > Boy Oh Boy A. I fully agree with a comment about your pretentiousness. Feelingera ka. Go back to Earth Boy Abunda. You were just a mere hype during your ABS CBN days.

    > Now on to the winners:

    A) Hannah Arnold was my choice as MI. Deserving. But having said that, please show some passion or libog in your styling and actuations. You can only get away with the pa-sweet, pink -pink card for so long. Ang lamya lamya mo iba especially when caught off camera.

    B) Maureen, touted to be the closest rival for the MI crown by many followers, was not even near it. Her forced pelican lips and frozen , botoxed to death-like face did it for her. Please handlers, wag masyadong baklain the girls. No offense to the baklas. I might get a backlash from the baklas. Lol.

    C) Yes, that Panlilio girl. How did she even cinch a crown? From the live telecast to the photos above, other girls could have been more deserving.

    D) Gab Basiano – Join again next year. But better do it soon. Her fierce / matapang mestisa face is the type that will not age very well.


    Patch Magtanong – was that a double chin? OMG. When you nod, its as if your other chin was agreeing. Lol.

    Sam Bernardo – Love you. Even more than that Nicole (who up to know is still riding on the coattails of her being an MGI finalist many, many years ago). But PLEASE enough of the bomb shell, bomba star va va boom projections and attire. You are already a queen. Start acting one.

    Aya Abesamis – This is what a queen’s shoulders should look like.

    Looking at the photos above and concentrating on their feet. It’s as if most toes were staging a rebellion to get out of the shoes. Lol.

    World Peace.

  26. Maureen might have a good chance of winning in her pageant 💐👑🇵🇭
    Hannah will too if she soon gets comfortable with maximizing her presence in pageants, (just like Lara and Kylie did). She’s a bit of a shrinking violet. But who knows, she just earned her stripes and already had a taste of winning a crown. 🙋🏼

  27. Im expecting gabby to be mgi ph coz for me nabawi nya Naman q and a. Parang ahtisa lang Yun medyo nalubak. Sabi Kasi sa akin Ng thai basta wag sumemplang sure win
    I don’t want to shoulder shame pero Im a fan of height and shoulders
    Samantha panlilio have very weak shoulders just like eva patalinjug , rabiya mateo and karen mendoza
    I’m expecting karen mendoza to be a ru w that face face face. Kahit weak shoulders at mukhang lollipop she and gab is the face of binibini
    How true na inaanak daw Ng araneta si patricia garcia. Is this nepotism . Also panlilio being a niece of a miss universe ph just like max medina. At least max medina is 5’8 at di weak shoulders
    Congrats hannah you were my mi last yr and my intercon this year you are so beautiful last night
    Hanna at gabriel ang gandah last night w the gowns
    Laurie relied on her face
    Maureen was not smiling since opening
    Tsika tsika I heard kylie versoza suggested to choose hana coz mi might be so delayed 2022 frame dears

    • I disagree on Sam Panlilio
      Her shoulders are just fine
      Look again

  28. INJUSTICE to Justine Felizarta. She should go home right away to Canada and find those national pageants sending representatives to Miss Universe, Miss Globe, Miss Earth, Miss International,
    Miss Grand International, Miss Supranational, etc.

    • definitely , or,,, MUP 2021 in case there are not a lot of promising contestants … I am eager to see Friday come so that we might get a glimpse of the field

      Justine’s beauty reminds of MU Costa Rica 2020 who I thought would make it to the top 5 …

    • Maybe because she is representing Davao while BPCI is part of the opposition..

  29. Basiano(parang vacklah noon pati lakad nya but I was wrong) is crown worthy. Same with Mendoza.
    Sa mga winners, sure ako Kay MM will bring home the crown with the help of Manang Pilar hihihi. C Hannah ay Top 3 same with Miss CDO sa intercontinental. Top 5 c Sam sa MGI😆

  30. Congrats to all the winners!!! I am very happy for Hannah Arnold. She deserved it. She slayed the competition and her Q&A was good enough.

    I love a come from behind victory in Cinderella, she worked it in the Q&A and earned the title. Maureen would be a good Globe candidate. I am not sure about Sam yet…

  31. Pasok lahat sa top 15 bet ko but I did not expect Cinderella Obenita… I know the girl is Magna Cum Laude in communications but I really wonder what connections she has that made her highly favored aside from she gave a very satisfactory answer during the Q&A….

    • Cyndy looked stunning whilst she was speaking on her Q and A, her EG presentation and SS were also very good. And that last, sashay she did after answering her Q and A was crown worthy, her stars aligned with her on Sunday night and she was obviously enjoying the competition- she came out with a very charming personality-hence Crown.
      And whoever styled Laurie on that EG and made her looked like a Ninang- omg, should be sacked-pronto!

  32. Maureen should have been the one sent to Miss Grand International. Gabby should have won one of the crowns.

    • But Nawat posted only Gab and Samantha’s pic to show his favor so its inly between the 2 of them… Samantha had a better answer than Gab during the Q&A thus she cemented her bid for the crown.

