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  1. I like that Alshorbaji girl, the Fil-Syrian
    Quite a lot of outstanding ladies.
    If MPE attracts this number of contestants, how come MUP is struggling even in auditions despite changing the height criteria. What is going on?

    • @ JustPassingBy Naela Alshorbaji, city-mate of Tito Norman… Adam Genato also likes her. 🙂

      Re MUP, may hinihintay ‘ata… Reason given in their flyer, they understand, daw, that ‘some documents take time’.

      But, they are struggling? Why do you say that, po? Just because they’ve been quiet lately doesn’t mean nothing is happening. In fact, A&Q at The Camp, may line up na. KF is secretive, as always.

      • Flor, may inaantay na ano? Na mag submit ng application nya that is why they kept on extending the deadline. That is unfair for those who have already submitted their applications.This is Nth time already.
        I heard that there were only a few who applied. I hope my source is wrong but this is the same source of mine who told me that MUP will extend the deadline again even before Norman has confirmed. Reason of these extensions: Very few turnout.

      • Or are they waiting for Leren Mae Bautista? If yes, then my bad😂😂😂
        Leren for sure will bring back the Philippines to the top 5 the least.
        I’m on it and they should wait hahaha

      • @ JustPassingBy Those who turned their application in early on showed CHARACTER. They will be duly rewarded/acknowledged. Doesn’t mean to say that those who do the ‘Ruffa last-minute drama’ are ‘attitude’. But for the latter, the BURDEN of proving themselves worthy of all that, looms.

        A lean-mean roster is not a bad idea. Look back at the 2020 lock-in/bubble of Ivan Gunawan that crowned an MU-caliber Aurra Karishma.

        Or the current MTE line-up…

        Palagay ko, marami’ng nag-apply. ‘Di lang kontento si Boss Jonas… 😦

        Kahit ‘yun’g kasalukuya’ng sinasala ng mga campo, puwede na. MUPO just needs the volume kasi nga they need to make money from franchising through AP’s. But as @ paul said, only one, the best, will go to Costa Rica. 🙂

        Dito pa lang sa blog, 20+ na ang na-feature ni Tito Norman na hopefuls. I can safely say may lima (5) na’ng sigurado. These are just the ones we know. What of those we don’t? I mean, did we know of Dra. Adee, Paola Ortega, Carol Veronilla, Sasha Tajaran, Jan Elcano* (Batanes), or Skelly before/prior to their presentation at Manila Hotel?

        * – ‘Eto, gusto ko mag-try ulit, kung ayaw na nu’ng iba. VERY CLEAR POTENTIAL IN ALL AREAS. Kahit mag-cross over… Didn’t place, so we’re fairly certain wala’ng kontrata sa MUP ‘to.

      • @ JustPassingBy


        Of course, when they say ‘some documents take time’, it could mean THEIRS (the org’s). 🙂

        If that’s the case, nothing we here in the blog can do… So, may as well entertain more inquiries.

  2. Outstanding ladies in their evening gowns are in random order: carrascal, Davao city, sultan kudarat, nagtipunan, paranaque, puerto princesa, silay city, siniloan, sto Domingo, and sugongcogon.
    Top 3 best in evening gown are:
    Davao city

  3. when will we see the results of the screening for MUP 2021 ? I though the deadline for applications was June 24th …

      • That’s great and exciting… there will be a stakeout as to who will join MUP after Bb’s finale night …

    • @ jaretwrightlover The deadline was extended to 15 July, po. 🙂

      Dito ko na lang ilalagay comments ko for this Preliminary segment… My note pad is BURSTING.

      Bronze medal to Sto. Domingo, Albay. Silver to Davao City*. And gold to… Siniloan, Laguna!

      The Benj Leguiab’s (Olongapo City, Zambales and Sual, Pangasinan) are ‘siblings’ of that glam shot of Gazini pre-MU 2019… All from the same collection?

      Yup, Ungcol Norms. This Rian Fernandez is exquisite. Near or far, very nice. ‘Power brown’ at last.

      Kudos to the ‘San Marcelino, Zambales Municipal Covered Courts’ for dressing up in greenery. ‘A+’ for the effort!

