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  1. At sa huli, Aces pa rin ang nagwagi kahit anong pangdadrag ginagawa ng mga commenters dito 😘

    • Baka nga hindi galit si madam stella sa kanila. Anyway wala na din NAMAN si jg sa aces pero char2 lang yan na wala. Pero kung nagalit si madam ay syempre pageant parin nya yan. She would choose kung sino ang in or out. 😂

  2. Hannah’s face & smile andcalmness & serenity bring lots of positivity to pageant fans in the Philippines

  3. Batay sa paniniwala ni Jonalyn, malalampasan ni Hannah ang naabot ni Patch in 2019 – either runners up or the title. So let’s pray for Hannah Arnold’s success in MI this year.

  4. Hannah Arnold is truly beautiful. I like her swimsuit photo here. I like the color of her gown and that ‘little drama’ she did on stage on it. Good luck my dear!

    • I am so excited for her in the upcoming Miss International. Bring home the glory Hannah.

      • Hannah has semblance to Christina Lekka, Miss International 1994 from Greece. Good morning to all.

  5. She has a great chance to fight and win the MI crown. I agree, she needs an upgrade on the personality department like Kylie who can come off very introverted and shy but she has the little fire that she can set off when needed.

    Congrats again!

    Also, not to bring up camp achievements, Aces and Queens managed to snag 2 out of the 4 crowns with only 6 fielded candidates. Man, they must be celebrating right now! It could have been 3 out of 4 had Karen not gotten Boy Abunda’s question that is filled with word gymnastics.

    I think that BPCI should start screening these questions since I feel bad for those who gets these confusing and/or intellect/specific based questions like Build Build Build.

      • Of the six girls from A&Q, 2 are excellent contenders, 3 can be considered as strong, and only 1 is weak. Two got crowned (one is expected and one is a big surprise). Four made it into the semifinals but one was unlucky having Boy Abunda asked that famous question now. He, he, he…

      • For the last 5 years (2016-2020/21), hawak ng A&Q ang Bb. Pilipinas-International title. Maganda ang performances nila – Kylie won the crown, Ahtisa was 1st runners up and Patch made it to Top 8. Only Mariel did not make it to semifinals. And we are hoping for glory with Hannah. Good morning to all.

      • I still think MU is Aces and Queens territory (well the old A&Q) KF is placing in MI even during the dark ages, in 2004, 2005, 2008 then 2011, 2012,2013 and so on. They even helped Indonesia claim it’s first major crown. I hope Aces can bounce back in MU after Rabiya’s performance na technically their lowest in the last 10 years.

    • I agree with the Screening of Questions!!
      Feeling ko nga,pati BPCI nagulat din sa Question ni Tito Boy.

      • Korak my dear. Not just screening of candidates, but screening of questions as well. Thanks.

      • A&Q has been an excellent source of successful beauty queens in the past decade for BPCI. The camp (as an org.) has no participation in the transfer of franchise from BPCI to MUP Org. It was basically JG who made the ‘transactions’ and formed his own team.

      • Pero diba nabackstab din ng KF si SMA by fielding Rowena sa Miss Globe without her approval? Kagagawan yun ni Rodgil diba?

      • @ Abcde It’s complicated. Just like Meiji Cruz’s love life (refer to latest post on Boy Abunda). 🙂

      • @abcde, I don’t think magagalit si madam dun sa miss globe issue since si miss Pilar din nag initiate non with KF.

      • They should, because all questions should be structured the same way- straight forward and not overly worded.

        The Q&A isn’t about testing a person’s intellect but rather test their ability to express themselves and their opinions on generalized topics without being too intellectual.

      • There should be uniformity in constructing questions. Questions may come from different sources but they should edited by one competent person.

      • No I don’t agree na dapat may uniformity ang questions. Kaya nga Diba nagtratrain sila sa q and a. Depende talaga yan sa candidate. I know Karen is not a native English speaker, and she is not known also to be smart. Kung si Samantha Panlilio ang nakakuha nun na all her life speaks english and studied in UC Irvine or Cinderella na magna cum laude, sisiw na lang yun. Galit lang kayo dahil sa favorite buying hindi eloquent napunta ang tricky question.

    • BPCI should not associate itself with BA. It’s like asking Wendy Williams to host Miss Universe, or Willie Revillame hosting Binibini for 3hrs. Those levels 🤦🏼‍♀️👎🏻

  6. Hannah simply stood out because of her physical beauty. She was a cut above the rest beauty-wise. She is one of the most beautiful Filipina beauty queens BPCI has ever produced

    • Tumpak kaibigan. Serge magpa-canton ka dahil nanalo ang ating bet. He, he, he…

      • Tingin mo Serge swerte ang #17 sa ating mga MI reps? Good morning to you.

      • @paul, It does not matter to me whether it was pure luck or pure coincidence. Being liked by the judges was the biggest reason why these girls won.

