13 comments on “Reunited for one last time

  1. Ibalik na sa Luzon ang corona.
    The Cebuana was a mess during her speech at MU 2019
    The Cebuana’s MGIP reign was a mess in 2019
    Cebuana 2018 was a mess during MGI 2018 swimsuit prelims.
    The Ilongga was a mess during MU 2020 swimsuit finals.
    Visayans are not winnable.
    Not hating. Just stating 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Sayang wala si Resham para kumpleto.
    There are 3 Miss Grand Ph from this batch.
    I wish these girls will try MUP or MWP if they are still eligible.

  3. Theirs are reigns of contrast, Protracted and short-lived, tumultuous and trouble-free, ostentatious and low-key. One important thing they all share in common, each one gains 7 sisters. Wherever life takes them, I wish them luck.

  4. Patch Magtanong is still the MOST BEAUTIFUL, the MOST INTELLIGENT, and has the BEST BODY PROPORTIONs among the six girls. And one of the BEST SPEAKERS too.

    • I would give most intelligent to her but face-wise, it is still Gazini. I cannot stop staring at that gorgeous face. For best body/sex appeal, it is Sam Bernardo. Nabuhay ang 1% heterosexual DNA in me. Char!

      • Gazini MURAG NAWONG ug WAKWAK! Ha, ha, ha… PANGIT na, SUPER BOBO PA! And that FAKE ACCENT, soo… TRYING HARD!

        Ganados and Maxine Medina and TWO of the MOST UNDESERVING MUP winners in the last decade. NAGSAYANG lang ng resources at panahon ang BPCI sa kanilang dalawa.

      • Ha, ha, ha… Angkol HINDI mo kasi matanggap na kulang talaga sa ganda si Bella Ysmael. Wala siyang kalaban-laban kay Patch Magtanong facial wise, intelligence & academic credentials and body structure.

    • Resham is still in Indonesia, as far as I know. Samantha Lo was invited by her Queen sisters to the photoshoot since Emma Tiglao organized the whole thing.

      • @ Norman P-L-E-A-S-E, po.

        One-piece for the coronation, just like old times. With cape! Kahit wala na’ng trophy at scepter.

        Choose between ‘Aya-style’ and ‘Bea-style’ (here). 🙂

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