  33. Maureen should have been the one sent to Miss Grand International. Gabby should have won one of the crowns.

  34. Cindy is pretty but this kind of beauty does not fare well internationally
    Sam Panlilio will probably do well but there’s no way NAWAT will give her the crown
    I expect Hannah and Maureen will do really well. I just hope Hannah trains well .
    In case Maureen withdraws , I hope she joins MUP

    Of all the girls in the top 13, Gabby has the best potential . Her presence on stage is amazing . Could have been/should have been the winner tonight

    • @ Fabian Reyes Maureen is ~28… The deadline for MUP 2021 applications is THIS Thu, 15-7!

      If she R-E-A-L-L-Y is THAT serious,… 😦

      (It might not be in good taste to do so now.)

      INALAT si Maureen. Iniwas ng tadhana sa kanya ang MUP… She came to the country for that, but lacking residency she first had to bide her time. By then, MU had transferred the franchise to Jonas Gaffud. She could have settled for Poland, but even that jumped over to Arnold Vegafria. She declined the Eco-International duties, determined to bag the International portfolio (which Hannah got.)

      This is her destiny. She needs to make the most of it. MU is now a dream for her to bury. 🙂

      This is a skill we all must master – the ability to change priorities midstream, if and when needed.

    • Nawat is business-minded… Remember, she gave the crown to Miss Peru who owns a modeling Agency in the US… Samantha coming from the Elite Panlilio clan could give Nawat the HUGE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES here in the Philippines… Thus, he might give the crown to her in exchange…

      But physicaly, Gab Bassiano is her ideal girl who is far more beautiful than some of MGI’s past statuesque winners including the tall winner from Venezuela who had a homecourt advantage..

      If Samantha fails to bring home the crown, this could be the perfect drumroll for Gab and she would have more than enough trainning by the next edition of Binibini..

      • There was a tsismis yesterday about a candidate who has a load of resources to win a crown. I do not want to think about it really but was it true as the crown was given to her? Well just a thought…

    • It would have been more of a sigh of relief if Gabby was placed as PH rep for MGI and assign SamP as a 2nd runner-up and Meiji as 1st runner up. Gabby showed that showmanship and physique & she handled Q&A just at the nick of time. Meiji and SamP needs a little bit more in prep for upcoming int’l assignments, don’t you think?

      Nevertheless, congratulations to the winners

  35. Cindy was a total surprise for me during the q&a I was floored.
    Karen Laurie is sayang. Hope she joins again.
    The Japanese people would love Hannah
    Does Samantha belong to the elite Panlilio clan? She was the biggest SURPRISED of the night.
    Hope Maureen will bring home the Ms. Globe crown.

    Aya Abesamis looks so pretty tonight. Nakakalungkot na she never got the chance to compete internationally. I still believe even up to this day that she was the rightful winner of thw Supranational crown that night.
    Leren Mae Bautista is a goddess. Please appoint her as MUP asap.
    Gazini’s face is still one of the prettiest amongst the MUP in the last 10 years.

    I don’t like the ensembles of Catriona.
    Kudos to Binibini for putting up a great show.
    Quality candidates. Daming magaganda talaga
    That’s all folks!

    • Cindy is magna cum laude besh. Ateneo de Cagayan. Development Communication??? Same degree ata ni Caroline Veronilla. Di ako sure.

      • She’s not from Ateneo Cagayan. She graduated at Liceo de Cagayan University. Caroline Veronilla is the one who graduated at Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan. Both are title holders from Cdo.

    • Yes she belongs to the elite Panlilio clan. SILA may ari ng Fridays Resort in Boracay and Puerto Galera. And I think she was educated in the States. (UC) I think?

    • @ Diana Hayden Carol Veronilla and @ Cool Brew took the same program, something to do with agriculture development ‘ata. Yup, he also is a Xavier University alum; he confirmed during the thick of the MUP 2020 discussions here… 🙂

      @ Gul Panag UC-Irvine. 🙂

  36. After listening to all the final Q&A , I would remove Meiji Cruz and replace with Jashmin Dimaculangan and do a slight rearrangement in the top 6 to make the evening truly splendid … !

  37. Honey Cartano, her dress was ok but her overall look was drag Queenish! At least her counterpart Gabrielle Basiano looks more regal and queenly. 🤗🤗🤗

    • Tumpak ang observations mo. Siya lang kakaiba. Parang gusto niyang sumali sa Miss Gay Philippines. He, he, he…

  38. Honey Cartano, her dress was ok but her overall look was drag Queenish! At least her counterpart Gabrielle Basiano looks more regal and queenly.

  39. Aya looks amazing on that dress and her hair styling. That’s all…just my honest opinion…Leren looks great as well.

  40. MisOr, mi amor… Like Chaling. Buoyed by fan votes, ended up slaying all. 🙂

    ‘Me and Cinderella, we put it all together. We can drive it home with ONE HEADLIGHT’. – The Wallflowers.

    How wonderful Mdme. Mias is in the house! I was concerned no foreign pageant royalty would come.