      • At uunahan na kita. They were liked by the judges because they are beautiful. He he he.

      • @ paul. But when you are referring to the results of their campaigns at MI, again, it does not really matter whether it was pure luck or pure coincidence. They placed higher at MI because they were liked by the judges.

      • Thank you Serge. Magpa-Canton ka na! Ha, ha, ha… O di kaya… magpa-____spaghetti.

  7. Hannah wag na magpapaveneers at fake boobs ha…ok na yan…kilos at awrang pang Miss Intl na lang ang aralin mo ala-Kylie Verzosa! Congratulations!!! ❤❤❤

    • Sa tingin mo Jonalyn MASWERTE ba ang #17 sa ating MI panlaban? Ahtisa was 1st runners up. Patch made it to Top 8. Hannah will be our next MI? God bless Hannah on her MI journey.

      • YES! Nakadepende din yan sis sa birthchart ni Hannah. Pero ramdam ko malalagpasan niya ang naachieve ni Patch last edition. Either runner-up siya or eventually the winner. Huwag na lang talaga magparetoke kasi maganda na si Hannah. Sana matrain siya mabuti ng Aces & Queens. Yung ganda ni Hannah ay ang gandang hindi kayang balewalain ng mga Hapon…tingin at ngiti palang mapapatigil na sila. Have a beautiful day!!! ❤❤❤

      • Dagdagan mo pa ang prayers mo for Hannah. Tulungan natin siya sa pamamagitan ng panalangin. Maraming salamat.

      • You’re welcome sis!!! Prayers lang talaga ang at full support para kay Hannah! ❤

  8. where was the Pinay 4th ru in Miss Globe last year , why is she not involved in the crowning ceremony… I hope Maureen M. brings home that global title that she truly deserves and the Pinas’ second MG crown

    If Hannah A. wins MI, then Pinas will catch up or tie Venezuela with the most MI titles in history ! kind of a big pressure on her

    I will keep an eye out for Justine F. and Jashmin D. on Friday, the day following the last day for applying to join MUP 2021 …

      • What was an excellent move for Rowee (&KF). Kung naghintay siya sa finals ng Binibini wala rin siyang maiuwing korona. Good for her.

      • @paul

        Parang si Sam. Mabuti nagmakaawa siya kay Ankol kasi di rin yan makakakuha ng korona this year dahil sa kakulangan niya sa comm skills.

  9. Hannah was breathtaking. She was glowing and was being herself (albeit her “bland” self, but Mariem was bland too!)

    The moment it was mentioned that Hannah was a scientist and was therefore the epitome of beauty and brains, I knew she’s winning the top crown. That’s what they have to highlight about her – that she’s a cut above the rest even outside the pageant world.

    Karen Ibasco is also a scientist but she is not as facially gifted as Hannah. Other intellectually gifted girls – lawyers, doctors, engineers, athletes, etc. all rely on that giftedness, but Hannah has the height and face to justify a win – it’s a BEAUTY contest still.

    Hannah’s beauty alone stood out. Then bam! scientist si girl, sorry.

    What worked:
    -proper styling (not overly done like some frontrunners)
    -natural elegance
    -substance (not in her Q&A substance per se, but ya know the subtle brag that she’s a scientist. There’s another girl who bragged about being a public servant but she’s not as tall nor as pretty as Hannah.)
    -safe Q&A answer


    My heart bleeds for Honey Cartasano, but she was really just overstyled. The cowlick from SS to EG was just a bad decision. The feathers and the pearl choker were unnecessary. She also looked half naked from afar during EG.

    I observed that Hannah and Maureen being clear winners for the top crown were made to stand side by side for better comparison talaga. MI and MG crowns were reserved na for these two and whoever performed better/outshone the other would get MI.

    Samantha and Gabby also seemed to be pre-assigned to MGI, being Nawat’s favored Binibinis, whoever performed better would get the crown, and the other assigned as a runner up.

    Cindy was a revelation. I’m sure even the judges and the Madame didn’t expect her to win and had to assign her to the only crown that was for the taking. MIC I believe was reserved for Karen or Meiji, but Cindy had to be crowned.

    • While I am very happy for Hannah, I am also soo sad for Justine Felizarta at the same time. Justice for the latter. She should go back to Canada and try try the different national pageants for Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss Supranational, Miss International, etc.

  10. Congratulations again. Team Hannah here.

    While I will be the first to say, let her enjoy her moment at least for a day or so, please consider the following asyou start your training:

    1) Do not enhance your boobs. They look fine and great. Let the Rabiya fiasco be a lesson to all.

    2) Do not get veneers and chicklet teeth like that of Ms. Intercontinental winner (Cindy?). Frightening.

    3) Do not get a fake tan. You are naturally fair. Getting a fake tan will only make you look orange. Lol.

