17 comments on “Will Gabrielle Basiano prevail?

  1. She’s pretty in her own ways but nothing spectacular, really.
    She’s gonna drown in a field of other stunningly beautiful women from other countries.

  2. The one to beat in MU2021 right now is the newly crowned Miss Universe Albania. She has the facial features of an Angelina Jolie. Gabrielle Basiano is kind of a moderate Angelina Jolie look-a-like also in some of her photos …

    • I agree…. she looks like a cross between Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway… She’s currently Fadil Berisha’s muse… She’s a huge academic improvement compaired to Cindy Marina… Albania could land in the Top 5 this year.

  3. I’m not sure if Iike her or not.
    I guess I will just leave her alone 😂😂😂
    I don’t know but she reminds me of Eva Patalinjug who was actually overrated and overhyped.

  4. She is very tall, facially stunning, gorgeous on stage and sexy. No doubt with those qualities. The two major concerns with Gab’s candidacy are her communication skills and knowledge level. I just hope she can get through the Q&A segment & speech delivery. Good luck my dear.

  5. I hope she gets trained in the Q&A by Atty. Nad…
    And she needs to get abs and a bubble butt…
    She could be our next MUP.

    • @ Closer2Fame ‘Di ba nga, tinanggihan na siya ng A&Q noon? 😦

      ‘Ay, ‘di na nga pala connected si Atty. Bronce sa A&Q. No? 🙂

      I think she should stick with RL Lacanienta. Guy already has Fahsai and Porxild in his War Room booty. What he needs to do, if he is unable to do it himself, is hire an excellent mentor for public speaking and interview! Ikaw, po? Mag-apply ka sa kanya… You will get @ EvenCloser2Fame.

      • @ Lymaraina ‘Yun! I also don’t know… That was long ago. The Screening video, I doubt kung still online, baka na-pull out na. I KNOW WHAT I SAW. ‘Di ko maalala kung sa YouTube or sa FB…

        Bakit parang ako lang ‘ata nakapanood??!! Admin, ano’ng ‘salamanca’ ang ginawa mo??!! 😦

        (In deference to the parties involved, I will no longer share the flow of conversation at that moment.)

      • @Flor

        Maybe she could not train back then cause she’s still studying or still based in Leyte and has no foothold in Manila… cause walang relative na matitirahan d2…
        But when it comes to beauty there is no doubt that she got the goods… or Nangdidiscriminate lang talaga Aces based on school and region?

        Me train her? Pwede… pero baka magalit sakin si RL pag umepal ako.. Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣 And ayaw ko gumastos…

  6. Batting for this girl or Hanna Arnold for for the MI crown. Beautiful photos. I hope she is articulate as well. That will make her a complete package.

    World Peace.

  7. She has a commanding presence on stage which I noticed during q and a exercise with Boy Abunda. Definitely Bb Pil- GI crown for her.

  8. I think that because Boy and Gabby are Waray, that piece of vernacular tongue at the end is SLAY.

  9. BPCI will place her in the runner up because of her age and reserve and train her for next year.

  10. If this were the old Bb pageant , after seeing the speech training and the candid talks , I would put her as the Bb Universe 2021 and Maureen Montagne as Bb International 2021 and Justine Felizarta as Bb Supranational 2021 …

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