4 comments on “Pageantry Norms S5E8: Four Colors of the Earth

  1. The small number of commenters here versus the avalanche of armchair analysts and instant beauty experts in another contest that held its finals this week is a sad commentary on the preference of most Filipino pageant fans. Versus a pageantry that celebrates core values and intelligence along with physical beauty, pageant fans seem to be fixated on a contest that celebrates pure physical beauty. Versus a forward-looking, environmentally-relevant and globally-accepted concept of beauty, pageant fans seem to be stagnated in the antiquated concept of beauty.

  2. The girls are articulate. For me, Asunción and de Ocampo have best shots at the title. de Ocampo is a good singer. Her voice resembles that of Sitti Navarro

  3. Wrong. Pinatubo is in Zambales, po. Pampanga’s own is Arayat, after which a town is named. 🙂

    (I don’t think there’s a ‘Mayon’ town in Albay?…)

    Sino ‘yun’g ‘Arayat’ BB atm? Noriza Valerio?

    About Roni’s advocacy on organic produce, was that farming or gardening? Because if its the former, current sentiments is that it is not cost-efficient compared to ‘traditional’; you need more land to produce the equivalent amount of harvest. I’ll leave this as food for thought. No hate.

    Same comm skills issue. GET RID OF ‘ACTUALLY’ AND ‘PARANG’. 😦

    I watched the Beauty of Figure Prelims kanina. Roni and Gail are good.

    Aubrey was better in Evening Wear Prelims.

    BUT, Riah, for me, is good for an Elemental finish right now! Fez, pasarela, body, pleasant voice.

    • Erratum. Cost-effective…?….

      ‘MPE the virtual’ seems more streamlined this time. Lessons from last year learned, apparently. 🙂

      (Another virtual Nationals is begun. Andami’ng pageant. Nakaaaliw! Parang pista.)

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