    @ serge But Gab and Meiji would get priority… Well, the celestial bodies surely would have to align in Aya’s favor for both to decline (for whatever reason). Besides, won’t Mr. Spainhour?… Lolz.

    • @flor.Aya had trained hard for MGI until the appointment of Sam B. I believe she should be rewarded by BPCI for the effort she had exerted. I also believe she is more than ready for any pageant assignment abroad.

  41. All candidates are outstanding, proving once more that the Philippines is a treasure throve of beautiful women. Unfortunately, there are only four crowns, and the winners look like the candidates to beat in their respective foreign assignments. Good luck to them.

    To the non-winners: non-selection is definitely not a defeat. It only means that you did not measure up to the criteria set by BBP, which is reportedly weighted more on the physical beauty. You may revalidate your worth in other contests that give considerable weight to the other dimensions of beauty– intellect and core values. This incidentally is the direction global pageantry converges into– the forward-looking, inclusive, diversified and universally-accepted concept of beauty.

    • @ scorg ‘Ay, parang may ‘something’ sa sinabi mo, friend. 🙂

      Good early morn from us here at +8-GMT! Buti na lang nagutom ako, otherwise ‘di ako nagising…

      • @Flor, it is still Sunday evening here. Busy watching the England- Italy Euro Cup match… There is no “something” there. I’m simply stating the fact that different beauty contests have different selection criteria. That said, the non-winners should go and find a contest where their best attributes fit its selection template. Some international beauty contests are slowly building their brands towards the more holistic concept of beauty, and join the league of MW, ME and MU. (I refer to MS and the neither-here-nor-there MGI). These are the international contests where the beautiful intellectually-credentialed and the social advocates should target.

    • @ scorg ‘Ay, nakohh… Mag-comment ka kasi du’n sa mga MPE post, para dagdag-traffic. 🙂

      England vs. Italy? Sounds epic… I wouldn’t know whom to support. I would have to be simultaneously wife/queen and mistress/concubine. 😦

      Admin, tell MPEO/Carousel to get this fine gent as judge.

      • @Flor, my bets lost last night. England bowed to Italy for Euro Cup. Pat Babista and Lesley Ticaro did not make it at BBP. The football match was unpredictable, expected of two great teams. But the non-inclusion in the winners circle of the intellectually-gifted Pat and the “lumad” educator Lesley is predictable in a contest whose judging criteria gives less weight to intelligence and (I think) none for social advocacy. Pat’s and Lesley’s inner and outer beauty fits more the MU, MW and ME template (and possibly the emergent “inspirational, aspirational” MS branding). I hope they sign up for these platforms sooner.

  42. Congratulations to the new Bb Pilipinas queens. Congratulations as well to BPCI for staging a successful live event despite the pandemic. If BPCI did acquire a 5th franchise, will they send Aya Abesamis if she is still qualified? She still has an unfinished business.

  43. I am surprised that BbGI, BbG, & BbIntercon all have $ 500,000 prizes and Bb MI also has $ 500000. I would have assumed that since MI is one of the Big 4 pageants that Bb MI would have gotten a bit higher prize… but congrats to the winners and to all the shocking winners …

  44. Great production. Fast paced, innovative. Director knew his besr camera captures were. Definitely many miles notch from past ABS CBN managed Bb productions aka Johnny Manahan pegged coronation nights. Kudos to the production team and the creative minds for the impressive concept. Bb Pilipinas is still the pageant to beat – the most prestigious and grandest – never mond if the Miss Universe Philippines franchise was snatched from them.

    Kudos to the winners. They are all deserving of the crowns.

    • Agree!! Same with Rabiya….something in the waters of Iloilo that makes such bodily proportions.

  45. Kudos to Mrs. Araneta and BPCI for being fair. Many pageant vloggers think MM would take the MI crown since there is no way BPCI will give the highest honor to A&Q after the MU brouhaha and MM is the strongest KF candidate. But then, BBP has always been fair. It would be an injustice to Hannah if from the get go, excluded na siya from potential MI winners just because she is from A&Q.

  46. I hope Miss Mendoza and Miss Basiano join again. I would love to see them compete internationally.

  47. agree, a “spoiler” did her job ( and what a very good, impressive job it was ) and re-aligned the stars.. another rewarding night watching Binibining Pilipinas.. Congratulations to all the deserving winners and here’s wishing the stars will align further and give us another “winning” year in international pageantry…

  48. I was hoping for higher placements for Gabby and Meiji since q and A performance is not the only determining factor in choosing the reps. I’m happy that Hannah got the Bb Intl title…it was a sweet moment to see her being crowned by Patch (who found it hard to walk in her gown!!! why did her stylist let her wear that gown?!!!) and Gazini. Surprise of the night was the exclusion of Justine Felizarta, Cindy Obena and Samantha Panlilio winning titles…hope Karen Laurie can join again. She just got a very hard question.

  49. Cagayan De Oro was a big surprised. Hannah is a Miss International prototype.

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