    4) Your hair in the pageant seems natural (with no unruly, stiff hair extensions). Keep it that way.

    5) Do start toning-up your body. While you look lean for your height, your muscles appear to be not toned enough.

    6) The concept of your pink national costume with the billowing, folded lower half / skirt has been overused to death. And the obviously fake flowers surrounding your dress looks tacky and “arts and craftsy”, must also go.

    6) Most of all, show some passion and fire. Candid shots of you caught by the camera last night made you look bland.

    World Peace.

    • yes. the only tweak needed is muscle tone in the stomach/waist area. everything else is perfect.

      pasarela could improve with rhythm and energy. perhaps take dance classes?

    • O agree on Muscle- toning her Midsection!!.. She is lean..but not really Toned!! Her muscles are a bit Softy.
      Avoid lang din magkaroon ng ABS…ayaw ng mga Japs ang mukhang Weightlifter na Winner!! ..just Sweetly Toned,but Not buffed!!..with that…i can smell our 7th Ms.International Crown.

      • She has enough time to improve on everything – body, pasarela, styling, communication skills, etc. Don’t really worry. Ty.

    • Connect kayo ng connect sa mga surgeries ni Rabiya sa A&Q kahit it’s all Jonas and her decision naman at the first place. Hindi naman pati affiliated na si JG sa Aces. Jonas was all Empire studios now at ibang mga tao na ang humahawal sa A&Q ngayon

  11. Kapag nanonood ako ng beauty pageant sa TV man o sa actual event, tinitingnan ko kaagad kung sino ang lulutang sa hanay ng mga kandidata once lumabas sila sa stage. Kagabi, si Hannah agad ang napansin ko. Stand out talaga s’ya among her 33 co-candidates. That is precisely because karamihan sa mga kandidata on stage ay nagpa-tan make up kaya si Hannah ang lumitaw dahil kumikinang ang kanyang kaputian at sobrang ganda n’ya talaga, bagama’t napakasimple lang ng pagkakaayos ng kanyang buhok.

    ‘Yun lang.

  12. I had been lukewarm about who wins the MIP title because I didn’t feel too strongly about neither Hannah nor Maureen, the two camp flag bearers. Maureen isn’t charismatic (and tried a bit too hard to be the MI prototype), and Hannah tended to be a bit bland. But when when Hannah came out in her evening gown last night, I knew the deal had been sealed. She was undeniably the girl that shined the most. Congratulations to her, it was a well-deserved win.

  13. A few pageant career highlights/milestones/trivia. 🙂

    1) Was probably one of the first, if not THE first, to show up at the Araneta Center to turn in her application in 2019. Photographed with Esther Swann (at DQ?), fueling speculation she was ‘the one’.

    2) Featured in the Pageantry Norms pilot episode, along with queens from other national orgs.

    3) Part of the A&Q first post-BPCI~MUP batch, with Paola Ortega, Cinderella, Babista, & Carina.

    OK. Now, serious.


    The Louis Pangilinan ‘bulaklakin’ NatCos, how to make it more manageable?

    Lose, or gain weight? Ayaw ‘ata ng MIO ng skinny… Kylie also gained musculature beforehand.

    • Happy talaga ako Flor for Hannah. The long wait is over and she is truly vindicated.

      • Don’t worry Flor A&Q have enough experiences to hone her more. Plus Kylie will surely help her pageant sister.

    • (Cont.)

      That batch also included Amelinckx… Nagulat ako kasi all along akala ko KF siya, since Mutya…

    • (Cont.1)

      ‘Eto, ambag ko. 🙂

      Mid-Fall OOTD’s and looks for Yokohama City… I was thinking of Runners-up from 2015 onward. Stephanie Valle (Honduras), Alexandra Britton (Australia), Diana Croce (Venezuela), Natsuki Tsutsui (Japan and a KF ward), Bianca Tirsin (Romania), and Alejandra Vengoechea (Colombia).

      Sault’s ‘Fearless’, hands in greeting/prayer, a fist in the air.

      Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ and Kanye West’s ‘Stronger’. MODERN JAPAN, please.

  14. Good afternoon! Ako lang ba ang hindi pa nakakamove-on sa question ni Tito Boy? Hanggang ngayon napapaisip ako kung ano ang intensiyon nya at bakit ganon ang tanong. Hwag naman sana na, “Malas lang mapapatapat sa akin kasi tatambling siya sa tanong ko!” ❤❤❤ #nagtatanonglangpo

    • Move on na gurl. Feelingera talaga ang abundieta na yan. Smart alecky ang peg ng hitad. Kung natanong sya same question at Karen’s age, baka umiyak sya sa stage at nag ala Janina. Sarap sabunutan!

      • Ha, ha, ha… Kunti pa at hinog-hinog na si Karen. Malay niyo sa kanya mapunta ang Bb. Pilipinas-International crown next year.

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