      What is ‘Chelo Auto Place’ in Tanay, Rizal? A watering hole-garage for race car enthusiasts?

      One designer I thought I’d like to see more of… ‘Kuya Taj Ogues’ (sorry, I missed the municipality).

      Lapu-lapu City, Cebu magically turned her drink plastic bottle into earrings. That’s showmanship!

      Sugbongcogon, Misamis Oriental*. I liked how the scarf transitioned into a shawl.

      Cordon, Isabela, I like how she ‘interacted’ with the landscape. Also showmanship. Loved it!

      Four red dresses in a row, the ‘C’ cluster… Catanauan, Quezon prevailed.

      Good leg extension on Silay City* (but her styling – waves and thick make-up – aged her).

      Moalboal, Cebu* (Charissa Rama), Baler, Aurora (Verna Abby Catusalem), El Nido, Palawan* (Daena Yapparcon) and Alaminos City, Pangasinan* (I’m sorry, I initially thought was Laguna) BLOSSOMED.

      Talisay City, Cebu (Mia Salisbury) looked like Mitch Gumabao x Karen Ibasco. Victoria, Tarlac looked like Carina Carino (BB-LU 2021) x Cristine Reyes (actress). I’m not sure I liked that… 😦

      I wrote ‘San Juan City’, but now can’t remember for what or why…

      Others I liked were Mabini, Batangas*, Roxas, Oriental Mindoro, Malungon, Sarangani* (Fatima Kate Bisan), and Makilala, North Cotabato.

      (* – I also liked them in ‘Beauty of Face’.)

      Ouch… My head is aching…

      One more thing. Re Quezon City, considered part na pala ng ‘UP Sunken Garden’ ‘yun’g drainage at the College of Science Complex (which is a considerable walk away from the Academic Oval). Back in the day, only a rudimentary footbridge gave students access to the Math Building from the College Library. Now, there appears to be more substantial foot traffic infrastructure… That part of the Diliman campus was teeming with wildlife! And on certain gentle nights, FIREFLIES GALORE.

      • (Cont.)

        ‘Yan’g blue-sheer-with-embellishment gown ni Charissa, gusto ko’ng ibangga sa NatCos ni Carina. It will be a sea goddess showdown unlike any we’ve witnessed! Like ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’. 🙂

      • (Cont.1)

        I would have LOVED to wear the blue dress of Las Pinas City. 🙂

        I saw another blue number (from Mindanao…?…), which I thought was quite clever. (that, or I’m really ignorant when it comes to local designs for pageantry gowns)… She held a-flutter what seemed to be sleeves. But when she ‘threw’ these, turned out nakalambitin from the back. Bravo!

        Plenty of twirling-throwing, it’s getting old/tiring… 😦

        Guys, ba’t ‘di natin magaya ‘yun’g kay Taliana Vargas sa MU? What fabric was that? Can’t our PTRI (DOST) come up with something as light and gossamer?

        Attention, MPEO (c/o Mdme. Lorraine). For the Swim Preliminary, siyempre iba-iba na naman ang backdrop/setting at cut/style-color of bathing suit. Would it be possible to have something like what MUP had – Swim Glam shots? The memorable ones were Hakkenson’s Sports Illustrated in orange, Sascha Tajaran’s yellow sea siren, Amelinckx’s waterfall ‘diwata’, Nina Soriano’s ‘banca’ alta moda editorial, and… Dra. Adee’s ode to a young Cindy Kurleto. In any case, I expect the ProMedia ‘pageant athletes’ – Louise Theunis*, Anita Rose Gomez (above), and Elda Aznar – to DOMINATE this round!

        * – Why, oh why do Louis Theunis and Malka Shaver look alike?

      • (Cont.2)

        OK. I remember what I wanted to say about ‘San Juan City’… It’s the locale – Old House in SJ City.

        I noticed there was an image of the Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Fatima, or Lourdes?). It reminded me of the ‘Despacito’ music video of Luis Fonsi.

        In the opening segment, Ximena Navarette emerges from an alley way in some coastal town, presumably in her native Puerto Rico. To the side, the camera just catching it in stride, same statue.

    • As I mentioned in my previous comment that applications are again extended hmmm.
      What is going on with MUP

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